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May 23, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-23

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, 31ICH., WEDNESDAY, 3MAY 23, 1900. No. 175.


G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received our line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and de-
sirable for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wasbirogtor) St.

Artst Wehave bougeht out
Artst e5 stock sofArtist
Materialsl rom Wet-
Materials anad haveaddlesdto
is nw co plete.
Oil Paints., China
ad other Water Col-
orss,nDrawing Papers
and Brss oa.,f all
Wlilder's Pharmacy
THE DForseverl sekawehave
u asslayinsastolck for Ilhe
REIBEbysandnare raaedyvwit
sflull line as LUNCHESS, CI-
Are you going
to Paris ?
Wthatabout yousKodak ? Wouldn'tI
itabe adda tpckitonowa
i le thereas lotsof time ad letaus
tn New Styles and Patterns
WAH R381

278 CONTESTANTS rig, Keegal, J.. Keegan, W., MacCo- A -NEW LITERARY SOCIETY
luml, Riller, Kelie, Knapp.
In Seventeen Events, Making a To- ORCHARD LAKE-BelnectL, Koch, To Studsj and Encourage Pure Lit
ta ol Over 725 Entries. Tlhompson, MKillip, -MCreary, Taylor, erature
Srong, Spautlding, Dyer, Batske, Tr-
Entries for tleiarnterstolastic Ied rKllWe Siaete YclshRbs el acr fromo reliable sares, thata
here 011rda ad a tuda dtisral -ierr society is to be started, or
weerk have closed and liar management CENTaetL HIGH SCHOOL, D- rtterlasln beess started at Michigan. 'lt
,r nmore than satiefied with tlia large TROIT,'-Crasvford, Osborne, Hinds- molst sudenlt tis til prove nerite
numlober. The lhigha schools tis year man Dickensot, Foster, Barrier, Mel- startng nor unwselcomae. For somse tinte
sema to be tnusually entussiasi and Comna, Wilsos, M~orris, Bierce, Hayes, past, for several years in fact, liar found-
till sesid larger asd better relreselta-past. of ssc a society hsosbieesi earestl
lios tsas eerbefre Tie ntresfrotaFrencha, lamne, Stendal, Watson, Birds- a-
tios tan ve beore Th etris fomagitated bolh ly idiidulst sdergrade-
schtools out of thae eate tere 1001 as lareyote, alwisGen, Trafer, aworoscataes aad by ceraiss of tie college lierary
aexetdthUnvriyShoofWilialaltOwen. journalss, pariclarly tie Inander.
Clevelantd being tie osly ose tat mtater- l ANIGHrses Cie sseReader ofdetatothl]le. sill remsemsbr
ialized. Tihis school sesds a strosng eanst eetd lil Cae-ttepooe
all siltssak a iorosabi fo larDiez Waist, Cilds, Clemetas, Plan- I5rlesc dtrasasssla rto
andwil mae vioros id or h trr, Baler, Hamamonsd, Capin, Wol- 01150>lum KhayymO5 Clubl. 1Ir the May
petlnt. Almsost every toswn or city ill co, Chlad,-Lamned. Day, Porter, M- lunnmsathIere was givel a retfete of tie
tis sectiosn of the state senlds anywheare Calsu.- deperae literary situaiona here ad the
fromnesa to thity rpreentatives. Fire GREENVILLE.-Barloe, Fries. a fosnding ofsclt a society washlaned at
of tile Derth schools enter tans. Ill DIA.Knp, asp ysn a sosution. The bject of te present
al there xiii be tlirty-twvo different- scemse io aritest oeterth me
Fogg, Finchl, Linelsal, Palser, Seiffer, iseete' a a tetr
chools represented, nearly double the Huspre. Fosil, Bean, M nteetdierrr atrs oectr
llllllbrr st all lsrevotls asers
