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April 26, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-26

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Pablished Daily (Sundays eccepted) uincg Ihe
Coilege yearc, at
Oaaooa:Tile Inland Precss, Heninig Block.
Both Phnces 147.
F. ENGELARDsa, 101 L.
0).H. HANS, '00IL.
T. R.'N~ODOeW, '00L . A. 11,MCDccGA~LL,'Ii0E
J. B. W~oD, '00, W.1. Ii. iCKE, '00 M,
L. J. MONTGOMERY, '001, RI H. JccccUANo,'O L.
WA. KNIGHT 'ill L. 5V. '1. Pc Ai.'0..
Ma.. LILIA .. SALINcc'03.

To Leave Michigan. LOOK TO US
Prof. Augustl Trowbiridge, of Mlichl-
gall, fhas beenl appointed assistant pro- FOREV
fcssor of phlysics of the 'WisonsOlinUni-
v ersity aiid will take chlarge of tie workc
of 1isrcti~ionii nthfe enigineerinlg depart-
111011. Hlis a graduaie of C'olumlbia
aiid 'sen five years i stady ai Bcrlin.
Th'fe applointmllent wiff lake effect witlh
ifio begininig ofIfhe Inext ocfioof year. Our fhell off,
fn Prof. TrowbrirfdgeMOifhigan 0wifl the handa
lose one of lbiii ost brilliiiii young pro- BOK o
-- ----ter i1 reprei
Tennis. here. No mr
fuherm00111w1eaerand lapparont good patterns at 5
contonlI of Ithe Athlllic Asocoiation
ors (41 thecgame. floe ciloutshav. 1101
1be001 placed ini coind~itio syetlb1t11 ___
should01be as s01111as posoibl. Thle 111r .1Nn- ~ i
iiing track aou0d1t0heiortsirIhas injur1ed1
111111t(11coniderably especially 111e two iid j(A D T'!
001111ts1whero the rak.ri eveltcubtle A j I j I.
111.1r r 111on sccssfully riniig back ok
gel a1 lobe. Pinder theora:is a1 0foe-
00011 11000itleo c-te 'in 0gl.11

Fine Clothing, flats
and Furnishings

'ering conaists If the advance style, fresh from
of the foremost Fashion Makere, THlE STEIN
I. Every Flabric that has strengtlh and Charac-
eoted io this collection; every style 141 vogue is
ierchaot tailor will give youa the samne style sod
ill per cent. more money...... .. .. .. .


