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November 24, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-11-24

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H Fine Fall and Winter
E Suitings, Golf Suits,
Fancy Vestings.
AWe Carry the Largest
L In the City.


We make a spacilty of
Chioclaesa as a side line.
AVieae11 lots of thema and
our stuck is always fresh.
Lossney'a, Alegretti's and
Kuhn's always in stock.
WIlde's Pharmacy


No. 53.



THE OLD For sveraliwesiweLave
RLALen lyininitflstock forthe
(SAts an01BACO
ij'IL?5A 8f'IOaGIA L'PY.


IHARD LUCIA STORIES. ecus. They guitile ball dwn oiceteei the The De Crisio Collection O Latin
___-'Varsiiy's 20-yard lincliui could noi gei Inscriptions.
Wisconsin Believes Michigan is lai- any fariler. The 'Varsiiy, however, TliUtlrsylis ecida e
ing Possum. scored twoouelidotwis during ile r- gifi of Henry P. Glover, of Ypsilanti,
iee. ite de Criio olleeioii of Latinis iiri-
The folloinrigs froiii \Vedcsdyu The offieials for ile Thlessksgiig geeiiis ly iiibriirptii s hii
Cardiinal stllrenmasiiiiidecidede, althon'b it attreel fify.numiiiore oftheistwobein-o
"Numerous hard luck siries havestilccciiagreed ilac they blieeastern msen. dredbsnofis-tyble.stioarm e iipoiiter
emanated froiii the Micigaii camtp elsi- Potter of Noriiwesterii lis beets selectedslb ofmre. woaeu ntra
inig the past week. Sonici of these appear ctu cierary urns. one ott anamtiipora,
fairly hlasible, whlile soime others are s olca ~cssu. -ter-io nhsss t ediii.They
hardly to le given credencee. Snsow, ue Fortyj Extra Boxes For the Came. raige ii age fros th~e reigit of Augusus
siar right endi. hli eeniirepotsred as sik Owineito ie imesie advane sale of to thec fifth century. A. D.
in led. atn McIean, te great runinitg seats for the Thaslasgrig IDa gamete Sigiire Gisepte de Crisio is the
half biaick, is sid to le ini aiconsditioninit iimuangemnetithlis decidedeeliiilbuild forty Parish riest of Pozuli, Italy, te an-
suchsbicier. Fraiice. trouss l msaide field boxes oilth~e fiels, ecadsholdiig fie dicnt Pueli, wsts of Naples. Early it
stich s recorid at rioltguaerid,lis left perssts. Numbslers i to 220 nearest te life he ecamie interested itestursiy of
AitnsArbhoe stdscordinsg to tesereportsrandetosstnidlsill le sold at $0 per Iox, aniitiiies.saniilfor fory Iearsle lieu
till nit reiirin to ile game is sl ess oii.tut those in froit of itie east bleacers, frum ittiise to timse lit-el ii ihe viciniy.
Milo Whitie uswio pleyed st full, arik numsberitg at to 40, till lieplared out sle A fir lesastpersuadied to edishisse of,but
,sgaiiist Pennisylv anias, is repotid tsle for $5 larties desiring to ae ithese te rest le stored awry its his house.
unasblle toi eter te psacticeisssre alsoisoexis resere cast dosos i by wsiritg A ussissler of years ago te existence
Capttains Steckle, Cnnssinghamtsatn Tees- Wardl Huighes 94 Laballe sreet, Chica- of the colletiona becamse kniowni to Ger-
el. Whlesn these ccporis us-rsmecntionsed gost uonce. nisinsescholars ade smore itthanoie imi-
sit te asists uslstane p roisisisessinits Fit-c lbsxes hlie-bieest aliedI for its dciiand fifty of the iscritinsserer
foot stll circles declared:. Never fearsadv-ansce. pubis~hled sitVlue X of the Corpes
Michi s-an Ias a rematrk-abhly tine lot o In a- istiuisi Lssitarssts i fett-peacr-
plalyrtisendcherteassi tillle i ilt-iiege Plhilosophial Soietq. its sitrs itte spilemsents ticthe Corps,
condsiiion for the clsssssponsslss guise Miss Mceuhl reach a pater lst etess-te EI lileseris Epirephie, \Voumie
