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November 18, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-18

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Library Party at Barbour GymnasiumSh e gon
- - ----' Ttee(eind of then steries of Woime's
Published tDaily (l(XI (s excepted) dirintt tgtbe end: (li - s ' i lls ur Fridaty wit9-,at a a r i e
Cee eait iisII lf ~Ic'1iote(x ytiinasiSits s ;nd at a- Sacrieice
THE UNIVERSITY Of MICHIGAN Wl i ll'jiutretn hti i ~ ~I he way our shoes'tie going will
it('h t Pie t t it ets.'i 'tit tt 111( iiei'si'itaiti ll ,./ r sotrprise you, anld the prices that '
.Argo Bltdg, MattiS. 336S.StateSteet.i ~ wt are making them go 'will surprise
---h Pixttsp 3 l t Oitt'00ti0--, an l stdardit "5 ~, syou still ntore. It will be profit-
MANGN =MAN-ANGEDITOR, wll<35i ttl . ii'ee ' 'sol o i1 oI ble for you to be surprised.iDrop
0.iH it it i0ibi l it' i' il si iggestionl, was Nvidffly in to-day anti tiy it. 'so
BUSINESS MANAGER, It(oeiised yttht ie young-ble LS' HF :GLIR, ftLuh ,I],oe hltitls fhors r
ssoi i siti~ii .seii'eeiti tiles~tftisit ___ GASSS SOESTORE,
EDITORS: fesisi theat iiqte its- well as prertt' 'so- 1 O9So. Main Street..
' 3I'H''iC5. - . S.ttinti' ' Worn bt- the lislitro. Open ei ngIIIs until ANN ARBOR, MICHI
S, __G_ 1.______ r 1 (SteXir w a s ceonsstd to tie agreatt '8P. t.
A.Hi. tiiCt~r(i 1' 1 H.t.'ii.W. A. Ki(n-tts '(1I,"h tes ss 'ns aydsrss i o
i1"t1st1 eveniig dressFtid utilti il)- ~ ssIi
'tsL K. 5sts 0 sssrocii 5 ioehuig lire sste Would -sty, "Jst-i as1 ' P!) fu~~ll~i.
1. H. t1' i)Ou ssi', '0 W. P. Ctasti]', 'O1i L I :Ant;" 'tieh tsats'e wtts itas)tissi 1 Ii d k A re o '//i!Ifo
mitt c~~~h~isi s You l'keIt." re Yu Lokn o
Four taltllikelfindingeitifoyo"Lgetlyou
VAit Nisis. it lne tn."1"II it gi T hetii tiii'i k i -iittt's'Xi'iitedt It ui ni()'rol tte'N w Soe'
suclt 1sit' ixtisi' . Sheilisnttt e titiilI hotirs tlfroco gited 'ositahe o c ta' cerprft
l i i" sttistliisifote i ii Weitit ili t iot , whilet i t es s .y ocortuti tie/ ' Weso ou al Ne o dJa at
tlutht' titiihsi. Visri i cotkis prit d' tobuit' uhe..CtookB fook.Bais"ries
srit -I(ltli oi tie s 'alf'lsiruti s -i'iiit "Mait ." lus i awios sos
Aiiiell hiddeni'iidt'('ieiis'ite.tofreh, if gtli'ss 'i's 'firet'sijhit siiiie fities.gittisfSyTA LB IoEr
giull' 'atndiit'tts.ii sttt" u l t 'fu'rsiutessl t' st't'enli'ti utitsaLd vercatsa h N wArbor."
(t'ii't'ttsitti' t tut. 'Itteylisril tk' t he"shoitir ~ ~ sbl.
siltilillett'it'ii sittt ssll mu'ch to list's Sc'''earitprofit. -
Ilsitis"ts is.'le ts t ' t istittW e il t ud A I 11th eat f ll ir A I e.
pt .' wore beeai s ll se1ti tIu i th 1( i t i t (~'11 ( 5 , a S't'ita ay, toTcolilloot 1' I )I(r! L IIigWeili'ssutwwilyou titalll itNetewty 'ioi'sdse;TietrlCashi.
ou I)t'. d plliy wets'ths esoetilWtineedisOn __fa __,_______ lJ J )XJ'1 theBE1Z 19f
lsot iX t i toilyt t hegstl all s lit' t sigo 52 1i','leet ('s it f t tllu n ihtthe'
'slis y8hit.Uiers ttity isnex tiltekiso gitoitig I Silt.lnills't'atte lint' STA BL ROA ItIS
he tam otsno l~tt__tai__it__d Ss-LARIOUS SUrll.' 21 S.MaiNSt


