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October 03, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-03

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Vol- X.

AN N \ t14)09.M 1Q11., lIESIIAkY. 1h TI)I]R 8 199.




H Fine Fall and Wintter
E Suitings, Golf Suits,
Fancyj Vestilgs.
AWe Cr~
Crythe Largest
I Stock
L In the Cityj.



3 Sout b S tate S treet .
THE OLD For sveta- 'er3weav
RELIABLE afullln o ?(H'.. -
V 'L3-' ANf'l C3tt ITY.
cotmpi llete set-, ports of sets +
or sittele Instrumeents. We +
thititk we have exactly o hat
yout~ttt titand iNte nle t tit+
S the prices tare right. Oar
eases for five iiostrunments
arevery neat atdtol CtVen-
eatitand were gotten tilt tc-
ir)rdiitg to stigestititt frotm
For all Deptartmtento, Law
and Medical Books. Bring
ini your old hooks for ex-
change. College Stationery
and Blank Booke, all prices.
Writing by the pound at
15, 20 and 25c. Make our
stores your headquarters.
Two Stores,
10N V. BOOKSTORE, Opp.( ,Burt Hou"s
&. State St. Main St.

iTeGerttatn Department Gts the
lsijoritel oi= Them.
this ihitewtilot oa lierat slee escisne
aned fii at sth ,ws0aionsechnge
i''itmst tablttt~e atitionttoitthuiacutyi
is ghat iif Sitpt. Wiitreeittf'Sagtiw,
whet nowte eteri- tponte utties of Jets
or Professor of Peatgogy Prf. Whit
nety titersi two eee tatd retlly escntittl
irses, oteeitoctitd stitdh tatdtone tat
aettis wit teisportnt shject of tits
schoiltasiatic iatl faitofr in ifs reatitotseto
ties cihilt,to te homtie, titheiiiciturei,
andtt thle state. Ontt of te chief di-
ties tf ftsheit itprofesor is to tctaso
cte ispetrfip retottry shtotls.
Thtis is itt oficethtttt is mitoteieessatry
bty ftsegowtthit ittte Uiersity anti f
th ii lm "}i ttiti stemt. CUtiter ftle new
trrantgemettii it is beliciecithattt te ii
spcits iiiofte hight stihtttls of ttisttet
sill ibe-ca-tietIonutini tiituth ttu'-th-
ouighiantututefeittii iristittitihitherto
tand tittt fthe s tttwtill certe ftte
greaterttisaet ion t-of tfischoottls, tic
wetlias if lhe C ittersity.
Itrtli thettipt ~t eitof 7Zoology tres
ntewtintrutoetrs hatv ibeeitatpoitted
DrJeunning, tDritHtottes tutu ti.ieittit
sh ill codttitetteottfrsefrerttl
~riitnity trtfessics Woster tid Lili,
In te isetiti et Hisoryc Dr
Cirs anitt ais of PCianadatasies t
work firitirly carriedi iy Mr. Ahibttt,
into cies titartmtoth.
Tre greattest citangs is ini the (rmtitti
tiepatrIttuen tii ttheiittrtmientf.itang-'
ishtPilolougy tand I tetirtl I itgatire
Phis is duei to fthesatethttProessor
Itfitti as eiienistetmiprry ipiaced ti
chatrge of fth ermaitn deprftet in
addit iat o his other dte.-T his tmttkes
it nteesary for im to assumeishtlf
itf teiork ihithetot tdite y o-
terrir Hotebi, tite y , te corse is
Gotic, tGermantitPhonologyaneitSyntx,
tnt fleth do of Tettihing ioders Ottn
guges. t he corses in Old td Middle
itighi te mtat isill e cetdtederby Dr
Mengel. 'I he work of the deatrtent,
wiihtistonsie of ftse largest in tts Uni-
Tc-rity, dematnds asa he services itt an
tadditittnal in tritter. Dr. 11ilder, who
his just rersd frostiitieso years
course of stutdy in iermany, tird his
bssn tn instructor in German efore
Pihe sttt is true of Dr. Diehof, iwhoss
platc a sisfilled during his tahseneey
lDr Fluegal, now a Professor in Prdue
tniversity. The German ctmses in the
iEgieering cdepartment will e cit-
ducted y Mr. John Di- tel, wotaites
the llacs of Mr. Lanier, now studying
in Germiany.
U. of M. Whist Club will Meet for
The Unisversity of Michigan Wtisf
clubsilttotet for organization at iii
Monroe st., Thursday evening, Octoer
, at i octok. It is a mistaken idea
that only "whist sharks are eigble,
as It is open to ali students desirnig to
play whist as it should be played.
Everyone wh is interested in the game
is urged to be present at this first meet-
leg as the night of play will then be de-
cided upon The election of officers wiii
ake pace at the folowing meeting.

