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April 26, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-26

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G. H. WILD & CO.
We havteo just rceivedi or line
of spring woolens for men's
wear Itiinles everything in
staples that are suitalble andl de-
sirable for the season. Ve are
also lhoingi fall ranes is nov
eltics in iquaiity antIsylCet
sit the most exacting taste,
ronsistini"of ST o ts Sit
iroserng. seonit ou ht
call a inspec 0tmii Ilie it
108 E. Wasbir)gto) St.
Artist en Atics-
Maerals~tch oci tiocwt:
Wildr's ]harmacyw
R eIAl toot l 0
R.~ E. JOLLY & 00
15 ilPeri nt ofin
20d pter wcetCoff
Ko orsawigPaP
2',ldper cent offl
ille' hamc
N I~
THE O®Aitin~ii~t ~
i Ne t is, I d s i o ea diths




ANN AR{BOR, MICIT., THIUR{SDAY, APRIL 6(, 1900. No. 1g13.

The Alpha No Team Contested with
Abion College in Debate and
was Defleated.
Ini itoe Sunday tree Presof Aptrili5hr wsalatil hc aaee
strotig foelinig and muchei talk imonatg the
stitdettboudy of the Uniiversity. This
fartileswsasiheadeinoabiiha d ie ihga ondb lug tal hiTs b
taiti the trithfth imtter ott ofatthe
editors oatIhue iDaily oit bainedil cinti er-'
viewiswith Ptrof. Tirueblotid in regatrdto
lii l ole c
I'rlf. rueloodSai tIto t t ti
Scit of it liear icpatti it illi
the CupI bai l cott ; withtilt tti -
flt(icicihe iiihtilttlit ogO ,ae a itoh
locit tic I \ii 1)i011tCole e fr a p bi
Clollee ont Sattrdeenat inttg,'optril1,

osa ductor at sittertllohfatreatest PHIALS.
Ihh It metdicali eepatmnttiiof itoeU i
versity seas the stuhject oathits greatesit1Homoeopathic Department Annual
'Ittention anithti itdliall that was pos- Note Out
ibe o ablritadenitani d dvance i ts orkI hal te annutittpubhliatintofthe
and li speatelits tamte, ttrougotut theIjuioticlcass itt the homotteopiaitie depart-
tatld li WVillthItowelfo retofsitheit lu- tietothte Univeraity ofat licgatu tar
totrsiit toeata Di.iFrathinghamtsad0o- the curiront college year, is j11-itstat. Itt
ated toe Csialishetoint at a elitnical de- j ic a Iooal;ofabiotia htunidredipatgea,
iat en ii o f iiilo sthe eicai co l dini De- Ito ittiftil ritic dio n ititlettiI re-Itaer
tit otttoo bliattndod by studiontcsituring telbond1 it aheay ovr ipp sio
sa inutcit oppocititoithlit tDlt Ptothing- cooersotft sciiall ptil Indiii i i mu o m i-
hai r cigntos fromitithe iseculty in 189lp Ieri citpills.
aftrctiserice of 22 yes.'eanal isdldcateditot lt0 I
- iptirCocol.. I. tt 4 10U ittersity
lattlig Practice-Ilie Diamond iand fIrmrtchirmaiof he tiiitce
Icinq Rolled pltiiicomittee it liboad iii icltoars
c I 'tulrg lto-it itotin T e nn l i Ji n. at e itr. lx ln S ot
tolthir turn, i c ndtlwitrit pittcd tototo aui edito,(.Ro vn ahei
x i tutrtu W i5lberti P1;_ liimsciii
v l~ i ii ot was he tict
ii c iti tteavu ric" u 11th i lii tns. T e Io tlpcc i rl l~
I to ttli u p t ice. l hiic Ioirtorufivt ' Ing-artici t utticof ti-tleu
t ie- raticie ii«a, ita tthe vi t ett ofi th
setictiblo ititi ihelitisic0e ' cm ccii ii it
titirl o-a ful1tc°si. Am n h

le Cpscics.t t
i t h (lut i s 1
riii it ~ i t t 1t \ t i

t 1tI

eat iii [ ilit i
lod tIc ('cc ~

liars)' are 2i ttleut+iC'

ti ch sd t h bs lie
isfed a vst Vull hei' levit l
i t ii i tn _)-sp a d


li sec. 1ito M t. i, thec4 l tit inj
iiAW)t"s it cit'h e ttc ait iHoardtstait
doavttiitititat ctupri do t o ieO bt-I i
11 iniitst' inthg A Ito ityi nd lit lt
sit m-n ittuch o it itchuie asour tiit
ticth ic t h cit stitu itionsoftc eo ssito

