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December 12, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-12-12

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H Fine Fall and Winter H
E Suitings, Golf~ Suits, E
Fancyj Vestings.
A We arrhe Largest A
L In the City L
W1e make a specialty of
Chocolates aa a side line.
Wve sell lots of them and
or stock is always fresh.
Losney's, Allegretti's and
Kuhn's always in stock.
IWikfers Pharmacy
THE OLD Frseeralettceekstehve
REIBEboon. amd new caniredy with
Vt Pr -, A SL EGcAIL'tY.
C hocolates
b Cal hav c cysin
Wewl akdsted thecefo
%Vwltk odrsf o lleet
he facoriss icago .
Have you Seen Those New
Universityj and Ann Arbor?


No. 65.

EDITED BY WOMEN. and the elence are that in this ces,
tChicagesill play Michigan. Withut
A Soucenir Edition oil the Daily. a doubt thie resumptin et athletic re-
A Souenier Edition of The Deill. laome ienest desirable and let It be
The' stmen's edition et the U. oel hoped that in te future all disagree-
Daily till appear next Saturday, messilaeaicbysttedn
ill naeh a very pretty Chrieim'iS that the big Wetern Universities till
souvenir. It sill contain manyin woktgteadfrthgnrl --
teiresting aticle ameng which mi__fefeser _ahltis.
lie tamed "Turkish Education tet Chicago Not the Whole Thing.
Uris" by Mis. Angel; "Life i
Reades ot The Daily will be lte-
tirl's College" by carious students who
oted in kning wshat the University
hate attended Smith, Wellesley, Vas iofotsa thitks concerning her strong
sae' Byr riihr nd ohers "IsCo esven swhich has made uch a reor I
educatoit a Faiure-A Sympopini 'ott the g idirtn thin all. Tetflot-
bty Professors Wenley, Hindale mra itiolippng is taken rom the last eeou'
Scott. it their trimwekly newspaper:
Witatit ii th rartiesline ot Iowa closes the ootbal season of
tesniontet sttchkitill be treated by meat- 199 Chaminmsitt the West and twithe
hesitt the faculty; ftr instance, Po oeta qa liswt n at
tessotsalToitpstotin ndLottetwill gie t tes1r1titutton for the championhb i
thir vsiont "Witmen ini ihe Legal thtnotssit the country. Her record nts
trotosion. 'beeni a glorious one, netcc defeated atit
Tihe life itt girls in ther cuntrie
willbe reatd b Medame An itlith 07 cr to her otionents 5.
tril b tratd b Medaen ng 11 No tesm ast or tiet tils played
Patterston, Walker, Minsees Tomo lt ru~nttesaonwt uhar;
oug, SnnereaerBenO'LelDelcord tin lona'-on uncritssed goal lie'
oilt ig aksnHad arard alone approaches the record
Athletics till be gire a page trutht of the osa team, with bt one field
will be attended to by Mien Kathari' ich scored agaittst it this seaon.
Hini. Potlitcstill be treatcd by rar- Compitaratire scoreutill also plnc
toes tudetnts who are promitent inthunvriyea wtotapern
thstt.tiartir-ulser lte. Miss Stewar i tis cuntty. The twek after Iota ir-
plitiical ei'o.. heligious life of tCeeltolny difetocd Chicago that team snit;
students till be trcated antia. ag' thestine tien againt Ctril td d'-
11l be devoted to ech of the sub eta featcd hete Ithican 17 toi 5. Shortly
iii '~~fterwriosCttocnell eat Princetoti I to
of dres, socity, and literature. .0
tnmber itt "tllege sitories :sin rersesu. OChicoialsit ouplayed Pntnyf.
4G ll.he tth~htovnia itt a tic g'mee 5 to 5. All ofuhih
1 ilshow;shi 'ii itsthat lou .uas a o t it 7~
'Ourcitrts isill bo i ir t tatd btt'
antididecoroten i itO the Ipictureof hs e01' n, t lfrn h
girl vis lih mntib' hocinsidetcd a ____sa__em fte vii7 cut
1osite pirtit itt the Michigan girls. Must Elect a New )Editor.
The ittape rwill be ate artisticOttI xv. IB. Puktis, te manatging editor o
t'lttii'ttiiristic siuvenir of the t ivre"thiis year's Michignensiat, epcts to
sty.Thsere' till hi' twensty-tour lpages' "ieavetolleg'next I seel, thus learltt0
Otdtheb toitles till sell at tntciintt
roat te hcofic e of mnngitig' edito.
'ali-.As the numstbic'Irintedt will b r itica ecrdapoiini
limited thosesoisho siish copies shol t'.ri in conection wistiethe Worl's
givcthir c trders ts any membr iifFair tatd will htvehlilamstieicon tUncle
the board o ittiots Or eteclose it A amspyrlfoon ye.It1
an evilpe nd laveit ith iss ityiunerstood that Mi. tt'sC amnpbll till
i'l, i Iic itrui sitic prbably Ito chisntlithue tifice itf
Next Year's Captain. maningsit editor ii Mr. Pitin's
The sahioct hithe sit elctiotn of a
catintitfr the fottball evin ttortnex Composition in Literature and Art.
yaisbcmitts'attletltic luh tUitgtpc f Po. VW'il.I. trench, Diector of
liscussitits tbotttcolee. It is'siterc- ite Chictgo Art Istitut tatddt'ssd
stoodthituuthe cpta itill be lecl icthe Uity tClublatsn ightsit "T he _4n-
nt iweitk.Neil ttowithts'ely fman taloyhobteencorosoitiotu in liter s-
talkedl ittfr the poitionls intuu till uciturlendttlitsat." Ie sated tht theb
doiubtedly i'tceis'e the honif the rc-ou tuli'tiorseiletn stsbthsie btsis of
turnto cotllege nxt tfall. It is iniscint bullshkittisitt cosmpoitsitin. Te lit-
't hir ntt'tulrtnig'that t' suject ito ctry wtruker fills its his outlinewistli
heilitodiscussed. argumtet ilsi trationi, tassecdot, et'..
Want to play Michigan. whiileIthe arislt ills ii ieswitlb the
'thetittitirng eit ttitt isclilpe ttisteilformti, colo, light andI shade.
fitotmtthe hast rumber of the Chicog kt~echipocecditd ltum e t tle litsb
Wetkly, atndtill vrove of iteest tSetctintga itscii tbjects itheii
forst outlinte wihichswasloteer vey'
Michigan studtents. Ittshowts that not-:la n li n otie h
isithstatndiing the aricles ini the Chi-fndiot des Eahpr ws
sgitdily paplers lto the otrar y the
stuentbod atChiagoareanxousdetsfilledicit andutamtplified. Mnesli
ownsomeitof. the crdineatlriniipes
to hve micblereltios btovertto gorin the atis. Te undanmenl
tCticago and Michigan tntd a'eagr r etci sihtoes i
for a game next yeas:eatt'scti5slyotitnuylm-
"Thi' Wisconsin-C'hicago gittti'ishich liescasutycointsi.
is to be played Saturday beats greatir litiy otd v rutirir.T'eiteure baic
impottrtanece. In the ist place the sit- ai},picleheblnmcuiur re rnicotuty
ing teanm till have a clear claist to
the Westerns campionship, asndsill iiItli~rsttsi 'tt't',itr
change sitotilicitytid lharmony. The
easily stand on a ar siith any teamt
efec'ttetch was illutrate bya
trhich can be selected an as ter'n dawing. He drewr i careful atasogy
champion. Furthermore it marks t" btwen the plan in the cimpsition of
riesumption itt athletic relationesitle Pe's Rttven,. and a ork ot art, shunw-
Madison as well ans wth Michigan and ns 1g lbhe same seris of steps in bsth.
hIniis. Madison by agreement is ft The lechoic wsa enliened by many
play Illiaois next Thanksgiving day. anecdots atnd bright sayings. .

