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November 16, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-16

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o o

V6 L~. XI. ANN AttBtl, MICI., FIDAY, NOVEM1BElt 16, 1900. No. 48.

Michigan's Pedagoges Will Meet in t
Our special line Ann Arbor and IDisuss Matters &
of foreign and of Interest to them. fit
~ 1 domestic fabrics The fPall meting of the Michian
For the Nall and Winte of xgoo has S ~ota lter' club will i held in Ans
arrived and ,oarranged for inspec- Arbor Friday and Saturday, Nv 30
and Dec. 1. The detailed prorant for
Lion. The r toe careful attention te sesion i as follows: B'
is given to the styles and finish of 2. A discuseion of the "Newly For-
every suit, whether to be used for ulateed EntranetReqirentst s tte
businss puposes r forfull res Uiversiyof Michian," th discttssin 1
busiesspurpsesor fr fll dessto be otened by rt. Ritard itudootte
occasions, of the University. followed 'by Pti- fa
( pid J. H. Itazel of Detrot. Ht
G. IH. WILD CO., 2. "The Euipment of te 1t19glt
Seool Prncptal"ia pater by Principal
to8 E. Washington St. S. . IHartwel of Kalamazoo.
3. "The Social Side of Higs Shloss
Life," paper by Ptincipal N. S. Gar-
wood, Mrshal. Discussion led by
BATHU T W E S rtncipal aWebster okSaginaw.
BA~ TO E L 4 "Collateral lWrk in te Anent
Languages." Discssion to beaopoened
AT by Prof. George V. Edwa rds, Oivet t
ALL clege, followed by Prf. J. 11. Drake, Pt
PRICES f. of M., and Principal J. W. WelchIli
FOR Adrian. A
5. Cvi1 Srie ittte Appottoent B
YOURROO 08THEGYM of Tetces," paer by Prof. E. 'C.
YOURI1 todd rd . of1. Dlscssio, Prof.
D)elos tFall Albioss colee; Sn cnn-
7 todent W G. Cbrn, Battle Crek.
Wilder Pharmay bo. 51gb ~etool Statistics: Ass At-
3055. State St. tenpt o 5Determsine Wat Statlte.
Are o Pertmanest Worhs and Flow
'tlfe Ilt' In onent a n Forn May c
EVERYTHING Osr apendbd lne oli Secured," paper by D. W. Springer
t PIPECAS ad To- .An Arbor high setol. Disussiot led I
NE~W BACCO-even the toe b Principal A. J. Votand. (trtd Rap-
tslf is new. We have remodeled tleid.
place and invite all our fisends to callT."Ihetorkias in thio Iltotlrschool," P
and inspect what we have. You canItsaper by Principal IE. . Wttblb, Jack-
beat our LU NCH ES. . sn rsnso e ySprnedn
R. E JJ , 1,V, .,)13S, smts.st. It. ean, Pontiac.
."PlhysicatGegtapy intec High1
Mclool. trogramatof studis' laser by
. }* i tt'ttttL. . it.4Wtod, (ot so. I (s-
+> p11 ALLE RETI S +' Icu-last ed 'by Stpriitotts sttu', l.
AND 0Grgry t3. tttTwas.i
Y te tstsi ftn cittte gttt 'sto a't'-
EY' ~ t. socItheis-lecture romttsof'te-lawy
± ~ ~ ~ ~ ~bttttsitg'onst silt c' iti ts ht-tIrottos at
*IN t-4lb, T"2 Ibs&,Il ItsBOXESI
or stesare s as these ~ Freshman Lit-Eg, Electt'attTottor-
S Iigt 'radogoods cese
qurte 'oar teys 4row.
seroeof g trung these hook h
tottrowat t o'clock itt Uniersrity tal.t
Teee otwIso tickets ite tic ldt-onse
... . i 1 kown as le "lt-eng." ticket std te
THY AV OM, thras te 'Michigan" tt
~ THY HAE CO E The candidates n the for er arc:
Vce-President-Mss Maxwell.
rR > .ItU E ' Secrtary-L. A. Paddock.
I IZ C.C. IUB R 5 Treasurs-Leltoy Chlds.
± Prophetes-H-elen Stevens.
+ Orator-H. F.. yatt.
ilstolan-'Mliss "MMarlan Hubbard
TEXT BOOK 4oball Manager-Jhn Walling
oTesck M a bX.T ellr .
OF foastst' r-S.. B.Toaot.
The following s the 'Michigan'
HISTOLOGY detikt"ukr
Vice-resdent-'-MissGrass' McCrty.
$ A Goo SupplyTresuer-t. C. H tosso
Baseball Manager-C. . Monroe.
at Toastnater-. .T. Wicker.
Dring the calna year 19, 340
%A/ A LIE)10 cases ere considered by the stfo.

