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June 03, 1904 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1904-06-03

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SG. HI Wild Coupally
0 4
SLeading Merchant Tailors

THE MIVIC-IGAN DAILY -enee on one evening of at enagage-
I net tto(f several days. Anti so ,a slimo
0 E n eas sec~od cluss nsa ire at the An~ audtience its Ann Art)or by no pmeans
Abor lost otcer. inticates that AMrs. Fise is nat, an lets c s
8, ftsstti'litdtdailyttyoadttiri elated. Ausdnthere,
t0ttsts iiy5 ass srtet ire thotugh attn wotttd not gtuess it, is the
sl1e Etycrtte, ttit t s1i') tettetr ubt. - tiFo r rfaculty 'are by est means
t(asett foo sisde eiti leert Lowate It
MANAGIING 1h1105 Itt ttto stposethat the omartk . aunpaeey
S. kEllSY' 'rtutMASOtN Itit in sanyittg, 'it ts oOt thtat it is I
15USINESS MANAGER s:tttt antitttaying, tbtt thtat it is Itbsen,"
ItOSCtttIiB. tt CI; ON for i-Mrs. Fiske tiers tot net tttsettor
0e buttit, rs. Fisk~e. Theeathtor's
aUrroids:L- ?r TSAT.T. .... in'1y is tt her agartdittensrsmlwich

IrSis 3o ot ne tteti she calls wlint floswers site lists-ht.
Trousers. Full dress soils a * ASSOCIATEL-S:tuses not silt her fancy, sitoes tot. set
±specialty Let us show you liffodtteveetnso. Roiy Pettles, tIfftier otiseaunties, she freely tisees
41 A. it. Gtier, it ettey 1.IEtewit aivay. And sat if we swoutd seeteiai
our Loudon Serges, LondonI A. C. Pounti. A. I. Orteiaeyer. of ih'- greatest tdramtatists of ouir lay,
Chieo ScMi xtures, 4 .tttsetttY. feet-. hitodadS. r. tt it all their native strenglt nd isti or
Kiloweus, Blarneys, High- Geott. A. thsoit. taroiltd C. Smitht. listte eyea nor tongue, swontieritiul
-f* harty It. Antdres. Thois. A. Simts.
±lanlds, dinhurghs, Druio -'luittt L e. thtotigh tt'ey te ini subjective itcritre-
tochty's, McGtmgors, London ® BUSINESS STAFFt tatitins, in guide tie in stir tindersrand
c.t A.I') tat asot. %SC- ti. ,iLtttytd lag.
aud St. Anudrew Flaitncis, t ItF.s. 1Iaiit-. it. it. latosiette._____________
F~e~i.E. E~loy. fhiss. LI- riert'.
Loudou Casslecres tsr Aner- hutsax tttketsteint 'Tie widesprleantiiterest tal enitnt
mcao Serges. Please call aittisee jliii' t- i th eectionto tfatutidetlitettbers it
f Editor Today-HENRY P. ERWIN. tieAttitioriiPCttrt itI
* itcly antdtthe laretn-tiae-'atiih-
* tI t ifti't~jiri Itile Ni.t. ' i.52- otfttthe-present imethodi ft hif wi nga til e i
S t flflfflV * .iii r,:at12:to isitt)and6:35 to 730 sleetittttOiooentothle sitdetibodiy as
fUGH.jild Jompny Jv.a. -Daily. a shettt. Notintg servees a's£;ell t
fAddress 5 OSCI- . HUSTaNn~l, Business Man- tiste a feeling tfntttiy amottg the'
10 .WASHIINGTON STUT 4- ,31 akr tet
Teepoa. 61 a nteieeting iloan ttal imongt-iitnd
* acdet tich ano lec tiin ailtil
Q~~f~iif~f~f Olbf~f +it76a~f~f~f~i ;ititore lihit anythinig ile.serv:to-fsera ruMihgn st T
f p lD__________- a-s-ct attendtaitce oithleigirls at thei
SE - --_-- - O S T DNT CALENDAR. firtpotu-tnity to itae'their rreently ft
0 ; Ju ne 3--1)07 Egineers' banu et . atltheir desire toiitake a defn atel share
0 _______in_ reivlecive ratetiact'ivities Iwlin
p Leave your orders now msiate at MemorialChritian 'titti etis ltt uuat'tt
* 5cuchtupcs fY . .C .ytteridsytdeserve'lt -to Oitiatnits i
fr for thtvi tatic tf~etitirage ito ftollowthisie i tt~n I
: Tune lSoushirntcluttsmokeritoitia ll vicltionssfior it alsays take
A ENGRAVED * outrn iiia. Nicholt Iintl l t litlii first, to start a p.cdn.
$ VISITING CARDS Junet:1--- 11. i. IEnginieering society.a
3 0 "An Acctetofti1it pelrieiles whlilt' MUSICAL CLUES' EECO t 075 1
t3 Styles: *0 ittit teMlttRange"t t'by it It.
Scit RomIt.n, OitdrE.Last night thle 'Varsity T e ldul(
~ cit o a , O d English " .tttionetr 2 p.it.n. ti--i-c Flratit-i' spittie itie l t'eiraittuutelti . ! £ tl
S From $1.25 to $3.00 iraiantfirii uSsatrnhtCasts iiAu-:,electonthde' tiettltirasei. :Il-'
for _1 Ua Siroritiets.- The resuttotf 1
*100 Cards and Copper Plate 4 sti-ititci' ttt't v'"tn nli tr'te r-sits
5 ID
100 Cards tram Plate, 75. t 'A-htri. tts rr----bt rsiiI
New line Crane's Tint i-7:20 Alphta.Nit banqueit. li3tt'iti - t-ia
a Fine Stationery -_______re_ in Clarkie-.. Asistantt IMtuits I
*0 A____ A-ssuiits e'tt ar -eu 5i'- i ts sys itt- -
O tresili t~sea'' stir =Si -ais tters EAS-BALL PRACTICE LIt.HT. ;t
cul SHEEHAN &t s whOn ithamalMr.6®PsfI"k nt ill ailtC i. lit-st stswe Pit'Vaisit y baseb'team t-tilt55515
an etspec'- iatlly s-sr fstiLy, arit'su e(',1 tu-ates-toitatlight siatiict'e y s~diL~ic~t i ~i ies t. da oteai ee ~llpcrlcas n odrt e h ien a tend iho
*1 1 11 t-rsu It. t I rs Sa Ii thi itssli i siwe s e i as s. tsit tt'Ittants . i t -stli e tle t useltbni -tihills s i li
tuttituerytesriii ,n t utiers *® t'ei'. 'ttIs it) tts1ti hus stu _itsitt i li'tttti
* f- Sureys'trselt'ssi th a stews itere st.st-wetter usf thue last ftewt says h1',af -
q 320 South SjtteStreet. j ttandttese k si itIno?'Sitcthtas fPeer -i th hroingvtartms a little,51o t
* e htate t it'll'riutom sottr"it ianat--eis-nmappuears ittfitt-lnasassondtit.
sI's'* t/t ff@.- a sOH@~S4-0*0e0*S4 t ais Mr-c. li' stst'set hruI t t'ittttTtt'heinfilt-hit s tstgtshebtt'elissr Ittat
'u rs lt tto o s, irtt' ertei'ate e Illberi st ofit idsit) tarliet'tants)the mnts pctssu to1s
U.- of Mi Aul t~lptic Baibelt Shopthe facty alt sreivetoenouss'ghto do higranttditandst tshthin il-tttits)at
attens it l Is itsnof i t tuttS, fas t ugaihist N'orthwse 'rn sit S-itti'-
J. R'. TElOJAiN iiNSKI, Proprietor astesnit sir lisa-ti"Athetns" ini htrsdt'rt -__________
Face Massagen a--restalty. s.leueSer h 1ith citt so itsear thtey PROF. PETT ES CLASSES.
322 tOUTHSTIATE STREET i)t'-n isiclte inittetig Sits. "islke
- - init etrl', ita 1 nsteaue shiress'e Oswing to thePactt-Ihuat lt'sits) of
C. H. "fr'24.J 4,,jnCOM'PAN unit ht'r stays are t' theiusit.h. Onettel-tltetps'ye'ar isitt tt 'nr as t, hand
Seiall~y oFn o f C themme: fthur tfsetist-emarket- it tias bee'n'deideditor Ispptosintnoutti
Inferior Decorating erut ht )whetsn "hut"fX'--a stas t metuu te rlasses itttielte's ro'
preset'eduitatDestrottrecenotlyte ctuht- fesatur Pette. 'ttseas' sessta.hisre-
fittittlettieeline ofttWalhPaperis, rut attanty a-ss t-eenty'is)hits ittis tar- Ifort'. sill tinotimetersftor nuclat ioss
Patst Oils and Varnishest. teha atus 'sttt' tauus cii eestr
123 E. Washington. P'hone 237 iclrfclyascaeinatd-ginhssmse.