Other Side Heard From.
The Daily publishes below a sem-
niunication from one svho may be said

ta be isel potted n the athetic situ-
alien here at Michigan, and wh bas
been is a position to get a pretty god
line en lbseiork dome at the athletic
field this tall.
Editoc of . itt M. Daily:
Even since the defeat of Michigan
by the Uiversity of Wisconsin themo
has beets much said in criticism f oc
coaches. Fee' take intu consideration
the true facts of the case and the mane
dificulie under which the cashon
After the Pennsylvania game France
isas absent, ocasioned by the death of
his fathem, until the -Monday before
Thamkgiing. Siegnmund wsanlaid up
far a week and a halt with a bruised
shoulder. Snow' eas ick in bed at hts
Detroit home.
Street irso nly out tr pratices firs
days me the last ten. REhehardon wsat
handidcapped by abroken finger, With
all these bow' couldh team work be ex-
pected? All through the year the team
has only thies men cahing, in addi-
lion Is the valuable aistane of Mr.
Fitzpatrick Then in the Chicago game
luck sas against us. They had the
usind, but notwithstanding that act
for twnmty minutes swe kept cntinually
menacing their goal.
Why do mut all look at the matter in
the right light and not attach tho
blame to Dutch Ferbert th nit thieb.
sine he has beemi comneced wsith0 l
Tiniii itas donemtuor. fr fttbal
hit-ittlustsnsmotltutoranutois so eiv'ti
:1 tuu'ec a sut.
MXodest as he aways is in case of
victory he non' shosthe bet side of
his nuatur, asd says, "Yes, f course I
ami altogether to blame." The ainy
"Dutche" last year' coached inners
but osktedlo praise. 'hisyear, uho
ttakes all the banue On it fair?"
Medical Society News,
The rcgular neting of the medical
tociehyt ill be hlcd'Thursday evenimg
hut the low'r lecture roomtofsi the mned-
ical bulding. Thin meeigtill be
very interestitug and instructive to
thouse who sill be present. The mieet-
stg ill be turned utver to the youngcc
memtbers5 of the fatuclty , whoussill rea
hapers upon work done by them. Thie
paperstill be onuly upon the origintul
researchcs as crried on by thenm in the
tbortuIrites of the tUniversity.
'Thcemeetinugnwhih wan 'turned ovet'
tl itsm last year swas one of the bet
hle hamd the incting 'iliumrsduy' eve-
muS'glint's promise itt being' sie itt lbs
best ittetings si the year'.
hum chooing he speakutrsitf the eve-
mggreoInsreitts beens taklen so that
t he unditelasis esswill eceie on
muchttibenmsfiututudinstrctionm as the
ttiper ls.'uueu.
'fle snciey is its a prospeou cot-
ditioun and is earnestly deemred that all
nmemtbes be Itrsint.
Hard on the Bulletin.
'flit' utteilic uthoritis iefused o
allowu the hst issue of the Bulletin to
go threugh the mats an second ca
matter. It non claimed that the pub-
lication ad nusubsribers or at least
sut esough buo allew the paper to pass
as secuond clas mal matter rates ho
editors of the paper succeeded In fiing
the matter up after some cnsiderable
in convenience,

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