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May 08, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-08

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VOL. X. ANN AR~BOR, MICHl., TUESDAY, M~AY 8, 1900. No. 163.

G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just received oar line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and lie-
sirable for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
ll and inspect our line at
108 E. Wasbirgtoro St.
Artist th toko Ats
MI scs " hov's- nookStor
M-aterials and have adedll
is nw co plete.
Oil Paints, China
anid other Water Co -
or, Daing Paper's
and.l Brsihetsl f ll
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLD Norsver~a weiek'wehe1
Premos I
15 per cent offj
20 per cent off
25 per cent off
S All supplies as low pices.
In New Styles and Patterns

Markinps of Judges in Oratorical
Contest.-Comments of
The folloswing account of the orator-
ical contest, from Satsurday's Wiscos-
s Cardisal may he of interest:
The Northern Oratorical League con-
test last eveuin~g wsianotlser exempli-
ficatioin of tar fact thsat oratorical cuos-
tests are too often mere lotteries, is

costest in the Sesate-The Webster-
Rtayne Debate. His oration was very
ssisilar is treatmscnt to that presented
bsy Mr. Loch is the local cottest. In fact
the asudiesce soled maiuy striking par-
Is thoughstcud style Michsigan's ora-
ton raiskect(with W iscongn~. :Here,
too, aniiniconsistency of an oratorical
juiry svas apparenst. Professor Piicgsalt,
of Cotsluia college, give Mr. Macart-
ncy fits place. Whethser by accident or