numEa oft yev~itouslOmseet te, dWhite, Capp. age literary actiity and to htripcerata
Eac o th cntstatsisentre aliterary atmaoshlere. Te msesabershipi
ln ross sa tosateevets bst he YPSILANTI. - Knief, Shertsan,-
in fom ne o nie eent, bu th isto careull looked after and front
oesltlbr col~teta~lt Brooks, Greele, Rexford, Bie, Johnson, aprills fI~~e ssddst ri
as-erae for ant SrFraser, Lawtrence, Bisop.
about thare. M.CE ES cntr, Wo tsay te a fey lreicted tat itill, is
Thte com~petitionl till be sift ad iard sell.p10111 of seholarshisil be te strosgest or-
enaough so sial is is impttrobabethasisay-sy M. PLEASANT-Aibro, Snider. gaiatialss .1ictigas. Juiors ilthIis
otte personl till start itsmansy erensl. se RIT COLCL -cosd smleser, seiors ad graduate
Thse list of entris twhichl folows cos- LAvND-WNisis, Snidr Danger, Sut-stusdent~ls lre alone eigiblse. Te ctb is
tainste sameirof nearly every prossi- less, Qua c oee ogt. to IsaveC roms 015Stoe street and fort-
uaeHrde-ora.set Itighaschtool satlteithelarstate: DTO1 SnOL FOiOY sgtly lieesary soires are to or acd. At
SAGIAWW S-StelBure, mot ietusisic mseeig ihel last
OSagenAN,\.SSel tr DETR.OI. -Tosrar, Hoisses, Earle Mih ItPo. i essys residesce, sffi-
Otg, DBarard, Morgans, Raiey, 0s- Symsisgtons, NWheeler, Knster, Sioleilslets iassesbrble-ctrohs
born, Baser.etnpru h ebr eiv a
SAGIN\AW, F.5.-Hilt, Hayes, Brani- I ue, ocdt'ssrt.ose put01)11ossits feet a far less desr-
sOil Ile Coki ecsHk, "sier I ENTOiN HAROO. - lummerac lne iand fareIe lsccsssy projet.
CO~t Beks,1-buteFoserO lara, Dssor.
NWikesermGnaneNWeadock. II.DCT.1cwel
EASTtRNCITY I ielireesDE.-Final Arraisenent lier Cooly Dag
It~l L~etoi ensiei~scl- MUSICAL CLUBS Bnut
toffItopson, ite~ormsick. Tie vrioss sbi5commllitees ewhich
Vt 1 51ElfN ft~ttS~iOOL DLHold Their Last Meeting oil the Yearisebeaatsoke1ttstefsal
1;T .-DI 0 outl ceRoac, te et, t0att forlihe ibanqutattoigttreported last
tee Atinson Stlg, Tayor, iV~ilkis- adOraievoeteFtue insg andi te seior leercommsite its
eon NWoolfendein.The Uniersity slmusicl lubs sateslast dcharg e annlonsce ttsthriegrn oild al01of
LUNIVFESI TY SCHOOL , DE- ighs aid besites itinig uptshe bsi-ss atsI ctisalltkess at presenlt is aboutr
114011 -Breweri Jamies, Finaiey, Bar- aes of the los, orgnied for et yea. at te 400sar. Abott 550 or 2on
toll Keeis 1Mitchelell Wight, Boynton, The resle of te seasn's efets twas Sate Bar Assocaiotmemeiaresill at-
huh lass KnotLBaeks, Nico. thatseacs ei mbsersi eeceved ote dollar1teid th~deonvention tddaty ad at least
OleNNDB. I 15. tisassshydandt fifty cets-ta large amaounit twhedn too of theracxpsdhoIise lares
Trsl~ islldsaa oir oarsadelowss. ThelsemIleirs cosider ht at t tablslarmaWdio Dae ogr fth . 11. IHerist, 'Sti .,il
1FiserSwedtIHalTibbs, Fros, Riley, alygis' sot stsoasfsiltrohelt cas csale of seas amaosg the
Kutliei lii Latab, reressD ard uhenajtyablae year. The seasen ht beets llsIbar anonsces a good sale asd a
toZlTopots. eshessbs iaaiiiy aaIsc t elethosae orteras receielyeserdy
Zelsoes lasitasoit. Nhen it is consiteedethsat somea fosme from111Class Egelard, '8 L., Droi,
P ONt lAG I-Thomson, Dickinslonlueibs cindedlhese sasoaswiha a det of isw si sstsgtl lnn trr
