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May 22, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-22

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, MICil., TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1900. NO. 174.

G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received oar line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and de-
sirahle for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, its quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
Consisting of Top Coat, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wasbipg tor) St.
Artist W av ogh u
th tokofAtist
Materi t osloot oti
Oil Pits, Chis
sd othr WtrCo-
os, ODawi Ppeso ot
attdtButstes of al
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLD Fo everalweewohavesso
been ooolaytginasotock forothe
REIBEboy,, sd newaseeacedy with
a hill lnec or LUNCOE, C-
Are you going
to Paris?I
it be a goodtidea to psckit otnowo
whl stherettisolototimeos ood Itetovs
tn Now Styles and Patterns

Another Change in the Batting Aer-
Though 'the Grand Rapids game wa
etremely disa r o-fr 1112 eant aoa
oshole it proved to the advantage of
certant itdvdual pantsrin toh wvy of
fattening thleir batiog aergs :t 01015
started ot fo01r'12 tol cr;te : ,again
atod had Dovcs tsr, battd lort stetassly
as oel "Sattk" wouold nose be peredoeinit
first tolace lyle. U: otree tos ,t
at lite ;ea ,d ItwOo sole tt:1 fase
run soliitraised iiprossi isc rrs
298 to .;33. Mslstte'tssaibi re to rust
netoe sowih the i; liropipedthitsfrIt t
first to ssxtsac. Cptinssts sioss
hit saly tiricowuset.21 boostm -sat
bat atn Dossies- e aiSowtssecato
got three sae ottouslt o fivt itlots.
In thte fieldintg tie sigle error lo-y ot
dont stoiled a beutsflt record. itt sas
te first moistlay soeIas toote site te
first gamoeisliEclctstott April 0. His
record tip to sate nwsow5155s t o
if61 chastes bitourlttelisseeleto retsed.
Three o tesecanss i ite first one
games. For the msothin tervetning be-
ten. errors tl-e2 andelourtse beaccepted
in ninoe gamles ano coosisisnsred catses.
The statintg o otts te instoo1001
tart iso Sattrdays game is showt ly the
foloosong tsttery:
Gates Eres. Bat. lield.
Pt-so-.lRiuns.o. t.
D~avies.0 ...3 17 .351 .784
Cosdott. .. 14 4 333 "s76
lettcssss .. to 6 .333 -539
Stiose ... 14 20 .316 .900
MceGinnsis.0 ..4 20 .31 .976
Mlattesson..o.. 14 12 .310 .85
Wshtitnesy....14 10 .8 .97
tn-slb.... ...... 8 7 .33 So
Fteslsr.1 ...4 7 .17 .77s
Uticy-..... .....3; 7 .071 .777
Orace Board Election.
Antsenttstiastic seeisg of the frees-
moenocass s oilsIcd yesterday aternooot
iss rooms C. About seventy-fiv eswere
presentsand sa oticeaslslcfeature o te
meseting ws the1asescer of msrosly
orstsoricsl efforts.
A cososoittee of bsaseal mtstes sas al-
pointoed to collet ss ctss tax swhicti wass
leviedlfr te usstrtostsesspovisingtes
teassm switsweasster,.
The class vsted ttnanimslytoe1stossa-
Iencisotophtssoores to assot-door
seet -tosocur soetimses swithinstso
PThe racle elections sas the tssmse lo-
ceesding of te etire mesetisg. PTe tidk-
et elected ad tno serious oposition, the
othser apirantsswitdraswitg before tes
mseetitig withioeexception, E. I. His-
tots of Marshtall seho received 44 otes.
~The ticket sas elected as follows:s
Indepenenlts-Miss -Mildred Smsit,
72 votes;2 G. Steswaste fi votes;
Charles Holas, 67 votes; J. Cadot Ftl-
lerton, 66 voes; Albert aerrnsteis, 69
Firaternities-Miss Grace Reyolds, 70
votes; J. Elliott McAfee, 72 votes;
Harry L. Crustpacler, 72 votes;Carles
lR. Adaptis, 71 votes; G. King Beatty, 72
The vow was taken beore the class
to nmake te racle next year te best
ever issued sad one of whirlstMihigan
eats feel jiustly protud.
Comedsy Club Rehearsing for a Fine
Production-Seats on Sale
The Comedy elub perornance of
Seven- Twrenty-Eight on Saturday night
promises 10 b one of the best
productions ever offered by the ctb.
The cast is an usually capable one eng
headed by Karl E. Harriman. 01 the
others nearly all have had a year or more
of experience on the club and have
slhowns their fitness to fill teir parts.
The play is uusually well adapted 10 a
university company and is bright and
clean. The play has a number of ex-