Ringsealt Jordan Drapcr ,_1 HosktlMaoeltODuBlois
Wicnsn. "(715 197 1i1I92 l2 a a(1go I 6 9 9 3 14 192
lowas ......1 72 17 196 13 195 (1 3 118i517 87 1 71 85l17 17 32 7
Cissag.....174 16 W/21 5 175 17 17 1195 1I 190 (5 1 12{ 2 26 5
'litt, s ig . 4.. 1 1 516185 14 16 119511 '95 11 92 15II 121 3
N-iota.sti . 183 13 961j2 178 16[ 1 91'15 188 16 193 13 11 6125 4
Northwetstern...87 21 95 1188013 12 1192 14 1921 61I 121
Obrln....._ 81__ 8/171 o ls 15 193 13 1 a1 14 1891 611i 1 6
whtichs tie deservinsg are as atto15 drasw whtshler bsy design, Professor Ringwalt,
lassks iii othseirsise.Iwsho Ihas served in a nssmsber of leagsie
It is safe to say that iii decisionsivcotstshssalways umanagei to isaigree
reinderedst anilsoratorical constest gasveilisth h itesjudges as to Wisconinh's
msoreceiscrat uisiatisfaction tsanathat rank.SsevSeral Iyeassaigo, swhein Mr.
arrivedt at by the jsudges tact sight. It Wildt rece ied stwoIhighs isarks on-
is 10 exaiggeraitioniito oily that n 111(1thoust isnctstyle, Prosfessor ERisgwalt
tenhs orevnastlldetitdedithlestcontest Isy gisving Wiscons-
Itlioftoprsen tplactereaer corn-ls illssixth itaits Ini the cosstest last sightPoesrRnwl gv icni it
tissIbetie ses.Mchtianands th cicnii iisf-isnissat aeWsosiifft
tei seiven -setgassui V~-,csii whilethslitothtst wso jisdges gas-c a first
Thse othser soratioiss cosslst slt ticregarsed s toit 1s- Wlie'
and illcosnsaue*cassWvibstesr'si
as llthesae cas wih hes to.I Re ply soIt a sic," ills oratiosssby,,George
Is faict leaiving Wiicsson~sil t of th\e l~ystSstsgsls eal
qulestionl a cainvass of the siitireasisiesnce s ssi-i lesiilsgostss ss
swsisldthisve resiiltdini sillmo1151 a is yseicasee iss ir atsiis on a-b
inousserdtict forSMichiigsan siti Chicsagos cuite alareSnsucybeisecto ssisi -n
scxt. Nso onie conlsisteredsthle Northswesi- crny ;- r I-~ eysee cl n
tel is~ss it sesssisy il Iseesse. ie olslectes tissi e sisissistedt tileplatform.
sickest ssetyssriou ithe race.Ist e ass isvoice isas cleasrasi ielltasstrong;
smossothniess, liii gestures, wis ile vigorous, his articultiosipgsod. Withsome 5Cthe
opinin reted haIsis voice swas sonue-
isereciithiout eaise aiistgrace, Iis sdeiveryiietcsset
seas htemettand at isses itegesiceacwatscit - it e sisesd feswgestilres,
silo slicer sue ~ t tisihlsos sttth ichh sesd welreaxceeing-
itm errasnting. The on higt ly, gracefsil. liioraticsu gave an in-
commandsssisttm was Isis intneeretlisieprrlo estrtsadhipoblyadisinfuenice it- tiigdsrpino h ie
oil ne f th jugeswhoympthi e see tileswasrssf secessionl. Tiiestd as
ivithi Ihis vies, ansd apprieciatedstli sess
satiosnstal ant at times alisosstrevsostisgwa seltpltiedes.~ tll ifii itjc
Iictuiees of negro tyyschinig. ssiietitict
WisconsinSha~s every reasson to feet An Old Landmark Removed.
tsroud of tier relpresentativ-e. I 1101u1h Gie ositheIlsestelasisdmarks Ann Ar-
1101 b hbeer judges' cdecision, stiltlise sias hoe contis asit last tics been takenS way,
victor its fact. Hlis msaginificeint voice namliely the Jewvishs cemistery forerley
siuated oiithe ir eneof Washingtoin
seas ait iti best; liis gesttires were miodssandt South Twelfthu streets._ Every sill-
ssf ease ainu grace; is clim~axes ivereienit who ticscsver attetndedt Michaigais
sworked up so effectively as to casrry his wilt reiiemiiber this isteresting spot, for a
asdieinice stits hiii, and after his bieaui- few yeiars it seas iiore consp~icuiusthsani
isf late, becomsing siirroutnded witha
fut tieoration, Imoit effectively reisseredi, biicnugs. Thieadcjaceint property owls-
the app~luse was spsontanaeouls aisdtsessf- res have beein sorkinsg fisr soise timie
enng. It is not too iusllchto 1say thll Its getitesbodies reisoveid to Forest Itill
ctt erttyanusAtilMoundaiy mosrinig teis
M~r. Macartney reached a hsighser orator-boisbiedisl there wvere exhuim~sed.
icat stsindard ihanlas csever bhens hecad Soicof thestom sstonses shsiswed cairs
us Library Htall beforer; tic f t, tuo hugh of i8o -andtnothinig of the remasinlsivereI
a standard to he appreciated biy use of fould but a very few holses.
T ssosder iiemubers of the Weil fan-
the isein acting oiltl theuy. Hadt Edi- ly sofDetroust who had relatives buried
toe Hascktett markied Michsigais first aisd iSite cmetlery ivisuld not'1achos e c
Wisconssin secotid very little surirtle bodies to lie reiisuvedtsiitil ictcle. The
woul hav ben cased buttIlace iptpety ill return to thie Groves es-
wunhl sve hns suselihutIII titwho foir11ely owtsetlalt thiesle-
Wiscoisslisis sixths pace was so5 remsark- Iouninlg prperty aind it is exisceted wilt
ablc a performlance as to caseunusssaltbe usedfoll builintg tislrloses thisi cois-
cointue-si.itg isasons.
Stsidetsts set up late into tlseIighit Tied Up.
trying 1o figure out by what ideals of Mr. Chares F. Croihers, 'so L., rc-
oratorv thse editor ms-arksed. Michsigsau tures yesterday fromn hitsIsotne, Sais
tics as tunch occasion for complaiist as Jrose, Cat., whsere hr made a flying trip
Wiscnsi. Hr rpreenttiv ha anreceiity. Ste was acconspanied by his
Wiscnsi. He reresetatve ud n iewly wesdiest wife, formierly Miss Lii-
'exdettrnt delivery, a iseavy, !resonant lian C. DBecett of San Luis, Cal. The
voice, but exceedingly plcasiing, which tmarriage itiuk place at she b~rides house
penetrated every corner of the halt. He April 30. Mr. Crothsers received a tmost
held his audience exceptionally' well, as ithsiiastic receptioin yesterday mioring
ois Iis appeiiranice hinItse chats room, his
hse drew in forcible and picturesquee tan- classmates showering him wtb rice and
gunge, pictures of that great forensice t-teusdiusy congratulatioiss.

