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February 21, 1900 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-02-21

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In Your Inside Pocket
Is whayouacanasaveonaasaitoravercoatadelta youaardarbyaus. Wguaanteea perfect
fit~or ao sale. Calladsee, nasobbigatiaa to bay. OGa immese assartmeat af aver 3,000
saplswll plesayoaa AllWoolSuaits and Overcats from$a%00up.
Goodrich, ah r& Murphi, FotRo vrFrtNtoa

Headquarters for
aad Casaplete lisa af GYMNsASIUM
Gaaaa aad SWEAsTaaa.
334 Sauth State Stree

To Have

ad DO YOU $E4OKL? _
Co.Eais and laso seet.
and ...... ". ....... 11"pitlal, $50,00a. Surplus, $30,155. Trasasa
Rtaee c I, K us'PasPrs. C. E. GnEEaEVice-Pr
PIttSbmli. tksn , tot - 5c FRED.aHBESas. Cashier.
()Bl-1h~li 17 o a5So Ass Arbaa
4 Brunsoviek Cligla's for - 25c FIRST NATIONAL BAN K Oraized 86a
TO Hold 1 aBl tlllby(iaa e Capital, dis 05.Surplsad Prosits, E40,000
Nllllutbs.r:Trasata general banking bsiss .Foreign
t 44SCE. AIN ST., xange bouhts a nsd said. FPshleataers o WH Ao
_______________________ ________________ E.___ ). 1KINNEPres. HARRISOIN SOULEP
morro . hat ePr sa
Is YDaigCard t the Athes To Calendar.' S. .LARKSON C~irro.TusaFb 2-rsmnItv"'}y n ibiSvnsM
)eaane f hoe leerfal- biauis Elks, all.LapstalSock.$5055 SttlusX150Reore,015000
r 'iii ,i- a itti a l gert ii iat lit PF iidy, Feb. 32'-A Persian Garden," Rscss-la t1U t5
\ii - stOlrgit1100ltail(anized uderst thet GeneralttlBankingg Law
_\tcrsdear ort ol~t1< acc;vI nC orlUioSi rit es.sfsaisaStats. lReceives depostits, bitys and sails
AUT~snl 1 al i r ila oftheL i g vaisi ille viler- S l IsturayFe 4 -Inadiouittrack tsie SttsDasf biss caed o1 siprisdenbstifiton
stisBsieSa ea v a- s i 1der 1n yilinaillnl(8p.111l.Safety depoitboxstias rent.
iii s 10E isOI MHdaPEeO2y e i(Planc , Vseesa sa ;C ulsasS ksPrst,;W. D.r;lssi
si h lrcln ~ lsr.Iu l lsad M na, e.2. 8 A iny an st iss-Prsreel Ciasa.E. Hissasia. Casbier; M.
PRISO N[R E 'lOPE w i i indiouib tedy e hissed sswi't s tpiconle ctaiieaonGcttniburg inII .Psitz, Assistatas hie
Iciltb- taht sma ll atmirersiiniti Unilty club aiaiirso Lnitarliana short)l. o. dJ. BSTs,Pasi
I ai sIc cpi 111 i T l53 Vs ednesdsay, Thairsday, 3. ) l* A, E I t c-s Its
hnakh upntheirsutpporttseybiintsg Friday, Peb. 27,08,March 1 and 2- Jr sCa Wassa A fit.C atiersR
that theyI(1aloneis e i ts to icostiute bFarmers' Rond-sup111Institnte. WIN
Coh n 00th wol et staet.iAongtyh atulrday, Marchi-Han. John Tem BhON
moreitprointat forlti iihise asans corln-lpla Graves in S. L . A.courseTransacts a general
aiMaaBtl~loaSasaa )10itsHismansBSssiseJChallnger, SnaMarcsh 4-Anti-San Sun- BankinaglBnsinesa
H. abrMae Mrdt, v ele .Grant, speakers. - Makers of
320 S. STIFITE 381-t 1 Mario od, ar its Dcli titatills Lot- MiodayMarchs 5-David Starr Jar- - COLLEGIATE CAPS.
ase Ettger, Neldalayburnl W. J. Dss dartllPrsident af LelatnslStanlford UGi- Z GOWNSad HOOS.
A.NN ARBOR- - - - lU1CIIGAN ingl W. H.,scCart T olly Ht, ThttiVers1y,11in S. La A. conrsa. Rersblsa 5f
A.___________________ KisranIIHarrya SinclaiarGeorge CAPS asd GOWNS.
U. ofh MBarber VAPOR BATHS Lelier lid Halrace Tabar. Tihe salts Stadents asscrdially invited toin- fA SPECIASLTY.
YThe Only Ones in ptyo lnumsbesthirty peole, i seen- pert our rstmpista lines af suits, avar- CLASS CANES,
Shop and Bath the City. RHascryof1this granldest description, whutilLcoas meh's furnishings and hats. COLLECE FLAGS,
soal ates. tiesms505 of tielt adies are s aid ts +aadhamo HRyan - teule, S. Main st. ! -CLAStS PIPES.
Ro m , 32STATEa . .Trjnoskalitb c lat isevatationas, being cultld fraaas-CLASS STATIONERY.
thc most faishioalatic Saly 2H110 (f0om1A Hnevline of ManohattaR Shirta COLLEGE PINS.
