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December 04, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-04

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Announcement PROF. BURKtE A. HiNSOALE Teche SuisI vlcuim" Yseray morn aing 7 w ic," j ISASTER FOR MICHIGAN
______________________foe Proceding oqlocture to the Blas
our pece! ineHead of the Departnment of Pedogogy in teches, paied a-plndiii trltte to Stag's Dwarfs Become Giants and
Ou pca ie and a, Leader in Faculty Cirles Prof insiiat. Among othrs htg Tronce the 'Varsity --Scoe 15
of foreign andPassA y he said:Ij. e ainot6-
IT domestic fabrics ~ rat per. onlil. There was noth- hehr-e
lh news~o the eart of Pof. t o g rlificlal abiout ihint; he didle:d de- F+'u histoy only let itbhee1-
For the Fall and Wtnter of r900 has A. Iingdat, of the nverity of Nlit- pend on mere ,aquremets, ut pr- cordd now on Thanksgiving day last
arrived and is arranged for inspec- "Igai, ecmeos wth a severe shoick to Atn seate l slthe know by the inward fs~rce 'Chicago lieraly walked all over the
lin Tesat arfl teninArbtso, te: U. of M., ma MIitiga, aned o his disciplined carcter.- Wolverine "warriors, and caused to be
tion Th sae crefl atenionBut Dri. Hin-dale was a vitl fortsi, .n1 written in great white tutbers on teh
wherever tee ots,,sof edite ttott is p- erely it ithe connils of tis geatttin- arshalt PFed coe tcardthe score
is given to the styles and finish of peciated stitutiot. Every university of sand- of 15 Ito(Q. Having rtsted for twelve
every stit, whether to he used for Lxat year Ihis health tvoman.cutedit, ing depkends to a large extent on the days, while te Mettgan ea-mn played
Isoinea psrpse orforfoi drusfail and Iteo was of:uobltaigedt to atsert reputation which its officials ~eat in otto of the :hrest gauttt of its shed-
kxnsnes puposs o fo ful dessthelsosny world oeyod. Int Ibisregrd udo, Stgg's recons eutotealtm shew-
oocasions. himself front ni5ssot With a sut-ttattso it wold tedfficuslt to oersr- Bretd surprise galore uion Mi1chigan and -
mO mess rest hae tit ile ittntld otltock mte Pt. ttlnsdhe's servies." OhIago aLke, 'and witel the former
6. H. WILD CO" tewNork sattthe year. ItHettooned tDr. Leontrel pteslele-tl of site Sttte wett down. crsheS tbeneath the
hris do ies with vig'or :tsttt ya soonNortnal, sid: wo-egltc of Io gat i- ouehdo-n
obE WahntnSt. Intt te death of r. ttn-dakls the te talEr "arose +to heghteo enethue-
toO F. Washingtd tocih ire 01pand two wresks 'ho 15 ts IState has lot o f theegeat- amatqtite beyoun y attaindi her
Iatuday he tokl.the tadviee f hisgan
-estedo-outat t01t this conry has pro-iPrev-ous 'history. As a meanst re-
yaleles dst-rt n-A t rgain d.-A.s a xofon d tinlker olu carm Alti he glir mathyan pprtof
F rinsAtlnt, (a cusewad tat atonut and phlpht cbls -oject, Dr. het stoeent body, tae game wvas In--
BATeTO ELS f cumbed~ath Thurn-aytihL tittt nsdalot was the per of any man in vatile to t'ncago, 'whose teamno
AT The tuieral sericec were -eIt Su- Amerca." rests quite secrey in- thir hats, a
ALL dy athis ate esidwx, o Weste- esoltkli ofympahy wearetased Piate r ehld in sie ofevrthing
ALPayaRiIaCetES-c -be by the 'Michigan Seootmasles'- club, -ise at defeat r two. In- unhappy