The Aerages.
Saturdays game had he effect of mx-
tug up matters in the way of atting
averages to suite an extent. Roaches
single game gives him the best percent-
ages hut can hardly entitle hims to head
the list over n-en who have played in
msore gamnes. As it is Coidon no longer
uccupies the top notch but gives way to
Matteson, who has this year beets a cose
second to "Sank in the steadiness of his
Thse record given eosw will show how
the mris stand, so that the season's work
as a wvhoe n-ay e conpared, and tab
kept on their ups aid downs from week
to week.
Games Total asing Field.
Played. Rims. Av. Av.
Matteson... 8 6 354 833
Coiidon...... 6 .345 "971
Bliricue..... 4 2 .312 .857
Snsow..... 8 8 .290 .833
Wshiey... 9 6 .285 .941
MlcGiinnis..s . 8 11 .85 935
Davies.... 7 0 .85 .83
Beiset.1. .. a 2 .250 .700
Fleshier. . 8 4 .85 .891
Stiller.a.... 0 .66 1tom
Beisiett.....a 1u .120 1.u00
hUley... ..2% 2 .111 .923
Eoacts.... 1 2 500 1t00
Who Will Dispose of the S. L- A
Thse S. L. A. boarsd hest a mieetig last
eveniiig and after ti-e transactis of
roustinebusisniess comssmittees were ap-
puointedi to siservise the distribitiois of
the surplus. They silt report to the
hoard ansdteir resort insst e adopted
before the distribution is athoried.
5Te memb ters ainibted by Presidemnt
youuig, the first isamed bhnig eairmsan,
sre as folows:
For the $300 to te Aumni Associa-
tioii fur fittiig sit a readiig and recep-
tisn roomss i muaihattl; W. J. Ziisisers,
IE. C. tEtsilh aiss Ben. F. Tai.
For thin $oo o themAthetic Associa-
tiois for thin puroe of imatiig sote
permacinnt imsprovemeint st the athletic
fielud; Frsiik D. Eamsan, Juiius B. Wood,
cud W. J. Zinsiues.
To sdispose of tie balance of the funi
sfter the special endowmnts are dis-
posedt of Juniiuis. Wood and W. J.
For the $75 to the University . M. C.
A.; Pasulm Voorisis aisi Ralph R. John-
For the $75 to the Oratorical Associa-
tionl; S. W. Utley and Fraink E. Eaman.
To revise and prinst new copies of the
present constittion; Benj. T. Tait atd
S. W. Ute.
Special Lectures to the Medics.
Every year it is customsary to give a
specisal course of lectres ois insanity to
thin seuir sdica class, this course will
coimsuence Wedn~esday of tiss week. Dr.
W. H. Edswards of the Caumset hospital
sil ethlniethe first of the series Wed-
nesdsiy afteruois at 4 o'clock; he will
also address the class ' fursday morn-
iisg at 9 o'clock. On Wednesday and
Thsuirsday cf next senek at the same
hour and pliace Dr. Jams M. Munstoi
of Tras-erse City wilt cottinse te series.
The series with e completed by Dr.
Hterdmnsi of ti-e tssedicatfacultty.
Professor Stanley wit give a series of
infornsa lectsres on the May Festival
Program in oon-sC. University Hall,
at the following hours :
Wedtnesday, May s9, a p. m. o
Thursday, Mae u. 2I. in.
Friday, May 11, 4 P. 1m.
Everybody who is inerested in these
lectures is cordially invited. dg

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