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March 31, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-31

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, MICH., SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1900. No. 139.
TRUSTS. j Trusts should e brought under the END OF THE COURSE.
Sprigy _same regulations as railroads, banks,
inurance companies, etc.
A\nnouncement The Good Government Club. lg to save wast. This waste should Speaks Tonight.
Last evening in University hall, Pro- tion is a step forward. We must learn Hon. Champ Clark is a charming
f.~.~. essor Jeremiah W. Jenks, head pro- hos to restrict the real evils which speaker. He is a big, manly fellow,
YJ lessor of political science in Cornell attend any change. This movement brave as a warrior, and chuck full f
0. H. ILD 8& CO. Univesity delivered a lecture before means shorter working days, higherhuo.Hsfaesfwielcryhs
s ~~~~the U o51 Good Government club on wages better education. What wehuo.Hsfaesfwielcryhs
09.41$,, the subject "Trusts and Industrial all need is more information as to the hearers, his flights of eloquence en-
Combinations." Professor Jenks dis- real effects of combinations. For the chant them, and his bursts of pathos
We have just rccivcd our linecussion was very fair to both sides time being, they ds do harm, ht in stir their souls. No man ever so rum-
of spring woolens for men's o h stin n vietyo-tie long run they are likely to carry peel atrdorpol.O h
wear. It includes i bavd.Hresaierdin tunth te protentiality of a higher and better1etrsagorithfelofpiic
eeythig causes, the effects, and some practical civilization."lcuesaeotthfidofpiis
staples that are suitable and de- remedies for the conditions which now h_________le is ai rising star. His familiarity
itable for the season. We are exist as a result of trade conbinatioroe, with men and measures eminently
also showing full ranges in no- fBriefly his lecture was a follows: Inlander Ot.qulfhi.Iisdvtotoren
g"tOpinion is quite evenly udivided on Th ac.quaadr uaru es oltifyhity lisrevsotuiati to t-d
elisi qaiy adsyle it(? question of industrial cmimnima- ter dy in tie form of a special fictionantodyisuenethisicfl
suit the most exacting taste, hums. Soune uwouldi have them on- jinumbier t'here uare several ine stor- lowing. His sturdy honesty, his in-
consistisug of 'rop Coats, Suit- trolledl by legisamtion. Others holdiswitnb tuetueevntftrpdcuae , lv o h ass
logs, Fancy Vests anti Golf that they uarant evolution, andl thee n rtu ysuet dnsrigo rpu uuiaeaIs o h ass
g' fore s hould be eft undisturb-ed.thut secatmnition A Stramnge Inherit- anduu his hateu oh oppession, his
Ttrouserings. 'We invite youmt l vhmoaimoto u-inouby, w.0M . Wb mhrry tells of aabuiitv mnd readness to advocate, do
allevor~rns re ot o b cok rrunmanwhoinueitedt anu atumr-
tall and instpect our lime at mnedu. f emu or udemouce his wide informa
It mmii aense - usmell iwuhich fimaly rumns