ceedinsgly fusnny comoplicatiottoatod oill
be a laugh-producer all the wsay thsrough
woithsout having a sinsgle objiectionabole
lise. It is of ithe highest, brighseest. asod
breeziest cosmedy.
~Te ilay soll be msade otto of thselearl.
log social events of else year ansd a large
ntutmber of faculty ladies soul grace it by
their presessce ao paroneoses. Mloot of
te fratertoities are plannsing to give
thseatre parsies atnd a issisbeor of oter
iparties Isave already beets organized.
Lasst sight the ws-ole tplay seas guise
thsroutghswithi and itse comps~any sacdtore-
feet comsssansd of thseir respective tparts
atnd already showeed rensarkable fisish in
their acting.
Seats soul be placed ott sale WVednsse-

Increases in Expenditures in Next
Year's Budget.
The budgetI adopted by tse Board of
Regents for ntt year shotes the followo-
tog raises iss salarie-. Thse Regents are
keeping rttnnitng expenses very close so
as to prosvide futnsds for tihe scienstific
iliiasmt t. Buttts (smathtessatics) .$ 200
George Rebec (phsilosophoy) .. 400
Jos. Drakre (Rontan lasw)... 400
PssThms A. Bogle (lasveptl.) . ... 500
Mte. Lucas (choosiest dope.) ... 0
H. O. Setverasice (library) .... 00
Carrot Jonses (Esiglish dept.) .... 300
Lydia Do Wilt (histology).... 00
A. R. Cutstny (histology) ..... 20
Homsseopathsic oospital (htelp) ... . 360