209 S. Main

t~~~~~~~cy o )lace tol, lose 1eilill d. led Oclle
t oleeyar, ith reguar dlietm ry llStdneforeVteatte orParkher's Campus
appear. 0r0cto1r 11h1l1 a 1me0t11g0 .ast0evenilng'ald1........"'French 0Cook in Charge
Mepctig; p. 1111001at 101 ffcce ncfaie 0lurom by .1 1 1FURNlSl1ES-FIRST-CLASS BOARD.
111111110 11111111101110 oloc 1paps11111 i ltl ed to e'10111 r111as1fo1low1:10111. (1111 11
Allichag sii tlc ing.111101 iilattlr iut el n ,tw c.' 1011 1 _ p a-ni lel
tke 111100 0y41p,11n.1n1iii1cly1pn1111 l 1 to0thatgins ┬░1111and dena1110 eREGUAsARoBOARDUL$2.75.D $2.7. L1 TICKETSKE $3.00.o. Shhrr
8at the11las1111 IIt111c1001 010 1is 1 o001 10111- ordlers pomptlyOfflled. Fresh Home Made Cnynowc on hn
Tillman Tomnorrouw Night. 1 of1i01 0i 1n d0 c :( oldr with the famlouls Sponge Caraniel a specialty. Pop corn balls
1 fl0111{,ils r In lyd~r t at ofd a 11100s
T liestud~ntsof th L-n ersty hae ,iis dscrinandtosalted peanolst nosey really.alte peauon ne redy. and tryn t them.m
ha1h1op runt0fh.rn0a1111-1s Wt S.ibeso-nowllb l
wiep-a euaioxhn Sni meingo t1110111s101101111p ort ill 709 N. University Avenue
Bet1010.11FT l an1w o 1 1 etue e11110d 11r i a o t 1 0 i fl
Club 101 helie 1tli 1tof-111 as0 gl Ia. lo 1101 tn l li)f1 I,;ms0sAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING UP PLIES, SHAD S
4101o 111101 10 1 las11lt111I11011II.0UPORTABLE LAMPS, ETC.,
11is prctl exeri enceillgot1rill th A 11ki101 i. SANITRY1011 I I 11100, STE11001 001 1101 11011 . 111:A11110
race whil 0chef '11111vc of hSout
taolia sl 111lare hnt0a1clili0101l i FreshinlLam Nottce. J. F. SCH UH, 207 B. WASH NGTON ST.
and1 1 0.1111101l 1101 1,10C(ir lolnte aujet. I 11101 s~lla lw clasI)1 t o d11 ay___
11 '11 1110 sslol 11011 11<,I 1 0 0l i i10ea10p0 b lo Clr o No le. o)ct\oS
en letr o i t ituis Iu I 1o W1'1_111 111 lecors ' 1 1 w Il e I 0ol .ed W c t.. 111 Ne
1111011.10arac1t11111dlit.111110011001101. 1 d*t'TtheO 00111 0110 at'o1'y day conic from
thS a slnad lsrc l hel 0111.111 ~Ii JH .HIEI OW~ LE 1 A L RS
Now lC woOvid indicate tewtSli11ISlleat les
'11101101.0 ln osto n i hebe jFaaeClb N tc nb
Musrt ~ crgt er ical ncin h feeV1-1P (lbWlllhJ SotF p A O HER23Ia4nalaI. 70 a1t
11111 11111 tr1001 ini ans 0 s Vs11ri (111A.ng t t )cl):k i nwllC
one. ifeay1he1r 11111.0the0priee: of genera l t e e STeer a oe 'll
finalllsum10.1111 ec,)1 ce'ta.o All ail__williON E of L f11 111A c Ali L I B E IN
be11 iii 1011 11100or'i cscron fcIllcat'sWn Moiday Marha19
Plimie1I06. go15 i1iberty Street
b hcnoa l Dofa ii 011111lir s rug;tor on RICE E B N B,
111a1111s1treet 1110 1A'ri hoI17 0 gand01,128. 1'1i IP /).)14.ij-f.f) - -i'-ll- 'ie .0,
lol 11111 1Tiheie 1good101011D~XY'IO ' t lfK ai JOHN $..11111 1 111101' ALLEN). dorecoe.EQ
11111E lit31So. ingallllSt.11720vSo. 12th $
Musb) ic ld lub doll a h1e U S 'o b. M.iTrEipR 13 . i oNew il],_Nne Sat 553 4 -- ewSttePhne┬░0)3r ReT
Theo music 'l clubs itk a el..F unIai Dri1k10 $3,00/0
iray heyor lilocc ived periIllocon orpapparat02and0eticil1100elPrice Ot./
to go two daityd hielt musttieePhack by + we ai.ll10 1101draw theeprice and
I L I II I off iay ixl athitens, be llltfes didicgFO T ENtt AYS
Athlti nig t ts o4boDa il o thattet .P BcEGINNIN4,ttGcl rie. cOr
ohy w l g v ai n t e e er.K la az o ie s. ,l ke alpe i lt o S ud nt ' oo s 't M a
an n the e 11gilleIatcCek nd ANTISEPigtI kaNDVrYEAS INGbl TOp HEs Aecotopc. 1wa120y, I19o Iee I .
'lhe c hio il'a f111- o h 1al 0w.' 1 0 tolhelilld 'iIlon alertctllkcd IlSelelltdesovedcsri++g
il r l c ol t a I l 1 1 5 [ l " d a d 1 0 1 B osladigh lllBolt o e . I M O REDa i C oBO NS10 1 1 1 1 1 1A N D MO.
l o o r at l001ii'd i oig iill-
folueniaollcedloc loornd Il l $o.roed -reei o pie.ST B ERNSMARST R E
This isi to ell .11101 111 l TcebyIcilir)fo of die dan rpare.__oioszeRguarprce1.5,duin _sl
Aftane 1111 eniderd by the Gile l ub. WM.10 J. tiNGort,113Ei ertoiyii1NewPopne 553E-DQ 9RT centsO
TruksEVliesieesops,aDrsiess Suicats Cse
fetha theewi res axlbm ost lIcoI C yC;fl ae$i
itcg ducibrliolrol c ogta 11.T E~ V N F ' A PB yD rple.TUKAt AOErEiRg ie7>cnltLast.rce
Ai dieocodrofhfsrzeeIi1lxl yearehelhotprice 50c,
1111trhleic Bu1gtt r ons oe o Dt bed aogt aciiooI opyTiedas01 cdH RSrUN S ing G OSal e.
the ocic1 E n of the 111 eoar.IvtFRcI0DAcYt , c At PRIt L c cc 27t.c in30gSoBalel 4uSteet A TentTs.EL
lein last bfoeight. aiectr ai d EXTR71 O RDINohiA RYE E Tsl t n- ,pi




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