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October 31, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-31

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No. 3"..



Fine Fall and Winter H
SSuitintgs, Golf1 Suits, E
Fancy Vestincgs.
AWe Carry the Larcgest A
I Stock
L In the Cityj. L
We maire a specialty of
Chocolates as a side line.
We sell lots of them and
our stock is alswaye freeh.
Losvney'e,AMlegretti's and
Kuhn's always in stock.. "
Wilder's Pharmacy
R ELIABL E bo" n f eready wNIIithCi
Our prices are so low that
any man can afford a
pair of them. Ebony
backs as last as $1.00 a
pair. See them io our
Calkins' Pharmacy

As Treated bt
Old Cnstoi
to Amsr
The U~nity Ciu
opened loot sight
timan vithlest
leges of Oixford.'
of the oubjeectan
the opealeer tr'ey
The wotkt, tie,
the great l nse
lively ioiiiiier,i
atnd illustrated N
psion tht itr
ciag neditdleeay
v-arlecus coiiegvs
ahietr hsveti hunrdh
The 5tnies t
Nachihs t itsse
cats i, cact tsit
Lod prlvrity

qjudge Harriman.-
ins-No Superior.
rican Uniser-
Lis Loc'aue Course ovas
it by Judge W. t). Etar-
lure enititled, "'rievol-
The lecture wavan a
sling otieboth because
ini the osatiserin tvii
ted ii.
editions atid history of
,riyivory troiled en a
ini charmsinig 'anguage,
wihiaweelth of 01c
latest that tse fitst isoi
clkes theOvisit is this
y. 'Te baildings of the
iih hes eppeatred to
ye tof xfordconsistsofii
loges. Eact ollitege h'as
ietely off tirim lie test.
pste enedowmnt nd s
)tesctihed by its toatnd-
tin its cowntifellowisitand
eqiiremoents0tor oait-
tat crily'the Itiveosip
beome mbe~e o'tinrsoifOo-
soiiteceit eiatteding anty

