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September 30, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-09-30

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_ 4




H Fine Fall and Winter
E Suitings, Golfi Suits,
Fancy Vestings.
A eCarry the Largest
I Stock
L In the City.


336 South State Street.
THE OLD Fseeal eeks w ta
Complete sets, parts of sets
or single instruments. We±
think we have exactly what .
you want and we know that+
S the prices are right. Oar
cases for five instruments
S are very neat aind conven-
ient and were gotten op ac-
cording to suggestions from
For all Departments, Law
and Medical Books. Bring
in your old hooks for ex-
change. College Stationery
and Blank Books, all prices.
Writing by the pound at
16, 20 and 25c. Make onr
stores your headquarters.
Two Stores,
WWRV.BOOKSOREOpp. ( oust Hosae
8. OtMe 1St. Smain 1St.

Hillsdale a Hard Proposition for the
The ceasen sens in Ann Arbor toay
with two gases on the schedule. The
college eleven will openr up with Ann
Arbor High for a game of short halves
and immediately following will come
the contest between the Varsity and
Hillsdale. Bth game promise to be
close and exciting fec tie Vasity and
college teams have hardly had time to
get well lts the practice, whiile Hills-
dale and lbe High School have both
bees playing tr a longer time hnd have
developed team swork to quite a extent.
Tbe -roacises expet to give every man
a show in one or te other of rhe
games, and expet all of the candide
to be ot the field isu'its at tree
For the sore irepratgare,. lie lite
up till prbbly be as folo,
Mihigan Hilledale.
While, johnstort.~....... Hal-lt
Wilson, urrant... .t. I' t E VDw
Kramer, Overetiti, .g.... reb Ls
Dickey, Carrrody.........Clark
Siegreonrr, arlehsiter.g... ..Frerert
Slekle Julleer..r I I ....1.Defles
Mcreato PrAffci Its .....Alwartd
ikeetta wely..'re.I.. .\ lipl(
Te Hilllsdale troswitrarrve tire
mrig otdt ullt thie Cookiotseo
'ie avre we igtrofteifrrrtemis to16t'
It itti's, olitrrIt i I rotably 1)101ve t itt
sou1t for rie rpoitudsligte tanr
theltesm tat isptaitheield againte
Ths lete tc yeterieday sowedr
ttaeke rimrovettmettorrlte prt tf
boht eamrs Th drei ave wtroth terr
tmucrhi itter tanthait sotothe dy
hefoie, whiriore of the foemere ag-
gressivenessot ras5lst1u fete changes
terre made inr lierVrstsry lireup, tierec
beitg justlenought shfting arond 10
keep the iren on rtienxariros sa. The
Vat-oily stered teocer after a rur
feerhaltheoleIthoiof the Ofied by
steeley, who pirked tie bll ure on a
fue;tsh ee ether tirme by hard lite
buckinig. Tie cllege eleven seeei
just rs untabe tisop tieir opontcets
as tieltrter ail been urabe to soe
Staffi Positions.
A rswrchangs ihave been erade isthe
statff srpi tsslsefor feeIhomienrg year.
The staff psitiorrs for lie settlr mdi-
cal riots itt the regular schoiol are as
Dr. Dlok, intlerral mediire; C. H1.
buns, F. C.IHyde, T. A. Hoh, W. A.
Cetrly, B. K. Van Naten, L. N. Up-
Br. Wartir,Pthlogy: . N. Up-
john, F. C. Hiydc, Julia Kimbrall Qua,
Harret Baker.
Dr, Martin, Obstetrics and Gya'ecol-
ogy; 1ist semester, I. K. Jbinson, W.
. Hindley, Mises Snyder ard Cover;
2d semeter, Franki Hosssrti, H, C.
Eades, Miss Dithridge, Mrs. Cleave.
Dr. Crrrow, Ophthalmology and Oto-
ogy; J. . Freund, B. F. Green, John
Stedda rd, aien Helen Affed.
Dr. Herdman, Nervous Diseas;
Miss Kate Johnson, F. W. Nager.
Dr. Nancrede, Surgery; S. R. Eaton,
E. F. Wakeieid, . S. Kennedy, A. Ne-
son, T. W. Fournoy, E. Bates.
Dr. Breakey, Dermaliogy; H. W.
Couchek, E. G. Weadock.