"is -asumed that conmpetition rs 311 is prostpecs in ie and leuaves him tion oni all pubic questions, make
uoppousedh tu nommmumationm. This is mnota plusicoat usecu. ththis stoy is on him mimi of the niost selt men in
so.IThe ternm it tcombinamtionmmexists thi syhi olicuatorder andl is cleverly Cogrss. wheneem he addrssea the
mum int hit.mumtua unmderstading between uu muti mm 'm11ss8tatuuemiua CG.ulden Housuae-emsryseat om the floor is filled
retaitmemchant that the plines f cntribuut es a stomyeutited"A Clien- andmthin talerimauecroaded. There
1O .W S1 t ~. geniratcomumoitis shalt e hue ill mit -meml,mhemiis mretutnuhbusyare but fourumohesawmu drea- suh
18EWabr)gtofSt same. It exists, mu a lesunt degree1mm ta-u colee student took soet re- crowds and receved such profound at-
mumwolslebrnh of tade s tue o. a "tutu- who caused their tieotion they ame fluyan Red Cch
Im tiem numm facturng inushtrtes ,mhlsmu i onim oteg andmh os in thu an amitAllen
the degree of combinaton ideends oil nr him -ate }lind thi hndumlot hun Mm. Cak is one of the nmost pop
we av bugh ot he atreof hebuines.Fo e- sssntlert livrenomfmiit thinetulotutumacminmm hss state in soite o his
mrtst th s imkofArtist ampltesin ie mnuaucture of salt pe iiithei sory s tfmuces- uorked omt ut
1 raeasro we- ti ohnumo r the ielut a lity s tie 1 scouutiuujust it1lit t tucihIsof teim -mm
cm OrsBosstorblem shunt consudeuaton md comaticttiomn probable.~st
Materials anmd bite muledtmuocus u-uyuitsnumtie matter of he ticis. tM.BItoillmtihus .mstoni le
mu hesm u nt uoil m ~it B t sveryi sltmm umumuhu s in-.omt tei Cii - .atmtso auuy ic
mais ow ucoplt. ti-ummuum In hu iost- e ass somimpmiit iii' tlts; liwtmhii da u tur of a Fo rdJ
Ol 1Paints.Chia a mumaeif de tsngtmsum mmt -rumsrmu uuuus le
as mmmSiinmu- -I sgenerally bslieved thuat inomumramileu and mirrmes iem naioi mint'
ttan i uhs i l under t chitiss- trues -i Phisin isi mtimir-ilsuhiceuM r.tlMorili-u-u--mv them idb
kd takue hmIn mm s csut-uthin i-mst o ssl l t mm'-mal oca-mc- lfin thu de
imetomaic li- u-am-m im1itsucosi ofminI - mu Sum tcheliii sli-- oImu s ommf bthe issn0
W d" Paray fmi tue lime consumsrm uust pIts tumuioinum-by I_ .51 rsiol
tel, SPhraytis extra cost of aavertism-in n neettesuetbd o h cn
mumumuiltii mium s pei s , im wium u us cli mum teathm-story i emt thi- m bin g cuot ne
mi_ oght hesums-in-il a ncominaion mumrctd hu eth e simm- i ty LmI -m -
Fo irn i tu luc s-nforinut e Itule, s- us-mrule, tinier tim e-uth il nd uctelilsimm,, w tim nuenstis- tiinif
FaiOLD n l mlamu=itsirms mustinistimuli-mitalo-utdersmm
TH oOD rae. an ini i intie~t-b Iatr e 1 i iii5 li ditilatmmi ut husdeth ntm sliem inmhmg o iati
atumd alt nmedaetsy eOn otie othuer h mmla iendmmi- hs- miihtm mmo
RELIABLE u umiimsue ofItiNvelIF5. -I--wudrte a h hndr I uuJ ikno
t~t't. A tt~~tA~tY ua slgtly advi ncedmu plrits thu-mum nt m c ont iuest in erymuu m ooss cor
i~r asA -i'L01 LT . ute timtie succemss nof orgumnizatios stror Olhsm Css
R ~ ~ ~ ~ hc . smnthey consimer srong.
