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June 07, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-06-07

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'. i. t . . .. _.



"' GAB


G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received or line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suiale and de-
sirale for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wcasirgtor) St.
Artist Wethave bugt
Maerials from Wt-
1Mterals me',Bok Stor
iuirasand hae addd t
to th e ntleli.
Oil Paints, China
ad othr Watr Col-
ors, Drawing Papss
and Bruss ofall
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OfLDForE sveral waes we have
bUL ee ayinhg inanttstokrte
boys and new are ready wit
f'PPES AtO5EiIAt...fY.
Sto Paris ?I
What aotourysKat1? Woln't I
itb ta good ideat o p t i toatno
* while teeis lntsl011 anad lo us
kit pfornyou?
In New Styles and Patterns

Olifiel Programme of Uniersit
and Class Events.
Te folowing is tie official po-
gramteofor te eercise ofcotmtmetce
ttentlmeek, ltttta7-1:
Sunatty Juntt17t.8 Pt.-t.Dicottse cto
thte grtduatitttg"claesof all depatttetts,
itt Utttveatity ital ltvyreidetttAngel.
tMottday, Jne 1t8, 2 tt, tt.-Class day
execiteo detartmtnttl o lat, itt Utic-
sity hall. Address, by clas nrsidentt,
Th1 a b tArtthtrttCnione. rtesetatiott
to the Cnitsty ~s of te lasttmemtoriall
by 2oltttotilal Thomtas. oAeptttttce ott
bealfi of tie Ctio rtt- I Regent larr.
Acepttct onttboialfI of tielawttdtat
oettbiy Dettcall ttutchn. tPoemttby oltt
Frattcis linoet. Oratiott b Albert
.Moregant Cotu,i. S. History by lDat
F'aitaer Wt.eimte. rophey by Care
FrattiaJuttttter. Valeaitory y Horace
Ware Dnfrt, 3,L.
it It.Itt -Sniorlromtetade othie
I attlytt tened blle te gradatitg
case ta tintaidepartmtt of literattre,
sctiee attd thtt.itt, attd tetdepartmett
of ettgttteetritg
Dp att atfttediite atd surgery,
UMottdayt t8,to Wedneday, 20- Mott
Idty itttfterotoncitties.Alotdyaettttg,
lectuea ottliquidtlair, be Itrof Freer.
tusa Ta . geteratladres to
alm ity A. Ut helips, A. D..iprei
lont of tite NewttYor- State Meical So
ctiet Tesayoafterttooot, elitiesTte-
lday atttning, addresso ot 'Ilot'Plge''