Facultql Members on Questions o Statistics o Football Squad
the Day. -' The Daily publishes below a lit .Y
-The success of the business men's torty-hiee Of the mst premising candi-
class of the Congregational church the dates foe the Varsity eleven tis fal
past years has been so marked, and the and gives certain interesting statistics
demcand has been so great for its cnr- concerning them. The oin which
tinuance, that it has been deemed ad- each player is a candidae for in giver
visable to keep it up the coming year. together with his tweight, height, an
A very interesting and instructive pro- age. The list is by io rmeans cempieb
gram has been arranged for the eom- but will give some idra oc the maleril
ing year. Only those subjects have which the coaches have on hand.
been assigned which the committee Pos. Name t H.A
thought would be of the greatest In- T-Wilson H........1557 2
terest to these who attend. H-Durant itt......17 -1 ii1
With three or four exceptions, all the T-Lursne ...r.585 2
:speakers ar-c faculty members, thus -H. White .......15 A 1
making it practically a fa culty course T--S. Brotn .. i.... a15 -1/2 P4
ott quetreonesof the day. <=-Seigmund .......1905e111,20
The folloinirg is a list of subjects E-Johnston .......1N5112
G-Kelly .. .......... '2 6- I2
tbus far assigned HI-Shepard .......160 571
Sundry, Oct 1-Is Great Gritain jus- C-Howech..........C20 2
tilied inris eoetrrse atitude teward the H--Mar tin ....IC6 -Itz2
Transvaral in lie present rentreversy? Ft Hatls .......,6 -1 2
Petif. I.s . r el- ey. 1 Teo nt ....,I.....15 51
SunrdayOct.1 s.ArtIt realieir atUF- t er P.........115-1 1
tomtpare d ithticits idalistic phase. H-M CNes'er.......140 5 2
Pr-ti ii ..i......r.e...10001011 11
1(t-M ctffrr...... ....46 5 7', l2 i
Sutodayt. r15.-I idielity- t Chttst- 1-M.Brrn16 10 iV 5
ian rinttttlecoretstetrrwtithr tie rsue, F5-M onug .....-5.59 2
cess-ful ipraticerof the late? Prof. J.CH. F'-Ar'tsronrg ........15 -I
7' Bear driy.... .. .10 -9 2
Sundy, Ot. 2.-Wat effeltwoldIri-IsResoner .... ,
the reses sngof Paestirre by thteOr-Nestberty'....... 16 -Illt.2.1
-t Itt aveontcChrisianity and 1ro- t. Ot er srib0.......8886-t
-i(;--iH coil.C Turner .........Isi 61 '1
hin ? R bbiBe 'olelIT-Patters ........ 155 -'10 20
rucdayrt OrcIt. 9-The Trust; W! I-t 2QBell 1009a5.1 tO
ohll bieO done relictrning it'? Prof. I. C Cermod ......13 511
L. Wriges5R5-wa18r ..........1 -h' SnaNv .I a JsiibeGKae .8 -2 . .
C-.Nc5 y ..e. 10 kC
hitweenehritsir at ionrs? Prof. B. A. I3n rtiro 0......216 2
HltindleiHRait..15 2
Sundayr,'Nev. 12-The teachingsr:fii -tec , it........1058,,2
Jesu s lire lots f social twelfare. 1Re. E vHi~t .........10t10
J. W. B radshtawv. H--t DaIdt .......6ii-1
Suncday, Nov. 19.-Wiry are sro ract --itz rt'o ..r- .,..ti 6 57r 2
ireple tor-attendants atcburch? Wh'iat F-i Kr c..........16 6C 21
rae be dorne to bing thereir? Prof. 0 BGuttdner .......1059 2
Q -na Bit ........ 48 571 1
W. :t. insdale. 5-9.ri[d
Sunday, Nov. 26.-The problem ci te'
dismcenmbermrent of China. Br. J. 11 A Welli Foi I - tedInstructor
Arngell. - tr WVt' b Mgge'-i ithenec' spen
S undray, Dec. 3.-Modern Educatinitrol I i±Of it 'er ng hops Coe
Feebler . Prof. Frnis W. Kelsey. jItoi-e er-i siyte t ll eesdilin bth
Sundray, De. 10.-The conclusionsrofert ittherirertcl.n ' I p1i teri part of the
the Hague conference. In whatsay w 1_ -t:c t. bI- jusireeri ng.
trill it affeel nations? Dean H. t. 41tis; . 11 t .uonrr cted will.
undayr,. Be. 1.- Here sorsbili. u"i:-litce works
Judge 1H. Wirt Newvkirk. h:01 ie1 t 'us 'f Masie Me-
Sunday, DBr. 24.-Tb-- good Arceri- httistr ;.,o ~i. rihil& Co's a-s
ran citizen. Wihat constitutes ore --'tilng the same
suchl Prof. Thors. A. ogle.IM
Sunday, De. 1.-Buddhism as a el-..t tilTan
gion compared cwllO Christianity. Peo. tit. ! . t t Philade'lpia.
Jar. A. Craig. Ilb Iu)i the lastinceri--ititict crc te-
Sunday, Jan. .-Organlzatitie 0co - M.f sin de to the close
charitable relief in Ann Arbor. 'Mice orrisrrrrsrt, 1-ictet thre pictiion of
BEnia E. lBower.
Sunda, yJan. 14.-CO.aracer building. travelirg engier ItfmPtlie 1Penscylvania
Purity of life and warnings to the I1.Ct.ict r-srinr.- thre uti calle
youtrng. 5M. C. Wood-Allen, to rptri ted te tRsel Engine
Sunday, Jan. 1.-The tramp clues- Tirks loctrd at Massillon, ., Ir
lien: What remedies can be suggested? which pstion he remaind for sever'l
Prof. B. . Thomson. ears At Iis ime Mr. Miggett, Wish-
Sunday, Jar. 8.The urgency for i nrg tis irena teoretial tote of
public libra ry in Ann Arbor. Librarian tin wrk Ia cr11 as the practical, en-
Raymond C. Davis. tred ItheIFranklin Insitute at Pio
Net Sunday, after the mriing erv- delpiia Ic.akin acsepcialty of mechani
ice, it will be nticed that Profe'or R' cal d.-cwing sn machine design. A-
M. Wenley sill address the class on the te studyuin tere for two years, M.
subject, "Is Great Britain Justiied i igg5rett came to Ann Arbor in the fa.
its coercive attitude toward the Trans- of '911 and enered the engineering de-
vaal in the present controversy?' A- partment. r.duatirg from the sme
icr the discussion an opportunity will place with the class of '99. While a
be given to those who wish to offer re- student at te University he superin-
marks. Free discussions are always tnded the construction of the power
cpen to those present. house of the University.
Varst v. Hllsdle oda at This long priod of practical experi-
Vast s.H slaetdY a ence in air manner of mecanical plants
3:30) Season tickets on sale, added to his theoretical training give
$1.80 for six games to Assoca him an equipment which few men )m
itoni members. similar positions possess.

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