Dotssoi, Husghes, Gibsos, a, o, Smitihlab otd$40 for seashimemsbr aiy srlsus Tbosehlodig baqsuestiets iil
Posundt, Freerik, Poote. is ai graeftlalnsg. easer tar Baeaeour gymnium whli etile
OLIYET.-Hsaet, Finct, Longass. The eletiona of officers , tai year those whto old spetatoe's ticestill
NV.YNE - McCasesy, lasdrysid, brought about ote of liar hottest frate- mr ~eN~letotgiassssa
Furlonag, Nigitmas, Csuris, Esrehl, ily fights of te ye. ha resslisng Ii is sot kiowedfiilrl as yet as to
Cady. cossbiaions wtere surpirisitg aid tl ie wisahiia tarbaiasertill ag.
NVLLIA.NSTON.-N alc, Bred- strasige. The result last ights ras: Its the ecat of Don i. .-ckenson ntu
sley, Dixos, Porse, flublbard, Lc- Presideant, FeainkK. Marvisn, soul L., baeisg able to apprsetosigt bfoer lis
wCod. Phil Dela Phi, Aleron 0.;, seesretey Bar Associaioss the whlolaearming may
MsARSHALL.-Brewrer, Dccl, Lull- Frask J. Bagley, ig-, Phai Dela Theta, le givesa oer hooliae baquet. Te our
er, Nicheson. Detroit; miasager, Foesi H. Lascasitie,till be ansounsced this maorning Ios
MIDLAND-Lea, LFever, Lyon, sot, Thetaa Delta Chi, Dtoit;t assistant st tg tUhrst al
Wisnar, Gibsoi, ONeil, Hinds, Liep- manalgr, L. L. Driggs, so L., Dela The conmmaiteuerr quite put out o
laat, Asdrson. Upsilon, Potland Oregon. leadee of the learn Monday tat jude Day would be
PLAIN vVELL.-Gilkey, ., Gilky, Glee club, Charles J. Doval, 1901 L., unsale to say for lisa evening and take
N., NWoodhasms, Bliss, L., Bliss . Beta Thta Pi, Maiste. prt at the banquet becase of the fail-
KALAMAZOO. - Dunkley, Mason, After the election, lsa twoclubs sae- ar of a Micihligan Central rais to get
Walton, data Bleyker, Barkenbus, Schan, d on an elaborate seenading one in Detroit in tina to catch the . & C.,
Hinclly, Edmonds. Two drays terra secured and enough In:30 p. u., boat for Cleveland, bus yes-
AN N ARBOR. - Roberts, Leland, rhairs placed upon thena to seat the clubs. .trday they succeeded after great deal of
Coe, I-ayes, Forshee, Coolay, Wsing- ( On these cosveyacres staey visited their laor in nmaing arrangnments wheare the
er, Wilson, Prry, Vana Born, Childs, friends asd also the homets of he various boat will tait thirty sintes maing
Tucker, Fergason, NWoodrow Fees, maembrs of the adlinistrativer board. At connecisowhlbtlhe train whlich leaves
Storey, Shoeluan, Evans, Chandler, every place tere a stop tas nmad a Anti Arbor at 1:7 local tine. This
Gooding, Beigar, Mayhae, Whilark, shor and variad progeama tas given, uwill give jdg Day tna to ake part
as arrangd.
THREE RIVERS-Willits, Shldon, Tha Beb Beats Eaters of twhicha Fred Tar speakers till be as anoucd in
Mohnay. W. Potter is thanmighty second base- Thea Daily svral days ago. Ter Ho.
ALLEGAN-Smaith.nman, ystrday defeated the NWilkin Chas. A. Totneais expected to speak.
HOWELL-Walbers, Barnes, Bailey, Weni Wurst's by a score of ts to .
Nilson, Wilson, Bcurnann, Van Ke- In the crning they took an antidote for Henry J. Idna, of Gand Rapids,
renGiford BermanEdar. thedryess ofthe ameat don twn x-sti, eo tas class president during
ran Gifford, B rOs rnedareen-the-rynso hegmaa. dw bwspart of hisfrshman yaar,hsow a res-
MONRR-Cnso, Osorn, Geen-la-a-r. -dent of Maill, _Philippine Islands.



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