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October 06, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-06

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A i,,.-
/ 4-

NFine Fall and Winter H
E Suitrings, Golf Suits, E
Fancy Vestings.
.+IA We Carry the Largest A
L In the City. L
sets nred.iss t td o po etc
$..ad s200f oly wattd
336 Soutb State Street.
THE OLD FrSevlwekt:s e,0;ntv
PI'Ptof-3 Ai- IALoPYl1.
4 ( niipleie sets, part of set
T or siiigle istl Itiflit. \\'e *
iT thtink oe have exacty wihtat s
yo we iant ani we know ot
the pices are righit. Or 4
ease0ls for ive oinstritenilt
ent nal o v ee rottetlill) a-2
cordinotg to otgestions [toronti
Dr. Ynzy.e
For all De partments, Lawo
and(1Medicali Itoiks Bting
in yoiur old bees for ex
chtatnge. College Statiotnery
antd Blank Books, all price.
Writinog by the pottd at
15, 20 and 25. Make our
stores yur headqaters
Two Stores,
UN V. BOOKSTORE, Opp.( ourt Houe
S: Stat ht. Mao St.

VNN fiBll , M121,FRIDAY, OCTIMEl6,(3,99.

No. 11

Extra Numlb r Pobable-Seeral
Disttnqaished Vsitors.
nescr. ete c calic-o clo uolalst yer
ihe board wosanc o carotontcne wit h
mi otthe p troseofecringoCOtcseveiloof
themoorootoohecorethitsyear 1rtstot
temodidt sot retlyoty atll o taootedtat
tiocy ver Otto I Ic tocooe t-'tItos 0000
oere tforhiotot01th ootped Idtecoe
motto-up totoot 1,00t t. too ent hw
co-r, lttersNc ere rkcico-ooom 0000fouritot
teeen,0sttng that teyc toPt tc- o
cept thte invotoitatott-toe1o-rot toole
are otttonubil't 00000 tootjo t. tow-to 5 -
ofem acm-r-0-sptcootllye promintttttbeoter
the Arnnanpro,.To o totooo.too
tonim ooe t~otAnAro s Ottthe ttto-c tot
Chiclagootnet Wor--oteylitilootlotteit
thot celebratto, 000001x%0ill solt ofhre,--
it not onthitcrwor-orotm-Newoor k ototo
Chicago, ono te rtrtipo.10it is00000
extpe-tcttiot leatttst oeoftortnt t-oo o
accrompnyttymnsGag c.mlttappearton 00
thesameoigt.o Tt h ttntmeso ot tctc
me lnoott01b000 odivoltedtountilottot toot
0m00m00t. t10in suticttoto sa th:
covry aitootostyan toottinothe ltUtnitedt
Staotes 00outoi, h routoo to citorLoin
towitOtbetotendorotd0ttemtotd onlytthoseo~
regentoo to tlts toot tot-toortort ftoth010-.
Varatyt Scores One
woithoutt ttentot yeserdy ate0
iotoo. lThi alt csoclvteoobahoto tno
forthhbetoecooteto oorotyo inetofto
the VaricyandColege teams, lot
000000 tii iasplye ote hallt i
higho. tFinlly ocot e ol1Igth It-- tol
legh otf o o oottheloti ~~ -) .atot-
ton Tehll loten ;M 'oI h
tooo1 g ootoloo.t 0000iIty .-adlnD
ohey werc:OttotltictoorAi vr 'l
tubigon the tpart o1'olltas
The Wash eseot out t rr se
Large t,'ntds .sot- totct~st
Torat isto-- 01atcy ottitlsOtshte--
na ountyoo.Fattt oothetheetoocto-
ooda stat;'00 100000l0wns,01 t t 0 -
teud'anc th -0ev 00000e0 teterhoot
fatrentht tow lose i loo
otethe 000000to hi tr nothe Ibusi-o t
l t - to---it tc-firt houttt hIto tooto too
too etx stoto taninct vot
ath toot cciarcitysuallytfoilltt
soot1itott tee t n so me t veit 00000 go o
vegthave dbepnysnhotlottTtootsmcaford
ee tootocc 000troto c totents iave ienot
cthe faro coper0 tay. ytst o ti hemorocoth
not iteretron re stok ottryotro
istorosoesciallyYteoaytwten lthae
and thec :Ia tit
A foota-ligme hetooentite ongot
Scoaltand Categ teanms oct00as e