wit 'uWiscosins sie wteek fromsc Ilirs irsitsThe Meitorphoises of Satan.s VIII
lits. WisestMichigtnus u is scsdilsies Fle sorignucof ctiltress eisussedhbliiit hDr Wsaler IDennsison,. item pro-
fusr slayes site simpily goes isuti and gets Ntasssdecideedtuatusee seed not si host fessor usf I stittniOberlint college, vis-
a esins;sut by qesetiona ble msehosesat esil caes inetututhe trorl, ayinsre taist thfg de Crico std really ohtained
all, ut heycslling ackherlisould huhayerss" ue eethdiuie is tothe originsf te tesmtission tto psucli ste recenti addi-
This, inideed, setms o ie shuit ue at iwoled itself, for origin Gdilsonly kositu tous to te cellectieonsithie American
AnntiArbor thsutsetson.sA out thur fit siWe tre sut ucustielwthil-tisbeginnitnug Jouratl of Archaseoogy. The article,
of October the sttisics sof slihign' andshcend isuetithi te resent. hisfactcomsptisng sity-seentinisriptins nt
foot stll seusadh were issued. Out of tin te wshe qeustions c-ssses down t X-Y icesviousyls islished aroused consieer-
seiusad of candseithstes ten umbususering for- Somuse thig,sare esil undueer particularc able itestc. A fete ofIthe isutcrptos
ty-fivemten, ontly six n-re picked1for thne circunssusincs,swhihs sre nt undser ave alsos lienitublshtie its teNotizie
teat swhich linuptitagainsi tPensyel-eother. deli Sasi, the offcihjournssl of te
vaniatest dat-uago. The tther mni n h icissne nrwihevsi- Issiass gsernmsesut, coutaisng reports out
the gaimie against tetsusvhs-eui, asistsu is sdoue lies ie eil. Eil is so common au euntsuies. While cengaged its copying
swhoms sere Cuuinsithtsuus sndehFrsance,ols haststhere is greait retpon~siility uponut te iscriptionsttProf. Dennson uusstayed
twro hsundrheih poundthihe muen, Snout, the good menutoes sretursmte ltd. as te hiouse of Sig. se Criscio,st-Io cus-
isse hunssdreed stid set-dity psoud endel Is the life nof es-ry pers there is cons- ided tohsit the perlexity swhichc the
rushler, hLeibler Weeks andel Hernstein, sisandthethsconflic is r tesntiswrhicslo uslciof tediisnosiioon(f hecolections
hlsf acks, and Sreet, the one husnredcrrespons tste reactionstfounduueits athbrought: fr Sig. ede Cricii is ote ad-
asuss ixy usuuuuqurthsrer, swere all secures1phslysicali ifeusassedshittyearssanethhus isisreatises hu-
sfter mtsc training sissnlhadlbegun." Ticlit suured otfforce outsiudetof the teeu-hs itstethed thatssmefit-huh Prf.di-
M\ichwaneas issmasde 550especial iat-worl is to gived tip lsllhoue. We 5mus ns~nsuggese itIelm.sc coleetuProf shouuld
tempuht tolasisthard hucks stories. Istsse- hbeiee certin it hings te cnsnot hprove,hu cogietAseissashuediusse
diaey after Csase gssusueSnodwssands sutas i liioi~shsers se mustshremsesmbherhUniiersityeof Muichiga,swhere itsould
Frsance st-rc othssutsf te gamue andshIis is fsihusuts knolege. he ffusie tstuduets.
neiher hus retusneid s yet. hIsc, -- - - - illiami Waner Bihop, AB., r8i9,
ouls luste eems sttch sre st their houes Organ Recital Tonight. A.'uM., 18u3, swho tas last y-ar a felose
Fortntielss, howseer, fr ichign, The secondu concert out the Chosrsl ithie Amtericstn schouol itsRusticwsa
sotls sill hprobabhiy ie acheo r practicee Uion mcoursceestill liemsn onesrecitsal by- askeddIt maksuee tipu ttolPozuoi amd
otn 'ittshtuty. Theinrctuurnuvsill probablsy Csarece Eddvltonusigt. Tie follwsinsg cpuy tie en ire colection.Frnsuesuce
eat-c Michigsantwills the stronugesisugre- uprosraum wstill ie gisen:oieitwass esyito umsee te great sel-
