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April 04, 1900 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-04

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PO P U LA R "Fled noun thetesetuuttsjfthie northD
'The apleadd traetof the Sprin esaterthi."D.E II[IEUX& tJl
is l5 with a feeling IHATTERIS AND FRIHR
~~7j ~~ Of prtde which teethisnktatrdonttatle tthat wo e iite trtearyinsetioto Headquarters for
ingattthetuncut teatestfNaturte's eriaestorety. DOer 3t10 attests fromtttteHATS, CAP, MEN'S FU siesso
LeaditngTtttlorstoftthe Wortd. Suitts and Overte Iand Comtpettlineaf GYYNtAS
BOS Tailor made to your measure ( GooDs and SWEATERS.
ttt the ptict ot the Btand-me-downtt ... . .. .. . . AGENCY FOR LONGLEY OATS
L. C. GOODRICH. 334 South State Stres
Agent fteibeailostnt a rct.Frott Roomover Fist Natonalt Btn, AnnitAtarr - - - -
~A GUT PRICE 4 SterlingFo lr CrManndHonSets
I .SAB.RS119 West ' FRED. H BESERs. Cashier.
Ta Have and to Hold, $1.00 CYCLE EIPORIUM Washington Street FIRST NATIONAL BANK o Ann Arbor
Dai au,100J1D Oj Y O U $ M O K ? Capttat, 800,000. Sttrpttsand Profits, 540,000
Red Pottage...............00 Transatsta generalbing btstiness. Foreign
Via rucs, .00exchangehaoughtand tstlt. Fttrnish ltters of
NO. Jon Steet 1.0 Pitsbrg . D. KINNE, Pres. HARRISON SOULE,
No.( 5 onSie,10 IPtsls tee S for 5c S. W. CLARKSON C ahte ie-rs
Janice Mereditlh, 1.00 0Bil ntny 0ga or_
RCladCre,1.00 , 025CAton ir fi Tb flnfArbor 8aVIRGS Bank
Richad Carel................. Brunswxick (i1goos for Cpt ts.5000 tett OOS
Stalkey & Co.,Og2c apitalSdaethe. 5,00.Srpu 150,000.Low
Kit' irr .0Old Number: * ~ ~ ~ tl.Retoretset81t.5e00,0.sy s l
44 SO. MAIN ST., oftses Steeisdpoits bys th ellste
When Knighthlood Was int ANN ARBOR. MICH. D E N O ecagontepiialiisofheUtd
_______________________________________________States. Dtaftstcached apseniproper itdentifecation.
Flower...........1.00- Safety depoit haxes toenst.
The janitor laws 1till have a dance Clna.OFFtCERS: Chritian Mae, Prs.; W. D.OIarl.
Calen ar. aan, Vices-Pres.; Chat. E. Hieeoek. Cashier; M1.
toniglat at Granger's. The tiaceta have I. Feltz, Assietast tashier
Wedntesiday, Aptil 4-Juniior law
Etaste Caets acd Booklets, Lttrge bra- heen placed alt $1.10. Forty-live tick- idantae at Gr'taget's acadlemiy. Wi, . d easa,PRS
ret y. ta hate lee-itissuiedandstuall Soaid al Weidnesda~yApril 4 i.-.'iank W. ARsat)a1st Vicasptse STATE
Ct.~~~~~ assaa liil ia ttoasy e a rtiicai tets will he said. Re- Monett. Cool Gtovertnmtent Cotirae. 1 o.to N4i 1 55sit ahe 5 1 S IN
Thrsay hapes--New Shatdes. reshmencnts will he pravidedad (lanc iFizerMeliylArilal.-Faculilty Contaai-rl
100 Esgraveal Vicititag Cards awtit plalte, igStill last frain 9 to I ii'cleat. ii reze hlMeamorial Rall.AN
_____________ r iday, April6.-Iinteicallegiate lie-
hi ,bate, Mician ivs.SMinesota, it CPi- lTranisactsa ageneral
N1/eaZlding chairs to rent, --aivared and cage. ( lBankitig Iusiness
calleu tar at twenty-live aentsa adozen. Satuar-aAlwi at7.- . ofM.aily
MACasX:& CO. Board Electioin.Skeso
Sheehan & COO - Satuirday, iApril 7.-Mzart CliiiCOLEGIATE CAPS,
Stadeits aieccordially invitead to int- Concert in Newbhrty Hail. - G OWNoS and HOODS.
ouee c rn Eateelilies at sal-ts, star- SaturayAptril7.-Athletic Asstocia-iletigo
PUISLISIft RS, BOOKSELLERS, eat eac ' a-tSii Ma tinliata.taoElIaai iIisCtAl Hu,1~PS apd nGOWNS,
STATIONERS and IaNGRAVERS, Warn ic i'ana-- ilae, Maiao. in. C
AN SARBOR- - - 11ICIGAN ddlhete still t he a0nleetortg atfall ccii- Cancert iy, Cniversitv Hte ill. sl b-* I C LASS CANES,
____________________tiaeclita 0 aaci aiiii FilyApli 1c se- ae- i- .COLLEGE FtAGS,
t iith ispy -Roomiaofatthe .tyinasiumttgins. CI; I LASS PIPES,

