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April 10, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-04-10

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The Michigan Daily



No. 140

0__ The social at Newherry hall Friday
Young Men's Christian Association night was well attended though there
Banruet a Success. i..s:en -,,a.n'lot as omaiy Ihore a:._.t
Progiam. Jarnus Scher- !he various classes of lihe literas;
merhorn 'toastmaster. department gave entertainments o1 an
_____unique character. In addition to this,
Last Friday eeaing the Universityj Miss Laurel Drayer gave a reading
Yonfg Mon's Christian AssociationI and music was given by Mrs. De.
gave their seventh annual banquet, Reed.
in ito Iillais halt. After a recepiin
lastinlg alioiit an hour, everyone ad- ST®NS UNION.
jouned to the banauset halt which was ____
artistically (deeoratedt with yellow and Executive Committee for a Students'
blue bnnting, Micigan banners unit UinPadaBgBnie
flags, anid lie Stars suit Stripes. Al- to be Held in May.'
ter itoing tutl justice to the floe trust
the banqueters sang "Ann Arbor" anti 'ho members of the faculty anud the
enthuisiastically gave the different cot- delegates appointed by variotus college
loge yells. Thaen came an exception- organizatiuns in ptirsunce of the
ally fine priigram. Michlganata resolution, have meet
Mr. James Schermnerhorn, of Do- sait organized as the Executive Coin-
troit, acteid as toastmaster and itoe mittee fur a Sttudent tUnion. 'The oh-
certainly upthold his reputation. All jelt of the resolution of Michigamua
the speuliers gave fiue respionises to was the formation of a committee
their toasts.unit the Association qur- which should have threepuos:
tette retadered soveral selections, be- Fistthrpalgrasoefsn:nna
log encoreit many times. banquet which should be to the mom-
Following is the progeram in full: hers of the faculty stud the tinder-
'The Law andil C'ristianity, Pr'tof. gratulnutes, very mitch the some as the
Frn . iSagi. alumni lianquets are to those. who
Post Coll-ge C'o-eiducation, J. Ross have gradutated and left the tUniver-
Iteod. sity. Second, the organization of a
Music, Association Quartette. Stitients' Utniou along the same gen-
T1he C'butrchi, lRi'.'. S. liatttil oral lines as obtain at Harvard, Ox-
College Friemdshipis, Artley it. Par, ford, Pentnsylvania adtither Utniversi-
son. ties. 'Thirdl, the seculring of a Miclh-
Music, Association Quartette. igun Club house to be the hotme itt the
Colege Athletics, W. C. title. Union. .'Ihose thiree purpoises have
Lotokinug at 'initgs inite lie g. Carl beeti aidopted by the Executlive com-
1i. Smith. tittee and suh-romnmitteos have been
Blesides tilt're'gular poram,'iTast- apiteto iurls out each inidivitdtul
VanTs'yle ofit eroit, unit Mr. Nuthiati Al the lust meeting, Aturil 8, the
Mcthesney otft'hicag'o, Stir roemarks. etimmittee appoiinteid to repolrt ttn the
Mr. Van Ty~le ciongratiulateid thi' Youing advisabtility of a bianqutet t be heldl
Men's thristian Assoicitin til their this sptring, repotrtedl in effect, that it
grotwitag influtenceitt theU niver'sity. is advisabile lt holdl such a banqut
Mr. Mct'hesniey, whio graduated trout ott tir about May 21th in Waterman