gationu shelas utsmiinthmscfieldI ihis year, Toccatt in I ..-- - - -Dtchsaetlogctl value of the iscsrptos, amd
as all tie layers till tuens le stle o Pastsoralei h.ngesteh (ne ) S- -ter Mr. Glut-r, st te suggestionu of Dr.
Sceurzos'nes)r..I . ...IW.S oth y enne-itusui,arrangedl o hlist he collecilon
play excepht Teeze, barrinsgfurthersue-(Conceri oerturesum 1 fltiih t teUnvriy
cidenmts. 'WVhie Snoseandh Irance massy (tinet)- - - - - -she.. F let sougu oms isett-
he soewhssslat sut of condeitiosn they till Aeltiie frost Third Symphilony.u. The s-sui te he ms collection ftr he au-
he relied ou to slu goodh wor. GrtandulCleur Dialogue........ se srtuses ttnsisEuiteemch-heetr
Biiijueging fruitsWiscnisi's reors Capriccio "Is Chas".....Fmgalli -
nearyyIte whoet eam testsumiable o Menuset its G. .'F u.s-. .. .. owsvsi
sly ucaus f msmrisofroigestr.Feueral Maceliamd ong of Aex. Dow This Evening.
plybcueo nuie fcleewr. Seraphs (sus......... uitantut'Tonigti lhe Enginseering Society will
Wisconisint launoi only ealy sll er fToccaisi Di Conerto(uev hutiisssicaelsseimsbitofMer
regular seemsout again uiistsalsoiman- Msrcht ndChous sfruits Touts etrPatiei leti tain,
aseel io "call ach" a fesw forumer players ausaer- - - --..Vt....... isgerauh siePrccetsEcrcSatos'
Ieetn slf cam umits ate anth Lar- Mrn Alex. lDow of Detroit Mr. Dow
ile sher ef esosesexctel o LaiPhilological Soieia. is ass egiser of exended exprience,
testeohrhafwows xetdmoLs ightinse Phlolllogicstl Socetihavintg scums connueced wihshe isEdsonms
els sar work,. sas jusi brought bacsselids its regulr metinsg its romssE, GUi- Electric Li gtinlg Cu. of Detroi for soue
th rttleyfrethedayssesoulsheaessitely IHall. Mr. C. L. Meladernressad ayears passti He is a immber of thee
wil prscmh autrmegliue-eus.B very iuentisertiinsug atimstrsuctie papear Ameuricans Socit f Mechanumical Em-
math teiren psatha srongline ueBohlhaerdon ite changesinthue mesaig ohite gieers auh of he Aereicunst itiute of
hid teirurmsfew dss consbuteutostlofhartddemeoistrativ is lte," partilculsary ieos- Eecirical Engineers.
luc fr fw ay, bt os o tatisclassicalLatci-hieis,sitese, icse, ile. Hit subjeci is oeupilo which he in
sowuser amd Michigan amd Wisconsin The pper was emslsablesdisciusionu, deal- thorouuglsy cmupeenttsiputeaad,reatd
will thy a batle royal, with roably he lng cief-- withe the ievelopenhsut o stmue. -she will mreat i, sill he uf iesilmable
bestutleamsus bohuethave puinit the fiel this Soueeof the viesws expressedl u-rcsia-as
year. compslsete surrie to ithose preseiti Mr. benefi toite stueneeut of etgineeiut. Ii
Mseader gvec numiceous ilustrsionsu in is a pracicasl one ansdloe of ithat natiure
Hard Practice Given the 'Varitq suport of lilt eeas. which is considereu toes little, along wih
Ysterday. Tesehsetn o httdystl em cthioretical worke of he college. Mr.
Practice yeserday was hsarder thanm i hel out Decensber 4. Dow will lave several meiters soomee in
huesbhensainy day before tihtsteel.'Thle '00 Lawvs Playj Normals. wy of illusration, hic lie has shipped
M'Varsity and College lined up for stf The '0f laws will play the Normals t- here front Detroi exresly for himi pur-
practice. - he College sewas Unusuiahy morrowr at 9:30 at Ypsilant. A special Al
yelectric rain will leave the law building pose. Allitereted persons are urged
srong, having te srongesi possile at 8:0 with the law band, the team and io be present his evening iiithe Physical
coibinaion oniide of tie revular play- a boy of rooters. Laboraory lecture room ai 8 o'clock.

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