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March 26, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-26

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VOL. X. ANN ARBOR, MICH., MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1900. No. 134.
THE DUAL MEET OURS.I not been namned a anmember of the ANUL DRES
Deleatd NtreDam bga place. Bliss succeeded only in doing
Michigan Dfae or aeb 36 fet 7 iscles whicl gave him second Annual S. C. A. Meeting.-Preident
An o n e e t Score of 43 1.2 to 20 1.2. place over Pick of Notre Dame. Connor Faunce o Brown Addrese
secured te otly oher first place for his
An o n e e t Bwhat proved to le a most interest tems b runitg abeauiful race in the Large AudienceA,
G W L &C0.outt et frtssdual issdoor smeet from day ein adUtdtneivesrsityo nsn
G. H W LD & O. Date Satsrsla ni 1t by coseutes 48 2 secotd, whichs is resmark-Y (Susday) evening) isUiest
Norat eShs avn~tyasoe ably good ttmesor lthtie tracts.Vie four- all,, was a notable gathering of Univer-
at 43 -a to an -2. That ostr score tess laps swbichs ie rats saakes te dis- syaslow pope Amstllheets
shosld be ssssttcht greater tass sial of atter somtethsisg ove a stie, which boils belos ad in the bacony sere o-
We have jost received or line our onoostctts was scarcely expectesd hy makes hs prformsane still sore cred- Tesrie er ispeI
of pring woolens for men's the mosstenthtiusiastic osf aour rtaote -s, table cupic. T esrie eesml
Exi'setemaentanss at a hisgls ptch durisg issasessie. Ott'te pafssess were irx
wear. It includes everything in Busi its movr cases thaassntaste th ie cat iterelay race shisshlawas oseof te iet Agll, Dr. Fausce, pesidesstof
staples that are suitable and de- ciaioss of te hoosiers siss fire asd is aseietsever esrasshretacth aeltas took BrawnsUiversite, iDr. Geso, Rv
sirable for the season. NWe are ontlyaoe insstasce diet Nicigsa fall ito tite te;iiandtsi e tofsitNehiga' ssastrsmentss Rv
onlssrinedi asshiss mctsiisie tt 'Ntr sarted M. Yosuntg, te S. C. A. quartette,
altishovngfsu a nge d stiynl e rrr teostssisssciieesieese te isallirollitg livusunisits mi.sats off lrebe Clef club sissdtPoesfssoStanley
cluesin qs an oretye dsa vtotesloose. TVie oe asic ewassthaltti5is is.feet ad iis ig gsmsey ass Iis t its'esorgnt. 'Tie follointg rter of
suit the tost exacting taste, swh ri i t sheas cmpsielldt ivuidecl nerv. al a s w-isieslie tste eel sas eeesssa eiese
consisting cf 'Top Coats, Suit sss esis essNit st tsieise ddsies to by Icseib]Crusho ailtesite astess cssws lwd
logs, Fancy 'rests and Golf vsutis wheniitet s onsfv tiidit~ieidenof Note iDamsestrunns tsiosiposlusts eti.i
Trousesrings. Wie invite yos toset hat w e wosit a ke sall ite tpo's. InIts he d stan e iedti silte slase t o Sssg i s seitsy "CseiT hioit A-
call andstinspect oure lssr at te events of te reays clfstil se' assd isdes tyasi pd to5til, sgo citite mtigty Ktttg!"
shr s tes'Diasie lookiedifol hestlis isse'of si~ t ssites Sseonds I Ts sreslt Sig- Sig Ialalesutasitfsr lT s Name.
'iiiii ostse seiehsisal'vseesectsdislifei05oniasdifferent S. .iA. ~~sQattehee oliubl o hytiled(ttt.
Wuuut-.is siten fomIdianwer'ii headingfoite Bibile lr. IGestn
d s iss t t ie rsie ests inAn tii uit us ed5 tvioiitie sartuiis n and- sss
bo ise ro d wsssliege itelargest spaddisdiiCouse. Bittwhitester thes sies- S tg...
