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November 28, 1900 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-28

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The Cardinal'ifsis-ox, 'cHerzto iiilital
On the Wing of Okctsionowl Joe l ter.,1arris
The ?tearotlHighway, Mary . W313M
The Lane that had no Turning, (I1trt PoArter
.Vlore Fahleo, Gsrn Ado
Alicen of Old Vincen nes, 1Maurits Thomepon
to the Palacn of the King, F, tai-t O wforit
&ongn of the Ilorning. 1114M 't~potto
The isle of Unreat, filts ~ Sston Merrmon!
A Bicycle of Cathay, 0-sroth I. Socktoni
Eleanor, iMrs 11~ttedWar
'he Excpatriates. Irltist gu
Aithe Above at iscount
Sheehan &to#
You can qet a

Perfec~t Tailoririg===Shape Retaining
kIs a quality often wanting in Men's Suits, but our tailorsT
hrtvs*,-mato-rerlChe. tecret of imparting thin cha racteristicsW
Iseyorthe nns z~d for us lvery Garment it mode ex-"I OOKS!
dm~y oeDn't an hlo boys it and if it doesn't aitiafy him L
ne gea'~et it. if that's a fair propoition come up and #
Lt-us tell you .just bow manmy Dollars we can save you on your
anew Suit or Overcoat.
GORC .-DUKE, (IA l« 0
AA~et fo theRestTailrs o Earh. roin mover First tNatioenal Bank,


oil CUT GLASS. Dainty
I~AI(IN~ presents for any lady.
ULIUIUIUU See them in window.
11eitscbler, the Itbotorapber.


