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February 10, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-02-10

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94 Pai~~4.



No. 99.




G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just receiveol our line
of spring woolens for men'
wear. It includles everything in
staples that are suitable and ule-
sirable for the season. We are
also showcing full ranges in nov-
eities, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of Top Coals, Suit-
inog)s, fancy Vests andI Golf
Trouserings. 'We invit eyou to
call and inspect our line at
108 E. Wasbirgtor) St.
Tis refes tsiabrand oftosth
bruso.esatwil atisedi
defectiv s .
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE COLD Fo ~slweeks01we51have
RELIABLE ba n e aeraywt

Over Two Hundred and Fifty Couples in Attendance.
Thao uiiii Jssiori 1 is hsa i sodin- I l I hot playod alternaielyad there
to hiistory 'is 01)0 of te )wet-c-ai 110 tI Nvec mtill tt1111tt olss
hcst arrasged oos --c-ell11rFie hofl lowing irs IN-e11re oiiplasod ho
decorationtssierl o o vci i ani c ia th oiitteo Msic Solo oioui De-
ale. mamuiothl op,-ofvioiaw tot ;pl ia nl ss Dre01 1 1 lilslad ph a;
hublu iiunt ing wss 5NC ars .e ateoe, c i n itstoter ltobr;dc

Fresh Lan Inherits a Large Sum oif
FrederckiGates, a me ,- :rof sloe
ftredshmten latt clsss.wats called to luff-
alo tests idit to 1)0 prescot at I the i-
1sin f ast ie ltinv Iilt lie is dOelTy~
iterestool.1 Te estate is aIi 7iai51 0110
conistitngof rel stteinh ucty of
Buifaslot s Ic tt ti5 555 05 sit 1an taot
tao 000 itt petrsnal propert ty. Gates
1 0i15 tcito 110s his shareoqoleis 1500 tlt
itilsofsthse pi-sonal pcottty- terth

ist- the sipression ') ithedlcestm
thiey eeudr Im- h lN
Bethi thl iscnp i refsoicl
ropes ofiiJciscytauI l rltatifsi a -isi
ruadiating felsot the cciii-k--ih -a
siege florali till sand 02ia-c lis toi
ste r smlting gasllery:
The gasllery wssdtes-io-iaic-Ias 'cot
si-ithibiitiing andclowlutrt Btintitigsi
dakslu~e colisi itacde ca ery01101 1110
bascksgroundisfosrethe loots.iTheifrots
cif the ibsoothisscore deccsellsdici-lithi
college clssisanitolthe frteirnity ciii
The electrical display iiii 511esp '4.l
flne. Oter toe ch-apers booisithiwis -a
siege -SI" is yelloii a11 1 l1eitt il 2op
tiosite it tias ifati it tll10 -list colos.
_A5 sdssentsitsall "NI"ini tligtis tere
arraesdarounit the gtaller.A aiu
tunes ltiruigthe daclsin iit igt
iwee extinigiuishlec ad csissi o hts.)
o ider isoundindiic hegcler1110l
thc Clii lit boothltthounlDclta I lv
Episiloni. ZetaliiiSOcht-s li, sl-
ta IpsiloIlt Sigmiiis Spli 5plsilonu Sigiima
Clii, lsclsllclssloiss Ith 5Sigills Delta
Viscsi a losi, sli IpilInh Sigmasot i,
Iitla ill o oitnItecs t. iii ilslsIl
ti- s-i-- it he115 riscepion1115 oms. q)-
tabes ere filied ihrie thues heidie
initg ias fasiutiltoriltoilthe.itcrvice at
iltosttoo ools ito ll 5tme.Th
stiltd 111111 dil t c i ce uni
i r ,10o'cock Itwasldiby ss iii W,
Nulls,'LtoPi Mrsllc sndtiss
Prace suds pklis- etIi Se oe

oratig, 00rtul i5 01 De~ s5c ittrot 1E It ollo iii c p -10 5
lisoedutw1101ar'csat"cio indscheisicslenslit
Angefll,5 1. 13. soscottiC. L.Greeneo Sit G tes aid 71 o Ilythtisichis
HI Paiteni i HarUset-ot Soitle, sti. o lidshafe omltetiO ei l 051015 oli
NVaigha n, H. C. cii siio J.C. Kolo n m utti11 515 1losatilcast $500,000.
C. It NanoceeP. C.F____A._.__c
Laughlin, VI B. Hutcins, G. VsWNPit-Laws Hace a Successflul Dance.
icist l sc isi I I S~llcoe Toe Iasst i n ight gave -a dantc ill
L. P. Ill, P. .Ii .. nNi
F. NN. Hodges, J.71 Isecit I FP H.1110 Light Iiif11t11y -Airlusy sansd demions
PiceIH.I. Artron1011 G. L. Mootre, o us 10 sc. lcitioi 101i
A. K. Kiefer, N.IP IBayley I .I.Bid- 010r1e 110 o-itt 11order. As _gts thde
teh, O. 's Idittitil li antd Dr. L ci sasce wa s ntt iiis-i hi si tm itwoi sats
-Mosher.bfoste it wa s tc i - p5iai es it wa1
Till 0 Lotssheltd foratrtd w ic ii colene11c ha
Ih li e ilsts a toh oct01eralfisa tilt iit povted vrs cci . J. T earu
houses andtU of die indcependentsitis re 11s simpt~ly bitpressily dccco, tte
s follow eti 0101 P II B.Hath- trt idtonvn1 ccliiih gt.s h
ilt A n ittS A tr;MstFI J. Hec01r si t mstietdcorum11111 p lot 11od slito f a
I~uiscs its oci t il ~v lii iihe iinfrm t harills.~ i fstilleusartl
Siii ii N5 J I Ros I soTell Il l iwwa ;v nI Iitn thely dse-s
il- _\111 rbo. s its1 Nnds medic seeied Inisilat i st a sd
t-sit;-cs- s .\ -P ttran rs :i ci irst-lac s 01s odits frcti e entrlull st of
Stet , C iao th isĀ° a _ o ti-da oles ooil eporm adgaitouat-
ter. Wardiandlilllllso Id I ( 1 liihe cplyed sitsver ls 01101esTo sc who to
toncl and1 toNM ss. J lvlli-is-c t\lull il ,i cosi o ya1bleiosioisson. I c cmitteeccsi
,,n Arbo1111 iss- lis iu tphriyi lushn, 01rosict1111 thouirsuccssfutl work une
kiii,)BrSio, is is . \[r Win L ut Pst.at dMs.BiMsiclmpol t
-1-, Derit:\],1am ;[pr1c r ene s inid ge s . TN e l llwi ngi 5
{ os y: M s ;iM ~ n Ji ,- a t hierol ces ton01 i tli io 111 lt: t
II icl IvyiVhNi-s.iLJliiisi,,m rb ,te ta lc Bettie 1111 0.il.l Hansi front
5M se 1d .\adLlin(a~~l h eircas ietut.IRice N. Sleants.
.l I'. ol 11 1111 S.1V,1and ftrediWSN PItdhu , clisi