Ltl AIUII .at.la Ut7 d.LIIUIii ii "ymnasium. c
stptikeoithttt interest C'hicago Aluit W\hilo every stociety and college or-
have for their Almia Multratid on the ganization will setid an official dote-
grist needl if stitients rarrying their gate tot the banquet, it is alsot intend-
collego ideals itotittictal lilt in it that it shall be informaul in char-
botb the business andittitlitical wiotld. actor and the general attendance lim-
After 1he' progeratmttas over, a flash- i'edtonly by the capacity of the gym-
light ?picture was talien andtIhle ban- asium. At the icincltision oif the eve-
qitet brokle til after giving lao U. of( ning's prtogram tif music antd speeches,
M. yell..- the banquet will tietitrnitoli a gen-
Tlhe banutiettrioimtiwasicriowded ianit i-al nieettig fori'the liermatietlorgan-
tatting all things tnto cutisideration, lout(itt ofa Studtentstniotn.
it was tne of the most successful tan -_____ ____
qutets the Associaltin ever belil. CONCERT PROGRAM.
A concert will ho given at the Prt's-
WEBSTE SOCITY BAQUET byteriati church Monday evening tin-
Satutriday itight lthe Webster sticiety lir the diriecltiinitt Prif. Hoiwlandi, as-
held its tinty-fifhiaittital banqit.. -sistedi by' Prof'. tenswick, uatd Auigut.
There wus a gottdly attintdance unitSchimidt. 'Thi'econce-ri will bsegin
the' reptast waus heartily enjotyetd. Mit-Itrotniptly at 7;:301 o'clock.
sic adtded a dham l o the gathering. 'rhoetantire trogram will be sung in
Under tho excellenitinastership lit English. 'The admissiton is 2t cents.
H. t'.GCubithetotiast s were u-ill cre- 'T'hecfolliowing is thelproigram:.
spondtiedl to. 1F. t. DeNeffe sitilit' tn Organ solot: "Fantasie Tlrioimphale"
"Daniel tWt'isler;" L. S. Eation, "Webti- - - - - --............. ubis
sternslottot;" WV.if. Steveins, "The Prof. Llewellyn Reniwick.
Occasiton;" Jitniti init, "Wsoman;" (trestral purts itlayetd on Itianio by
Miss Margaret icktinsoin, "Wominen in Miss Painter anti Mr. August
tho Practice oif the Law;" J. it.Fluff- Schmitit.)
man, "The First Xear's Practice;" W. Qitaruette: Spring Sting ...... Pinsitti
B. Leslie, "The Beitchi andtihtelBar;" Misses Farlin anti Hunt,
F.fP.iGtib, "tOur Rte'iaince-'i' l aw Messrs. lBerry andtHilwanid.
yers;" F. A. Baiter, "Trite Patriot 'tenor Stilut:"D~ear H-eart" .... Mattei
hum;" M. A. Seitz, "''hrice Chamitions Mr. Josetih Berry.
itS the West;" F. H. Jontes, "West Sipranti Sots-
worth, Ho!" F. C. ('tus, "''hoeiBest of (ua)-"Oh, Sitea hay in Slicing."
Good Feeling;" anti J. M.H. ie, Andrews.
"Mug-wumps." (b)h''hiree Greeni iBonnets....
The committee in charge itS the boan - D'Hardeli;
quiet wore W. H. Stevens, A. F. Ailyni, (c) The D~anoa-.... hiadwick
D. C. H-utchins, L. S. Eutoin, 1D. I3. Miss Leila Farlin.
Cottioi and J. S. Broiwnlee. Organ Sotlos-
(ua) Le tygnte ........ Saint. Saens
FORESTER feHOSEN. (b) Rustic Wetiding....Wt'st
Wesley Bradfield, a stuident, of for IbMiss Myrtal Palmer.
estry in the senior class of the hjni List the Cherubic Host" ("Holy
versity of Michigan, has been up ('ity")- - - --......... aitI
pointed forester by the Michigan Mr. Howland unitLaidies' Chorus.
State Forestry Commission. He will Iteading: "Timothy's Quest" Sceno II.
servo on the state Srest reserve in Miss Florence Galptin.
Roscommon County. Fifty thousand AltoSolos-
white pine sedlings have been pur (a) Irish love song -.....Long
chased and wilt be sot out on this re (b) Thewiooing-...,.Sievetuing
serve in the spring; and in addition M iss Nora Bunt.
seed wilt be soiwn ftfiurnish the state Baritone Sulos-
with its own plants after this year (a) B3id me to ive - Hattoin
and nexL. (hi Thy beaming eyes.. Mact~owell
(c) The pretty creature.... Storace
1904 NOTICE. Me: William Howland.
All candidates for the 1904 Lit. base Quartette and chorus;:"Tis Thy
halt team report for practice at the. Wedding Morning" (frofn the
fair grounds Monday at- 4 o'clock. , Rose Maiden") ......... Cowen
BRUM, Captain. Presbyterian Church Choir,

