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May 01, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-05-01

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94 iaiL0

VOL.' X. ANN ARBOR, MICLI., TUESDAY,. MAY 1, 1900. No. 157.

G. H. WILD & co.
We have just received or line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitable and de-
sirable for the season. We are"
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf
Trouserings. We invite you to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wasigtop St.
A it W hvebought out
th stok of Atit
Arii Mateialfroms Wt-
ad othr Watr Col-
or, Draig pes
ad Bushs of all
Wilder's Pharmacy
THEOLDFr seesrl weeks we hae
Denlyn na stock fo the
THEyULIJnd ee ready wih
R. E.. JOLLY & CO.
15 per cent off
20 per cent off
25 per cent off
Alt supplies at low prices.
In New Styles and Patterns

Engaging Unieersitsj Students-Top
Spinning Mot Popular.
The return of spring bs bd tie effect
of producing u renmarkbe rejuventioc
aminong the students of the University
with the result that many of temc, es-
pecially the senior laiws, are retrning
witsigh glee to the gunmes of their
younger dys. All the good old boy-
hood gumes re in hitghavfuor but te
utovefent towrd .tp-spintning is e-
conming generl and tretens to sseep
thro' te nsole' University.
The senior lais set the fasitini by be-
ginning to spinth ieir ops in frontr of the
latw buiidhg and tey stiltIold the lead-
ing place in thas refound pleasure altho'
it is spreadinig rapidly especially among
tile fresh lit. 'Tte atter promsise to
becomte etithusiasts inthiis and alt the
other juvenie sprts. This is raller pre-
cacious for freshstien as in the older
utiversities of lie east a stertsbit per-
taps ttot unfittitig precedent has beets es-
tabishted, that these tititgs are nt for
the verdatt freshmttar but are te pecu-
liar privileges of their miore advanced
atid citltivated brothers itt the upper
classes. Every top int oon has been
bought ip and it is tnowvipossibe to
secure one at the toy shops, so great
ills beeti the dettatd. Betweit classes
those of the setior lais iwoae be-
comte inre proficictt itt the top-sitlnitg
art mtay be set perforiing divers duff-
citlt feats for the ausemtentcut of teir
feloirs. Each has his owni particitlar
"stnt"t'atn ics switt tiesters itasows-
itig it. Ote has a turninitwrhicha le
mialkes his top rn a sort of hurdle race
across a series of obstacles. Athstler
ithrotshis tlIighlantiothe air atd
ma~kiet it fll ott a imarked stit atd
spit. Stiltuanotheir has a numitber of
acrti hsiefat0 diitg whiici the toll is
tt tirown eteentthislegsad niver in
bac and C.ught tp ig ott hitthaduti
irot itof htm.T wolst s-io ae becomte
eery pr oficient do the "broter' act' atd
sttche ahothet's tps siilary ithrotn.
Otnly skilled itaitstcat terormitsuch
fea ts asthiese
ITe itedics ate caught the stirit of
tite tillesatid itirtbkis ithtiei seciat.
They sre pracicitig iliently to re-ai
thteir old-timte sill ad te buhingItttucp
ott tertis atid rules. Ote ot tiwotiter-
dettartmntmatcles iin marblbe itaveiai-
ready beeti arrantgedt and l.the itpi eitwIo
tan to preside ovr teiti semsoto ae
cqute as trd ci pooitinilas te itttch
abutsed baseball ball tttttire To tmake
te players "ksntucsedosint, tit" ttd
to decide ota the diputes osci dubs,
fen-dubs or vetse-dubs,5 otttcesses atd
clearantces, decide wh iota "at pittks
and rule "tn leans" is itdeed ati exactig
antd diffictult tast.
Some of those iwto do nt care for
"riigs" atid have bent ciable to scuire
tops because of the great dettatd ae
talsetntte perhtapstttre simtpe bit by
ito mteans less inocetl game of "ducts
oni the rock" This mtigt ere s a
itseful preliminitary for fall football prac-
There are ualtays sonite orial gei-i
tuses iwto iantEInstart snotetinig utd
if these once get started ie imay eifi-
deitly expect a reival of op snitc,
bounmditg bai, rllitg the hoop jack
sontes. Or as one briliantt persoage ex-
pressed it the itenamigttgi be able to cttlti-
iate a more friesndy spirit towards the
womten throughthtie tmedittt rig-
arnund-the-rosy atd drop the htder-
Several senior laws have protmised to