ACap- itat, WSW. gS ts, $-3, '.Too ~a
Michigan -Chtcago Garnet tn the Past OhrGms oirogeneral biaking buiueove.
'1? r --3A.Ua-.7 i, Ktttxr, TiP . .o . 'it. oo i ,-Pe
330 South State St.1h 1a( orlnwar -I-u M~lj'ii s . hiag, atl)ti>trnt 3. _________________
____________ ___- I h tI'ti5 i ii 1 1ntNl.he sesii 5 lii FIRST NATIONAL BANK el
it sill -t the g-j4i t,1t'lw- I li < -th , i L l L 11t.'lIiliC1 aitil , t:1' ssskiP o t, fIWf
,_(-iI ilt::e lS : . t'gtte'itittxosiusg ~ st o s.i l503 w intttlttersorf
L J IS2 ciiih i. ; ittlit go, lIs. . -
P A C 11 "hi b- ep, 1hi:12ilietiipau, ',. ltilIflt s. Iliili? ti. 1. ll .II~I' I S'. ji i.T ' titei': i'eesUL
!J (.hilaii, 2t-e; ttiiii'apiit 1f l i-- s Ku a t it. x- 5'Mite--'res U S 0 .
B I. I/ N~fII2 ' .'i h 1o ;t~ksd 4 ~~ ,5i2lI'r, lii 1.o;;2)J P - #___(_____f Gsi~t
1-t ret$ 4tl y-i iip"i<II tiu i'}c,# --
$4o Sterling 29 , 30 ;- lhitapo. 7; lio-higan. 6nu
3i 5 nl t lLeo. 111 Mihigani, tt1'2 I. 1L?~ i N- Su t 4'a 5ict e I
< lm n }18'. f7L an e t i . 1. 189 1o1IJ l,1.3: G1 1 a .11' . '1w - - tls o Yt *t ic Lw 5 oeral Os iin i Lawn
inan ohe I lM;lipSti eas. i a r-'c 'epao I, I-r il dsells
Nt, STA[BLFIR S CYCL L PORIIJM, Ij T u" 1 11 ' ei e S s1e- is .) to >Sin fI or hi I US 21 t.1{'e 'ls-iy 4r 17t.t: I ll ii-- Mw- Is Sla t tes. c t tsri z. ar l s T t'Si e ILr L1Osi2.
jig9 tW. WASIIINGITON ST. of1it it iia17 an-(l tlere Is every ssoni :i l'Ll'11 1i sibt l '11lel. The -1-Lt ,li i i 7FICI'st. Cl tia tiss 3 l ' t s. ; l4. lU iiari-
OR N E ' A V N C A S -Is ne if's' e'stBizet;the yellow and blue 51i it 11 ill . ipla~rque 1111 l 'ierIt1r1w man, Viee-Pre; ellass. 'd. sibosk, (tec B.~r M
iwill u51131witin eve--eu 1114-f d (it O nca so Li 11' <5~tl. .Liiial(e'o if seelt' 1:
EyE t 'ithuessy. galery li) 'l 75 dvscIr. Oi fi Is IL
T T.f.1TIlirasesrts of sle iall( t o I ls he 17A,1.14 frillees--iill il'.a-> - es-m ijy w- 55 'ea'
ml UI Li -eEV E ili ( i 1, 'aas f'olloWs: I'iS IL {it'es se-ll be , lillei l aL l'1i il( 0J.V 5"ZH til t r:i S :
(N{is i+'ie l Lhu l~lt ll e1 SI li ee a0- n 1i IN.
Under no sirsarvotanceswi~togsst in-r
be admitted to ti sai.Tnee r iir' o tdns ots t.B N
10'00 5 SitoEein, .1Pe1.ial S~ lok~orll;4. 4apis. ie fiia epr f h :ihNKIII-
li ns 1ue st-ti~24iosy urIn-le iti - ' i I-ill e r0'artiue wthy Ii(,shaidleet
:___________t"Iiiihetoee. Sllt i l Ma lt si . , _ ___r .__. _. ._ _
a souree of convenien'fin llw- -fvact islao ~r
Wee( ,t F.Trinan ror1;1'r (t
C. E. ,3ART1~iELL, Agent, - Plens, $1 each, at eb II Cr's ookstore. 0111Iii!luS rIniillL in, hi.ll- Ii
S. State St. Anns Arbtr, Ciili ________ iii 1.i iib iSr. anal]Mi's . hl:tuip-ee 0'
lYH1 lfsIT vaUu Bicycle 'lacying 'aeds and Poke LI te it ll- la ii ltei 3011 --il
WCl U~ U hips ati Schallers Book ortes, ManS t l ls rat , 'i::lii ha12e. ClieIil l grnl'i' l'
t YearM4ti iS lLuriet ciat --
13 55 tdlana, SR au & Reutle are olt I
5ront-i lot Y esilllirti underwear. IL
PO04TL4110 C4pFE _____ tures
OPEN ALLit simi 55 te lii to rii' a telloij is ountlll i Printe'd lectures lor all depart I
iijRt),NST., Two doos s ttootiHo use ' iN , 1 'I lihi t llililli 's 1101k'(tdiU. Isl t of rtle tnu r'sily Ty pe
wrMATi.I ting atool Mls~ms ogr 1)11nr
8, Itt A tt l(1f'y iS a nonlit Laud. .I~on' tel. iii 1 Uc sEDWTARDS BR3 OS. r
FUNERAL y5 01 photo10 saltib I. t OPDAl I 3. (VrSh 1J'in~ StaiteStree
nmaaboIng a tpecialt~ NoA, 4th -
vs. Amratnlesg n ir utdoy clotes £YAIIKISH
onto 2 l'aftlRAvcoder lweather is gomln3
g~ T l e ..A n d w it h it c o m e s l btihIg ts o f11
NORT SIE ~WAGNER &CO., Importing 'Tailors ,
LAUNDRY Can please you in the amany
xsD troi r,0yV[V, j;, ror little things that go to make ilp
godtalrig 121 and 1235, Main Street ~SNO'
Mi to~tCroof o 5e ls5 0. Gip
Ret 9ff ' i ulrrmad- in 5oa es cnasteid by adjust-
*o5 lrd GOWNS. blUt nstusfringon we0 tkig'x
SPEC~eT erclL Eisselihve ti msle It ts roprien
"et ..p l ae S tan, .Mamuosclesare lsoi rohtsintoacLive
CLAS t3.l I E OR pE thaits-ouid ovii -slie diormait. S ado
-COLLECK FLAGS, l is a tstismtodo eecsei u)ra
COLEG PNS t -iici to otfiLes tti ts s
CLSEGE PsISrjilstt" ie" No.
CLS o I ND ER. tildres%,'air,$125 0. Yout's iPair,$25
CO3.LEiOt j j0i u m sn i I tsoa 2._Gtis' S175 a5Ladis' "2.50,
*' K R cif f PA IBetsotheeoldoltriue isii ev , -aad Nintr poris Catalogau e s euon
- ! teatui a papere.ib. fnate Applicatio.
41t R, pt ty.elfen li St.The betfonai es $ A. G. Spaulding & Bros.
OCttOAtO, ILL. F. SCHLI3MDE, - A - .. - 340 South$'tte a (Tur lnrartsed)

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