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May 16, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-16

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, M~ICH., WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 1900. No. 169.

. Spring
G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received or line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and de-
sirahie for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style tn
suit the most exacting taste,
Consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Glf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wcasigtor) St.
Arit we hae boght ot
Aris th stack of Atist
Mateiasfom et
n e- oe's BokhStoe
is nee coplee.
Oil Pats, China
ad otheeWateeCol-
ors, Drtanig Papes
and Brushes of all
Wilder's Pharmacy
TH OLD* Foe seveal weeks we have
bl LL een laying in a sok foe he
boy,ad new ae eady with
20 per cent off
25 per cent off
All sppie at low pies
n New Styles and Patterns


OWINED THE TOWN. Symphoonic Eludes... ..Schumnn MICHIGAN 7, ILLINOIS 3.
(Inthoe forml of v ariationso).
r. Alberto Jonas.
Knights Templar Talke in the Uni- "With Verdure Clad," fromo "The Utletg Allowas but Four Hits-Team
cersittj and City. Creation"...,........ ...Haydtn Flays Fine Fielding and Bat-
Yesterday thoelowna atas crowded awith 1110s Alice B. Bailey.
viior.Ticocaol a hefot-a.Thte Questiotn... i..olstettloolone ting Game.
vistor. Te ocason as he ort-h. Thte Answter.... . Wolsterdtoloac Chaampaigno, Ill., May 15 (Special to
foturthtatnnual cotnclave tf te Grood TMr. Retntrci.tile U. of M. Daily) .-Ctaacigna is
Coouuaatdery of thocKttightts Temaplar a. "i'tan Lives Butcte,".......... pltttgetd in grief. After yestercday'o easy
of Michigatn. Thte local conusandery ''' . . Straussos ~ig itrtespotr fte"li
ha aegetpeaain o ne-b. Turkisho Marcht. frot thoc Ruins 0 dotictpprro ftte"tn"
tad atae geatprearatoto fo eIer- of Athtens" of Beethoovetn.Rutbinsteitt got thaeir barrels itt vast numtobers, with
taininag the visitors, butthie attetndattce c. Valse in C shtartt mitnor, . Albeto Jotnas inentt to bttrntthis satme tonightt after
teas muchl greater thatn expected, attd thte d. Toccata ... .... .... ..Alberto Jonas today's victory. Bt alas, todays vie-
accottttodattiottstwere taxed InoItheir ut- e. Rhtapsodie No. 6...Frune Liszt torytoa eet tlypthda d
mlost. Th tet a ut a p ac,"Jeatnne .dAre,";.. Th. Dubois tiirable gamte attdteas effective itn every
ptearancee. A large tumttber of the buasi- I Mr. Rettovicic. innlintg buttile second, atheta, ithtwco
ness places attd lmany' private residences- out, Johntstotn sittgled attd Wilder crackc-
tre decorated twitihte Temoplar cobors 'The election of officers for thte Grand ad out a terrific haome rutn.
attd Amaericatnattd Britislt flags. 'Sle Cotntatndery takes 1p10cclthis mactiug After Ibis thtere wtere but tlo hits
hteat toot excessive, but othoerwvise the and untder the establishted ctustomt the ttade off hitt. His supptort tvas superb.
oveathter wa~s all thtat could be desired. rightt ettinent gratnd commtoander gets his Martisott 1)10yed a wvonderfutl gatme at
At tent o'clock the Auto Arbor coot- diplomta of graduatiott into a past rightcshtort attd Fleesher ovas equally good at