Ibt Drt Not y;larson t'Ile Rgtt
atio andttt teDgaeratiott of Settory
taol MototrlNetrve-ttdintg itMuttcle,"
Tusd y tJ it' it at I-ietn
''ottObord .i ,Cls a,- y aexe-
acid the rttattt o at ttttt octtee
tao ttto aCoiodr 1T1111aFOak. Adrsa.
ba telatss otpresiden t t ad Smelc
Corwin Histoy to, 'Iai t nltClota 0a
an. 1 o Ttom10 i~UattMitttttit ott
ittot Cit odalto catatoco Coleg
of DetalotStrv dontal ampitt-
ttre. oAdtrtsc oyiohetctassit rsiodett,
Thma boss Brdetn.1Csistortoy itw
Fraonik I ttge", ' I0ot c Cass , I otc
lbt Anktuott . ISteer Cat orm byl 1
'en Itt 11,111Goodih Clsortn
Itty Thtma1sto tooArese
ttetttbetsoftheba it ttit Valeticory tblty
totlliIaotlantts'llFiffattloe "at -
3 p. Itt ci~ttottof tite Schtool of
Fit ttt ty toAitres ,too tg utoittnttg
cly ,,-P o . Ja tso. ii. al,11of1 lioo.
1,(,otrom ttte cassoesoftote tlumttti
anttfom 1011te fautyof te school. Re
cl)to-r1tt thliearesidnceof eotot Prcs
UU'turalmat siumt~,11ttO~lt, iontie grdutolt-
ott"classoes in1t1etdta'citrtmeto atof litert-
tl .oottire, ticnc an teartsatndtolthe depart
t\ oetta,IVJttte 20 (tiluttni dy)
Sptttttl Itt renott of literary casstoeof
1,5o 'O, '7, 70, '75, 'S, '0, 157; '7
medicali980la, nd ote r cassiet.
0100an-om ootathie medial d-
tartmtent: Closs day exerie in south
ales ortnta soptal. Address by Dan
1:30 a. m.--Latt alutmni reunion: Re-
union o1 the alutoni of tto departmett
of law. Al 11 O'clock noon a banquet
will be given in room G, aw' building.
Alt alumni are requested to meet in
room C, law building, ati 11:0 . m., and
proceed to the banquet. After the ban-
0quet shet addresses will be given by
prominent alumni. A cordial invitation
s extended to all alumni, ickets for
the banquet can e penced at the of-
fice of the secretary of the law- faculty
in the law building.
2:10 p. m.-General Alumni assoeia-
ion: Annual meeting in roam C, Ue-
versity hal.
Sp .Senanne reception-n Water-
man gymnasiupm. Reention by the
President and the University Senate to
invited guests, graduates, former stu-
dents and friends of toe University.
Cards of admission can be obtained at
the stewards office, from tho sertary
of the Aumnti Assoiatien, and from the
deans of the faculties.