W IhLD 'S ver gaed a ssml a otins\Va-cute wuldamuntitotatover 2 ards stiesDaghte of Jarus ReiV rgr
108 E. Wa shi ~g toD )St. gtrai~,adCtuitC henti teun eta si a, ''el lf lb
055s. It '. w t lasures that wet ecod y eas4 ls mmary: t t yar s as-fist Snsg...."''ills
We Hve ts t utgi t hlie.(sheat, s is 1)N. D, hfomstNift M, T ie y"(r (ists frosts Eijah)
A r i t thestok fArtist 'i7i'sLwl at u s ii bot CtihSiii 'ecodtimsl isse 4 45 Seon ssiI. 'eondiiheaditrshiv Ceff Chisi.
M tes t fronsWt- sitLitblce, M.,swon 'aces sees',ssecond; Presidentetn itinsas'ort assetfeel-
i at r s seaor e s ook store til ft iest tt i es stsbra testei see 55atte 4 4-5 'eto s st.ina e t s oss t uh CIss5r.t tdsi
t now scompete. oiI. i blee rus a'il irsiit iiit, te aseaond P ry li tt ie'.--- .iie vitII, 5sits sf ifcNthiganits strducedt Dr.
Ot Pints, China ttlite x u sir d~acii w r, 4 isg \.,scnd ie ad n fiefna'shleld o- Isispesdn o rwn r
anedsther Watr Cl- hi 'ivittid
orDaigPpr o assby a lot andsial hlts i ile Ni I si& ute - ii 5 toak it., on hegh, a sidts se a goitsg essigissss untsl
anttBrusesof a ties. i t it y incses c f sthesieca ndu tosi iifet as i s site ianN 5., sudi i atdet ' Anitsetilian td sie ssmar 'eoass
kid.a i li e t e r5555lviidte stiteir t 211 y lisg .i ed frson ; tihto 50 ,w tiof te (sitescvits si t icisiga
osnlnIlli v vs t Iote loo Haf ml rn-lve, I, s i:udr isvi . sgussi'anc' a'iesai discurses
\ / ,J ! " 11441ne~~~~~it .ti 5555L-di oniiihsassacslitulg t: S it .D, sit ins2uuue ( pn" lwam dr tuetsol e
i ider S Pharmracy itstichh t ntieI s tu . HaIrle st le.aris thit coesles ttstion o riltsgs avthich
besnabtis hol t es orts' rli step, as ci i I v ii jupi yv ,A w n heghtestis llithe i le.t"
t;_llwuld crtaily h a e se sailsth fet o mh a cen, eod
LU Furseveralweks were s' saes SIte tisme its'stlithsestheats iw~a i'' astea Ne vi y ti ie dii'.o tttyifiphytil a t i n is a tar
THE OL n nlaigi itsokfrteI t'iit set S ncsa a .isaiast is
boys, aidnewiareiready th4tsar SavaSendtasis-h st slts"5fiftyi'ei 5rB iasvaseicoiniicredisti
toysfel etlinte'or trIV II ii l ie's' oppoes' hs ad cncededs i e fristters 17 flevi'7 mahsistici' i Ii'' N ass it and5 i tt aa tie t h tasis isesovf
R L A L f ii tee rand UNB ACO. (ig aan sa ace m the lutrdlesandass t h s l ie ; . sut tus ts ealt t ies t ssetu" il'is'iiiih'cis h
I~Ise e 1.it. 'FGa .3 i'.TY..t" t u b t 5t eis si ttauasesi Icle ats aud leNi i s +rtat I iituiti D. t on tes is t ilite cicnt acusestarsas ise ar [hereg
IDi g b t ieo o etc t the \..S O d tit,. ii ss. 18 sut a s t~aaauas i tiugs issss'
R. E. JOLY &Cx o." cauttia tat lltus riway.is ieu I (1d n edutin huh.Fa a'
-- - othr plc wihtue sare s ets tie Is sitse- NAi is'iig.as -"Sta ,Le i- f sitshtsa God i sa c canv r hasdistsubed
(lici t, corm m lstat s srg <its. s e tu nes.'.u1-tit s, eeta'.c titun fromas Notr l i r.iticiasilititi as' Bitt;d ates. 'iii
N E et vul t ea a sitc eait y55ntitlittlt "visiters' assititass saty uth;
a0 ieet bincuthles ahischiws tets uc an i 'Footbal Games Wtht Purdue au at a tatrtssh adif pri..an
[ uyoC esec'nd d ad s li ctd oot Cas Shoo -DteWth Ilioss Te Bible has been analzd until Isa
CAMERAS tare ime 2: tu}fo treord uli(a'attherSchool let.HDushis