An inter-fraternity baseball league ___
wil prbaby e etabishd ucr uterBy Democratic Mock Convention, for
the spring vacation. Several of the Ipeieto .Mc ihenn o
fraternities havo teams and hove at- rsdn fU.S ihenDel-
ready exercised iacr mnon tin i l egations. . Nichols Ticket
monds. Two games were payedtiat Given Offices of Demo
urday,'Sigmia Nut defeateud Delta hi Icratic Club.
t5 to 9. Delta Upsilon won from By the ovrwhelming majority of
ISigma Altpha Epsilon bg the score itS 140 Judge Parkr of Now York was
t0 to 9, nominatedulfr president of the Uiteud
States tn the udemoucrati tikeS over
ORATORICAL CONTST. William IfIHearst, t fle mich con-
ventitn hel at Nwberry hull St-
Ernest M. Halliday Wins First Place uraya fternooun. The tita yue
In Prohibition League Oratori- stuioiu. Parker 2111, Iearst 54, seat-
cal Contest, Milton W. tciring 6. Te rconvntiun was tne of
Guy, Second the mst siritedt and enhhisisii'ass
The ourh anua oraorial on-sembies which have been held this
test of the University of Michigan yer rmtemnt-h etn
Proibion eage ws hld ast nihtwas cleud to torder until the n-
Proibion esge ws letu lat nghtnouicementitf the final vote, it was
in the Lust buildinug. 'Thri' was a tne continuius struggle between the
tiglarge nesttetudancees ha nclusepsit riner-laed followers itt Parker and .Hart, and
osugcits ahbunpumsithe party spirit which was shown
and the listeners 'wre in no way uis- would have doue credit to a national
appointed in their expectatiuons. Allcovtin
five orations were good, the firt twiu ightteu deegautns in which every
being so nearly equal in exceluncecasofiteUiestywsrpe
that the judges had suime difficulty sit th eronthierslooy waserepro-
pl ac ws ecdig ccrddbetee hweer w rto r o tisbanersuof thir reptetie classes.
hostH. ailllaywhuie uraliuuow~ riseciting attorney uffey was in-
"TestPH.ramliuntyi'roseuoun."iMnltasntrouucedl by President 13. W. Mthlure
W.T(eilyramunu euntwt t- it- uf hu e imcrti cluhis thli resiu-
hi~ y rnke seondwit hi Pr tuig officer. in acettingehis position,
hititiuun the tet Solutioutn A pt di he sltatd the obiject ifthefi'cnvention
list- fact was noticedl in thu e uucsin io theu'wrus: "We have come here to
itt the juduges in gisigtIalliuay iiuntteamnfriuiunttShu
cihee three firsts o irstilivon while Guy e- tnitedt Stats on the idemocrati tick-
thuii ndmsitioin. 'hue uortioins f Edwardt 'tian if the '5111 tW class, wass
Barard Lonad Bow an Loisel-cteu-ilserttary. Thu fliwing tell-
elKatzsow sillshwed'inco'eiii hretiraltiio r u-ves wert' app~ointed: Sunner, '5 L.;
wu dessdt i ulivery, tut. winout Kizer '14, L; fluwshe, '14IL.; An-
l otwi.t, ehg tnado h istbro,'t.M.Hliay h inro h o_ It was decided by the convention
test, receivt'd a nrzeof uS25, anti has lut the canitue whit received a
tmajiority vioue shouli he ecare'utnom-
h hoic epetttgth Iut-inatel. It was also ageid that och
vt st tte tt rtubiincn iminatitn speech soutld nutSexcedt
testt atuing, tutuAtriritl, sit muttofivu minutes in lengh.
have a chance ftu partficipate in the +acit f the deegtionus eectedl a
contests that foliw. The jheieguon chaiuman tanunouce fbi'results it
thouight unitd comtuiusitiuuuiwert- 1evtevie
ecenut J. . Ctarliu. 1)U., Itiinuratle te -ot'sin the tdeegtion anto i
W. W Weemeyr ad Dr E.D. reside at its deleibertiin. !ach del-
Broks.Thejudes n dlivry ereegatitn was entitled ft mae a num-
