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October 20, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-20

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No. 23.



Senior Lasto Politics.
W DAs svas anticipated, the polities ofthte
senier lass' class, Isas engrossed ties at-
TT teslioss of ntstanle 'the professionsal
l politicias" and ties candisdates for ot-
H Fine Fall and Winter RHfhie hat te anke afilehisoattho cs s
cc 511t111t Cold E sil. T'ieeeccine' isscrtasinly goinsgto
'E SuiinsaofhSitts osn . - cite plilicl situteioniieso
Fancy Testings. fr teDconcerns thse candedaes nopn
0 tined inour lsnricle, has iomateriaily
csasried oweiengis the enterasce of
TDRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY T threse inse meninotesfighi teees.
┬░Juttnerc,Staintortlh and Seeishee.
A W CaijteLr stA lMr WorensoC. Sewisheer atOheo, see
We Crry he, Larest tered ties ease at sash a ile date, thai
T Stoeli it weold el cotimsistic isoipeedict eey
In11 the City. great folloetineg tor hies. 'Mr. SCeeshe
L des~chtnceatfslectisneendsolaregeldysee
oa deadloceIstweenesthe eltes tactione-.
o 108 EAST WASH4INGTON ST. 0 Hie is piatica llysunknowens to a large
share O is l esst tieisepartly
R Roercm tese adfastmanneri.-
Nion tisrens cli ltandtisuppiort
ile.Asfteat'sewesn sec etiis le
W D hasineer distisnguishted iiselsbyP
eitherehissvirtuesi or lees isoisuities.
dir. iorace dV. Danftortheat Denver,
a Ilpears to test Iis clis upaion

Wes akea h e'l c 555ialily sf
Chocol'stes as a sie line.
'iN sell latesof1 them anti
or stsck is alita.ys fresh.
Lss ney's, Nle-retti's sand
Kuhn's aliwas in stsck.,
Wilder's Pharmacy
TELDL hogs.itlistne aers ittis
RELIA lE l lneisofiLUNCIiIlIS CI-,
tDIYT'LDA in'L01AI I' Y.
C e aie'panormacydo
J erassandcslw ntht
Swe hm oeoeaerseat

hsitchase ip.'' fascholsip"lie
seessld tinsre an telistsli Datelessth
tesitltirbbyb2tenx peiet
()noifatorv; h ittle i li nilitestrogisly1
agisthmistath s commonlysais
hoeereensitrely tforetinlet his tot
isle' ItSos beentsaeidofitheat ite
is clansnishe and thtie hi fails to reed"
Hies opponents elsoease thilatleehis
neeesideiesd imenselfthle'ooughly
wsith clslt sufiiet snteseset
in elass piis tosb
p.iesesni'it a'sssii'ge'leiton.Th'lesusds-
dseesithdrasws'sof1 name ofi Geo. Vi
Ginsert o1 Ilii is and the iselln~r
pesoseal frsiedsipeistsng between
imiself andsi11r. Dainfortigevesieeto
lierurestheat les candidsieytis Sting
advocted ciy tle ii Ia Ciftratesnty,
whiiche is lent cooites yteehiiefatesthaet
loin namoewas 5 tirate" ib' 'bods' sitsein
setteeMdieDantestle st riszilas he
tiesse asuestols iwith ths eesesibleei-
tile. Chsiles F. Juttnsersifdisenomee
Mliii.,the thirdi ansi list seosi tes
casedidatessewithlees charactetrtistic en-
lesssom cifthi'eltesr'esedsiaisni'ak
seewad suearsia"Iisle e sowilsuetsly
snaike a gain.
tile.Jutse's carepaign is strictly a
esextparitre.Sisteorsty bseig thait
a candsida te shldibeit elected putely on
tis persistsaiipopulari tit ndntbthi'le
aidi Ot eny orgaizationte whichsis
tfrieds mieghtetfcttot toeispueriposset
savanci" his inleeset.tie in thor-
oughsly advertiesing ltaSheits asadi-
date tier ofisetisat he wsnusld like the
suppeirt tfetsrv memboer setissclass
lent is net seeking pie dges and ntse
othesreisse siciting entes.
"Grandl, giooming and pecaliar, he
stands a sceptered hiermit,swrapedtiin
lie soslitueesofsthis seen originality.''
The cansdidates s'-%hnlist'sbeen in the
hield fsr snome lime past, have ntsn
the acconst ositheisentrane of these
ness men changed thier plans or be-