Ftill Trsch Ikt-kh

ti to th ftat ett wttttt't 5were
Inrtal sitch a stiort ti o Mowtit-e -- Ptrcoetret tIgto the (Leech.
ben h ato daiyt-i i--i mI deL prit - hep e s in; ftet etet iii 4S,;
tUcathle -firt d asy if the fill w ris M ysgure. Ii e en e r -dI-,
'I'is-tsttrk-is of inestialet eneit tti te eatqier eethatey het
iithe entatitoe a ongwaytoward -y timettidu rith esn.Itttppt
keigttemtin shape dinglthe Cin- iii iisinalpr tie Stnswis-i ,
dotrwtrklti-i-isthe swietr andlive seend p O&tie Vart -ii1hl,
ih m ttlit t ayi~lt i it'eiiies fr-all lite el-itdit n thett lini- tip titli t
i-bsien--t Iworki. All the et-ers s-see etilee tea-ittwicustsoeed-ilthr L- i
thei hight jutrnp andttilit-vstut isill he ilis is tiefirstcime t thiss etcon t fire
iw iii ftseweatiterhbig ft,, toe ret he1y' tite tieen-it t wlithitttheir sitz,-on,
fere ls-e two.lithoghis Tt'i as beenit it-ee-
Ititsrevil si--i oItaI-ie et itiroisor ut- elirop-keiingli nl. p1 i ng offir aie d- <;r
it t iy e run ingttutandeer-y uone sishouorihe itas t fw vI s
hads etrecitori-anrtunintg is must Inthiitetti ir patel-I thcei'ti~ - tm-
steionglysurie tocite o-ut atnd receeseeondhcle e paedst - itet
the btmithof tisrf-eli eletting'. ttotCinAtrioerthihSchooteamsi W7ift
niess--titlt itt-ienttsiotltrespoindt I -stiiiat ithe coe.iihlt
_1it:ituse Ittie aitiloof is bihii-t for sct t ty otwiged. terc+ynr
three or it list tlis a t erni'l tr ips frt' in the-- iitl i tk, e t - - ligt , r 1 1 thc
Cnielorye utti teigiompetig-it titie a-s. lmdtpos teVastyz
i' i-li. teami, ttee nois theiiadtit'd line- t h tier )ll ii thir -
p tt~metiintg -i i 5 e i g rnr. ! i ndthei b ll i brte -bcka


Cbetesn liiip
Graduation ofHnonmoeopathic Nurses tiwt e mlt li
Th tieourthantututal citorier tieto aftboet iute
toe trtainintg schooel tor ntls-satssitettlfiniallysue eds i
wtihi the Ufiersiity lItto- 1tut ei- I Is- it'slie
hlil trill hl ieldcit -rifday oeeintg, Oct. liihe loitti
Ilit fllotttniZ3 itheorde ffeC . c I- -
Mltusteitt. Citsit ......
Atidrees- Mathato . Ctotield, ..M., il's--i......
NI.D I., 'Ic eloait, hi. Krameri...'....
Presi ettein atDiplosti andittBadtgies K-eley .-.,...
Audtress-W. . Il.hite-ule, CAlt., MiD. itiekie .......
Music. lc eun- ,...-
iienseiiitti-. ,i'uGarder ...,..
The foilotintieis the littfgradutes: Mcheane.-rio..-
Jesse F. Allmatntd, Inn Arbotr, Lilliae Keenta ......
:k -Witritcr, Tiecumtoeh; tXiiithippe E. Te-eleel ..,..,.
Close, tsefo;tCtary hi. gie-ehi>, Ann

- lreif \
(I1 th e1oit
it lit.-it


E.... o
- .....Newsrs

Post Mortems foe Junior Medics.
Theire tanshi-en a cuange ini the past
nertut v-nt-k itt the reuttar medical
schaal. reveoseetthes time the wrk
lies h-iIenotional with the luniors, hot
hy a ri-ccittereder at the feaculty this
trkth oteashroaupulsary boheloin the
Juinitun and senlir years. roe ness rote
nstteiliaCtuatlti-notwenuty asfaopsies
must he atrateedhy a sftudent hefare
Dn,.IWathtin has prepsared oifthgreat
eat-c a protoolspan which the eta-
dent wiii he reqtuired fn keep a close ac-
count nf the ftndinigs, microseapicalt as
veil as te grass pathology. In this
n-ny they will obtain an importaunt his-
fury of all the autopsies held.
Bleloit has adopted the Honor System.
to insure honest work on examinations.
The main feature of the system is the
Judicial Committee, consisting of the
presidents of the college classes and two
addtional members from each of the two
upper ci sses. This committee has power
uo summon ted try tupposed offenders
and to determine the punishment of
guilty parties according to a cods. The
syste m has been in use for only a short
time, but gives promise of success.

Princeton Customs.q
IThe aaphomtaure class at Psinelsi, lie.
trawnrup the faotaowinugoct of rules
te freshmise,,which Neil ipreothsalye-r
o - adotettd hi et
t. IThoushsalt lute-tnine souhersaht
hefore Nassau.
2Thto shalt nettlakie unfo thee^^a
or hicycle trusersni.
3. Thou shalt not weear duck orseh
soils unfit otter the first Irtocett,-
Hans-andhtasehall ga-esit the spring.
4. Ohserve the fedora hat tuo keep e .
5. Honor the grand stand on the i'4i-a
siry fildasad keept to the hieachers,
6Thouohalt net stander from he-,
roams after 9 p. mn.
7. Thsu shalt not smoke on the senseei-
0. Thsu shalt not inhabit public eec
taurants or han roams.
9. Thou shalt not hear false vitne-so5
agaisot upper lassmen.
as. Thou shalt not covet the side-
walks or paths s-hen upper ciasces
pass by.
"All this may seem silty and ehildian,
to the lay mind, but none but the uni-
versity bred ran appreciate what a pre--
posterous nuisance a freshman really-
is+ unless he is taken in biand and planed'
and papered until all the veneer come.
off and the good solid wood beneath it, -
if it i there, is polished into universityi

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