V titttaVC. R liiliis. l5151 Sis.-
1l it-, lanichelIo 5lcilic Iuis;sisNscs
slitaISslii n.I s lc ton VI. NlHiss Jessie
11011mtsAirin iNhs NiNiol I.liiikcr
ilicapii)) Nbss MNianshJiitoiNI0 Mnoi-t
nie lits IllltiNNWoodroi nn s ot iuS 11.
Indli llo uscnils-His I.\ ad tr
lig, Ill.:-thelic ssesMc 1oiics iil
IK NI.111110, Dtoit l l T. . a -
ViColuiliii ().: I ilsRuthtlRedick
Nils:.li E.IZ tumtu, S l inills) ilss
KI. IIliii Sit,,AbSi
lihes t C i-Ms L . Iwt
ii Nliisssl:AW JDIdNi 1 Iuwash-

1-4 Off


1110110 sill: timmcdlih llt lae. H5reiDetit; iNI, 1 5;acotCln al
About '?i ll) couplliswe-rs ent10d lrsitle10s l lsteicul bus thetc Hisss
sitinuberthrt -oglar n hr etile deue -ii - p Stel0lJi'Osslt1a
filomersiac nout a)1 s .iiii' as atsic meil trOit :toe Nisses, 1tim 1 bll 1 5))))iso
formert Juior h Iotsis u llsi1lier- 10 iiscnank c-IdelI iuiglies andl NI-iryl-tiN-
sillcts it oixcelloslits lprodecesso, QO -IcDoniahlChicao;i Nut Syiwae-ellIl-t
featureioof cu-outsndacet ls heittrsitSitulmaiiNst: llhiico I IdSni 1tI,-
nmeofc-espeetMoeta inAro;HssFoec us a aty pcevious l1) .The floouu rluiingld
fhiltlise tllslil~dY s lsuctutut - P1h1 DeltsaTheit-Nh .V.P. Ii yey
sight as is ct-or scott. NWhensthe c-iloresi rs s~c.. R. L.:AhId, Deiiroif;?I Nts
csalcium,,tlights score iit thrwnontheltoi mo C. A.Bogle, oAmt iSrlir; theo Sits
ecs thie toaing figttces staltoitt 1110nySituaiBanfiorcd,Jeanneto uyt, Chltites
coiloreod dresses pocdal kassleidslscotte Thatyec, Emtiily Vecitis Iii !-l CoiClorn,
effect which wsulsinique.o Thy tUItiloJosephtine Darlitng. Gir100 Smiutht 'ss
wass futrtnishedil lipaltoohestra 'sld a Mrs. Dr. Moicre, Detofsil: tiO sRose
basit ationtedl ott oppoiteOof lte il- (continsued on pis.e 2)

unsfiroithe 1Jun~ir, a1111Lsuther IDao
saul NMayorloA- Doinlg froti thtie lorst
Eloquent Lecture by John S. Crosbgl.
Thlere teas a fair sized audience at
University hall last evendig to listent
to John Si Crosby, thes eloquent advo-
cate oz single tasx. Mr. Crosbyis sub-
joot lstst evenitng was i"ihe Philosophy
of Hlenry George."
He tusod matty apt illustrations of
fte theory, antV no time dutritig thse
hour asnd a half that he talkoed did lila
auduience hocotme disinterested iunItse
I-I. Croshp advocates no radieal
change of practice,hut a gradual
transitiont to Isis idea system.
IFis- tiatit if spaic- sucesmore extede
asc-con hhoh 1f MIr.Crosby-'s lecstiure wis
cOld out1111of today'is issue. hut \\-ill ap-
clu i~rve e xt lonhssy -
Dr. Coulter Will Deliver Commence-
ment Address.
The address sit the coiuiutictucotucu
exercises if the Univesity of 'Michuigatn
110sf Junseiwill iso oelis-ered hyJohntiAi.
Coute, Ph..,toad lprofessor of bot-
any us die Utnivesity of Chicago, atnd
fortmely presidenoti(f the Utniversity of
Inodianas andI of fLake Forest Unliversity.

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