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October 28, 1899 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-28

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No. 30.

oitd Out btu Congressman Dolli-
T- T rer in a Stirring Address.
An audience of nearly cwo thousand
IIFine Fall and Winter H People ventured out in the rain loot
night to linten to the address of Can-
E Snitings, Golf Suits, E gressnan J. P. Dolliver on the subjeact,
Fancy Testincgs. "The Nation of America." And wl
000 ere they repaid fec theic t ouhie. Fe,:
TDRESS SUITS A SPECIALTY T the speaker proved a great entertainer
00 ad aesofa",tcquenty inter. upterlbyen-
A We ° thusiastic applause. But his manner
WeCrythe Largest indicated that he spoke not so mc
Stock toe the .mere entertainment of P in
In the City. listeners as for the deeper p)urpose of

far seven times that anmount. This tact TODAY'S GAME.
estabtiished the fact that tho nationatl___
credit wras ahsolutely cwithout limit. Michigan Will Meet the Illinois Ele-
And it had its effect too on European ten at Champaign this Aft-
powrs. Foe a nation which could thus tron
easily raise Pd millions wras Pest left
This afternoon the 'Varsity meets the
alone, aisd foreign puswers acted on
lis i c a.Illin o is teanm at Chsampaign. It is ill-
A reunited country eras a result of nets' Pig game and elaborate arrange-
the scar. Before the scar the inationi meests have Peon made for it, and a
crassiled critic 'anling factions bat hard st single wiii he made ts cin thce
suer it is once mcore inseperahly ye-
united. Gallant of doe Wheeler wvho contest. Excursion rates frum neigh-
could have no peace uiitil Iceeras suce r Ping places of Champaign have Peeon
msore figthing' inithae uniform of the old imade on all lice railroads aiid iii
Uniion a. ny eras a stiking exameple Pring iunsmany visiturs, The wrhole stu-


'i'me make a specily of
Chocolates as a side line.
'We sell lots of them anid
ouhr stofk is alwasys fresh.
Lcwney's,Allegretti's and
Kahn's always in stock..
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLD Fo isauwek wcLv
RELIABLE bte lnow aric roLs , WithI
We haeescpilaced isn ieeesswiidas
abcout tweo-theirssofsurestolk of
camieas a pricseso enughito
makite m oii e nic a sir eeiw-
someeeond iindieeronoe is
good workiniigordes.


Pringinig house a serious thought. His
delivery' is f ee anid unconventiaaal,
and he uses peculiarly expressive ges-
tuics at tuiies. Pits many rapt cain-
pcarisans and occaional sharp thrusts
served ltokecep lice audience ie contia-
ueal good humor, wchile his more pas-
sioinate uttereances aroused a great deal
of ciclhus ie'sms.
'Thccthemie of thceeaddress eeoc the
rspansibility of the iaatioics resulting
fromc the ISpanisha sar. He seoke ist
of the natian's p. eperatan foi the Iasc
''cere aie twoccisystemcs o1 phloophyci
,)is selfish aicd te'eche's that eachc
eiaii exists lout for hiimselfccwhile tic
eelseri's larger and ProW~des anid cn
siders mai as acpar t of ihuianetse-
ill i as ithimen so it is settlen'a-
tionis. Andela isatioin' susefulescs eeid
grueatnessde nd cscicnithe icert it tailees
intee 1cproc'resscloiieiackincc.
lice U dSae t.te dtin wiltetwo
thaineicap.''eoewsits owccii ;
tics tor lbare' eeistcenc''e d she cotter
xitlicwlice it wa foundcced. iBoth
cOrse "hiepered its derelotornits. It
hadece figh o isvry lifecigecaint
tPeolelcanl stactesen we rc re ithe
carescs to"othce'rcclithelmtss'ii'of
America. Nat far the fti-te ifteS'years
f the naioil'slife'thecre Peas o iee m
cr-es couldlool tlhe futureinitihe tice
withithee 'itrnialIstruggles it iseeeo
streilcue the cocuntryscould list c'erce
leey greet enfluece'aimonig the lees,"is
oef the ccorlId. Butesowsitees reco"gnuze'd
thatsttier onlty qseetlion in pioliticse tha~t
evey 11110 and ecceryecRosaec mayy iaae
ano eque al rcance leetheseocld.
"Tich eittedl States fee therfirsttlimse
ini its historiyfiiiids itself is a pcositione
Ice taecits pla c nprien inci"''snelu
len lccceemog thceenatons. Insete ad ot
whiemierin"' orer eoirlscececletuse P
thaesnkiulIce be delieed couest of seii

