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February 06, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-02-06

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94ll PaiLt4



No 96.

3. H. WILD & CO.
VWe have just receiveui ooi line
of springawoolens for men'
wear. It includies eereiything in
staples that ar suitale and (le-
sirabie for the season. We are
also showing foil ranges ins nov-
eities, in quiiity soil style to
shit the moot exacting taste,
consistings of ' OP ICoats, Susit-
losFancy Ve sis soil Golf
Troirserings.ViWe invite youi to
call soil inspect oitulhue at
108 E. Wasbirgtor) St.
Thsfr oa arandoftooth
thi rite.We rreceal
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLD Fosr weks'i weiiihave~i
5-'5'RS eA v-E, 01GAL'Y.
R. E. JOLLYi & CO.

OUR P~RESENT ART GAL- \iAmericanrNvorkPs reprsentsing scenecs irs
LERY tire ULiedriStates hisetosy ansd also eurly
_____ taintric s arid phooraperis. Curi cr-
A Cursorq Innentorsj ofl the Re-ar-rio'-,ihang slice is"Surrendcer of Lee us
ranged Worms ofl Art. Xtutasraiiox."Dirthec south isw'lltire
liie 'srgallesry uscsierrngecby irs nc st t sicuvrced crisi scncsc fromi
N\or dcii 055or Dcirit ets aCiiiry5Europeanihisoriscthecarthalf itri
cisffcrent atitearasncc Iroms whitlint lid cii'iic ofsrierliis pisntisngs of tire old
1as cteacr at this time. Ihelic tre csiemses he mogteeaecpe
rio longr crowdcccitogeteii adi- un sttilo' Is i srslure Cuoncetionis ind
sir ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 tcrheisreastcriirt ic r'iarec
mostlciopieIsf olrrrstersrIn ch
ceneris neosR ph l's fmos"SS
scsi siw r thc noutshirosimsconitaiin itr e ldn a eri is Gsrissorms
tie usc ir ct urs. M s fti ms re cof .si.siscel.iT e th r ictureS -s 0n
are no s r angedi o sn sthe wals we Ii iitr a l sr it istof men s rioDirnscntitn
(lar c teirs hol sirs ri to-s st etir5c s tatll r t l 5sf sircirThrs lrgsst is
lig tin ioftheroom.sof risc irsu precsisdent, Dr. I rime sir
''i 11gitrs coloredcc pictre; res sic tH;sr Abciii iti ssrne iof sCleo.P. \\ 11ills.
isir"Tn esir ourtsciaimsi rsth cla ',p l l sier cassofsoi eirs an leo ei
ac" y Cntn is. I t i relii sn s pthrei I leecr

Prof. Graham Taujior's Address.
Thre Baptist chorcshseas packed yes-
terday afternoon to hear Prof. Graham
Taylor, of rtse Chitcao Commironso, in is
address to tire Studens'rCihristians as-
clation oni "Knighthloodt of tire Triers-
tiethi Cenutir."
Prof. Taylor spokacfir a tiore of the
knrights errans of tire old chivalry.
Tire loot uniticr of life rare Peers rie
very tragedy of history. Arid yet dir-
istisfiedirier stnillreels fortis lo-rt
unty.'lirehprttliarsbeers a seeking for
unriforitiy, u hotie cry liar conic to he
noss fos a rcalusity.
Inrthrisciureecrisis of tire miiddie
aeth fiskngist errant arose. He
rc Isirsm tuly.I-cHerckineicgreat
notc or reaIisyir religion. I-Icsaid that
51 prorserry' really' divided riers, Ire would
riot allots piropcrty to rise higher than
menc.r lecsirutck tire rote of a religion
slar wa s a relationsrhip oi all riers to sire
fthrci od.i Whatlarm s arid diipiomracy
coulrdriot accompilishs, tis man accom-
puished reins irs religion of reiigiosrip.
We'lcomredinirstire palaces of tire rich, ire
cast iris lot reins the poor. 'These our-
casts of riers irstire cerelties of tire age
fell upon iris bosomr as to tire lore of
Tire consciosnress of universal roan is
beginning so darn. Refined mten and
wo'mencr arecerring,"Vie trill he tire peo-
pie." It isnlt tire discontrent of tire poor
thirt promises to ore tire soming of a
betcr day. It is tire discontent of tire
eriilege lsse ls to bircak dossnistire
liii wh5 iicirhld thm.iint ocial
coscioursne s's is tranriscenrdingrsall na-
tios.A greter epchdshan -s ivdual-
rsts is cuosing.r It is thcecepocih of unity'.
sh oileteet irs n asexpressrin
si tis, cris 5e of sociltir-
Sis stirs is ai' ddre ss irith stereofpticoni

roiernFrencsri school' IcNerr tis rcec
tcr; irthirs NE.J.N sir iccklior iinnd cii
tiiled Gourd Fienscd's."Nx s
Plot-laosriSihepirsa Stoisrrm, snotass
esprecirally snotciwsrtsirs pictrecbyA.PF1
rs. Schsenik.IFollowcingis s Ct
sic ParessincirHullanid,"iby J. H.L.
De DHaais.Nexcaniris he ilowiicici cre
of ih ralsisiiii A PRussianrs )ay ir
Sprinrg,"Ibs 1. Lhlmlrski Thoug1 his
is ai sirslpicureit svluableone
Thie ratmosphrii cfct i's mnst stuccess-
fli. Iitirhows a Ritssian lipostillisontcii
rcerrsng' '5villagsc'osis's foggy andclsitdy
din pringii i il thirsssscalIsouch of
the icte rise imo st ri cns ictri i s5
r re wlrs. We5st If hi e dcriiiis 4
he Dic' uisseildorf t i-rile y is a( l eI sj
Skia anrd'isc rmade cc risgrat iss anfir