for Amoerican students to go to Ox'o d DISCUSSED THE TRUST
to studty.Oxfeoid offers no superior oct- PROBL EM
vantages excet for the needy of Pit____
olci"'' andOld1Fg"into ft is tiot 'oO Able Papers bqj Prof. H. S. Wilgus
,,veil uipped or teacihing sctiee on Before the Business Men's
ouon schools 're. Class.
Theme is nio such I. v chooil 5inillArma ikably able paper swas read
"nlaned as on' o'n.at AniouArbor. before the fBusiness tMen's Clans of lbs
icut Oxfored has one advanta"e'no'
sa ed ho any otbet univeseitey.ThatCongregaltional churhloaest Sunday
ithe inspiatontossich'lcomnsfromnots meoringti"by Prof H. S. 'Wilgus ocnthe
oixtudreid0ye'ars oif history.tin every subje ces of fTrusts." After discussing
hantieits'dietis met by crestsa'dethle natutre of trust, the extent of their
reliscofLinliand's greatestio-heeiGri
tatsmen, a1;_'hlls etc yetf prev0sil eiatioti the results they have acoon-
duraions plihedand she rausrs of the trust, the
p . nystangecusomsteeprva citpossoi 'tsts" , as foil uvs conce neng
\hose n s esoing seirce boe orI- teeedy:
exiss. Old oI"ns hoe gireat boil inisielts v noeto
Criot churech still ritngsonstirhundedc'tfa gt soloit -oi0etorcorporations.
andsoietisses evoty nsgtut 'insine' What stoiatied eletticity are to thse
o'lcas it his lotte forthiree teti- iostsiaiiiworseldt he rorporation iotao
tores slittoii ie ar riisel tilhei busitness 0w0rid-the one great of-
'hlte' wanderrswhotis shut oits
lionytte gate lktelser a self shill ii"iilii i ieehn ltstascodesi
got iit ad b sclleu netmornng teaiy 1f' fuler, our rounctry greater,
On May flst oft'very'syeariio'l e losnatndt sstioitbidsfeair sootnttomake us
if All Si'iils climttioi the Ion of the log e. of the oaid s comstoere.Pliers
,luai tow000 at ifiveo'clrciksinto 0the olssing of oiganoizedsatiety lout
iAiotigeahtmtrulahitiitomitoneis that has boon made bettet or distrib-
sentatroundiltothoe irototnsof ill theonews steel motesowidy thiroughlo rporate
matrilassattdleavesssoito esch a toerstion. Itcoustntatbe destroyed. Sa
'celii'andt thread soills the woirdo, too indiv ideal efaottinust be loft rii-
" h'aelies andoel iethrillt''' OttoChirs-tratomseled;soon tmust be loft fhoe to
ia~sttnightiagraduppiiseris servedo'in t
lbe d'einoitngball. A1 this supiper et bsa',theotmliost ipossible. Tutu is the very
head carrieon it great ta sasoaesiss ba sis ot oil institutieons, situnist ntot
bottitis. Oxfordis to 5beO ltlOnet be imieiltedos needlessdy crtailed.
for ttkeep ilupthlse50 gotdcutomscoos0(1)Eleensntossivteintoutadestroty
thy fettt a itleasintg relief ftromthuethsvat"'rgioo tethrt)
tiltdes of liheiphilos'ophesrs:'hs atageatosaeete 2
"Friftheretois aiperson o earthinterncatlior0(31 external.'Ts' ftr'edly
itocontributesotingottioo t'lope'eagremticnstepools e.,icannot laog
clodnes oselfaiieofcmanind, ".'s nduroItor this tie tihatbinedsis soly
the ihsksy-hea'rte'dlasool osriee'o ' tihle peronat'lhotnor oilits' iiontiirs; te
an loosth veotlol stilstoths p e'o ours hl theomnillegal, aid all ag cmi'
soolsioldellnittons osbito inobtody nn-tooetts contt uting theistvotd. Tuttei
dntnslo 'ndI ooetaphyicaltoo 1 isla"s nterestsolosatie' the recotomic tossfur-
aouttihobodycaretilynishstna tetmedcy-t(B) Externael,-these
1901 WinseA Fluke Desidles the *re (sf Thee tcomic remedy of crnito-
Class Game. ittionsoicstisto fear has prevented any
T'e Juior Ltortty teamsoosotn ftom tust ftrotisobtinming antd hioldisig foi
the' Se'ioir class testist' ertsy'in the'any or"'geatlength of timeoentie
roost excciti"ggame' o f the seson. hThe' sontoohof annyrcomodeity. Evoothoe
solitarsy sc ote ottisve pitis wstmoade Stantediltr unt loan failedtoisdo this.
in the toot threetmintsof otipt l iy.Te henoithere to the rcotattpotetili
.O-tiot s kckedhoff tilt o obtaieto'h' molt
for toter diono.They then c r i'i te otomtoteitin Ohaof works lihe grav'ity',
oatl1trtapilyttdowtntohe ielodtoo ft'e 2;intlkees allpuiters owithin beareoblo
yard lice of thse Juniotrs.OHereoa fuc-limit s. (h Legal, eider thse rotemioni
bes made. o ThItobsalloledtiout i s't' list thior atbdo ormadeolovold all coti-
oil thoeuplayerstoothlmy uttnnutoticdfi trlacts10ittueasonable restraint at
is' i hreequatehr's ohto t mniite.'St1.0
esswian grbbttng it ovas oftilthiettoall 0 tttihtinatiito Otunrtasontailly
owttthe Itild befor eoans' otthe dn re'trainti"gcrt,t itin a1 tconspoi a-
inrt nticodeihici.ihSvral ot theo 0Jun ieosoalittonoptouies subtantially cni-
osactcoospuastied boutsand isoevetnted ohingtt5thoe rodcutocnorpicee of no-
thte fwSnos ho followsed froms
tackiono'him.n U t e a runoout 005 cosatoc' As'toto suchIlthest'remuueiui
ohrs anti itanteti the bil fatiy b0 orit nit isto'voidh ttttthtot tarty toot
tooeeni tbe goacl iposts.ITahcott fatiloeohtaoenfeorce 0'it; tetiui so il direct its ocat-
kick igoal'th ooughs Itohad two tties. celitonO'Otteiiottnito soerfaomacet,
String thceomns'deostr of the gm"'i-ito' norrnea; h cibia
o t'te00sstru""le'dh tacki, othdIforth0iu0000 tcevo'lboiboa
ivrt ho ild. heb'lhhbeicg most ofltioncannotenforce aatonotractfurthser-
te 1000eon thoJunor'os teroor00. Wheloon tg it' a coor ionra mdfO o r ttine il-
'rewas "alledl tcrrthe hirst bolf t ohtos lhga"opurtse,''rctrryingoit outOtmay
oilts ; boo yard inolsea'soi ngoto raptily toetdhssolhoed toy the sethte crtesting' it;
rsitetifoota oal001in the sectond half.
ToeJtunitor's soon lbhough supter00000toolthe, aissots1itof amoutingtoto e
generasip.usey playedt foot adoci- at aorssptacy, becomneboths civilly and
lott 0011ly 'iTalct tltKittl-occos ii"'heocitinallylitable.