of this fact.
Thcere heesbeeri instilled in the hearts
of the youing mneaind yosueg crecnen of
this c *etrca reaiztations of their parts
in the protres'ocf therecrld. The fewr
wrere cealedl eaid fee\v of those coall
wenit tee tierfont. But the youth of
America sheored that they 'haed thce
spir it leegee foerth in defe'ise of leer ie-
steltetiones, and lieat sipirit is 1the life of
a natieoec
A nze c harit, P policM ~atetnctpee
is nowc frervaleent. The peepie hae
bees lifted estee 'slarger cnd cleaverer
atmonsphccere. PFor licefirst tilme in its
history cisc couentry heas Peen lifteed
ablove'hlic ontenetionsof ipartisenlpi-
Cerainmared olitical dinecusionss
'ccaveen goctee re f.'Tleecleses die-
ticeticn Peteeon the riehaend therhocr
noe ilneeexcels ac it did. Theublic
itoftee naticnecis naot hp eielees ley
ceerrupt.I"Andctthereeev'rer a s tine
inellehistIeeeycchern issuesas cuch scced
for a ;much or dticarfe'rsolittep:
Alier the aboe e cc elees thce ie
's1p''ereouteclhiseeiscteto teele cabiee
ihere'Lincol's moiithierlised iandl
pinieteel Iceicolncteas 1the'tyicaeIlecenr-
ieea li. ceTh e ceesnsne\iiheelthicscmight-
et eman ine tit tmccedi
ratiecie'ittallistaes coezrtle"
\\,il thiee e'the epcoeeoP'sehoeeecesce

deest Pody will turn out alnsost en
macesse to attend the Pig game.
Illinois has quite a number of voter-
aens, Jahusean, full Pocik,leaving played
as she team three years Pefore this
fall. Hchane, center and captain, aced
fll left half Paris a e user in their
third year of play. Low'enthal, l eft
guard, Ctlateyons,ieft tackle, Adsit
qluartee', playced for Illineois last year,
The followring are the positons and
creti'lts of thecir playerse
Mtchaeenroter aid capt ..,., ...20
Losencethal, gualcd . .. .. .. . .7
Clayton, trike ............7
Stahl, end and tackle.........1 3
:Briley, euard .............7
Peollard, taclee ............7
PF 'eaecic sed . .. . . . ... .. . . .
Adsit, clue.tee ... .........6
NV dsce 01 iP half ........,...........Ida
Ball, full . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'
Johalnsoen, tall ........ ....15
Lundgnren, hleIt
Dccciciend ...............15'I
Iliis v ciii eve, age 18pounds,thire
life 17, a1cr1their harks 150. Hir11t-
ga1i' treinmav ease's 172, thelineeItoo,
'cnd the Pac's' 157.
Th tinier-upeit the Peginnineg of tice
ael ciibe'as tfollowsne
Gil . .... ... .. l .. .. .. .. BarD"Nd

thec iceoec Pee's govcceneent. lie icaid dallier . . .. ............,, Cltolli
ise compil imeentinnen uicera i te mscels e Ci'Oiee' . .. lg......,,,Lacentheel
lee the tlatter daycsocci oloegeste'seeittoi Cc u Onninghams....c...... itckaeee, Caept.
morbhiddeateac ciig tie' tie \vo'ldegmscseundcel ...eg ............. BrHtep
L, ~ ot11 toli~!.Ile dclaotredel elet ccf c~onald . ...rt............ Stail
ail che necu ,eandwen i Nw leakSew rt............ Freanis,

Ctyp'cfisoiieet greatess'5tleebe lenownre
cut hecreccoteone wsc'e orhe in eethecitly of

McrLean ...,,,...,iic,, IHall, SWadswrth
Hlrrnsitee ......,r h..,,,,,,, Lundgrens

Calkins' Pharmacy



t redible tt so little expense itf Plocd
- ' --'- __ ________and treasure."