Thursday, June 21.-The iy-sixth
annual comtmencement. 9 a. e-The
graduating classes nwilt form at their
respectve buildings, under the direction
of the "tos presidents. The procession
to Cniversity hatlnwil be under the
direction of Harrison Soue chief
10 a. nt.-Comomenemtent exercises.-c
tn Cniversity hal. Oration by Johnt
"erie Coutitr, Fi.D. proessorinitelit
Uneiversity of Chicago. Conferring ft
1:13 p. mt-Cotmmencement dinner.-v
tn the 'Watenian gymonasium. Dinners
ticeots roust be procured at te stoa-d
ard's office, price, 50 cents each. 'tialk-
t holders atitt asetbet at 1 p. n. un-c
de the Tappan Oak.e
Athletic Board Meeting Deoteda
Mosthj to Bills and Elections,
their ext to tite Istotmaeetnt" of thocyatte.
Thte ciieflbuintess of til e tiitg waa
tile disosaof anotentormtousttamot ~uoof 1I
iilis. 'Thoe asaioott inote abot1
$8oo n itact. It inotncertain owhetier tisti
atill 'a liiqiuidatead thitiyear I te as a- 1
tiae ingotd for the rmtainintg tree a
gamestc, it probtby taill b;t lott if iti ris
thtey aiii go farthter ito te tshole. 01
thii ittaebitetites, $ooeiaste reutitof ten
tadi tweatiter lat teek..r
Ater iistwerealotteda, teioordcd
leo'.eeedto te eleciott"of ttmanaoges-
for toxtoyer. T'eofictsalotottowenta
begingtastoertiidi tot oseattmto be
tattchiteagerntess toosecurte titetm. Tierec
weraetottattlttec for otty tao ofics;Co
all titeothercs wte re 11111 ittotto 'lite
tatwo blfatetd cottttidtotta 11010Joo
Stattt 01i,SigmatoPii, for assistatt
footbatit !tmottge, and US WellsUtlc
02 loriterthatoolatic ttaonaeiToet
ito 1101 tattoughtto re lceavaetetottitttit
Ito or are: o .1
laet 101 ta rcie W ok U
aorD. iPi Phit, Gr0ndi Btato.
trak oongat hbiI In..U In-
otn ot hcago.
T-nUI-ottnagr-Clorotttt11a ipo~lyo
'o _.P iLca ti l itttcioiy Il.
Intelrscoti aagrt .i tal
St0l01 'o;;,lpoia Dlto hi.t U rpotle,-
'totottat too ttalloianUt ott o'r bctotta
lototr,'_> PIUpio,tJckson.
Uci tttl of 1tite Boaof ctC ottoiVill
h.elctd at hemeting.11 toweek.. Att
toot tttmeot' ootw irclt ors1010illbe let-<
tot t ta100etelolacs of Livtongs~ton'tatnd
P'ottet Iproited) Thse ottntedl
toot ilictcoa00100 ae:S.W.Utlee.
o02 Joet Stitirtot SgtmaoChi; S. C.
UMa0011 Jt. 'n.ThItta etaooCit, tond
,.LLe,',,DeltaU pionot
Ihr Ioa to ome1 0111 esion boti)theit
t1r1p of tle ack110eamtllto Fari. No
logll rojelatct was a vtttcoo otandtte
pr0 oositon lt pr1 obabohlyal Ithiroutgt
tocus ttcof 1l1ack ottfilcotttputsh. Soontac
memersof te lbotrdttnitorodWa1lt
more thaitot be to orterc
toam wtthich i theltamIctt ihasI throutgtt
th ms cfaeto llat Itt 'hiyal.
itsee tagethtat Imo1tt oa ttnotets~y
held DiroctIott tBa itot 11m0chatticttlocret
futethe ttoatltltonttit t 10u11001hidot
beenttcdoea lorthetlte10,1. 110'cloitoed
aboty1,00 ihtadlcbteensenit olntttm tn
oos of $800. AS 01 tsttal ting tacta
do10 tino 'tetoat ,cobtttareccloer.,At
to-tps,1we110adtot'otenoatets.a, 1010
fortiotatatoffredi$450. Chitoagot refutoca
toom ateas ctt, adItollittois W11,10ing
buct ntot ittout lassto. Director iBirdci oc
tht. tootmtttttaitod bett dontte'for te
trak: teamt, attd, ittfat, tttm t10ch m Oetttt
weotldo be tdote for tletttnext yer..
Oracle Board Organizes.
The Oracle board elected someO tme
algo, mt Tuesday afternoon to organize
and make arrangements for next year's
..cork. A partiat it of prizes na de-
cided upon, but more oct11 probably be
offered at the beginning of next year.
Every one who an any talent in ainy
of the lines in whih prizes are offeed,
in invited to compte.
The following prizes are announedt
Prize story, $1; prize pem, f5t bet
ist of grinds, $5; best illustration por-
traying the different phases of college
life, $5. The officers eetetd weret Chas.
R1. Adams, mtanaging editor Chas. Has-
lam, assistant managing editort J.
Cadot Futerton, business managert J.
Elliot MeAffee, assitant busines man-