Programs icr Literary Socleties.
Below will. be found. the programs, of
he literary rsocieties for 'the week. 'The
ibjerts for the debates sre new and
ti programs will no doubt prove Inter-
Friday, Nov. 16i.
F ssay3-It. B. Pickard.
Current Events--C. F. Wyhitnmore.
tnipronspius-S. it. Hadley, B. F.
srown, B. WV.kSherwvood.
Oration-C. A. Batirsott.
Genertal Debate-
ile -otvcet, "Thast tale right to gratnt
ivorces should be exercised Isy state
e-statttres ions'." Affirmative: tGns-
tytta Obttinget It. A.IHowtard, . .
leap. Negative: A. B1. Irvitte, L.. S.
intrtt, L. W. McCandtless.
Rsitding-A. St. Sans-c.
Friday, Nov. 16.
,Curret.r 'Topic-s--sC. M. Priec.
Itmpromptu Debatt-
Rtesolved, "Thtat tile wisits'tAoltof
Ite sonths are justified it ssintog all
peaes-ble means to maintain thtrir po-
titi aIsusentiscy.' Affirtmtttive: C. Y.
5ttdrewF-e, Bailey. Fettle. Negative:
turges-s. Schuldler, itRabs.
5fEo- (tion of officers.
Satntday, Nov. 17.
Rtewo-ved. "Thtat tine iseolei of tse
-outt sare Justified in r'equtiring act edtii
'ationstl qualifticatIon for negro voters."
Nflri attive: 'Willis, Powes-r. Ne gttve:
Lthers, Frazier.
Current r vs't -F'isteittlt.
ProF.lHowland Lecturesa tn "Singing."
fise let-tte on 'S,iitgitt :rivensiy
vocsal d (-15:rttttett of thte Iniversity
-i-Sthotl of Altoto', Itttstnighlt in F~rieze
ttstrtt-is'e otte..
"In sitgitng"lite said, " Itete soutld
as' ft sctn t. tindlul iroo co-~ivr sttudy,
yet atrreally tteoittis 1cse ttcillthettsc I-
ssrtolttbtrantchsott tttttitot ttoty ,isto
wslttstttrelyt tikstt. Itst-tcosse ttenc

Hard Game Expeetrd-'Varsity Has
Not Yet Recovered From Its
Declarsations of Michigan's intention
to tttke a decided fall out of Notre
Dame have steen rife since that disoas-
tros game in Detroit, but, judging
fromsth ie practice of the pas~t week and
tse cripptled5 condition cof the team, the
chance stea that -the boysr from Indiana
will stot tbe ltssnelted any too severely.
Notre Dante hts a facuslty for playing
by is ansi starts, and is quite apt to
take at start in Saturtdsy's game to the
demsrtslization of eali topes for an over-
whelsssinsotre. lt h-,gan smay Nbs
lookeo suposstosvin, btt hard'y snore
itan titat. 'ise v isi tors will have been
coatchedt in WVisconsiin's style of play-
in so fttr as Pat O'Dea tsssisulated that
style, under Phil Kinsg's tutelage, and
anythinsg Wisconsin has served in 'the
past is a bootis'to thes Wolverines.
Beintg so thorosughly "en to thse Hoes-
lets it. is little wonder that the men,
who htave ensdeavoredb to keel) Wiscon-
sin's banner up to where ODea's lIeg
raised it, literahty tore things up in
thseir gaime btst week. The formu showns
theta'by the South= Benders was a: re-
vet eel of thsat. showsn earlier itn the
seatson, stud ansother reverse maty take
plade islet in ticme to give thse matize
sand.tsblue a hiarr, run for their snoney.
M Vucs is hoped for frosts the intasrovised
teamttwhaich Michigasn must of necessity
putl istote field,'bust tth ei'f ectangs-
Is too suttsien and roraodicsl to gutar-
ate succsessbefore a trial htas been
sssarts. lPractic'e hssshotsn Sntow to be
sure antdmtcarulitthalistrng toe ball
but the condition of his knceest-ill prob-
abty 1Isert hint to plasy a shorsst timect
tonly. 's'th h5imsc bsent frosmttire gauss
antraso Hoosiers tsaking st slighst brace
thsere will be need for a ft stunts in
tire 'Isty of rooting atong the sisde lines
to tist te srac orsstr 515'ottihe sisal-
lowe-st ilttsssss. T'lislumptsitoswich
tlst -whl snie tttss- sf l'Vat-sity ttsllc.slid
tafter t iIlinois gamsnemis to trstilt
hse wsith thett, sandt it is tsott' 5'5Veture
to sa hay tt NtttcDatser sillt ttplroves
at siiit it'sy tyit~a t' 55'rtst5 It-s.


