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November 29, 1899 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-29

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Statistics of the Football Men of~ the
Contending Universities.
Below we give the brief foetball his-
teries ef the members of Michigan's
squad at the training table and of the
men of Wisconsins squad as it has
been furnished us by the Wisconsin
Daily Cardinal:
Captain A. C. Steckle, '0t M., weight
172 pounds, height 5 loot 8/4 inches,
right tackle, is frown Freep-ort, Mielsi-
gon. He played several years on Olil-
vet College, being captain there dur-
leg his last year. He played last year
and year before on the 'Varsity at
right tackle. He was tackle on the0
All-Western last year. He is an ag-
gressive heady player being especially
strong1 on defcnsive and affensive play-
John F. McLean, 1900, weight 151
pounds, hcighct 5 Icet 11 inches, age 22.
ycars. Bol hock. 1-ome in lMenomniee,
Milen. Has played football since his
first year in college when he played
half en the all-freshmnlteanm. In his
second year, he played half on his class
team and also on the It scrv ,s. Lost
year he played right half bock on th'
'Varsity. He occupies the sauce pasi-
tion tise year. He is not strong on de
lensive work or line hooking hut he
1:as 00 equal in carrying hack pants
or end runeseen offensive p1ay. Critics
are unanincous in pronouncing hism the
grea test runninig shalbook in tihs coun-
try. His end rus at P'hiladelphia were
a revelation to e'astern foteth'11men.
For t1cc last two years he has- beecn
captain of thce track teanm. He holds
hoth 'Varsity hurdle records asd the
Western intercollegiate high hurdle
record. At the last Intercollegiate he

KERNA (e..)
074 172 198
SNeW R.E.) OoctecKE R.) ScIGMUNe (R.G.)
COCEMSeeL.E.) Erase (L.T.) LEeco (L.G.)
o18 70 18o
Linesman, POTTER, of Northwestern.

kRnARDSeN (s.s
G'DcA (F.s.)

years. Left tackle. Home in Merrill,I Winner ccf Senate Trophy cut

Sag County, Mlichigan. This, his freshs--
man year in college, he played tackle
in the earlier games of the season.
In the last few he hcas been at a ga-o rd
position. He is a last player and a
hard tackler. Before corning here he
played lull back and tackle for three
years on the Ypsilanti Normal tea-i.
Charles Juttner', 1100 law, weight 178
pounds, heighst 6 feet 1 inch, age 24.
Tackle. Home iso Meneoinee, Hieb.
ils fsotball experience previous to
coming to the University was gaisned
on his home high school team wehere 1cc
played loll back. tIc the season of '96
Ice was en the reserves. In '97, ice
played tackle on the ''e':rsity. In '98,
he played on the 31st Rtegiment, Mich-
loan Volunteers' football teamc, being a
menmber of Cosopany A. 'This yeacrice
hcas been playiccg end, lull back and
tackle on the 'Varsilty. This latter is
his strongest position. Be is a hard
man to block ansd gets elf well is: the
Rutherford Burgess Hasyes Kramer,
1910 law, weight 115 pounds, height 6
feet 2 inches, age 22 ye'ars. Cooed.
H-ome is: Elgin, Ill. Before coming to