The Mass Meetinq Tonight.
toetoossnmoeeting tonigotto-to misc - to
tob ote o on ouoalteroest.0 Toe mai-
tomet a expede co-eo- ettort to,
motor i1 suc-essftul.rhco- hasvc trovtrot-
cd musctantd otteohers on tort oson,0a-010
have mnoade ottltpossibty 000 otoeon 0015
fnt the acomoo datoionoofo the crtoowd
Motofe the 500001itoes tove pomisnoed too
ottoesotina odyoototdotm00y00ltdioucot-
sidteot theo s oilhoetpresent.
The msoototwi00ottbe pros-toed b he t o-.0
oof Itahnd, andtiht ot=leooCltbooitt sitg
severtat numbs.b o The tolotttonbg losto
loot ot thc opeahoerstorte occasitoonot
PoftenoorsA. H. PatengoltAndocec
Mcauglint Vice t-totLae, FFirolay
Johon andoo Tto homasttC.0Trot-bloond.
too Plo-tiog CIorrotc 0-lodtetot-ieis,
tta0;iSeretaryc c awteots o the hica-l
toooAlumni s -oitisnon Catain
St10 ie PresidentAoo,oDayond00010 0100
Professor Wenlecy on Press Crfticaem.
ParofesorocWeley intormsouto tocloe
hato learnecd sevroal inte-resting tbitten
tfro the polit ictusionofiothOis tSunt-
cloy's addretoss. 01 tthe tiotrance of
to- pot-no tomnchtatoe pofoontd thoaoo
Ito htatd imtatgined.Fatncy a wocttr-cpre-
to tootiot. too pass jodginottos on the Sutao
.At 000000 sitnattion00000is so iltl-infotomcd
as too suposoc Itat rtoOrtn n
thc Tranoostol atet.toreign owersctoo
eachto ttr o inte 0-toot-nse oroho ly
as ('fea tlttinatodtR100000.0000n~
to tticaiontg agrot 0 000010000,.his tonit
cousOins that the Sootch 10haodi-sloegot
00000 otO .hcot toe teoo0000 se 00- tttinptt-
roetra 0 sohoc in 0000 wortld. lHt otO
nn touo ttothat teunorotunteSots01000,0-
otooc 0000000ty-tooc torenot hbcoot tore -
0-0000 td by otrosof 000Otlot 050 0.000ott
amty, woive,0cchoott to ttee ct loosea
aototooiotttor ofthtreaotenintg IL-
to to-,lolo it-toa,- shitsco l l~t~ o
00000 1000goit pove00 islotstn0000000000's0tot
o tot lo 000 100000 OttO UW i$ls0
0i01e0stima0ly01elpOtto po-'hscn 1
jo',1"iofocootso, efietti o

Good Government Club Annowe,
Its Lectres For the C.omng earY
Thaot the studelntos ottthoetuntvs i tya
Mihoigatn tre to bheospci alty 00010 Ores
cot in the maotter t noof lc teture to
yeare, seems nworaost-ttoccor-n
etuiton. The exccotitoo-ccoontt,>
thod 0000v(eretont Ctubtowhoc ,
boesn at 0Nvok0uponthe- annu-ot 0.-tuorc
counrne tobeghen s tiooder the otaettpic fs-
ofite cloth, gcvout10111itinototoottn-toor
las anoight.Figtotmtot too-o Ott-ot so-er-
sujcsalotworetoar- 00-1 tkown0Oi0,z-
theto'0000i000 corces, someo co--to ir
attai aional 001000Ianot toterntonalre
ptttions.ITheseroes, togetheroo owits
ltose-secured hy thoeStudets' L cItxt
000socration altt]those to o t willo orot <
underothe ii,-0000-tofto v-ariotos0othe t
citootto totie.- 0000pobably 1he -it <s
wohic-h i tth ivestyIshlos eesortcra
it atsitcle yea-,
l)"otntog to ltto-Sucossoftotlt, :a-
50,00 Olearteonmher ot iec-tr oorh
beentoextended tocoghot. These tsatll
ho-cs secured.Thteotlint is as , roots-
Proft JoereiaottV00Jens of or nel,
Preoft.-'. T.tiemistotfI ototootto 0'on-
o ~esosto ttotoot AidenSm0100110 o-
Ntit higa-n;Ottot rey enoralF -~l
Otostiett,-or Ohio;- Ottyoe 0-tn i(
Jioon ttoTootiHon.Dotitl. iit i-as
sen, of erot ame-ome ->
deof ottteeicctt Fo-derationo' -
bor;-oanoi Senttetioa otr o 11a i T 010an.of
Soutth Catolitna.
oThe-sothjects anoodttes haveot- 00a:
enotireleytotd-rooo"-ie00100000 05 y ithoot
o000 totfthe ae s tiled (oot
monopolies1010 and iooi ttostro-ol 0;n -
tooosooifor-sohe Totitooi tor .t ;
131ot~ oh too tto IotyotI 00000.0 p0
oftiSto N100000 om o C11z., r
trooth-it ot-- t 't h t~~ fLl
cool-tai i!ltrz n31i ~ro; .

10)S to 000 0010 000 Ito tttoInll too-coos - Ojo i!to)000?001 O ot 01iti 't ~~t2 ''l
ls to 't I yo ii!\ ront-oi. vlot - - - rY Ott is o t lt footlo I ct- b ponhit 5
0000me o to o , ofoothot boor li SilOol t 'tttttt t is kl o b 'ie f.
otasiotooo S 0cci o tlt irsitoohaoot bol 0 Oo Itoltointhe', uti.
000.00r tc'litog moos onbt dt totbtloToil 1'Otttlu hooattvo bo.-rsable to ttT tooI
tis- to n - 00100 otoi.e, oad 10to ot i . oto It1- 0 to r alo t Ot it - ctLOs itoco1 tit o t 0 0:
ot u etdcr osed theotoontor -inrotloclit ol sotoo <cootot sot totoarcostitrit
1toorotootot -tittoototaoen0fromtotn- ocl leo 110tS'icktlo for til=etire c oftlirseh
Theohe13 ithractochoMen n T.s ophetsd0tht te0s00fnoteen otootooc (
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dates tondo fOlt practice. thoectoc it rs dugstorec on State - t-
-ore mosooty runnel s atodhoot. isnroiowott-tts desiring to sett ttoketson Ott 0000
thoe tronpects ot a trtp east os a Mtoo-io miotsion ntobotain tten of tot tt F,
oan tetrn too sput themoton. Tioccrosst
c outntory truntning oooilhe started itoaMoketzist219 n . n gattsessO
tew days.(Crkmhph ,othmsot-W2-O00Hf,tto t'Li

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