play horse" oni their tray to class today.I MINSTRELS COMING.
These gamtes' sent to be developitng cot-
siderable spirit and ttay sere a useful Performance Will Be ien in the
purpnse. At atty rate tile faculty sens Athens Theatre, Mlati1.
to viewrtent witht cottsiderabe equasi-
ityasther evtee ae fr hetinte be- The Athletic Associatiotn Minstrels
flyus iter dvotes re or ite have ow assumed definate slape and
lug at least tnt engaged itimore oister- sme tangible ide can' be obtained of
out antusentents. til eiliis of the coning perfornance.
'Te circlehateld rehearsals regularly
5.L .II ' for the last few iweeks atd the jokes are
L. A. IVVY. now getting into good conditions. There
_____wilt be six end met: Fitzgerald, Mfar-
Which Toolk Place Last Night Would vi,Batie, Jites, Weadok, asd K-
vanagh. Alt of tese men have ad more
Hao3 Paralized Preious Boards or less experience in stagewiork and so
The retiring0 Students' Lecture A-soc.-dn not need any considerable amtoutt of
asc-coaching itt order to' assume a proper
ation board held a'neeting last eenimg l stage appearance The oke ihich they
atid dispnsed of about $950 with celerity ate pepred are spicy amd frequent.
atnd sang froid creditable to thme fttance Mot f themnavtte a local color ihich
conmittee of the 'Chicago city conmcilamake (-et.iamtt reishabe The circle
or regulr blackface miistre first part
For the last few'nmths it at beett cii performncee itill be loger thanutsul.
denttoInthte board thtat there twoutld be a fthearecnumtber of jokes and songs of
considerabale surplus at the" end of the wuhich it i conposed cannot e given
year. Thtey tare kept this itt ttitdtand smit atsactory effect in a sort tine.
tad practically decided upon' its dsposa For most of te songs in ths part, special
sevcral tweeksa'ago. ' mutsic a becti secuted A-n orchestra
'The largest siare-'of this anount wsatmuil bc orgatied to accoimpt'he per-
givent to tie Aumnti Associationi The formers,
annm-of $30iran given for the purpose f 'Ihe Oio, or second parttill costist
furnishingomanhumnati roon. Thte Re ohmary a dozent specialties of the style
genus till probtably stand thin expense oh usualy foumd itnminmsre perfornmances.
partitionintg off iart of Roomm Cunw that There till be neisetches, dialect somg,
it is cerlainithaul it silt be suittaby fur- daces, and athletic acts. Te best talent
mnished. Work usil be commueed mumoe- ithtie University- till take part itt thi,
diately amd the pretenth semnors till be amd somuething fine is expected.
able to enjoy th oo It sith be pro- The after piece uitt be a farce-nee-
sided switi chairs, tablsnad fhtted up as santi-etuumutoous. This part will couain a
a commforabe louging phce tand corre- surrie uwhichithe spectators cantot fail
pomdemce roomut Thtelatest nagaines to ejoy.
amd periodicals nll hi prosvided by tie
associatin. It silt hi opemi in seniors of Arrangements For Those Attending
tlt detiartmntas of tieUiusersity. For M
tile altmni, it sill of contrse e a tad ohawk Cub Banquet.
quarters swhie vsitintl thueir alma mastaer. Lto officers of the Deoiicratic clib
The text largest summtns iagutvcu to tie have made special arrngmuemet for the
-Athletic Asoction. One hunmdrd dot acccmmuuodation uoh the ttudentswhotwishm
lrwas gieion solueSteciltutuprov-t-c 1ttend - the anquectctoh the CMtohakl
ictt ithe the tticucfield clib inttonit too eseingSupt.
Sevety-eis cdolarsws iven at utto eachtt rliiotheiD.0Fi & 'i.'t. ailway,
of tiii Stdents ChrtamntAout ociation, hiasoaareed t aeapca atrue for
Uiusioty Y.'i. C'A. and te Ot ormiiiheoccasion. Ahi those presentitg but-
itl Asocniatious.qut ticket0 at thiiitcet office twill e
Thii ivedu diferettapportionmenctts sold tces on Scncits on the rounmd
amuuosut iiin lto $5., cit al e1-tis p.ii e ticketssill be good out alt
giut cunuder the suprsvistion 01comtma-t tcarsolehistgsiter this noon.T'hey'to,-