and ODea ran a tie race for the liighc college he played guard on 'lgin 0000-
hurdle championship. 'tosnorrowc will emy. Was substitute guard on last
be the first meeting of the tecsinoe year's 'Varsity.
that time. R. J. Siegmsund, 1952 desnt, weight 191
Hugh White, 1902 Lacy, eight t8O pounds, height 5 feet 1t incehes. Guard.
pounsd, height 5 feet 101/ inches, age His home is in Buntington, Ind. His
22 years, home in Lapeer, Mich. Guard previous traininsg wv-s received on his
or tackle. P1aced en his class teamO hosoe high school te'am. This year he
until last year w'hen he tried for thce as played in all the 'Varsity gamces
Varsity. He played left tackle durincg except the one last Saturday whesslice
the whole seasons:and in the Chicago was kept on the side lines because of
game especially distinguished himsclf a shoulder injured in practice. Howc-
by the hard game which lice put up. ever, he has nose recovered frosm this
It was a result of his blocking Hersh- injury.
bergeros punt in theefhrst half from Neil W. Snocw, 1902 v-eight 174 pounds,
Chicacgo's 25 yard lise, that Michigan height 6 feet 2j'>isches, age 21.
mnade the first touch-down of the g-anecBight end. Home in Detsroit. Snoot
asnd made Chicago realise that she was has had a viery wide general experience
'up against the real thing." This year in athletics. Be p1ayed right end 00
he was out of the game for three weeks Detroit 1-igh School for three years
because of a leg hurt in practice, and one ye-ar on Detroit Athletic Club.
George B. Burns, 102, weighct 155 Played right end o the 'Varsity last
pounds, height 5 feet 15 inches. Hond. season. Matdo right end en the all-
Home in Free-mont, Mich. This is his Western and was considered the best
first year of 'Varsity football. ils lost- end in liceweet last season. P102-ed
hail experience was gainsed at tFerris first onse and right hield on the 'Var
Institute, Big R'apids, Mich. Whirlcsity baseball team loot spring. Wass a
there, he played on the '96 and '97 point winner in the indoor meet.
teams. W. R. Cunningham, p. g. medic, is
Charles G. McDonald, 1900 law, from Grove City, Pa. His eeight is
weight 171 pouncds, height 5 feet 9%e 191 pounds, height 5 feet 10 inches, age
inches, age 25 years. heft taclcce. 23. Center. Me played two yeas's on
Home in Fremont, Nebraska. Due- the Grove City College team. He was
ing his freshncan year in the Univer- sub-center three years ago. Thse fol-
ily he was ineligible for the 'Varsity, lowing year he hera-me 'Varsity center
on account of having played on Obar- and ceas at once recognised as an uno-
in College the year previous. While usually strong player. Last year he
there he played tackle on the 'Varsity became a star sf the frot magnitude,
and was one of the fewc players of the being center on the all-Western and
Oberlin team who played during the Caspar Whitney's all-Americ.an. This
cwhole of the hard game which was year his play is if possible even an im-
played here three years ago. Before provement over last year's. His swift-
playing on the Oberlin 'Varsity he ness and aggressiveness are remark-
filled the position of tenter on She able. Me -always gets the jump on his
Oberlin Academy team. Last year he man in charging and is immovable on
pliayed tackle and foil back on our dofense. Me is one of the fastest ncen
'Varsity. This year he plays left in the line and a sure tackler.
tackle. Me is a conscientious and hard Ard Ezra Richardson, '99 Eng., P. H.,
player who may always be relied upon
to w k or he tam' gan inpra-isches, age 23 years, full back. Played
-erance to doing individual starring, end and half back on '98 class team for
Elbin Wilson, 1902 law, weight 279 lw-s years and in '99 and '00 class
pounds, height 5 feet i8Y2 inches, age 28 teams, Played on Scrubs in '99 and '97.

clle bars. 1-e is in nmagnificen
ical conditione and has been pie.
excellent gamoe at loll hack fort
ccv weeks. Heb is a sure go;
bucking the line. Bin hence is
Everett M0. Swveeley, 1903, cei
pouncds, heighst 5 feet 11 incis
yercshalf bacck. BHails ler
City, Iowva, wchere he placed Iu
o0 the Sioux City High Secool Io
the past three 9-earn. Be is ar
noeeansd ccon the sincgle scull
ponhip of Ieeeacfor last yr lopthdfrhshg chls er ei rbbyt
punetesso Michiganc's squoad,
tgeoddisetance acdibeincg rein
quacklcincgettingh off Iis hices.I
had aicki blocked thcis year i
pra.ctice or canmes. He is
ground gaintr but sosnewhat v
Albert B. 1Herrnstein, 1903, cc:
heighst 5 feet 91/, isnches, age
bark. 1-i is the youngest ma::
squad. Be is fees::Ciilliroth,
where ice plasyed en his igh
teanoat -half acedItculeefr the
1Ice also eves: lie trackicevc't.,
yard dash and pole vault.I
swvift mn w cith the ball and i
ialily gooed in gain~ing thr~ough a
B. D . Gill, 0903, Mcedical, cwe
pounds, bright 5 feet 10 iseches,
left end. Frohem Meadville, Pa:
froms:Lowrenceville Schocolw
pleiyd rigid en~d for ieee year
playedl left field coscthe sihe
yecars. Played eel at Posfet
Cosnn. 1-Icplays ca seosceerlulg
isis sweighet beintgnswift to getc
pansslands a :ggressive is: bre
C. B. Street, ceright t6 oousnds
5 feet 10 inchies, quas~rter bade,
Lee,10Mcs'.,asnd is cc gra~duate
cases.Be plavesd teesyears
li's 'sVasity.at haelf esndl 0cc:
hs ccplayedl teo esrs at:1 :uar
at Michigan. He is very fastl
p'cially' strong sen sringing bc
iLeo.J.Iveensacweight 105
heih 6tc feetsigist half baris
comses Isrone Detsrsit. Befosre ht
the Usiversty e icplayesi on
bac kocn te'9.'Vasity. Dis
strenegth insIsis linse bucing a
insg. Be inssomewhaet slssein
away isepunts bst they a
Lee T. :Barkenbsss, lace '02,w
pounds, heigist 6 feet, renter,
Kalanaoo. He' slayed on tl
mazoo High Scihool three yeas;
ler and guard.
Waiter W. Shawe '02 Law
years.,eweight t5o pounds, -heig
t112 nhesm,quarter bacrk, essn
Kansas City, Bsso. He played