come lest sanguine o secre.Itla Practice on Gards Back Formation.
politeca "rs'tler"'ofevery cadiate The '505115 eas ysedyavt
sereslistenedi to andeievei'd Ties i000
listsclassould r eers'sthISoldiiftie' practice in isea~inseup the enteyl-
sylogitnm tastlessto al, n loiccad vania gard bkfre ma etoion.'Ties Ci-
insesead ot eng a ratswith sine tails it lge sas lined p i is lformationad
wouald Sc a tins aith iensheads given ties al. Fan asat stand
Ate. W. J. Meyers st Ciii, and ie hisyed gard swllSthe College tearing
triends stitueiese that he is tie sten
brsnft ted to he tieseict eecusies"of grea hles is lies '\assLy't lies
his class tied despietsthe act that Se Saddeeeaoie lit.dup against the
lan visiblylost grotnd daing he pst'Vastpayn tke.Piewsot
anci sdtevoteiehossdeesoit I"'atteison to plays
w-.e,, oninus t thoriz wih Dr- sritnl "the esoilandeltiscoachinge"the
sea onthe "strisel osthle ites.
Thegen~rly ad godrlhmhipofers's 5i rsaksng aipint ee ees
the e'ns(lIisg'ti s edtielcareer mt 'let""ctie'" sfatteed hose ad
tlthestniesietilist hade i 't et''the Var seey Ioat oldl ot lie
teensthefoe st ot ies lader'heit"s'rp- es
idly elseole set toowaids lie ea" d Mr Rctal of Hamlet bi Professor Tie-
C!onlon weold Sb assu etelectioi ip1 blood
sailntolpreviouasly deblesd itt peltitetLs',esennengtfs'sorTeblaod lee-
aed aiteseiisomotspeesnaliannostcil rae the e'Uivessty Oratorcal
amongehis poets.iaseisoe'byareng "aet"ieo teo
oeld hlsostsen Itsols "ib ,blsdeserse" peset andeaptladed
'rw oi.M.Galekeas e. den h parfeuntstyasitit enst he
geroseecisaus e eis rmetred o lea:e'sosieat eadisg.
tiesrsed a combiinationsot sone lit setof.Titueblood is tremnetlyi a
withe dre Foid reitetiaenieatdereand etanedhit
Mlii Carl 10 Fetid oatOhioiel hislei lo c s eesete'ncn
astute ead v'satilemanagera'ss d.e Thelie tise" heshels sesannouncted,
Setelh Ses Sese asy i~didlf'or tie i"asoendesnet ftie eons sttais,
esgesoztion hey blave 'ded s ne o tkeilac5ateethe edit--wstde-
to stonesand teey hesuiledb'etles lateel selltioe wsehis lad it in carge.
ta thuey Iksette
tic Gets W.'Govertssiefreeese The Assjciatin les dded m"eynests
maeetedlless pttctiesa-lid s thus asses ettesentoLies sll ane'sessmuic en
Thesesusltsef the election isstill oaed y theiresetlshon
doubtful'There wsill crtainls' i'bee _______o__
eetin on tie he foteebalolet N\ eove c l'eslelan Guid Lectre
inlied ossileroepheyr v mul sy 1nSuPttdaiy esenig c. 2nties
thaesfrm te peset otlook ,.ha Frst5 l I' E.cussctieJohns Hentrt- ds-
is'sanesfeectio''sn seresitsthe foli;,'testos, iesen i t ef Obelinn toiveit'
ig order'ICondonitFordi.Dattoth, ills te li e tislit leciaure assisthle
dittie" endiuefieldl leethe rear wit a de sst tinGuiild corset"foe theesesl-
to ititltle la"sit hodsoeya. Hs sbjct twi lte
'lie situtionteis10peduleei' '55iary 1avrbl"hilstlntste, shyi i soeltimatlelyees
lee a desksitessetflies propers shaed. Secoe lies' s-vesalreigon."
At candidaitie wheo is ewel l knowneeby the lsataoci is. G ec a g"eepl ieet
geneaiyofteca. westadsinelltech ma D. C.5CarriotrAte AboiSSv-
ineehasiptandesseasttaltututies 'e- tgsDo-ie.
g555i5 tepeerstl t'onigcoeniai' ndipi- ' henliiytutsgee seeto liesFrCenteiy
uiiLety emight esily cites 'iayt e ists"yontre eeitedicetoses's'mee n
beoteielectieon andtin ilbysdaw- ccl eekingsy'u'speiseness'seesesle.
te foma allthose candidaeseWeho it sepl aiuendoinseyouti sill esougtit~i
'sinest strong"'y ott the first teeliLores'ete-orl-buy eel ooe "'strumo'etiofe
tests.lit wthut tush a cmbinatioe Lhe's ieesCo,tnd ie teeDit ait
softulities le couldsinst commado nysesPtft ietles l'C ti i'es i iseh sus the
olrensgthiquetiosnd"' set'hat effetti cud Iiesr
IDOMoe ectre. ioseingt'eo"felPalcotie Ss the dJos
~o More Lectures. esonseaChleestaniyands msanksnd"-
Quns stle le idlda in ' e 'tue -et SetnsdayGt. i22ndeoes lieBs n-
At a reet'eemleseisg o soit sc icl inostdies Citass ttheisConegeetiissai
flese ts i t seied -titdoeawaiescaulsahtssmmedeiatly aster ue monoig
tie s 'ipiossile ilhthue ld. t iseT
cases' eel desotie metes tes to qeictaa
anses'insiclistruactiosnTeh isocuresDr Tomo Iomi Le.
will noet itrer tstSthe licitr. tAativeof lJapansiltalklabththtes
coursessee ltsese sciensmthi aujete 15tfa JpaestsCiiitestesbay-
Suappiltitdesmore-directdly to ties litictal1hieofItio'Womtnhossod giings' all iesut-
dims scq gea 5cttoeanyschtools hlist is S he isssth conduct a apdiaee tes
adoptledile'islanind ituntoseeiti twoksO partytaidsmariagee ceremnoey ssises
tee vesy good 'ad'antage. The bSyostnts-'pope in sialehc otumse
msatterehissbeen uttler 5 nded'at'M.idl chtrh, Modaytevesninsg' Odcl
ation ftest esatints St netdeiieessis
eonsclusiosn cdbet isrsatheelunilth e
Tei.I'of Aldaonic lisb ill hold
sthereenng telytIes aieent lpott
eill 5" leached aeuson n the e i- lenstrsensee.tiose ya ell
egiven and the sadent iss expetesd to at hirseoeas ne6 .1 5Sae st., Friday
elaresupon these tfstiesthe text Sesooset(eni 1Oc.2,at seed p ee. Ali tut-
resaomnended. enseti-Inane'saasscordially invited in at-
'IS' sadent set a 00o0eSisree ntt-tend
sn a'ththelsaidea at thee oil ladimentI
have assreewok nes taISanseSdonse It nt alead a memer a in yeas'
sellSh asJustienotheisslest application thai evening

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