day msornsing at 9 o'clock at Sheehlan's Total. ... .........$2,910
boktr. The sidvance desmand hs sill r oS Eovcon.
boots tory large antd a snumiber of parties ihlCod n c eicld.). o
save requested seats. Duetusee satnage- A T oaicaleshdpartmsent..... . $ 300
sieost tas steadfastly refused to reserve Lat e dpartmsent (ass- prof.) .... - ,floo
assy sessts its advastce oxcolpt for the pat- Chseckisng cleric..... 150
ronsses ansd lsis assures a fair chtance Gosleral library.......... 300
foe ev-eryboody- owio desires seals. Eat Esnglish depart. (stsecialtlectrser) . ton
tisose soisiing good seats swli hasve to be Engolisht dept. (adlditiontal insrttisc-
to)..... . . .900
ott lhasndearly as thoere still be a rsosUniversity- hosptl....1.. ,023
for theton OtWednesoday siornintg.
The moasagemeontlosssraogod to hane 'Potalst- - - - --.... 8....4373
electrie fnsoo thathsse laudieiensce ill " ." 5 sEXRA APLsx'ES AUnTORIZEo.
loe pserely- rossfortabole10nosatoer list Geol o ss icaldepsartmt.... ..-.. 200
thte wealter. B-ot3n rldtpartssent- - - -0.... 23
M slt i n .. . . .. ....- . ... .. 023
Essglsis depasrtmt....,l.- - -, 265
Prof. Worcester Made a Bet With a Cisglishl dept. (camnsilg increase). 220
Filipino. Electsroicaletsstrtitooottt- - -420
Professor Deast C. Wsorcester, of tt la-ol 103- - - - - -98nt.. 0
Phlilipinise dommillssionl, tells of a curi ouls 61tis 1- - - - - --......... H9
wa iger ihe oncee smadesoit- it insso.
WshiesnMr. Worcster, is a sttudenst, ws Toalso- - - - - - --... 8.....$23J6
sWilh tileSteere rxtlriiiost. aiv11e leasd- .s'l 001.1 toes.
ingoaissnd ofsot over-frirstdly 1bsi 'ios -stani letoittees-sto-... o0ooo
aptsiroacried thse litosoisreeis slept ansds For Socialist Students.
bseganss toshidot. Wisesthsie Amuesicantu Tie socialist stosdesots of thse Unsiversito-
sitsoke, tise snssives mas~de knsossnithltat of Porstaove lissuedt s call for sanisnterooa-
siseir lesaesssts so mans whoms nothingstttonatt congress dof socilist stuldentsantd
cosuld ki, ansd tpromplttiy challenged the grauast I to Ibe sold itsParis text Sets-
Amiericasn to try Isisstess-fashsiossed eap- ~tt-ie Tt~ o iielrsootsso
ifso i1ie thossughst tlere sois tny 0vitle Ill thi 1ndttefir-Cthas-isng beno elo odinil
them' .Brussets iss 1891 stod ssseconsdinItt083
.llr. !Worcester fosusd thsat tite I ii t I Gettesva. Titrosugholte socialist papeor,
ptins s cossfidre isl- in use siiposed Ls Petsse Republhsiqute, ass invitationo 1 at-
etfsisac- of si smsgic tiere of paplber castiesd tendolis cxtendted to all suiversity sts-
by te Icaesr. This issier hasd 1powerdlto lens orssgraduatses sswio acceipt1he gets-
15 serb dotf stlldansisers. I'he leadesrciaseeloret' in cilses laiddb lown tolos-the ttttersts-
te Asmerscansso soot, sand swaved is btioal Sociist-eCoungres, viz., Ittersus-
sf.in il smsusnsoerssthtuadethuercontse- tinalundlersltandhing 1and sctions of osork-
Ittessees of sa refsasssiseemutdubious. 01515101, sod organisti- onlof thte plse'tariat
Mer. Worcester stoiped to sargue. T'e'ino111to rosooicandtpolitialiclssipart-
Fliintos sat onre ljumpiedh to thsedoil-thtie socialiizations of Ite 'measso of preosdu'
ritisionsoha tiihle Americasss asoifraidl bus tiotn and exchasnge." Stdodensts wooare
weaponss wouhd prove --osoerbesagaitot usable 1o attenld are torged 10 sond re-
so gresad a chtarmu. 'Tenteeosato de- ports upsontite queostiooos to dontte before
iasided that if Air. \Worcester teas su- the Cosogress. Comousnicationts toay be
woillinog to soot hue shsosold surrendeer Isis sent direct to Joseph Botocher, Cotosnis-
rifle. 1110 Asmericani hobetd, ansd, as a 1011nd'Organlizationl, 23, rutedeo Pototoise,
comspromise mteasuore, offered to flee at Paris. or to use Attseicant Comtoission'
thse malgidclpapier if use Filiio oulstd Oecearo-, 36 Thtssyer 1Hall Camtbridge,
ilace it agssinst a tree. If lie matdse a Mass.
bullet holo it the isaiser tile ctarisowlos to esue-A:NtatE-.
go to buts. If slot use Filipinso twat10 Socialist agitsstiots itt university circles.
have thso rifle. a.XWhiat bias boon donttotius far.
'Pho target seas duly arratuged. - M-r. 2. Ways antdtOOans of extonditog it.
Place of socialist stsudonts in thoe labor
Woreostor fireod at psoint blaotk range. msovemtenot.
Te papeorteas knsookod fromt its place 1. Socialist oducatioos : thsoretical dis-
stud oboeFilipinsos sot top a sout of victory clossiots, patussphets, heriodicals, stat-
'They imooginodte chuarmo lad ijustied to istics,cotnferenotes; ati-m~iiitism;
organizatioon of younug osen.
avoid thte bullet. -But examsination shoow- 2. General educationo: popular univer-
od it punctured and the naives admsitted sity, roadioog clutbs.
their dolat-Saturday Evening Post. siieos, Toyntbee Hall, Rtuskin Univer-
3. Agisationsiou favor of social by-
Wisconosinoswonthb~e dutal mseet front guiose :fighse againtst alcohol asite-uob-
Illinois al Chsattpaignslast Saturday by S cuosio se shlelob soeai
a very sooall mtorgin, only one point. PTe I. Statistics, getooral resulhts.
trackr toss tarrowc and in a poor condi- 2. Professional organization.
lion, so toe rocords sere 0n01 very good. WVsys ands meoanss to ostabslisrogulhar re-
Rain prevented the baseball ga e t- laliotus betwoen thte groups of all
countries. Iterntionoal Bullotin.
gether. WV. Bredsteen nmade his usual It is platnoed to bold a mseeting of
lobe in te msile wealk, isis utie beintg 7:37 socialist stuenots fromNo eow England col-
a-3. Withtout a doubt he wvill stand a logos to considor the enclosed call. Cons-
atuoncations front any students interested
very good shots= to trio out in the inter- wsould be welconme. Such should address
coollegiate. te secretary as soon as possible.

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