Bishop Gallowvar's Leeturzs
Sundaylevninsgdcliivecied thsirerdiiecc
ture sn sire'.NWesleyaniGrild scisiatithlie
Mhretlhdist cirrshislic Irasiunrdurscd
hey Prof.'lTrcebloodsuitsrecferred so tire
oblisteration of sectional'in ries so tire
recent star for humssanity, and expre sscd
a dciiie to secelire old chrurchr and tire
chrsclisousths runitcdilto one.
Bisioplo waLtirry lauredciat once ir-
"TheIicre us wcrstubjects,'raid ire, of
mtorc intries st 5 tostdylthsir riscpeculirr
chrsactceristisisof thsclecdr s.
"Vshsci Gouih niceded a dccli serihie
wanitcdl aliprpheit 01ors cirishandcasllcui-
Goid wresists annsof nreir ndcorisi
"''Sri suntin emihs sandsouca

___ ____ - - trine, Inis cif tineflest A uierr'rnuselt scs. G ,' C '''- ' -' ""'' '"'' -i -L: sn eers err srrir's iii arid aron dtrhrie Court-
; _," _' - P i nt Slrai rr'md li - I p tire insst es-'ens urn n-sansie C of a tsa i
snrrnii werue c-inl in fucrlGils,1h11iscii triis ctherg. Orr Dfe-rings iree trass-n to nmarintaims a
* -u - fotri yearshccciitee irishan inee recu ehmnr rhia Iliitin - omnu s sms irineu"m u
Am :i; i~;;saW ts eeemiae ndvtt.h b -su mrfr hoerisc mes fot
mon ti Ih ateni mc isc I urcin frilsemGiio mciif ith isharp e iiis d(lc clis'fo i s eantor tie Deroit
b - MI.i Ii~t~incde. umii hecrum alar tethihic crnt~mss tudces nt bco yreIsI.ris Is etr
7 z, C 'ci hsp i ctit 01 br tinsr, abs u the s d5re illjibe he rd at iesnni s 1uin., n i for a
f m u p ict luresf"T i rimsr ts 'sby curts dit-erso I ntni 'u 1 rCu u e
A. Botgerat . hic s unduhtel} th I wnc denfu mrainn- in lctheo pht reseibiTaiccieirthiDtIi
D t io n r n)tvlal tttgi n tefal . i encustine. c sicdnmimsrro is0 sh-ioa irimen"he ofTr pHis Geis . ie
hio rads f h si torknsmhv t this e nei e of hes orItorrosi or n - s fitheir wcitias sup frillndntof esi
DUD4II) brouhtiii luch a iX75000 Dsiretly ruinsnuns eHanduhmyssionrsin Torindoi nil i
:oath of n d lmiiw' r it hi this stntsr longre siposeeiod, sdoo isthati' 55 51id5555 reirepcu-
Sic is a3 rerun Sictre ' ii'sturicresoneopathicePractitionerswCourse
VeirtrreomiIls--n l itdc 'iris mccl hindsl m vci ensurnn Ii heomr atos criscals 'ie -sf tidnt
I NG ate .. Gtreoun11ds c Dot'ic su y n in r'cus nnuntthuse s ae a isucdoninn soPint stu dyalo itieof ss u e cti. nie
Ile \(inr sin usf thelfnce Gei-nt ris he eserl olee. 'iroiio s aJ n eloue t seakIer uhlmuhf"enuts'.
catShi n 1hism"'is y n V xele:Specun n o is ic'c irttrri en
WjCA KN S 5ofis o ni ric ifNca rft itsist1 lard ' bu t "icy sduesuhehdsuSummeruree- ino Sicus hoo'ilcugu
The _a t. i n ir2se t den s o wuereus -
tinswil 1obalyIe uriced sohissled inint
caPrtle \ r arinntinsdri nll is 1t Iiuand y DrI'rusiannert o Cucchools risolonthen
Ins tir cer~e of ths inii nr sis hisngsuis n c hei lani yIt w~iches thetres Inites Iit. einiU f th us e t uw rei eitcedo
tens c peai doun es t 'f incus honun turnmfnsIrniecnho icr ofentite sto wrsn the s s ri n 15 ft on iilihses
tear fewhfpfier cil hs ofline ite gsameii s e aer s . iey Dsuesi i tisdn ofthlirryho l 5 . s s tossd i54.tor:h
wicaliiinrthof the cincu s 'TeR- nunarmn. Nicysx hs
L~J ~ S in h - unerees ireC Nn' eisue l5iterr7 ''' 18 - hadb'e r- Ii
Arat runs o d'i Isi Scy er. i Tiis f ire Ho ey atiCusstiioe'slurs.m

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