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October 19, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-19

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Dr. Strautss Before the Philological
__iey~ Shoes going
Pubishaii ~ly (Mnidays excetd) durigte Ati lii usual Iterest was exhib- at a Sacrifice
Cleeytra tdlatenigattefrtmtiof THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN tI'111ii s1ti y, w hll Dr~i. Th1 e way our shoes ae going will
Mnvo. r. a~no } ii- ta ey ileelii lils Isrpise you, and the prices that
Areeus Bldg, MahnSt 36a t - ~ aLateSret i' u iiand theis l i N5 -ove." 'le making them go will surpis
B, t 'Pa i3 N wStal PIie 52 hia aiy Iliiipipr wa ii atou still nmorc. It will be profit
- ANAGNGiEDTORlai i i.-i liifleeltli a leable for you to be slrprisedl Dopt
MANAGNO EITOR Engilish airel frwni Shakeseare's tile in today and try it
. H Hai', vimit is Il i i nn-iiiignf thei miiderni novel-
BUSINESS MANAGEiR, tilt ig eii-t 'en'rs. 'This growth 4 GLASS'S SHOE STORE,
F.EsP.I i r-il O n, 'iI Lir. . r ll'l' iireii' i ts.i'i 1 XcClil' -1090. Main Street.
EDITOR lll's'wi'a lie ilitel andaesllilli' riii-Open evenings until AN A BR IH
Apn--is ,,i.His a-a i - i frontm rll' in ttu h le artitc. P. M.
!heiurpoel offhirt( 'atleriaiing' wats tose
A. R. McionvuaI- i-, 1 i, SnA, oI lL, le asCr teliii'illret stages oatheli
ine C IT, Nise 0 la . P'aiiiii '01 a1 i5'lcriil'i l ie e life o the IEnglisli
Thle Elizehaliiin ovls hail 11) latltiiOli'ti'hy lli G IN U
ta i aig ,aai irgi ii riay la s lii r 'llt. 11o1duc ti TelaikesG I G U
iartfhibcrpiroasn rra e' DAoIaLYra-2 /I8l, Arc the ilIh Iirbelmiag
forte iio ll iar . aler,,a ittuliirdlira' i, .11fr i ('t, 1311. iri ll-il'w 'aci iiEuve
beior neatc h dua yaa-iii Itusia 1ii hi11ItAreKth iices in sote of te ic--
ti ,i adoteri,- ater inieidii fire li a I (- +.i l fg'fit 'u slll a-ii-'t al t ll aI
befe pin~va.. or amaiedI to th,'eiiditorbfoir'3 - l i y tei li fe. Wth o0i- cothing
they a i,,iaree c oa- is- l-ti tiiehe 1)11 1 iiiiisBible a l lt'o lig1 --- its qite difeient, nevei-bc-eitsold
Buirsies,'tMeie r Sii i e i lt a i feii t ' -t iii o uht.y
fiaorbieportsing puro amalyit, thlul 11,C all ike il411h 11 1 eli l llnll.wiiasuiapoflar hae hre ve
falre bf- rreartdli rape r. lI ,hu ililIsl'il lll~l li'o ' - -~ a beeii better goods oi btter s-le
toice ~luby 3 t. i. in t1edas, ivtiiiitoiatbil Illl. No ll-boo '5'hinve11soX rlssi'l , - given tlan xe ae ofi'iiag 0tOdtl
il-ssflbiil ll i 11 l-ll l si ll l io a !e l ntils ofli rthe Q E L E RH A TTE RS
Theiyy coums el atth ttcliiThisy' ll'iliuheil- sa iiiiislf, his 1 EB ERAND 211c all a uusli SVV South
Illtion taeitii regiard Il to e ''lla lift l 111 ill rfIllhs peopalle, A IPP - FU1 ERS ~
('tuibs by wticile thelul'ua wll Sna111111is interess asi-ii-ll religions, bt & 1111 lI AND~U
be- iii'iliii I l ay lrt- ut fll Arboir.ti-t n i re thieii''ilgi-is frgess
ilsl'nigil Iilsroi', xiii-s llllii lli-ll i'g o al hus1k and ieohiigsal
1, '='tilii ii':ill31ig lVlais. Thei
'ul Iil thill'e ili-ullhl k n ll f sthei'illsa id Is inleev a lii 111-Il illibverlos. ithlita