s f

sit il1s jtt'S 1'tfait,' tVI''1'e'11A PENI-111TOoO1oIl
WH T H P E E O'04 Lit-Engineer Electioni. Miss lr es Via. 'layloe, wiit she
'iees'tttt l~llttlllii tt'iiiiSehoot 1of- Mifle foerShti5t 1itigt PRICES: - 25, 50, 750 AND $1I.0 0
yraes ilisty founte this 50 on 'sitSEATSi NOWlON SALE'
si{1tSi nel eng itries iit'stiei411111CI e'tt'~tsio, st 315 So. Dlvision . it o 'rs _ ---- _---_.__p_-____OV M E R 2
cltass solItters. l'i#i c kit Isesislby ltetasi.itli'. ''I'itis it'rle s lctha DIM EY ]R1 DAY' 2Yf 1
I losasti liishessle', it 1httiith Ile MR FED0 G
j o r i ' i t t e ' pli o 1 1 1< " . o n e.i g s i t i i I 1 1 1 1 S N TI S T l l l l I S T N G Il S Ht E DS C O M E D I A N0
i~t' i4 test'11aeis. flnil]-e s in ntt
i't't'slat i't i. iiuitsii'i it sis ciii IS I
vepeli;st'"t\iit'ti Retliil i St's Theio plarll'otto to Chicago, 2
weii, ooitilsk. Illici; secta1111L. ixSt. Louts, Kaisoas City', Spring-I H
Paddockii'. Pitai ;tt It's155115 I i Iito.it field, 1Decauiir, .L)uisiile, atl l I]O M 1
Itillts, Atut hisse lieilt~i ss iiiss o ts Soiutli't'oist.
S slits. thhi's'i'us, sisigitu ti 05; l~lt , t1. 15'
lyati. ta al 5'ih uutes lssSsb Conseult ticket Agens. potI.IlSMbl/
1I', itt teeftoeti.N.1'., 1tististit. llMiss I1inttditt Conuiectiori' sit MIlauto FtGE IN'T LEXFt NHS SMVOK E
Maisrionus 5iishtid, Sa'suitskyt'.; f: oos' with CIontinenttal Liiiitetd.
bal sint'sge. J lutW'st tu.lilYsilIhh' I. 13. C i'ihussstiit, . '. A.IEWU
Ii; frw l'55ttC rtst -''i I. It. letii''e ____________________________
A.( s'.iti~il ;i i titt', siJ 1151551iI.I. J s.L i IiD A I
it I. I'ttiitsitieit. tt t~nst l' L -'ectures
- . . Printed lectures for aidepart' 5C EN T C I A
t.5 iEL~tiit. tit'S itISA t. mrenti of the University. Type' I A
Sit'. .(issetulst' islts'of tirettest L'tors writing and hMimeographing.A
tod-lyi its'dsestee. Ils' etlas llus e EWRSBO
tt:init, litutls51) itliisos ot SsolOSithi D A D R S
Rtussell stitti t'stelinsg cmyosfts ltii' t tO tteelt to 1 StliteSlie YUI L I R
~ ~~Redmond, Kerr 8Co R BILIARDR
of rue~& Go.,rrlnIM solfulpDaPARLORS f
tussuis tt1111 iiiy sr'luy to stilt BANKERS, IPRE
tstluht rsilotuginiousiteahoot hea'trtes. 41 Wall Street, New York At )MSI TI fPf a nd :IaH I
'I11 sittot' gises etviec ot thus'fas-t I--"-----I'u t~I
Slists itis iu; otu-saihuiisit her's'oforee ts as c to- aisenetalbnith I ulsiness. NAME PYOU1 1 tR INI), WEFSELLIISl'.
Suic tdettihSORSt
heeti ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n NieYs' is o i'i in~ terest colte'ted stud reinitted.' Act as F] ) /.A\JD S
tiluas, oeiginalt, fisrrfiul ini tilttself, and(1 aical Agentnistout n negotiate teiseo ~'a))let1'i111Ei~1~lo.an .118 riras te t riwls ascmis t c. OT HT
inouai ca cns~tte of Cult'etur-ad ikcr in-Suitis orb an geoncmi o. R NO LDS ue~TR EET
isistisst. 'Titn u Sihlty ws'1i ibest eestt'luaf ____^________
Itie A touts 'Thustre ini "ASistelelor's DEAL, IN I ffhhE SANITARY PLUM BI NG-
Romatncel('" netti'l 5('snesdsty eteutitig. HIGH-GRADE INVESTMENT SECURITIES. SCHfUH 1:51+5 ..txs'oui.C(olst'trttIroN AND SUPPLISso
List oh' currenst oteriogo sent ott application, JIF ir?0ADHTIWTRNADHAIG
_________ RAHAM, K1 CERR & cONO. ' 207 [. Washington Surest. Aisoic GAO AXND Ei~uss.'itic FixUEttS.
1?<uijoy ,si; gsle of(if liarstds,.t gosi ,
Hoslidshlt's asis' 11"tl110i. io~tidlsy
Is merits:;lFine weak, prisnapt dcliv-21S.MIST
ery; done by the Toledo Laundr'y Co.
Car'I L..Wagner,.agent, 121 'S. 'qain. ~ i 'II i

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