PRCE naw venue, and were attended 'by wih which organization tDr. Iinsdade. cottiralt, the anvil chorus Isy out In full
YO R OR large "numbers of the University ,f e - as-Inim at ot assocIiated, or s at A lt igan , and the kn ck-knock
YOROIOM OR I E6Y71M uti and lfaculty lodest.Inttftte, all -ns Iantt-tattsgreat and small Is hard
the-'t~ts ot is, Orstfloo t ite-cci- Fist thle~c arty -aol or-:tite esmpus, and wll ontinue
First thleti Parat c ttttil tt winning 'from cnngt cnck
ijjer'sPharmiacy lT, list thttoai-tatrt rof ttets-,a-n trots
326 . SateStret.- 1tilt en-r atttthe Waertmtnstgyotna--Thesgame openedwith X- ingi
326 . SateStretI s nl iwyei ng. ttcsl tr t tseottg at a~prently na - toebhown
_,tx8:3__nd_-wllbestricly_________Mil-after at - smiutes of pay, ut
stutrilsopltensiedidpItlatnte10otfr y Chiaostartdin tomake h
EVEYTHNG andThi wll d Hlinerk oofv
VEYI1BPIPES. CIGARS and TO--ttts h lltetb frto o atthalb sIqasd Itmm, etc'
NEW BACCO-even the store at Is'sthe eren S Io e givtttttrttng nctodovn came'bho e - irelueotth
itsf is now. We have remodeled the -i file' tceaad-sesrcsr. l ercon--t to tal oWitot;ithe ac- tatianiment of t
placeand invite a11 our friends to colltretlizstesucncess otitt -5s )tttets +n ,oaandttescte-oe ow-, 6 It I 'in the
and inspectwhat we h-ae. Yost can'tIi-theestwilttte' prcesttris 0attti t. 1Gs' terite' fver,wrlile- - cf Oes Stgg
tra 00r LUNCHES. h
B. E Joly, 08 . Sate tret-,and hot, Tale on Pi e ton, dd he
_~ RI ol,38S lt tet Studmt Injured ito Gyno ieat to heart talk" act betrn
__-__ ito-hales. Tben, with Ihe seoundoHaf,
SUPPIES )PtotrL. lttmtt, ste 035), itgimame twoo more tauehdow-ns, bs
SUP ES B uwasiinjurdlast Wedno - y lits teweroo c e o ithe s edit C tha
ARE - A --__ -gycatasiutat.is- rpt eletet-andinill Maroons, adthe-n-re th -sccesds
r1I M N den-ce ---crot-ced-el fiu 'host- tvioerecover. ot t- fuseituriat tst to pruse ant ex-
1 ONCE M~ORE.Fc ieassttotea- thir re-ats tle-. eni a-a- W0iitmana-oas eaftedi ott eda-e oftplin.
1' ory ofttlb eplarted.reost-ling natet atitis natoc nt The Pitanate site up r -heMii y
E The sruit -' s-as-nitlsvirn te lets'. cts}ten han- rt ofcone of themna tcci- teatsuse sar-ern-a soreounheard
lto A ipi ity i-. Mr. al e etotily stutk hmisnit sde. lde'. f. MeS lotsofiho. sc vi tt y ior en-
o ANI) R sfiiatin ttt '-gymtstt eiwta teccie osre-astated tta tito at ool~eY1ltti' o- oyde d taguty ot bingass th c-
3 LA~trsrilst-rat eteitga ttclintl-t pt'allIturis -at-itt tnared ttattoscro, the kin- skthe obf -rus, ow-re
1...~~ 0 Pr't. eoler ttirettscst tottdie- ietttlpsis owtichb*,et-ino te etdbicpe-tttat- ai - usts sat teltaiuct . ttandtut
0 lieu tic-tat, tt it Nittenntctto 111n he il nta t lsgamte to gain the etc u suend
j G QU RR O th e alongrstltici slits-tt-5 c ovt-aer-t.-swit iso:attet. The nothlc s werera eer-
I 0 o Ife-st Otte-,I.lc-tttt lnttsklits,-alo pbtyd fulibtak, SAN. bli t
SxGLs Am G Prof. teinnst.We. OO ttt U - i^ pad Praise For Debte. es-tt, 8Sh)Adlt at half, lhary at the
y Taylor. ottcctaurth iosition and Rich on- the
(-htAatAwrmls THEM. Burke Av- 'attit liitl.- cwtes tccti oin1re. 'rueblaod recnttly rtseci t ;enl n-a. Ienry,soonhd n-en- looked iposs
aVdssos't1t. h'bio, 4Sat r'31tt.181'. ctooo fis na J. A. 'askilnuoutof tuas tte uphodr of aroon- onors, trot