AT H ENShsil' h~tluua'slitEAIR
ui1111 li iilliss ither, iil lill I 6nOrC T
iscedulillwll liinlll,ilil sh old o1 beu-jr ar Ofthe lis t li i r it ,"giii L( thl S ia E
sai D, truss hre-snoidsh M SE Ltwle A WWhhaaBIN-
ftlle ieIc etI a nt o u- it) 5 Iha -l il -iit IIir iu ihulill-leylhv a lae 2a-li llii, G o'i a-
ori ilthe~~ M lt iius ti looky,(] ier. u-iw- Illig lo ia s 11110110 fllr hs it-Is it (tui Cilll tll M o-c fi a-
ttitlIeil I il-Ifront the cit na toiriis i I3illllylheIs-al-atMar e li iaAnn Ed a S.ut h M nel, tl
Nboys lA IA l ald11 llu~ t saft' i lo ici-l i; hu rl . isi 1 tro olrelu li i Ionf 4(MoNthsil n .e d3a onts, Li rnoston a 3 MthsW ini la depi a,'
illaaliylwy us t he lr ally 11e'l car.,Ethier'Ilag tol Cithlo oe EfS a y-n ,
l iiis iliisPRCE75,towrrlorh1iads101firt8Roso15
shul'biiiiua~dntillsui'l ui ii* ils liicui u lloethltc a p ensr S: G lle 50 and n xo S OFS X Y
-lii -iul 'l l lii5l p art uil shProf.'mamm n rf 11h5n e ekt M nh
Si-ihul ut 'ilhrrila has beaui ii rilsedl lrof. 41clit, Plrif. Rollfe, tir.tBllul'liId, Specal IResrved Seat sale at insgterers, State Sreet
exrctn lipporat flfo hetrae n iiCK iii theil new int ru(iflerman.~ ok ____________
ol-cl'ge wilitti s o lI T r y iy solditIe____________
11i5111le a, sill-li Is -KS lou t. I l(s a! tc15 l iul'rs till lili-ra
illIII rtlry aniii euui'l'1SixuuiuheisIIh-_ -
i-ins Is aiivi'l tlii tand s iiier. Lectutres I OII Y
lyi u kuu' s aioiiu-iue oa sert hisapnu'1-is
taIetovre kt nli ereo- THE OL11) RELIABLE STDIENTSIEADQUATEths8
luior , ali thir al'Iasitliiit ult, a llntll) Printed lecures for all depart- ~
I ail for isi' sitl orn ss'iluiiilkei'nkunll mets of ihe U niveity. . Type-iI.k~ . I,.
IIk~lo~ is hellllsiililily ofhyplart u'u-si'u'eu Ariin S BRelniOgrp. REMODELED, EFITTED, FEVERY TiING NEW
shnyover Serehan',,,)1State street WITII "'i
' SL1.LE~tRedmond, Kerr & Co., sGEUIE MdOA IICq~4 CLS$I ONS olCEgIvgl
'inili'treaurer liof le Suyt'Le BANKERS, HIGHi GRADE----
tire aiiuo(tu1t01 asill leeatIl\ ilders 41 Wall Street, New Yer
daiy fiom i10 i 11 a. miiAll thlose C_________ rk19 47E r~
ha ing 1iktsou eN m se cld i Triusuetaitgenerl bnkuhiug bunssu. l/ V V
nduu ineet etla e ii lute iei eposs ubteet o delut Diideds DAIL' BULLETINS OF ALLT SOR~TING EVENTSFiclAetfoanngtaeth.Isef D ND-SCEORS UT
railds, terclected sc rutie,c asA
("OA 1 iIJ'EIII(HT B LEI iseuriie, Age rtsald neoitcthen.csucLoffATE
CONs1TNige, 1}c;TIgT UasINGar.iMetiods Newt YorsExcsng .Ee... I-IN ST-eALL'tR OT
__________ ___TRERUTRET
___________DEAL IN
Atli'Wlul'' lyuuuiinu.ulxnList ain uret oferings snet oappicatoc, IF, .IN~lEL ecaaC ONSRCaTiITON AND SPPLIE~S,
Atoundty, (lt22, t l0 v. Ill.hee GRAHAM, KERR & CO. 207 E. Washington Street. -ARtTISSC GAS AD LS lie~a -URigA-
aill bre it tiug ftiu'Ihut- i'rn~nitt HIGH GADEMANTELS AD GRIATES

lot gynuliuhsini-hiass luuuuuis. Ali so n'
saepeetlng to tutar lie gy IIuIisltuun lIeM
urged toi1wii reini'1It. 'ist s'l y 0 girls
Sehci-iue' C"ab oalut hy pnes'ut to f11 80 . D u l s h e tTHE 1OEMAIN
huair and tac cianenlyclurs o dnuiruf. 28S ANS
~S I3 by Calkins.,

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