Jerseys and
Sweaters at.

Thlee Wst result of the waer is a greest-
cc natioenal credit, i, e., ma 'al r'rsedit,
thast whichs ettaeches to naetioeneil cheer-
icter is such. il3efecre 11he sar Anmeri-
can influence had susek as 1oevthed
the namie of the Utnited States seas no
protection at all. The. Europeean poev-
ercsore even ready to int erfere and
attempt to influence the naticonal gev-
ernmsent. Since the scar the name of
Ameica is a protectione to its citizeecs
anywhere in the universe they may he,
The financial credit at the natione has
also Peon demonstrated to be writhouet
limit. The Bnited Slates simply acted
on the wise financial principle that if
there'is Ian expenditure there must be
revenue to meet it 'ixhen the treasury
needed tics mhilonss'the people of the,
country actually offered to buy bonds

ih raes eut of tlb reis therDeenr l..........b....,....., Johnstoin
nereeesosibilitieeseofthter nat in. " \.__
cclio iiihse utecntece cuties5is a Ideclin-
ng "'smithcer'Amercacmset nutjudiel Thee folloionmg dispatrcwsnreceiveed
leer dillies- cccruesfIolie eponesibili-vy'terday'
lie"" tOur chalie seenCubas'reiharedlp CBAMPAfGN, Ili., Oct. 2.Ilinois
yetb~n h UntserIStatescannlot leac h ler list scarchpreactice tonight be-
echoicanac'hy thereeandumidcll ohtiy there lore the'Meichcigeanegeame anud Ilactswas
cut suosrt Py a haurdris.cThe crters aec
until crde'ris establicshed.The crowrded mum double moiurnineg, tier P'olard is sick
islamed setPocelo Rirco ewill he handle eeemedaibed amd idlthbe usable to ilay'
citeh time bect einterest cchercpoule a- Saturdaey, amid time heavy raiu is re-
tiomesisviede Amecric'a.couuld it cue garded 1s utterly crushineg any hope of
wcould leave theeIhiliptpines.p0Fcr tutu localh success, The lossofatPo'llard led
a mat insuevadetrritlery'inch cestroyps to achcaneeiteethe lice todaey, Stahli go-
thee euisetinsovrnimsent me bocuned huetug in ts tacleused Downd talsing the
slay ss u seslanlur govern sumeut ma as- eud.
tablishedh me its place. TIhat sea"emust 'lmhrerctcce tonightp eas quite sats-
be wrrought agaiust the PFilippino de- facetory to the coaches, although the de-
plorable, Put thee Amseicansoldier cau- tense ws no a s015st oug as might be
meat mruiaay swhen ired sun. The wse desired, Thee 'Varsity made good gains
muust now be cammrmed on to a finish, un- through the scrubs, Lundgren and
tin there us no mnnin all the island whio dohnson doing thee best wrork tarrying
does not respect -the flag wshen the cwair the bol.
is finisheed cail back the boy' and send 'nless there is plenty of sun tomor-
the sthool house to the front, Al- cow, Illinois fieldewil be heavy, but
mighty providence has laid out hie ihe determined spirit of the team may
path for the nation and sill'ii ecclit, give the visitors hard evork in spite of
To meet these responsibilities now that advantage, The team as a whole
statesmanship must be as brave as is in good physheal condition, ad
was the armyon land and the navy on should put up a good fight with the
the seas. heavy men from Ann Arbor.

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