tmatndery went to meet thoc comntlldery emnt gratod commnnttder and thaentthe
frott Adriano, wticho arrived on a special ranking officers are proutoted one round
user thte Attt Arbor railroad. At eleveno intthie ladder. Very seldont is tis cut-
o'clockstovo specials ot t he loiciigan tootn deviated fromo.
Cetral brouoghoc ittthe Marshlall, Jackon T h''lis oill makse Juodge Phtilip T. Van
attd Kalamuazoo commoandeeies frott the Zile, of Detroit, thte text presidintg offi-
toeot, atod a special frott te vast broughst cer of tile Gratnd Cootitatadery of "Micho-
te Detroit attd Datmtascus cotoattntd- igatt. Uttder thte systetm it wootldlleave
cries. A psrocessiont tas formted at te a vacaoncy intthie lowvest office in te cotni-
stationt,ttnd Itroceeded ct ottce to te tmantdery , viz., thtat of wvarder.
atrmoory ,-towhtre dittter 000s oervecd to thoc 'or ttis office Fred Botnite, of Holes,
Sir Kntighots. 'Teir ladies owereeter-istsloholy cattdidate owh o a tts far
taine tovl Grattger's. t'rov isiotn hadolbeen - a red ,ciontte field,.lHe reachted Itere
tttace for abot twon ttdrerl ladies, btat 1 ng1h11 ttndis renewtintg old acqucaitc-
ovatly fire httctvred %vere in ttenctodtace .11c-s. Mrt Bottittetrill be rtetttmberevd
STe Att Arbor ladcies owere absle to str by Atnto Arbor pteopole, eecily those
m11unt1 tecdifficulty, laowecver, tiit ver towho twagred thteir montey ott "Nib-)"'
little anoynyltce. M'Stu n, t a certaitt occasiono, attd if hteis
At otte o'clock a grattd paradle toa-.soo a ttttttr for office tosite was 0
forttedl ct tilelrmoory. 'lie litte of 'p rotcteovwtentit th~e Uitversity 1cc coo
ttarcht tas tuptMaitt street to 'Williamteltottotalreaody 1101.
alotog WIilliamt to camptusa, thece nor0 t N olsy" Moore ovas tte sride of .Ann1
alontg Staoce to Hutrotn, atnr down'ttHuron Abor tat cie eairly So's wh'len it catte to
In thte armtory' agatint. Betwvenotwbo lpicking otot a too-yard dashoi 11an. Annt
o'clock and fourtehie Univ-ersity groutndsAtbohoe itiIt paterd in thteir cats thcat lite
atad buildings were thronged u-fit io ats a toorld healer. Fred Botoitoe cav~e
cuors, woohad heent specially'inovited byhoterc an tnknoown qutantity andlice saot
Treasturer HarrisoSortie to intstect te an opp~ortunity to ayitui tiiontat te
various depbarttmentts. Tite mtuseumttantddecpensec of thosse worinthtotughoctwel of
the art gallery seetted ho tare tite great- Monte.Sloe race awas arranged for atod
cot attraction. Bottine tmade several Atot Arbor sports
An immnense crowd gathered at Re- wisho that he had tever etered college.
getsl' Field at four o'clock In witness the Pet hCr o a etnl
nmarcho of the commnanderies, aud in par-
ticular to see thte fine drillitag of tihe De- For thoc May Festival, thoe D.,
jtroit Commnandery No. z. Thtis cono- Y. & A. A.- Railwvay Cuompanty
nmandery has for years been the crack lavaetmade arrangeents to see that
jdrill conmpanoy of the country, and its cars enough are provided to seal all
wvork yesterday afternhoon delighted the persons desiring to attend thoe concerts
spectators beyond measure. The tmem- at Ann Arbor. Manager Merrill has
h. ers of the conotandery were loudly ap. taken charge of the natler of transporta-
plauded, atod of course the U. of H. yell tion hinmself, and wiii provide enough
was frequently given, extra cars to provide for all conocert-
Folloawing is a list of the conantd- goers immttediately oiler the concerts are
eries represented and their nunmbers: out. 'She arratogemeth oill be a great
Adrian, 71 swords, 7fl ladies. 2 drum- imaprovetneno over fortmer years, and are
nmers; Windsor preceptory, 37 swords, atn evidence 11101 the rood awishes to do
00 ladies, Scotch bagpipe batnd (six oil witihin its powner to provide for its
pieces) ; Jackson comnoandery, do patrons.
swords, 63 ladies, Boos's baand ; Kalatna-,
-zon conomandery, fin swords, 30 ladies, Next Year's Wclesetan Guild Course.
Chatmber of Conalerce bond; Marshall The Sunlday evenling lecture of Dr.
conmmandery, 50 sovords, 35 ladies; De- Woo. F. McDoawell of Newn York closed
troit commtandery, No. z, too swords, the stronogest course thle Wsesleyan Guild
120 ladies, Schremaser's bansd; Datmascus tao giveno in the Henry M1. Loud lecture-
commnandery, Detroit, do swords, 110 ship. All its advertised lectures ap-
peared, and on thoe dates advertised.
ladies, Metropolitan band. Thte course has beeto arranged for next
In the evening in University halt the year. atod ill he as follow's: Dr. Jonas
faculty of the School of Mlusic gotve a R. Bashford, President Ohio Wesleyan
cotmplimentary concert to the visitors. University; Rev. Samuuet Cadutan of Ite
In pit ofth het i wa vry arglyMetropolitato Tabernacle, Neon YorkI
In siteof he eatit as erylarelyCity; Rev. John H. Potts, editor Michib-
attended, University halt being paeked gan Christian Advocate; Rev. Nehemiah
to the doors. The progranm given wnas as Boynton, Congregational pastor, Detroit;
follow's: BisopoChlas. Edwvard Choeney, Episcopal,
"O the Coast," (Four Tone Pic- Chicago; Bishoop Alpheus Wilson of M.
Echurch, South Baltimore:; Bishop C.
tures, No. a) .... ............Bucke C. MlcCabe; Prof. Henry Van Dyke of
Mr. Lleowellyn Renwvick. Princeton, Presbyteriat

