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November 18, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-18

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Vol,. XI. ANN ARBOR, MIOR., SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1900. No. 50
Annuncmen I VARITYMUST BRACE UP nale for ot that tte ikstouo per- YESTERDAYS FOOTBALL GAMES.
faronances of the flrst mainutes of the____
tow-a gamle might tact be repeated.
t~r pecia lineMichigan Defeats Hosiers by Small "ratking te ivork of thte teamu ass it
Ou pca ie Score of 7 to 0 in a Very Poor who llot that can be said to that each 1Michigan 7 Notre Danme 0'
of foreign and Exiiionfdotal. os every tman relegated himse-f to Wsosn3
Exibtin fFotbll Wscnsn 9 hcoo I o ameos tsaes, which to ';itttout gh~a
donmestic fabrics; te pale of Wi Welerna football. Minnesota 21 Northwestern 01
'o teFlanWittoft0ba. . . . .After Wettexr htad puttiec t-coc, tiet ~fafatta17 Crel 0
l or. cthl lineditr fioohs,'r Saitnoot flttet ot fromt to- Yale 28 Princeton
arrived and to artratnged for mosper -loat' D (tt: T- am pe hnrte--arlln. etrttot
lin h ao aeu telo eotly twell -ttiolirot. litt the a again tedl Dieboold fumbtleod the b)a11 Neraska 12 Kansas 0
lin. T e. a.e arfl ttnio cecoad half I Itin] Notre- roletd to Notte Datmes 10-otand lte, Columbia I I Naval Cadets 0
isgiven to tite styles aott ftnis t of 's Damote1 toltt-ot thte btteIt oil. a tltee lt-tlott fell ott it, \ltite tald rn 1 alln
every suit, whether to be uoed for' f~ rota-reot t ttiffe-re-nt fo-lotd ~ o ot tl)Ot- v-tos lf
Y .r frotttao rthttt tt li] ttp tO kht fear gtitto nt-tittg tll btut at font, U~ . of P. 16 Indians 6
busitoeao purpoaes or for full dress for nto lotfore tisa son attol attt thitot I eto tter ttootk to trossctt-k Illinois 0 Indiana 0f
thtey slil wo-ll. I woutltd like inOtto thte ototme ;tott, go g iltoouglo for Iowa 62 rinell 2-
ocrasions. to hter plotye-o Potley Itt t-e Ite looc-ldot. Thte othter scr 2carmooh
" rom otr Ditie- 40 to Ito-c 1-yard
G5 H. WIfLD CO.,~ gratt..
CDfill o nlyt o l oseat tot-ed Brownror
ro ahntnSt. tricod to hick ot of ttonger ]out 'GilleotI Laws Shuft Out Medics.
-otoco--od pas l te ball 'wide oand it rolled over ____
up, l t. ito ~ li to i o n saocos t h-keld it ste-rdoy forenoont was played one
BAT otto bottcllor otootltot.tntle of the hadeston. ctteo c-las foball
Coat-ht Leo: "Tich ot oio o csoft bo toeoramo clo e oof the season. The scnotr laws
Biitr ATIIee TOWEL ^ an-t-~t(Jp-.n - ce~ r of tone halt tto viitr b leon 001 dron-tte, junior medcics 'by- the
AT Io t w-to t load clay tor it game, stoortlelinso pttith fil.' c as losoe score of o to . W'hen time was
ALL andtto in coatseluett, tootho cale tthe~to totes werf ton theel Tmedisoto
RIE-teamo is played low tail. Thtere 8 t~tttl ofoetl 001gto tr -ytord litte ttoo tad Otto-a-c to-en 15t set--
is lois of rimoe boeforte the itoo- o lotte toe ottod trtal v
FOR ' ttt o it ao~ o lit seontd ihat foundttoal i o-oo l tolt, aogm o heu n eo re d olltgthey o-ochotol prImby omve
theo-o tootte loo tOncet Boohtlant
itorte cudnksgt ii Dac zea-o he l doo fior y.invn antc t o lot5 t to stong gatoe. Tthe medico
Y U RO M RTH GYit-Othr T' o lkci ily" :- I-to-s o-o o lwo tote 15were tite teto-ior aoot dil gool its lvi u-
- n to c ttoa 000 ito- a-orol hoot. Tie tonI- l1 stork loo bu t t oer os te lack of teato
- .] ].. l outot plots of toe g mcaoot e - it ot-r nu t -okcttloelttotooo, f~rttc
Wilder's Pharmacy osloto "tolttk- diorriyet lou- balln~opatie
tltenddfor y~r~l aotn bene t b ther ot lo alf ite (If(, ool - teams
solf w. State St. ]lt-siieio a-o00-t toon' ~nP to-,t an I0 otier juot i-ot -c tro t t-tot i toog it o ss teitrye
I~va beingo~ it it-eigroototo -f
NE \c-vn tea o r Ltt boot O t eamo itottiot O tt 05 ti n tol ttoto t ides lo oaou eul Nosor-aooo,001tott e 0
toa yadivt l n fin s t al P ytt tOtytttt att l e al tolot-ott nt br o tt 10a000 -
o u stes t r eO . h l i d 4M c ig l h i n s e c w h a tc w ei t h a v e te r - c a n tn io ott to sse _ t t i t t m a d e 1 T h o t t e n d s ot s-ff -tuo th ey