su un a 5 satultu tatl a'. a itha e ie ed th q esiosiha
he tr Iig e is ss C it, I a'''tt ,a i ll us iic r i isha sue C nra t r ie oth s n rve sesi ak o l
cu ts s sis ve' ii t s ri S iiat ut i ti uuui t uil uud1aog . ttutltne wth C c S ie tic .555 ste t wu ld he enIituireli rrtic vai t
hreft mgieCossn eB e r 5 tsh sa N iia tIht t ineix i ol., i ti chtrto e p sac't \ u \bo a eu t putst saerausaass f su
racesLu[i nchesiit ts t c iia. u latih t 1ttat 5liits ot.I ;. :\ assis wt h a Otiiss.inight0ustth ve sbe ace e s i
ca u t ig r el is'vheiyi rsai iss r l agit[ wass il s e is 't iaatet{i s titlhei oldsaid I l t itssi t Ht e ii i; a-
t tie.and theiito' suVs i ivi dedstatis t sets' s t g sdlt ituan i liii tiths t iz byaser"s and sl.c hit as
befoL e.N ComPH aRnd IAee 0 1-2 t A t ets aiiel 0'thur at's'' iii' Ni titantis 1s2stoasbelat eisle . e ad p rt a nep eai n o h
them___ and__ get__ the__ new__-_________ 5i ii li i ia'sI'ln las ' u t 'a ' ei et'olal l stsues w it lit e Scipt ur H s arct arc not
liie ..le hald ie55 sIiOti iidt isalointe ni ts r, aI hali' s '1sssS sa3tat,'atelet ansowaa'et I see'ir' alat isot
Stec ti loodedsa lna tt iwhisso iva n tslcha ts'eersAto areattac h a (t ldeat ndish Ieiat ona u rsa ldTaeGa-
tends Notre Damei nj rdssl ii ba en'rlu c hs' altars' g' Wd'Nh aclta aids stash tnt. aissuea s tels p iri ta sasse
CALKINS' PHARMACY a itg b ~sIstist'it tic'sulcitiS1apiets'slailt 5asal ield ,iti f, ~i otl~ atsotewrl.H
r, i e i a 1c asletdtn i iciga lis a roostat t 7 t'. tisi ii (ut 5.55Is Ci -sbleiti h
arraisgeets ahat statejuas situt tatstatist' 55 tformat i te al"Itlis lwsrten,;"h
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Sti roav en (liset tcuts l aagia butea ais i lrh tstc ess isth sac ssu iuteShhahdy Jssisga
V A 5~J5 ure nst winne for Mihigass set ota1dassail as ttosil situased Haiv tard l Test r aoentswhichtoldwrinii
g: E E N et Sasuva sh d Ildstah e l t. cod d o.was Ya le m tc rd r t her ha r ut'. ott str t h oat lt e p it i i ol g - H v s Il- ot e itn s M c i a n o t - S il i s nes ulva 1 he les o nllse
1 L l fees Iry' shint ii s.Isie it pla 1ith , late t itlt uac~o"snOtair ow\ic- fCssassuassttssCs hs risasbroustas tare.
ii~vvv))) r n e t oe br at frmet n8 icshesy-an Darsoarratged isgae wit uruea fs Ga t x os m ah it i err;h
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gr~iving wIlcigsanoa sama as ne off ~nit patt-a-l7atheaalliniga ewill havesoss he ad opeter sig ot oalosa
______ pits isaesenrt. 5illonbie l scare n o e ro per nlesiltngo aho rCite enttofor pliac od 'Vela ssarst c ntansIrae's

staood 32 1-2 tos 7 r-z, cunferenice wsits Stagg, Huff and bia s- aet h old ra hrc
Notre Dame twon lir first place in litter regarding the football nix-up. ueag otewrl.Getcsrc
lANAI the next event whets Eggesman liner ther No rejptylass at yet harrn receivedto tert recogizie its historical imoportance
W1R4Y11 1 shot 37 fret 7 isnchs. Seigmusid had Miecsigans's offer of an early Junliate and msolding power. No man can
thrown it 38 fret5 inches bht e trhad for a dual steel with California. (Centinued en page 4)

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