sf oSuchs tas-stcet tstunsredsof gootssstt 5co 0Cott-ui ucout to Senlor Laws.
art truinl'edstvry Y'itr.
.I kntsws of n110lacths a iss t's co5 tssttty ek 'o, iczfn tcltnd
stseioust tnh fllty equtiispsd :stict5, it tltiOtto1 ites istisr lstw classsthast
hetrt its AnnttA.ttbssr. S Itn stntatmstheet hdietitstensuttsiit'tt' ltss 1t'sanriIur"tcttts
tilast insp~ires everyonesto' s tutdy,. thseby ss gesitletutaintCticaogo. These 's-
tsocal strusent hsevs-ry' sssvz1ttr' eIhere hostwas "Slow ca555:lsichigtsssabolish
thatt s-trrilbe sdesired.' thse grandcstJury systetstInitise ftsco of
---_______teIrovisions of rtse -. S. ssnAsitnilsn
Notes from Newberry Hall. which provides that no persons shsall beo
hled for at eapitlall or otherwise *infa-
usous e~rine except upon rtse present-
Riev. C. A. Fulton of theIte"irs-Baptist moent or Indictment of a grndoiJury.'
chiurchs, Detroit, 'will speak to :students The settler laws anaworet fehat'ite first
nsext Sunday atfternoeon at 4:30, New- ten ausendusents 4o the national constl-
berry Hall. tutlon- referrted to -the federal govern-
Miss Mabel Mll1has., secretary of the usent end not to the stategoensns
'tdeeqt Volutateer Movenment.,avill ad- and that 'lisepovs ovhadnmentect
dress thse women of thse Usiversity Sums- whatever upon prosecutitons under
day afternoon at 3, at Newberry Hall. state law., Poor. Mechiem sent this act-
The special sneetings hseld each even- swer to the Chicago Inquirer, and yes-
ing ita~ week at Newberry Hall are berday mtorning he rea a a letter to the
being w ell, attended1. Tlssee who have class from 0bat gentleman tlsanking
sot ye" 'been present are givten a cor- him for the answer and saying thsat he
dial iuvtkatten to atiend. ;had submcitted the question to 16i emi-
-- nent lawyers 'and judges, asndl that the
0. S. U. "Rooters" Coming, answer received from here was thte
mcost satisfactory to him 'Ire 'sad sects.
The students of tse Olsio Stale Unl-
ceroity do not intend tIhat thseir teaus Freshman Spread.
sihall be without rooters whea thesy-
meet Mlichigan on Nov. 24. A special The freehman spread comnmittees meot
rate has been obtained and several hsun- yesterday afternoon and organized *for
trod students will come to Ann Ard5or, work. 'Seperate meetings of the cons-
confident Ihat their team will win, oittees wilt be held within the next
Two crloadsof their alumni are,,coot.,week.. Extensive plans are sing mad,
tug from Toledo. The students are and It is hoped that lhe. affair wvll
'earning niew yells and songs for this prove the success of former years. The
rime.date set is ee $

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