thirdi. Condoto played as ttsual at first,
whbichlo s-.excelletnt, hbtt itwaos at hat
andoon tt hocbasesthtt hocboy's did thle
bst wvorks. Thtehtits soerc aoltacntmerous,
soot tey' alays catmowhenocthtey were
needed. Smote started the scoring itt
toe fouortho oithoccsinogle, hto stels atod
a sloritcitofromtothiird,aswhentohoc halt
feltlo taty feet backs of Steitsweiodell. Ito
lice text innoinog tato0 pas-es, tto sceals
aoonr Sowts cutomcary ht cotoedi tt-n
more. Blenccoec got arounod intohbe sixtho
ott sooterror andrFls'ere's rattlitogcritple.
'Shreemoreoere ad dedrthobevceth
ott sobase octbascoi to Croton, anther
hot Iby Sonotw, c single by- Datviesand
Blecoe's thonbagger. Scnre:
.MlcGinntis, m.tot .....4 1 0 0 0
Cotordon,.Ito............4 t t th o
Snow,. f..............4 2 34 0
Mattison.o . .......30oc19
Davies, r. f .... ...5 tIt1o00
Blenoe, 2.............. 3t I I 14
Freshter, 31).........4 o 1 0 3
WSshotney, c .............3 1 I 4 1
Uoley', p.to ........4 0 0 t 0
TSnoas.... .....36 7 8 27 17
AB R x u A
Cook:, mt................. 4 0 0 4 0
Fulton, 2b.........2 1 0 0 3
Adsit I. f .......3 0 0 15 0
Daweld, r. f........4 0 0 0 0
Mabottew'o, s 5 ......4 0 0 1 5
Johntonol, c ...... .......4 1 t 5 0
Wildr,1. f............4 1 2 2 0
Steinwoeidell, 3b...h .. 3 0 1 0 1
Lundgrenl, p............2 0 0 0 3
Falkenbherg, p ....2 0 0 0 1
TSotals ...... ........32 3 4 27 15
Moichigan .... ....0 00t12 13 00-7
Illinonis ..... 020000010-3
Errors-Sntown, 'Whitney, Utley, Mlat-
tew's a, Steioneidell.
Sholen bases-McbGinis, Snow 4,
Blecoeo, Whtnely, Johnston. Twno-base
hits-Conldonl, Witoney, Bleocoe. Thtree-
base hit-Flesher. Monte run-WVilder.
Strutck out-By Utley 3, by Lunldgren 3,
by Falkentberg 1. Bases on balls-By
Utley 3, by Lundgren 4. Hit by pitcher
-By Foley 2, by Lhundgren i. TSimoe of
gameO-I :50. Umpotie-Tindill.
The bInland Printer (Chicago) for May
cotinoues otn illutstrated article entitled
Gutenberg anto InIvenotion of Printing
by Byrotn A. Fitney of tile general li-
brary. 'Te paper was givenl by Mr.
Finney as a lectcure before thoe Unity
Clubh of Anto Arbor, Febrhuary ad, igoo.
'She samnumtolber of thoe Printer also
contains a htolftotne of thec Michoigato Es-
say, Moichigan's first toewsptaper, a copy
of whticho is ianoboe University library.
Thoe total number of lockers in use in
te nmen's gynmnasiuno lost year wvas 1,192.
With bloc preset year lice nunmber has
inocreased to 1,330. these figures indi-
cate the moinoum number of students
who use the gynanasium at least as often
as once a wveek.


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