tics aiteuud km tile S L ..boatci nettiurnt liii spiacaroh hiohshoill eat-c
Ths iliac smitccthat tie mosneysis usedhfor Dltroil t 1I:3o0a.ill.ateritheanqcuet on
some deinae imuprovecment mumcach case anyru l etar cat onutrsc das.
md ist moo into tgerudat utch 01 - otocil cri sitll c etrtirout initAn-
anyu~ organuizaion. otto Oti nt onutWednecoday afternoona
Th horecumaindrodithiie siltrtlus. after t 4:1i it a S~ihieict irt toen caie to go
settinge aside $25fornsopeniing et ya ta ie'su. Alt those ishigto I t
andmocin s itu ewissteitsusill b ieto thetipar1y15leats-tg sie retuesed to eats-c
thoc scholariishipuit dchfoiudedcIhislasott mu timia before six oclocks today ostih
liart board.J.B Hutghes ct804 Momno t.
It ws5decided to hatseccolitis 01fthe
consttutionm icludingo thoe amenmenocutsHnrolment at the tnieeritsjof
toite mdcdotitribusutidTie hoaritoot ihgn
n acionupotho e mi ciocnittgidelegations le Mihgn
ttime ict ialiceeasis is utof TheUksersity aetnida for the co-
liii jurmisdicitotifiliiielectorso hiing tiihe ee am m899-900, whiichm is ntwinm
judghe, of their05owmncdentials. The Oes, gies 344 sthe grouch total of
cquestiona Of st-atrito "M"capt shilt is suettoith~eUliveirsity. The numbuae
tnts- occyijmu'emminmds of ambiotous incuds13 enolled 1mnthe summmer
officrs of atmuot esenr-coleae organia-school on 1899, amd nt eunrolin mmany
1ion, usnt consideed lbs'tie SL.A- other dpaitmtuucumof teUlimusiot. e
hoardOductingatlims numer tie tt-it is 3303
dliinrocmiinittiutof telieiray depart
News Bulletin Boards tient is giv enasat1343 cassfed as fol
lows:oHolders oh felowshiups, 3; recot
For a toona ittleitemsybsdy his beenmdent gana taes 84;agraduaesostudyitg
wionodeingo'thtes cammget daily r- ne umasenta 3;udero-raduat es swho an-
turnsmofitomittie Nationakbaoeal gamues cndidates om a degrecc om students
and vannouls sports asties tahke place mantit candidtates for a deree12
differnttpartsof mimi coutry.im Reed & lime atsde arinmumcomes nexisstim
Reynalssucesatos to "Rosey' inth~e atm cmiiolmenit oh 837 as fountws:a Res.-
St ate sredtkbiiardcipanninrs taute-seieatiechumtemraduaes, t;seniuor,31; ,uimor,
teed of this and hitsecplacedtimumhmii-ingon;reshmenam34k; specat9
parlors tamrgihbuletinboatrds out w ci ch hic uumbuer mumtiemedcl ditart-
stilt lac keptthliiioffiilitrecor d of actiminimto500istitmtemd aimmg tie scm-
day g amuet of te -N alt italamd Aitaii cacisa olosRsit itgradu-
coil leagues is stll as otherimupotanthaties-7; senioroms, uitson, 9;soho
sloonihug mosss as itmarises oter thime.initro, t1ho;tieshmoonto171.
Tic imumarc going is tooksi-it tie Inth~edepatianof 1enginrngtemi
,Daiy inthlose anoucmentmucs andc cotcussrolmentu is 'ho. Of tiee4ae-ei
iege ga-satti wel itas thoc Natonagaulesa demnt gradctesac3gracutaesstud iteint
silts betaportech at tie'atic ltace. habsia amd273usesgraduas
Thas s somesthmingtaticeery one 'lie dentatl dcpatntentac os ass enl-
aroundcitie caumpus tas felllieseed of mieti of 247. Tie numbesasn ithie dif-
isa tie past scans andchii till he ant.,novmoa- feentmo classes ar: Sesios, 72; junios,
timn u-icshtill surely'macccttetuarty'81i; freshumean, 94.
aptpitosval of esery suudent. T'hesatatTl e p'uoiharmascutica departencthaut
first has chage of te camtpaigna macms 7. 'ihecresidentc gtadut numer 4'
bulteinsaitsDemroinaand tie pamnsoss'are tie udergaduaesst-Io are cainidaes
to place bulletins here next fll amd alt for a degree, 63 and the special s-
of tie latest political maeiro till be posted dents, 9.
there. Tie emrolmtent of 70on istie tmato-
T'hese gentemen are cetainly to Ito patic deparnment n ade up as fo-
congratulated upona this taluable addi- losss: Residentc graduates, 5; seirs,
tiomn to tie macms bureaus for it till be 15; juniors, 19; sophomores, 8; frst-
greatly appreciated by the sudent body. masn, 13,.

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