1 1 A. M. NOVEMBER 30, 1 899.
McLcAN (L.1n)
20 171 148
1 FiANCE (te.) MSle Dce(..) GLI. (E).
f(c.)KoGERs (en..) CURTISe(ReT. JEAU sxE c.)
200 168 '7
in "97 Dittlo AWhite '0,eweiht 107 ponse
ad par- heiht6Ifled, full bckeiso IonsFe-
:1 phys- moccllMicigan. 1-lelayed ccc ei
ting an IndutsraIsettte teamsccteeo years at
the paste:nd lansd ackleandcivcaccon the All-
iser en Fhmls~c enelst yeas. e played
icc Sag-lie flt re .sca ginst Virg~iccceind
ight 16s Its inrecceiitFerance'0-' Dccclecgiit
s oge 19 .200 pcuns.elieght 0 fet aediched,
a Sioux guarcidcis omeeDectur, Indiana. Br
ll back pcciyed ticseccyesecnce aturHighc
tam 'corriSchorieenle omade the 'Varsity
rewerocIlastcetacc-s ca freshmanancd fiioshed
I1 ram-tic c -ececccti oe eecretthe bet records
cc. Hie of acyemaeeon ~cthe team.c:Ths yrshe
polcin hae -n nresed eer:-lst year. e
he bst ciscccececleli actires-ndccistroneg cacnd
hccv ieee'rhocflloingerssme~isc' tals
Has notties ofcthetie scc e eamdsbtitte:
in ritlers (lil-PoeiionL.I., 1903 ledi, ag-c
a good21 %%eght 14, hicrghlt. o ee. 10 is.
weeak asons ccnald-5PoiteonL 1.,900 flit,
oge"e2creighti 11 eght c ieet 9/ i.
ight1,8, Frnc-PstoneL G.,190-c Dccc,
151 hlfsaec22,oeghtc200,ceght 6ifectcyin:
cc in the tuoneinghamo 1 PostoC., UP. G.
e, Oo, e cc ae5 eit 101, hieht 5 feet
e ye-rs. Ses'znene PositoneI.GU ,102 est,
is of 100-''e"20,seeight19'iheight 5feetl11in.
Ice is tckePsiion, I-f T,1901 SMedic,
is espec g 6 egt 17:,iheiht a fect3%,in
a brokces SnreecePositionsst.E.B 190',ago 1
seesgit 14heiht 6 ieet 2l- in
eight 148 Street-PositioneQ, t90tOlecsge2t
sge 21, Neigh tO60, heiht 5 feet 10 551
-Comes iLan-P Scecec.OI., B 00 BOO 22
herericeight 158LIheigeht a feet 11 cn:
s. Also iKrona-sPositionsR.BHB,101cac' 20,
for tworeiccheel165,ccIeight 6 feet
it cooichardesoel -F.,5"'9 1"P.G1' age5'
game:0foreie'"1t lI e cist1''eet' ccin
deono Soh -oiion, half 19i', age19
siing- up 1wc"ichtO,leight5ettrt in.c
If1 Wi'e-c Poitionsgu-ard,190' ag
1s, heightl2',cwided 150iseiht 5-fetlo 10n
-is frcom: 'Wilcson-Positiocntaklec 10 1t
rt~r c e ght 86,e'ight I fet 2so:
-lee- back Jottoec 5 Posiciodcc atie 1100 L1:1
.k punts. ieerrstel ccc:1PositionhlfsIM'19-iage
touns, 1'rIseishtl1S es ssight 5eet in
agr 20 'urn-Pociicnend,10',aet
entered «ei'ght 15ic"hih et1 n
the Bre- IBarken bus-P'scitoce ere'903ilLi
cocciftll a-e-0.'herrshlcd25,Iheigt 6fet
s ecia a :Pstioeneqs-r tee,192Lsi-t age
ediepunt- 1,seweiht 1I-cOeiht 5 foet101/ysin
cc gettin" Iliss-Postion, guarsd 10 La,agIe
er fairly -2lsweght 190hceight ce feet 1llcc 550
Whiite-Posiion, ull 190 .Lace
,eight 2020, 'eighs'lt 1lbsieiht 6 feet
is fom ISCONSIN'f T't.
he Kalo Patrick J. O'Dawho is serving hdo
s at cecu sceod yeras capeael of clte teamc, wasc
boon ccc Melbourne Austraia He pr-
vage 18pa0res at Vctcra ligl School and
ght 5 feet I e Cccocllee. Bs snteredb Xiscnseis
res icnom nthoeIfli of 190 asa'seci1studcnt
ho aineligble to the foot bal leas

half and end.reseel the lawee school the following
Williaom C. tliss, Lace'112, cc graduate year and sectured a0 ilace as fullibarceec
of Breowns tUnieersity, wveighet 191 the teceo, swhich posnitison he nowe plays.
pounds, heigiot I feeltile).' inehes, left 1-I holds the wvorld's recordls for puntl-
guard, is from East Providence, R.1.incg and dc-op kicking. 5-ie record for
Prayed one year osn East Providenoce drop-kicking was made in competition
Migh School. Me played part of lice with no wind, and covers 86 yards,
Virginia and Pennsylvanila games, Might end is played by William J.,

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