U.y 1 c TUfha.e.OytGni Illaa c a s Prii 5,a, t i a'clockit
Shop and IBath tie City Ketoo(1111 al. -(,.iANlhIi, Mantciager.
Room, in2 STATE. J. R. raaowk 'o LAW NOT ICE.
All ctanddaes for 't1law aseaball
UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Or teita al intnamaes al onace.
SELLIX AN, Capiia.i.
t Hosard 3 its aal . \aciiaaa,Iya
Sicu(. l i utia te inaraa t i . ,
Gu iee'sbni a 1 et lea sM na. ot p ; 000 0J 2111 i. .Alainai t.
PINK BR4OS., Instrnctors hiT Itt:GC-:CS AAA1~ihY.
Office anidAadeoy,.NStel Soil. 334--336 S. hiatt a.Classesa'willt riatiIiii' itilme t duaring
---a-- i-a-lva ati aiaMembearshai ipoNaty'Isat. $2.
tAsi ta lla e5very Saituraday Inight, h0c. t
iA RECORD BREAKER p let coupile.
PuriiitanShsae. All stylaes. 't-..oh. fii
$3.00 _ I 1 - ii'5YPFOOTBAA11..,i\l,-.Ntli'a'"I.E
LAUG~LN FOIJ-rAIN All can-its tea tar 'Varsityftoetball
tLAUGHreNiertNatAI'ytaan iaiireporteates
PEINS .-j aa day, 4 1. n. W N ICa lii
gImo00 The spec-ial ''lllaeblll''raiteot $1100
l. i ..l -n i..SNil , Nv*n' attffereid b a T'lai D) 01v' sevearaall aia le
fUrBAHe n O ' 01 ; t.10fo t hs1 altoliacs nt ithi tavor amogt he, ii'slt-
beanltsand u a 1 lit-e' aillalio at wtIta
ift it stHoae i-ilsIwle las el onthe t ubcripha'tionit'
It t oe no sit MAaiA oks yesatidaty. 'ile as iipe'i sill lie t
* Any aay yaa figare it PROar p ' re be I liilg tt. on011e until the
l' -- N r nd ofthe icllege yiarit tiit a' hO l o
t 'his iheit-s'.ihnzile1 c I inyad res tno ili. t of thae Cta Stt
, ei- 111dl cue or 1 .. iit , dn swl oaawall lto t iloar al a 0.gl 01
'IAITY DIMOD 'tii- 61,t hi lw a teoeeda le dt et til h e'ttii' se d
onl ol 5 Iiii pen Sent io L adre5 - all 111fro 1 sail tofinis. Sen'oi a
cni~ A tIulall' la-aaddreastith O$100 ito The
A it fnve ndl!n~~n) t! I Diy O'fie.3t
LA411H1N MNFGU. Opening of Spring Wo
k O2 riswold St., SetroiMich.
REFERENE: ,ileaas liiir ihe otiiriN
Aiy ank a +'i asisetCsio~a)i thlelmoist ezteiaisite ltti
Uttr~tt ± isapreiad 15oil u ales na
10toimikeseslectionsa. SI
______________ - prepaaration totstrietly
,i i e ul llslE h s+l rtaavseeuriaiton. We
"" TryTIo.. tait ati early date.
1003 Broadlway. 157 Roil IPtooe

IA new line at Mannattan Shirts I iP COLLEGE PINS,
laist ini ct Waidharn, Ityani & Iteile. ( COLLEGE
Sere thait. S. iAlaini Ot W+'O KRN W&9CO'
ilioyouasweatrlPuritan shoes :t 41Eiii ityr-Seissith Si.
U.o 1 anr ag n ml a - -- eoid or a-ill haeitade to ordeir01t - ti "A slice to
iPuril tn hioes. Cp-le-dste hshes.ppe
A rsheiihaalasa asjs 1,stV C',.one reason
ii a 1 V~altaias, Ityati &orault. See lThacco "" - hyOd n
hm. Souath Maintirt-et. o -WhOl n
1> nnleNOT thl enioramedicaal y dish Carve
Siran ei airly dtliv ery oAtiri, lasoo Dnt eay 1-21r
ii'~~~~~~~~~~ tiilo tpopurii -loi c acco.s s
lILNIA IL'S 111010 S'TUDIO. ,Tecre
A o peeliarofAt dle illros. tint ..aaa.' . J Te cre
sut t- t hSrlll 111 C ii.5 r le. 200-
s. Minat. tin hex that fits any pocket is another

'01. BASEBA.LL 1uRN.
A11t canidliiate s tor the 'hi.liaisteall
teimimet 'Wledneday at 53p.in. ini
the- irophy roaoi.
11. J. SPRalOAT'.
'lisAnA~tarbIoraMuisic Ce. havei
Some indrettients te affer stu-
lieta onitaleahiaoaird; lalso 000 auite
It reaI:.
Pairitastaprlig shoes.-See thtemtfL

)olens... .
sea-on liiie hul ived,
et.-t i'iee-1luse
ai 101n'wtopeni forSyoua
eve live 1i-isle essry
rsetatt lie proti is
'g ad ItoIurosit.tly
solicit year insecs-
123 South Main Street.

reason. No other pipe tohacco has ever
made as many friends in so short a time.
"It disappoints no one."
A trial box will be sent to any one
anywhere on receipt of ten cents in
stamps. Address Old Engilish De.
partmsent, The American Tobacco
Co., llt Fifth Ave, New York City.
All dealers sell it.
Officially adapted hy tie leadting
C'ollegschoiols ad Athleit
Ciaiheofathle Countriy.
Otor Stall Tennsa
FotEStall Atlts
GolE Gymenaasium
Spalding's Official League Ball
Is the Offiial nail of thr National J
League aan- allleadingcollegttcr o
ciatiaas. Spaldings Base Ball Guide for 1900, 10o
Handsot~me atloeA. G. Spaldiug & Bros..
to anyaddreas. New YO, CHICAODENVE.


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