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April 07, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-07

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TheU of Dr9 Ptt)
Y qCA.Banquet.
Spri~g M C H UA WI S.The annual banquet of the Univer-
Announcement ing a their head quarters onSte
The first thing on the program was
G.H. WILD & CO. WIN IN A WALK FROM THE STRONG GOPHER TEAM a business meeting at whih the of-
fices fr the earing year were elect
ed, they are aa follows: President. C.
By Out-Arguing Minnesota Last Night the Final Honors of the J Ewald, '00; vie-president, c. C.
We have lust received our line Walker, '02; retrding ecretary, W.
of spring woolens for men's Central Debating League for '99-'00 Come to Us. C. Swartat, '01 E. errespondent se-
wear. It includes everything in ____________________________________ retary, Thedre Zbinden, 'tiM.;
staples that are suitable and de- treasres, E. A. Dennire, '02 Law;
sirable for the season. We are (SPECIAL TELEGRAM.) assistant treasrer, F. D. Shenk '02.
also showing full ranges in novAt 9:30 they proceeded ta the ban-
elties, in quality and style to CHICAGO0, ILL APRIL G, 19(0. qet hal. The tables were placed in
suit the most exacting taste, L B . AL Y:-itefrma rageadatrRv
conssigo o Cas ii t debate is ovser .nd Mlichigan receivet the anai- Getotn returned thanks the cmpany
ings, Fancy Vests and Golf ions decision. Mlinnesotas teain was the strousest and at doun ita the fllwing bill of fare:
Trouserings. We invite youto i best balanced teain Micigtan has vet meet in edebteVTeOytr
call and inspect or line at cotsOassysetstetrsnueqitdtienex swt
geat credit the Uiverity gaininig its streng thi to tne very Raw Esallied
W L S end ot the Ilast rebutt alEast Turkey Sliced Hams
Thtere wts-eaIlarge autdiemnce ntimberitig about m50i)pet Saratoga Chipso
pieetcomposee l e ue lix ioistudents aaitlunintot the fottr Olives Stlls Sandwiches
t0 .W si~g ,S. uilvetrsities. Fruits.
10 _.W sigo t Mr. Ohliniger reaches Ainu Arbor by theufbst tain. seequn
Mn. Cloudtnel"is to his hom irsn Iowa Vis e i iihty member lc Cream Assorted Cake
ofth ie temaWill coch AnniiiArbor Saturday eaetmmng at nne Cffee
Artist w tme bught out fotx. Iiioti esi C Tu'm n000 iC.I. ury\a
* Meilrm weS t-mandimt(isofollwig toasts were rsod
M tr a avem adem ma Ahliciig uan eebates aspke onsthe llmmss'utve o the ed "The Y M C. A at the Front'
toth smuilit questiont, "A re the Econuomic'Advantma'ge ot Tusts Susthi Siott Levit, '03; "The Pen is might-
is mar compte, ceit teaJusifyT~1heir Existencee Uiner te I t'v - en tman the swrd," Major A. Riley
o sim' hmAlexaunderm . hexveli, o Chicagoeiprmesided; tim uesn" Ca rCittenden; "etrspect," I. T. Ras,
and ohr atersCo-
ors, Dawig apers were Win. P Lh'Iit 01 Indhiaapolis, lehn IU amn Payne '00 PrspetC..CL Van Tuy;
kds By xs'nmm ls"iet iilt Micliigmisgeta timeelhinp'iosl)mi '0 NCI;"Pst-tGraduae Co-Education,"
,Jmif tie Ceitt'l Iebatiigr 1eagusm for 10001.Timhe ari H.J. crery, '99; "Our Triangle;'
Windr' fPharmacy cominlised iof the uisxemsiies omit ichiurtim (lpimeaiiiNorth- C A1.Cpelad.Tie Y. 2M. C. A. fr-
xaesteruman me nuhmumeat Wihled lst of gid music. In ax-ay
* ~epect ie bnquet was msre sucess-
TIE OfLDflFr seeral we'rwtav fim _______liiitimanimumy ipreiius one(, C si11ot
hcne aig a.tr: r e --iti - t jm OAIN h ikm nti tm iontmm smsi e tns'ter mniigutimhe gaihring
tEIBEallinmm, o rum LlNCHIlSt]S, CI- ih LAGOPLO N.mbouh utaiuaso.tidwiai
RLIBEGARSm ind TOBACCO Itsnire last. Sut tie flg stilt i im i~eryimugmmgL i uaa
PI'Z;' S T GATY finig "ttmh e tiidSot D 1:m o;'em-
i'tL a'OA. .mi, rdfromx lb masst At this nssut ailu-''
R O L .i E.Co.L ~ laivsSucceed in Gettng It-might djloyeeablem memvmo mreuit-_r
_____ _____Shirt Parade byj the Laws ifi hostilite mus he resltDiiitee
Hmins Iilie o il(-t(' eri asimmih ' ever Islns soonm gate rd emirge adre 902 Rlay jCi opions.
3 ommuim uta sf im - - 'mmi lt' Itutu i-ultl thelistStcklr CWinchester imii ieremySre u-se
an mlac .oflvsumohm finallinlttimrtimeylassibutteovan
sptalumm ethulstiam ofs1thmi- Imttommi y the etem in amii mloftim emiprtmemtl to u eceedingly(suse yesteruay a-
ri-mmollgin e'ondra"g'aroundsuitietrained-uvetemranml tie Spianish wa~r- irormoani tmtmthlie senirs failemto
m ao mxliim i lmreia mi aibeser Bl id It lokedul s .' this metou