our LU OH S -ofoy,-oo-o ot ItOutrit oitstrottt e- o-t ttolHo sotpl000nordsitttty tosoatoo
e PIES tate s 1 0to b rioty tt is oi tor . o ofuooot o ro ttoor ito Itoaltg atlo voth wao k to anc od t o d-
ve o.i. OIk ' toaed botu olp o ) is a ito- an ott 0000 tsy tvod lof tiriongo -a d - - I ittt ' th i- ~ ctsrl" n nte-
loefa w. W aermoee h o te fitot tooo rI ton t - hirt fiourot Tttosot-ti otto toryaws tot the wfooe
]a APaE aANDS ittote tot hoil aot oriendr ,,o 0l Ito 00 t~l n Itgotloot - Of Ii n and iotiIo ogltntottf o it-
th5is vt.ttt <1 -ocd c aigto lo-ti toto aci oot~ lihet u tot t f lo-
oloott I t a e to Il-0t ol othe eO' Ii a~ tso t e olawsto
'TAShL came in0 toht ftl t 10 me- lout . . t. lsit (-f~ilous~t v~ Ill ve togo h fesv
CHtto-IPtolD HANDS- Brow .. Ott int ~ tf u to i tale t o tt itn t lot0000to- ot otoo ot o
CHHA DS u " otoots-~ltie h le i ooyt 00 00gki ortrt oteo tte
01io- 00-00000 ito- tlt to te lohtg tatdo ,li 0 n runs~ atot o it obukin of -thc:0
-000, 0000l ot to-s o~e nttt O 100 trom to 1ure 00010, t I0l-t. So ltoto. t oo o o n hl. It, tt o t 100-0- lo t 00
he-ti tt ulth j"ir eie lt o t akl t too ,tot tt f. Kottptto Io i o ro ,s- ti, t {, t istool (llort
tott lola-t ott oo~rt it- otil 0 tt ol fot o t ttato totis 0000t '0 Ioo~t~ rtos - igo It - ort
V* E to o l ll tI t, o t t n . l t c t , l i 0 0 0 0 u t to tm t t i o o l o i t0 0 0 0 o f O t s o o lo e g to to o tlo iJ - t E t o e o o
toot too't utooh Ologotts t tot ia Otof ltoto dtoo-s- att go'o to I-boy a S ~theoi bul Th wor of SAt. hins-Y t too O
grott~es o ottt tlt tt to- ot ttto gototo to-to--o fololi a s sao ~ tto , lto o ts ttteat tesoshe
osboY- USINGot maltioo~ ol oottot tt o bits to stil too alel otslit t- il t-o ool N-i oos loo
sor's or lstn s t t gith 'lio t-ov o orto otc-on aR gns ti t I tool aol Lso vvrt.ia leeit in
a fthei o teo ot o to' 5000 timot ott to ttt- t ot - gaoooo o too gtooot Tolee so o . It n- ist-ii e m, n
h t l on-ri.t- tear -t oe-b hoohot oeeos to tooe in lurh tart in tter ogrdot o h
t"t nbo ty ht t1 tt toto o Sltito to of bit bot' flo ls- j of !wt o tosori ct t x f the no osro:
D lbO 1 L Jl lr t t t ie 0000 ofOt o ~t)000 t to tt 0 l oottov bl tohly oo oeItosn- t of Stecloigoos to-o iser e .os of 188 wo
.enothtio bi antto- r t t ool 8,i lofo- .I ototoo ou i s to d folot isanng 0t ob e t ot fle tUnlet y for so fow
C R A OF thtoteatttt toot Otoff itbh t n 0 uploo tt1010 tofMiltTo't tloot far Lbefpt (war oo. ybto
0 litleatoe soth ot btoIr oot toil e I t e f le-dsh cley.an juio hi s ottool nistooytoSoo or
_ theott f th.a ataiorto oLioopnotsoiltoolotd 0000 too t ot t 10 tool3 Iceooll too tigfor t h to e of ite Weotoonsr
... ..t. g.. ..4, tethihOnd h ott hemoo Volbo osd. til t 0 'h t '9tke wsno lso p toro-igot li-, tonoy i ety of. 3ath
H I T O O YI i tt ingt l o l t h htto heosoto s di lk) g soh t t g ano ti t so m otft t h o th r ga e i teoa l t Sp c po f ot oc o. loe loots
0THgY H V, am ute o rostoon 5t01a ltin ted oth Otto Igloo a-lt- tub. -csseioa itst lootrge of t l b t ooonde twoos-
hult toot neost- oti tgInt- mrlot in tte vo toO li toot wosbardoat-. Wtenbt ooo ry 0 Haf.t Yautinaton x
A, secd ti ~ ~ Ionot sthf OOOuobl r ottidt] one tton ot rte woulbt-haede.e tThos tods . o-rros to. thoul ... -r000tlereo
r tootk <, o t hle offnobt o as o. 10000 00 e ltoi s e o i blt n leaves thegfin a i Th ait l too e Auto s trotee

at, - owot osoder bhieks, 1ootos toothiac Itlt 05 ho exectsoboe board of Ie Wotnos
seboem loa thef-l~reDatto- oacts e- __________League b-h decided that the college
ooveted olly dlistanlce. Wtls4oo shoovied Lunicheons and dinners at moderate girls willtaCoke pity on the boys whbo
IAI L the-effects of ictbog out of tboo game fu pric es furnIshed for spreads, parties do not go home for Thanksgiving, mod
t A H O' ; oardinary couple of wfeeks aend pttcr:ye'd :1 N"(0U and balls. Ghood service, refined table tender them a receqatlos on Tha nlesgie-
anr~ar ot fgm Brown ehtaced ennoolnements andi dainty cosoking; mu- ing evening. Dancing anse other pleas.

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