"Atreat sauving n freight mhanrge s humumi l mmi h om e-mqum
also madeinby c oubinatioin. If umm mmammitiehm poeuu ms--
ormni-irtis cc ee m iluammecrin-mi sec h~h 5rhismus ",mby ho- iCP(Itomum and
tiommfimtie cunmty-.tie g ods mu-i-ut -itml mmmriin
tir a fctr mle lei mt--r there.- ]'hie is -iitau tammiumtii nh
Cii gmreshtaore olsinmu u iii exi-h u u lmao1,usihmint mctii ie (//
time iii ioeu mu iant ieomamt mtemwhlea o neOtudum
isiulm ru ata lle e to iemuo o f mm lt us mcitniii mu hn unb n
thu Mmire cman mu mlt com inta ga msmo mn usll um.-l h smmum uism iu nu
mli +mmmu i i iii hTu tatsumen beuint.m tl hn-miisnum cra tv
iitamamn-- mm t i-un
SI ro ila mei t h is 15, of co-ders, a ah iin. lii smuugs umml in homum t a oio a Suttn n- umnofutm
thet um ms'its i u-lu emirs. usmii t u ia illm cn it of__ ucmlmmuniniiicmati-oi-uufhsuomut
mmc~ mis mm tmmas itmimi lu dsi- mml at rt a f eealu ur tmo wCmmdt cIug-benutgi amnhd nib mmii cuhutmulthuisrm
min muumuii miummmi at -a mm in h m tinin s orit-ilum n i s an mp lm vs- tu m mimicminw ais behnt- gai - m
ommaymmiomliince us i m amumhmumum i clum l ( en sc-mumlv mhu-tomm ttich m- iihitprsetuh ighoitcubmtin Ibtcaue
tst tsl s t c in ucas .mmi trust u misit mhmim a lmit umu edasst-. Hc u s---h ou ss linbohe
+ muot hune.Iat-muultrnue ct ui ni insnst meue jmimi-toim-I u s--a mummmmmm rin i da hu e mttuu lhiin mu-mm -miii t-n eimutsof humsfor oh
ions mmvahs-in-mt u mmct--ui Gno a . mustinsitmmay, h-mvec-inim II1-i hintsfho e i---mn-a hi tint-mit--mint suom e.i mm i s
AT T E S DA F UNT IN 1nam e mis rsem tut hiliumomu lmmmi t he tt emli -ms s for I- minattiofito ujc tngt "itueqe P bi
ti 51mm a nummim edginaterstuit ilan I es fr O tui soiticon ImwasmcmlMitn"u -is u e inmm h ci hse iso wetit uamit-n a
____i ina om iai-timoni-'field - ye se rda aumhm-mu I, It Mucut n- mmie -oseakmmy It embuuoiedmmth I aepn
tie she tft mimIt n wagsas-l i -tim i aruo s m Catni tdindlO fll giv ye imitti obsevthn mionewhAcmath
___ _____________ nmmii mmieen dtin ed.umm manlumo -t it ct wan-l min tedSom The-us tte-nd- butasm ne Pinotehasofb hMirkclev
A S L BA Liebestimue~ l Bnuitstheumum wait inver Mi it hpelesus. tommihinsmmof shinlae noral
colgishamin s husea rtam othin oitutu- itottmeworklnem ing rl. ndnmm am-mco nm otd Aien, m cliefTile.mPa pe fd-
CLISPA RMN CY ab-mu-tntoriikemmmcmin - he tcmshe ceo t itm orin A syingoloMrs tathey mg ihoid! nuoifo Tnmcim,, teen
slAy h,strmtinghdi n a ny hu-mitminiu-r di l st. e ie ti ckemmflleoaytwosty:t.Wtinn .Cnis
facory Lead ~J..J~tumu isinguncadey usin u ut mitrHobbens papc~e.Ter onthematic ofCee le-a
eton. s ca beoffet C chuesdnt PAC.Deeuhhed eertfeterdaysIl Tphysic
niagmoomlud.otintinnat oa umuu f SCpeyety M. S esh" hlosluthee Poh owsinpahm.Iaouteo
B A odseus ly refromtho ped a tonatu e Class of t .F .. 1-Smuthwi t K t irk a payesterdays eproce edi gs to, "e the h-m
ER 5E'Y 5 om ofcreusumCenmratDonatAt prosueLathes todacilhegienin mondeaysics-
0amu f he toemny eawhoeoelbsemalAsoclalin-aMeetili.inofangsu asfTacigElmn
Onlt eesturoe ndeand wlldaesnfshSteering Committee Sat- Conty.M.Wlia .Bts

In New Styles andh Patterns be the manufacturing and the Irons- urday, March 3t, at Adelphi hall 1 Thy christian science church set-
portation interests, p. m. vices,' will be held tomorrow, after-
"Men and capital shooulhe, allowed noon at. 3:3lb in the Star of Hethilehem
to combine as muca as they will, pro- "Jimmy, Hairmd, the well known for- hail, corner, of sain ad Washington
vided publicity is given to their- do- mner captain of the U. of M. football streets. Scientists ill be present Ironm
S ings. Under that condition, there team, was -married in kumleago last 0etroit and other neighboring cities.
1~JAX -i I S would be practically no danger from evening. ammLanager Charles Sal -was Everyone is cordially invited to at-
-r aeigo tc n other evils, a guest at the occasion, tend.

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