PatThe ioyatbat t ,iai juast1in at Wadsanas. Hyan & ReleSPECIALTIES
BABR teato aiipace at515 ex~ciluse beathsem. S.Main St w.KR O
GUfRON TEES SfITISPI5GTION ausidicwoasdciaat ths s01itabihtsS DSIT- jasvsisd arrawpl. betwveen IlPloSeai I
el 5RST CH O F ely r.Th lihas beit ent care-11 tlisa-MeithodistiChutrchl ad the Pi Beta c~titAGO, ILL,
JVF.RSITY SCHOOL lly OF etedad inicldestaInumibci of i'Phtisaousc. Finsdsr please retulrnato_______________________
orgia cm ositionis andisthalsthe ai lisa stewar's aoffice. -105."Asiet
D"A N C 11N G o a m st itresoiueschortias-wtit alt
DANv-11,Cas INGeatyoatailia SAY BOYS? \HA ~~jpipeful"
0) ss at l a at M c a sta atassatlassfind i int'e l down toorsi call atlthe Nails
adosbeginning lsO Is e., otop. n 1stt<u tat wl its tr 1 atH rnsret o GEC/oe rao
PINK BROS.,Instructors \ itt Hostan ci a 1 slatstpieceIl issSstch61e rit h iet fo 5iVE., oe rao
Ofic andAcaademy. Nickel Call, 334--3306 Slatse lsabe staof titei a llcfortsIandti halit IV ll aaii, ia lbEs ..,
"________________ 111IsCa l a-thiseA Hotso lanlatts theirisorts analana ,saa -
AnwlnefanhttaShrt__ut . D glish Curve
thm SCA OIA FE ii aiit~ii u t o th Min t reelt. tc 5Cut pipe to-
t psia 11111 I ts t astving.
TOnre011 is-afossthesstehoGirbacco is so
$3.00 eits henlsithars b1)11d twilii ve1.a1n cub tWednsay ev00011115at 7 so'sloc
L.AUGHNLIN FOUNTAIN = iiiittiis anuocat thc.LitItfalnatin 11roons C.pulr..
arinv~r tlls t. H H SUiIPHLcNLeader.
PENS ' _ oThe curved
frlysasiinalct i nm-ou a le ofU the etstie n E 5ATIi E.a] as a]CTtin box that fits any pocket is another
1 ~~ stock of booka, Woh allP per, iSaioarly, Oistlila BUScatS aisHaTHSta Itil AilRterpp
lidsssisetc., etc., receat-y owned by W.X. IWet- P Pc t tlii ~ 1 eao ooacohsee
seaBACK and osier p001$1.u1tfor t. smore, iad Sousthl -Mains St. Anctaiot a ae smayfredsi s hota ie
l' ~~~~~~~~salesswilt be eandaleted ecstsday (sxaaeatmn redsi osor ie
-s et Monas) at 4 ae'cc and seven LtOST-Atlt alst iouht's conscrt is
Ifistasu at s adotst .n. crtail alilHAVsiOEat t lst111raglaaIt disappoints no one.
Any say you fgureait PROFIT P Wil Ga. Ga 1101issiaa This Least ioa tillk l a sOsch ors otale cogra cit
SChalice. osithemos. h F aiisder laveatSccrctsary's A trial box will be sent to any one
'' Thi is thlabst r al 1 IsreII . h-I .easur, Trnstee, officeas alas ot i t 451DThotpsao for r- anywhere on receipt of ten tents in
is yAttr a siO ss Parsa 11 sTSisisGOLisD________ Stamps. Address Old English De-
PI Olyoneane to a dalssa Gcs Dasjo anod -MtandoliniClotbs atGless Hanto taid-MantdolinsClusoat partmsent, The American Tobacco
onthA itsalcar.11psilansti iFridasy evenings. I alatisFhriday cevening.aCo., III Fifth Ave., New York City.
aszmindea of lisa give.l e lr eI>
ta syour ordeis ntesarty-riaer ~r5'5 ___________________
gensastyleids MdOennesriisi Ps~ssrc~ALDnINGS Official
LAUGHLIN MNFG LO.pnigof SpingWolns..-
529 Griswold St.. Detroi+, Mich. 1Woolens for tho issng aaeson base arriaedE A M
REFEREC: a the nsost exteansive line ever produedihere: Jtici rvu -
3n inkor Expess Co, an i officallysadapted b te ai ngI'
y Bass s spretad on oar tabias and non open faao1r Iol eyo1uai 131
to____________ smaike selectios. We have niade every Clusbofl teCaunIrp
na spa a a as a fn a55r 5 a s 5 5 .. 'cota)"lssasas 1mp5

Tr yThe... SD
tO0T Broadwaty. r07 BellPhane

sadadrd of our tailoring indt to promaptlya suase IWIu Tennis
aerve ouar oatrotsns. esiciltyour tnspee Feo astluu Athteis r
F'tton at an early Sdite. Goltf Gymnasumss
Spaldiug's Official League Ball o
Ib th OfialB0llofi tes ais nal
0 WAGNER & CO., Tailors, Leagse adallhlading coltege 00 ue
-- 123 South Main Street. Hgansme ato"dssA.G plio rs
afsAkleis Sort NeeA. Saldia n g rs

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