Ito wsnspresidaentatfiatm ettU-aegr iot, Mel., one acthe usedeges iints-ecc- outcof te runitgentirely. For lMei
- n 10t o tt182. whien Ie accepted cetsbttehoe he-toIlterary ad ganthe tobright ;particular star wate
144l-4- I- I-114-It tt- ~ t 4 dc position of sl-rittnt-t ot 1t'telawdeleacteut. Atmtotg etieittisCaplt. Snow. Haovng larneet from ex-
THEY HAVIE COME. Clevelatnd ccitcos an eana 'toattttthrn-heis-o-d: Irireethroughout the tooson tht he
for inut yasrs. Iso 1888 ie last called "I enjoyed thetkcoots c ry stat-l. n-ust ply the game for 'Mhiga, e
aerost a sncc SProf: Paie, 'W.ho5hbd-its ftt, every yung man prcIdilatig caltml-did so, ndewS te lbadits o
DR. C. C. IIUBER'5S s itdthe l -peuagogcl Id atme- did hise-ot and the university cteeht. the entire wet by hi ur wrk,
hretand at proesorof the science The ir speecns were o-el prsred, nt only In-in-s posiion at end ut alt
and sts Mtechinsg te,,haf bs 0ht upsisoin ca'tot study and 'notig- ovrth field. About the rest of -lb
TEXT BOOK rank s oe f11, t.s -nluthe a un-I ndciogi lasrangmen-, ad no Aas'an- Suffi It to say they did not mdtex-
Ite ren551 is -t.M - 're fru Its for rb toin-aland lot atntry peftatons, w l-* the(Ohlag snen
TE T OO tlny aneS illts-eleges. The enct- Sony rge ht it ws,st us m o it Idso. --
Ohio Siate ieiycnerd try t a m ay distanehon-' The line-up:
degeeofPh. D. uponhimadOhi_'Mihibgnot~o
a utieTty hu ass lsouort ismint'th 0au 'Ir. Frank Loverft of tes U. S. ttslo eden{O..- .. oaid - tiortoil
~OF LL~.D. lgca Survey, will speak ibefore te Wite, Sogn.. TaCke-Atwood
IHe'!has alwiys en. ro ls-tinn-tifa- (,le oel eity of rilso University on 'acks - Gu.... ard...-Conrad
r iIn luoatit-uat ae weoatiittn-. I115' Wee~usetay, Dee. 5, lit 7:301)p. linusthe Srwnuts - -C.,enter - M eNsb
H S O O Y t it e noattsecofl t'-ttiessal :tsa.o-ttasoeumuts eeitte' roost Stt~bjeit."TheIl icly - t...I. Gutt- laaa
HISTOLOGY t tca ucailotsisn-t its il idet f tudy of file ta4 e ology of one-cSors -IR.Tackle. -.,..Fell
.iace Ntsiiotat oustet oaf 55515t55I015Ott in ehigat.t Snon'-.....it, tend -.....SRch
y 1St)I .ite- wast5i-tprist ie sa tt int te' Ms. Sot crtt it at vut luega getdantsWeeks -Iltaccr- amr
A Good Supply M- silanoutState oacbns ttocei trietigating this. haeof Mihigan R dn-c.Bet-c - T'.. al -Sheldo
ad Olin-Mie-silg sa lodn -t sa.-club. goloegyAll ae Invted t -n-u - usntShaw - I.. ... Shalt-.... _Henry
Prof.THunsda,:t I auntorof snv-v ______Soseely - - 1110klba-l..Pekns

at erasl nu~lsorlcm~iv e workCs in lute poe- The- ic(higan Sehoalnastn-rt club -Scoro--Chcgo,15; .15ii sctt; . IG..
* dolly, among which sce thus forllowing: istalt lasi Fiday ond Satnrday. Dean Totiatdowns--Wbitn-. crt , ts(31.
t "Se-ools and tludi s," fpt ) 'rs, gi -t tdr udeorn, r~s.Cs k, dand Witney 0oat from ton- hselsn--Mweoley.
Sdee an Edueto: old" I N 'flaw - ,"and -dr leading -educstoresusC the OUms~ie-"Bsob" Wrenni, Harrard.
W A H R S "Amerkcant vruet "1w tosae-okarinth g . p Rfre-ude eflneYl.
v s -n," H eot-to a -n Sh p~i t s- leee-Plde ell~gae
'Study sad I IHistaory,"' ithlng plprlite resoluons on the dealth of Thusetr-E2vans Holbrooke sland
------ the astIRcgta A ," 'Jeasas .q as Uffi sant,'were aundssted. Btattsd.

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