S~ r 1rJe ! ( S tie mortume tat blongutilml hmi rieas wou liet1110mm suesiuli and the tints' , 'nSirsultlofthel imr filulre they
S L~~dWU~~rI'W Fuor thmr il-i'behnmomemo- thlimogemmim OliliiOei in mm' Ias a lledminmtumsea(fainfeit to the shmomre litSvsahoav
ineu'o"ah-meau le'1111msiitexbteobld aice0Iiearie limso ssoelrs trouigout
Tml 10thmna ienen 1mulii liemouill mlioih 'nmbeicr atfhfilshooasthe series, Thisi gives tie tite at
malsouaouy.0. I sotl he ial od 'taemmm ii nadeli and wats1tim so sb-e.ult campmons o 190 tioughm it is m. raher
'ielontmuielmlstt u Ii the lter ay - ca th ' the loafthe pennamnst a minismity onemocamimng aa usforfeitri.Tie
andmulawnbem mu':"tin -ratrial emin mimi hin-u iwoul e uledisinioi smby 100mrlayteaum hasinmever ibeen de-
AT TH E SODA FOUNTAIN -mmmai uesay. Theistrong as inaly 111 mens oitektu string.,iBut the Lte featedi;sincethe ulass entered college.
eumenemedmIlast 1fall bith ie fimal claisarefusduturisem-.manduul-ter teu send in maiamrs nimy av eld the ham-
IfobllaniCummlmont aud tie 1'm11ufolam i mmmlii pui i mm tiu udmfi 1mledin li n h netefi a a o u
++the boginmimng. 'ile its S,' mi t c liii utius cimimce 'anu mademaiu Imsususos demc- u iua sms o u
3 mlmmr lia~~d r ' ne fuat ofi iueu"diymbegan deini ,in in mmmuthlio kite i mmien muan iouer sa imn inuwtiahnmy fofeit ihout msaking
mg aays andimulans nThilurusda uuwatriedi a fight fr it.
CAKN'PHARMACY mnigit mfter theuir ,t'm r socuiamllime e- e' Oi Ciu'lmpalme amdtaluke sein-se Tieseries began mt the fresh.-sopi.
ions hit uon itie iuappiyanuldeiedmily cri n din mii mpully riggediLa 'hue-bt
otfrteciso suhmof pumttingmigr1mm-mro mn m inhe lnu 5'o+inmi.'Atall law tood00indoamrmeet whien 102 defeated1 5,
namnt atthe lfmit tatthin'flimigiommliin mmoin 'h ' iuhero ciftw ofalhins stlwt't900 mdefeated 1901, 1000 d.efeateu
- ope cutin tghe r oit camoumli uld otesily felowsnastaunings"ou'sIhe m ' 1mm mno i J19t1Ltnu1903 Al. aon fromam1e0uuaxm
be le- L ie toflowniThe'linclratgray streasanbws ut - 'F in e t1u0emt mrple umn aprotst At tie 'Vrsity indoor
of (dastems eaeteioflag floaetigi C, itd t u c ott a 1in c i ai i' meet tatoilweeks ater 1902 elimin-
tho breeze and bdding defiance to the sn-s to um lbefflagsle tm'emu,'liie
lawss. 'The flumg was ll day yea ritiun pulley 'and ae a iumbirmin law Il ated 1900 . from the race and 1903
AND tie most intorsnegmad a alustinf105leefag thinotie pumlley amriteetieOrie Li forfeited tum100.LMumh prtwas
object onl the campms Ild cayI-mg npe so it woulmdrp dosnflt juist had aim of the few race thate num-
C~ ,em0o5 cowds staodudier the polo amdaonathIis pint Pesid ss A1i1 ee- rs irfeitures iade possible.
, G 4II de itoed what wouldim be the net mivet t ay Wade and Stip Reeves 'ppeaed
mn the game. Tha laws had en make and advsed the boys to shp ipera -________
tiat mate amd it prved am tiaileeone tions. No sooner however hd they Ainiersar Patyoil the Delta Up-
ALSO A LARGEi STOCK OF problem. Iimnediaeely afte idinnem spoken when the eack of a rifle was soe
the laws set themselves at lbs robiheard 'md the pennant sintcm;mt dosns-mins
E Y stm fma god eanest Ali aternon a from the top of the pole announed IThe Deta Upsion Fraternity gave
E Eislage haoy of laws'scamped aroundm he that the luky shot has hoet fired its twenty-fanrth anniversary party
JL R S L flagpoe and peparationo had ben A the pemnant sank dowwarme both last evening at ranger's. Thirty-two
made to leave a body of laws doing laws and tits rushed forward to seizecopewreiatndc.Thou
In New Styles and Patterns the supper baur to guard it and pme it and a rush for the possession bean copewaeiatndeThou
vsnt a rumored attempt of the lec At first the eontest was even bit te of town guests were, Misses Richard-
tinical engineers to "liven it up to laws soon began to gain the advan- son and McLaughlin of Detroit, and

'seek climbers off. Rut (his proved tsge and proceedad in the dineetimma theMse TceV n Treo
unn-eessary as the flag was down and of the law departmentL It 7Win3 a handWahntD.C Teptress
out of the wvay sefone supper, At first struggle ever step of the way but theWahntDC Teptress
attempts to shoot it down were made. laws finally secured the prize and car- were Mesdames Greene, Hutchins,
R - A service-tried Crag-Jorgensen was Ciuedsoen pge49Reman, Cooley and Cuttings.

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