for Second-
fland Text
Books of li
I 6ood Selection
'itstze'' 1, i rst ttook oit) cicttttse.i.I v tilt
tti C .\t e s tsttt' Sit'ttts, Itol- ii(()
sut ' edt .. I Vos-tu -- -___ - _ -4 001
-isis e' 1 Votl-- - - - -- --- 2
Or e an5' d--i-l F s __ -_-- 2
& t''i ill01s i mi al iii
f lr 5rr )5s~grit ,1 lt ----i-t ----ti 5thi
'~oev C n itr i t I sUrita tit
'to i ' t's Sit. Stdeuopte1suionil
'i s ' 1tit'. esni issstsen uti c -itt aluth5
ifphlst ifwatt.IIus , t-stisg niu andEn--
li hu i t st'yt'to-s' i stttetA turic a cut,
it1:s h C's I u-iitttt of itt itusi' a nd Prtes-
s's, th , , H erst ' ysust I tl's A n ttd
Law and Medical (looks Boughi anid Sold.
Phonte 6il. :326S. Statte St1.
"Don't trifle with
yousr face.' Use
NWilli a ms'- Shaving

* Jeweii-y,andail High +
CasChtattel a ni t
Oppsite [nok House
Roomttte 7 Resinin, iitloo. Pliant d5l.ii
OfItficen Hoars Slttot1:t,,Iaso 4:30. T
"t$~ Niagara Falls Route."

Hot Lunch #
At Tuttle's, 338 S. State$



OC'AN M.51.SAPSOLY,5Mainger

4 -

AND iec BOSTN OfficneHom...-u:
wihdrcconections at Chiacago far St Mr. Gtrangor wilt) tes)at acdemty oficee frutnm
Lants. Kansas City, St. Paul tint the West fIt 8 o'lket ni tigs t(escepetig iontdaty).
liar informationuand thrnough tickees cailannor from 9 a, . oa s, . Pho'tne CNts '5wilitl
urite tn W. W. CANE. Agent Ann Arhbtr. reacha him.f N « fO a d {04 H 4
TINKER &'COMPANY.' FURNISHERS- and HATTERS. 334S TT T., Phouc. 342-2r.

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