ctiolle ts ttitl eeio luc Thy haivt no
tr otf uset oofy Civotsitey buildios,
hoo theOhio veby'thigt ht too ho examicnedc
by thoe i ttrstly 'eamtinerstor' to tic
T'heice t -tto' ha'ncelli ortis meretly
miomiteil. ie hots notdutiesw coove
osove that of ing ano5 addreoocsoot 'mo
intaug'urattion. lie tmay be ctzetoro
ftore'~tignr oleegrdaetcrtol.floe
reaillohe ttisohesite-chiatcellorsvwhouis
selectedi froms amoomg timehorco fessors omit
The governmet othclottUniversity is by
thoe ctii'c'gattttttamid conmvocaetion. 'fle
coug. egaitioonssts of thse professoors,
exaineritis' inchal'oi moportantotrtootsof te
I'nmivernocy. 'lis bodyonear'ly crreos-
pondstto turttotulty.A ctommciteeof
foturteei'osthpoltitrtethby thssroorugo'g
tiouuoand metsowely.
'The oto ntventio0000000theogatheinog ot
all noaer 'of 'ortn of the Unoirsity,
p. esnited over lay the isc e-chancellor.
Pit is the supremse govterning boidy,
subject only t aitam enstit. The 0000-
vocoation elects thischsancel-lhor, andtItwo
onoosbrs ts represnot Otford in P'arliao-
Tim ierIomosity iu entortly indepenodent
sf local muioctipa~l authority.
'rhe town s authoriotots mcannoot arrest a
studenot.'floe0tonianod CUiversity govn-
erimenot ate sepairate, but time lathe:,
o'ver'shadowsvn eod belittles tho iatter.
'he moayor ot Oxford has of ten beon
omtpscoued t tstaketti oath isnO 0no way
tc interfere with the stocred lights asnot


Jerseys and
Sweaters at

prinriples of the students," before his
ina ugurtatio.
Na wmcan may attend any of the
rslleges, mid noise of lbs fellow'sitmay
marry. If they doa they forfeit their
light ta tins in the University build-
togs. Womnen may, bownever, become
nto-collegiate members.
The Oxford student is much the sameo
as the American. Ode b a his main dee-
orated in attlomanner of odd ways, soth
pictures hanogings, trophies, etc.r
With the present bigh standard st
American Univershtes there is noisce

an ad tt Ric~huhaordson playted tbe (f) What bane the legislatues dooe?
00, oc soon peoheoohlyFEnactedh 1001Grangor lawsn, 'egulting
slowtoppobinmg betsweens almoost enemy
'11 lea o stub~d gaitns betlost..tho rates and prices to be cbarged by pub-
hil on tech'iscalities o- fumbles, lie corporatioons, sucs an railroadt,
floe lutte-etp was an follows:oweouse, gas, electric light, owater,
Lsudie900.. f 1900r.sostelephoto' and telegraph i'ompansies.
Lou ..........l......RAcmaron OBut lbs p. ice uf omanufactured pra-
Slae 'g...:....... Koh loc ducts generally canneotrcstitutionally
MhcEligst ..............'rpetser be sao fxed.
r litin......... g........ Buoummouho fb) Anti trust lawsnow in nearly
rpigetall lbs statresnmaking contracts its re-
HlaoooIatch ris........ Stenens straict ef trade, rony bicalhons orcm-
Nufx .......... ......... Talea)th
'Hateh, Ohi ad'o......... Kittlesman spiracies 00 restraini.-trade, rombina-
Atood.. . b. .. ..Begte, Mcofsflo tions or rconspirarica to restrain teade,
Mi'er . . ...... ......tKnsey, Begler monopolizing, or attempting to mounop-
Inspire asd Referee-McLean and osilasanypdutacrm pnshbt
SF- erbe'ci Lonsemen-Drata' and Birook- n rdcaciepnsal
field. Timers Ifarobum and 'Bidwsell. by O fne sr imprisnment. The Na-
f'Tme of hotnes 20 and 1 minutes. tional Act of 1090 applies only to inter-
IT tehdossn-51 nen. Costissedeonsesx.d poge.

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