iii edoelwa
Ii tell lu i slit
tGra i nt ureti'C is
theil iticgamei
aheltoic ic1ot tot
i' 1tttlc of iiteill,
litch ifor the ('v

l otile i s l I m tht call
toi be alelitoiiilitctre

8 \'' l til'1C

to acortaintriieatmettoti qe sttiO ~ito n ob eatd;s5h t w1en orteamsi Arthur Gae
repreenttig Michtitt eati t e ith Proflessor ofl I-o
in al intricolegiieConesto ansat s itas It
t ititi iii e
Dr. Frothinqh am FamousOuitPnGa s isn ac
SDead. teuitton tand a
Dr. Gere iiw r Iottig I tie tit ctt i s
tiosligh i twa for ti ciii rstacit rop t I c in h nmn rsh
m e m b rc ft h e m et c ds i c a ut y - WMit- c ivnie v cfn . I i s c i e a i ts o nC hi s o r kcit 'ti l l s' th e b i ii's
asiiait out.Ito lii ttnt ion as i t ttistoi Nro d.titti
cae tioiiiito t Iis ltrancheof ii i Slo he1 0"1a ~sap
lie mi tneoc hisuiesat titei versmi ty. j Ke.l ey'sc plt cetit
vvInch itere tesubjci teoftie 'iscums- mimi c otu cootip
iietats ongih yiistoy anditntitito iii cmi 'l'ibmim udtgtttwc
ca t ummil sonei Iotoofl tcivettdtot- cuisodlim form ly
tal metion atctimecIn.i terntiiattAM at iothe eic 1cil
cal Congrss mheld t into it ain tl uilistius nitw

Anl5 tu tu" lti cu : h
FenIaie c n!la ? ;e i ctt m th liii ii i
tciiiitiic ii . l i p bit i ca a h o l. - n-g ,
c f rt hat ()1(' of he -C'ti tutu le-n, ti ic tti' 30l lich
its willtbe 111ilivaltittr iti cit he enio
Est rototn eci1,nd 1 tJme M tee of t th o u0i (til ss;
luct t ii1 thu i ed cn ,- b ora lot
>ubt i Ik rt in totow lraph e nm oti ti tAol o tim imic isi
l w ar pl n ing a la t is a ateic ev r i Iocw rk tut
~io i honor ofiu t i starts: Mtiittit itO et is M ilt ttte us tot s
game.c cT hit-yc areim totryi -c'to's burmtoor Ir n mmier.I 'mutit
I e althiacinttt likel i otttue etltilbecittitimcihers
Igero e cson tt e p u i ng ro nd al t e im w rs
to o en n or e g m t fl eaig s it a ul Clv ir cti ij mpI ut i it
goci conests at A t im had g ntic 1 l Ibrothery suaid sisersa
ectivtilte flseas n _ ta d o hat t' ulw tuat itakests itt the l.
Oanl~ied Apponted Tert reoaI t sitmie sifimir-mtsitscalto'te
rgents hidlis regulari-To hel ws rei abandof ulomnt: ( ?)
old itt toe C'nivrity 'They'are ms tiewfuh wiced 1 -ear
imcuosi I mmiifecutrm ofiThIle it stomaciihis aimeocapaioust
ge-s andiul Limo-i-ituu teir h u rt al ys oc iu,
brohe ofiim ii Jame s (Ohee's).
It wast deided lultim Ikeen ot ii imiotaintt ture i mu o ksi
mt soe u riinmu toe ithe dciipartumentietimtled, -'i"Al uii and
1001. t cii chliussK. t c1i1uimuut li ad otisui e l ualin lre
mumo collegtenetes flil comes ith mude oar mnt iof t"G i(Ic.
Mad to techlis Pof (r ohew e) met'io ed.
t ita lii u t itheal Ei bo s r u ledi y- the juniumor
or it Diretor f the clas iand tho tycniderableiieumterprimse
it Rome t(t)ttu theplart ofitsic tors.i
it wast fer ed'be ckl tim at-itheini'tr'ttm ianc uch to on
rimou temou . At ltetoeoturseofumie chuiescariedu
acii agreto etsmu 'ide onfo heyer _nenetuda_ n o
to th -Souh sid iof lie tutooo iltt "Theltuitmm--tilt 'to

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