Iicuuis. Su juuigs ii ttiurywur- natitn stueuih.
Jutniuts E. Buea, l eurg'X. Sampili', Somu' itSthe stiuakes wtul tucusi-
Pr oresr. t. Ihwles nit Frautkiably have convince'deveuuirpibiaus
A. Slivtc.had thle)' be't'n tut thu ristrum at a
- campuain time. 'They pictre te
WAGNER OPERAS struggle which the agytmustt sur-
t'onurruiw au 4:11(1 p. n., ini thi' uni- vive nd il he necssity fr rtncutei
setm letuuriutuom Pt-it. Stanley will actin. 'h'ey tracu'u the witcing of
give a teture uon a numbnler f XWag- the last twti campaigns, shiwng wiy
netuopeuras. 'Thei'illustraitionus will lu'(hut'iiumouurt ii: lust-uthailbelute t-
tug lantern, thte sids ri'pru'se'ntg fetedu, andulittcocudsiin, och spek-
scunes in thae'histry anduli'lprusen- r shiowed-linsuly awhy litthutght
tatitunoithte oturas. that the maui whiomle wotulnimi-
Similar leeru rs tug Pr'it. Stanlu'y nate, wotulte huest fiteiidt occupyu
tutu'prvedv'ulimmnisuly poular ; pe- he hpreidentiltuc hair.
butts thuenmtst intrsting ouShebebt- Atic t hu'nominatitns hau loeuseu,
uiug his recent toture tn "Parsifal" thevtofit the delegations was taen
wvhich, whenu retutateud, was Otilli- wiuhi theufollwing result
mentout bynmutsical itlusratioins SuatumtPlrker Bearst
the scoure. It will hut'ncissary, lit'014 Laws.
cause itS thu, universalie-si. tken st set ion........25 5
in those lectures, fr alt whit wish tus Situsictin.....2
gain autmissiontutoi the museum lcture '(It Laws.
uroom, t gut very uerl. A nurunbter uS 1st scitn .....tt.1', 8
Ithu opetras will hut- disciussued. 2ntlsectitn.......17 10
________ ___'0 aws
st siction. . .( 10
KEEP OFF THE GRASS. Suitsctlinnd ......8 4
A ntumbeur f complaints have Itt-u-t3rdiisuctioin.......12 3
ret ived tug Keene Fitzpatricki lately '14 Lits- - - -'1 0
in the'-'inrm uSfloters cmplainitug '05S.Lits ..........101 1
ht the Cuoss Country clib men wre 'Ol Lits ..........10 5
damaghig the laws autulaswnexuen- 17 its- - --........2
iosubs tuninigutcrtss them tutu the 04 Ntug- - --......... 3 1
daily runs. As a numbuteruf threats '05 Eng. . . i
ft prusecue have lieen madti- hugthu 'Of; Esg.. ... 9 3
'porutytouwnero it Is urgddreou tc- '07 Eng. . . ..17 3
questiud that henceourh the mnnIikee14p n '1rMiic .
toi the rotadsos much as possible. '0 antd'17 Medics-...11 0
Failure tut otbeg this re'asonuabtle re- Toutlt- - --.....200 54
quest is amust certain ft subtjct Preceouing the convention the an-
some- lightly c-ailtutuambitious athlutist election uS officers of the demoi
lete i-ua fine. cytic cli was held with the result
'- ____-- hat the tentie Nichiuls ticet was puntt
TALK BY DEAN HUTCHINS. in. 'The result ift he balot wis as
Sevocal weehs agot DeanItutchins follows;
consented to adidress the S. C. A., ut For President, James H. Nichols, 270,
wvas unable t seaki because itS an at- D H. f.Cowley, 1:2.
tack itt ]a grippe. The large nuimbe For stot Vice President, Gis. P. Shid-
wthich were disapupointeud then wilt e, 277; G. A. icks, 125.'
have an opportuntytoihia,' him n For 2nd. Vice President, Wi. Y. Stah,
next Wednesday when he will spsai 564; L. C Lewis, 19.

on "Soime of the Essentiols." As the For Secretary, H. Hill, 275; F, A.
meeting closes of 7:30, there will be Diel, 128.
ample time to attend the lecture on* For Treasurer, Don. M.. Eggerman,
Dante. j2S3; C, wW-,Gust,18.

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