Chairmen of Committees Scrap, and
Other Members Vote.
Ucolerdoy aftertnnttt e "aloe clas
oheld 01 meeig attd rcosiorl thte Ue-
~iiott of a far aekst ago in rgard to
it cilos100. Ao thot meetingtoghectax
weas fixed at 425 pr iead Recett agi-
otiott deelopethe ltas into teo pt-
iott thtat thisoteot too high, atd a ptiioto
w'ao crateta to thte effect tati toe
sald tote.ttas redcettdato $325, 1w0 in-
iced tmtettborsouldttiI agree to ooa' it.
'litameteing yteeda'.atr beitg
calledto I order by Fes. Cortit,troced-
'c imtmttediiately to theicttssiott of toe
ot. lThe ostdatt anotnted tat too
1011 appioitedai Mr. Bege cairttatt o
acotttte~e of fifteet to cirslato tite
oetiion. It seemso it roter petliar oc-
cupaottiont Ior a tmettober of the commttittee
whitcith a greecd ottandl rcommtended
a $42 tax. lo to Ilbe acairttatt of toe
commtlitte elohicht circttlaots it ptition to
lotwer thte samatx. It wa'so reported that
eoarly twno0 ttttdred ad siicd, and
tere twasnto dotbt toot if111e ax tos
loteroc, two-ndttared otd fifty'senoiors
wotld I'll.
A rtttlointtgcussttaion followe-d, and
ofler somea 110entiont of te atditito ocotm-
tittee, Iom obolison, cairttaattof toe
eceitioll commtlittee, ttovedUttt te at-
ilit- ommiotlteeit ins~pet te acotnto,
of thte Caol,%ttdlGowtnicommttte ao tn'll
atos o ol theothler commoitte.
Alfe01attotion ottIrecotnsider te atiot
of bot tlcetitlg toot carried ta A. Cattp-
ell. chtairttt ottfteCa"andtot wnott
ommttittee,11100eccihot tecalts t. be
rcto 5ta 3.25 ter totetbr. It isotlobe
invided-$i for clas omettorioal, $o foe
lottttlottceoeto>t ea ao,010125 centsto t
tile basobloliteam. t. Ttager Drot taotoed
that te btaeboll amits011 , 1011$490nlo
lobt.ntohe111c0ot fIpseould 11011ease
lis to 5$49.40. C iIobe dscusiontol1
fo loedt wa 01 t ed0c1tat tie ttemo
orial commolittOte lot tfurit urot an. tee tt11
01 $25~obo1ro'thboartislt,bProf. Frer, of
Dletroito1,todCI001nee ot t hoc l~tuec -
Mr. Camptlbelol i ttttlun011110a1speect 01
thlt s tax eekiotieNittntformttionowasitch
to ClainItt M 'Icite:anttwtstoabsoent, h itoaa
1n:t rc Otto Ilie idot 1111dertan ott wtt
thte commtitte 1gas goill"to rateoe 01
titt or to 1otc oat Itlol tie it-idh c-ti-
thoc latw dla oti $or ootote ft rtoot.
31r e. gle. athrating0111"ht le 11010 1o0
oipoakino rot he commtteie, attatned
tht oheO~cre wItr500 tofeett ite coltoeer-
itlefrontaothe lampus.lttl 'Withotese
fiue ietoaslytoolsc010001hotttorthatt
1,000 lattetoslibIonetedeod, bout if te
cls atda ha iettdn lita iod
no 0dtouttatt thlt 0co ittlolldcould ole
rant toa- Iatottt The0100eitndct t111he
nee tt ot A aoawell ci I t -Jnius
B. \\co chi oeto'toof 11 ocial1 0o11
tttttee , toot sked ht ioow teaodttinogOto d 11
mittt-nas 0i 0011av al-"^rclti
effect i t was to tohoblgto 100port tn
promptls ittirte d 11 ly ;ottel), d- b1sdtsn
1110a aiomit tt.It 1 dcidn' ot a aa ttqot-c
ton; Mrot Wolothodnxialoly ait lle 1100t
oh Nasoh~istfirt 10u1estott fatrte so r
31ir. Campheiloat ttae tte rose
tooot a qeti1011011prtsieandiotechi
111r 01mp tl rled55altitat 1111ot o1111011
moultcariedo. t assto 110mnoed and
ncaiedthatthe laonsditoreaettrrnrpay te
bl of te ole eotto-'tttommi~ootteetlyc 11h
wlien they re ouchetdUfr byth itchar-
1110011 001 ibdotoitio mmiOttee.onFrank
Senior Class Tax.
Nott that te classt-alxia bendeft-
itely- settliedtupiot, antioroatee trgeo 10
pay' ot otce,. 0s0it wiil he itpnossileito
go otn itho thlt arragmentsh for gradt-
atbion wekicutnti at lasi a portion of tle
mtonedy Ihabentacoletedo. The 1inv11a-
11011s must behopad fortponodalivte-ry, atd
there are ohlecexpnso s-hi nmststbh
mtnItohonce. Trasurers office Ior,
tdailvs'2to ,0unttil z: ticketsitdotw, Uoi-
versity hal.
F. S. Coesoo, Treasurer.
Professor Jacob E. Rtghtrd, proe-
soc of zoology, twili delis-r the address
ai thte detdifationo of the nowats-lteu
btuilding of Alma Collge, Alna, Mich.,

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