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March 11, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-03-11

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T he MichiganDal
First Regiment Men Have Excellent Of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars; Adele Aus der Ohe Tonight in Piano' Will be Shown at the Meet Tomorrow
records-Stewart is Ill and May Yearly- Etabinhed by Mr. Ham- Recital-Excellent Program Will Michigamua will Lead Songs and
Not Compete-Goodwin's Fat il1on Carhartt, of Detroit. be Presented. Yells-Ann Arbor."
Time. - -
Aittws debal1ills testimonial of $150i The fifth annual concert of tse Co- One of the main features of the
Chicago advices stae that tile1 to be sresweted yeary to the honor ratil Unout series will be given tonight meet tomorrow night promises to e
crack athletes othte Fi-rst Regimenttde at~rs sit e rpreset Michigan in, in Uni 'sity H-all by Mis~s Alele Ars the singing and cheering, anti it is cer-
Athletic Association are trainitigtard;liiihe onests ofthit CettraltDebating;ter Ole. whs is a lianite itf rare (ali that otr noted visitor, Mr. Bryan,
for Saturday's meet witht Michigan League, bas lits been establishetd iy; ability. Fle cttning has been -lote will e given a demonsraion of trnte
and that individually, the ttettatpear- i11Mr. Hatttiltttt Carartt a well knotrn forwart o wit Itmttheecetat ileas- college enthusiasm.
in the pink tf condtiont. Atthotgh IDetrtoitttmatntfaturer. Professor Trte- tre. There has been much tal aout the
titey will be handicattttei toitt I gltit itttodicalile ttsn Air. Carartt last Sat- "Tere are sttme artists wttse art campus lately of maiing more of .this
extent by unfatiliarity swtittetiack,.!trtat-atttlatteesteti to bin that it never Itses its fresness andI whose! feattre ttf the meets, and the meet to
they till dttttltles gist-a igoo d acctttotutntlolite aepitable tothie tUniversi- hold ttt the ptubli remains tunchangedj morrow night will furnish an adequate
of thenselves. A gattet at the -e- ty itle ttttttt see fit to estalish a de i spitei-ftile aitiearatte of other' opportnity for the expression of this
rds elow shotws the Site'dI antablit-hatittg ttstimtttnial ot $151, similar to canditatts or the stffraes of mtsic sentiment
ty ot the sottdtiers. Thtee is a elihart lh- tttte-aretdy esablishtetd by I). M. lovers. Sttect an tne is Adelt' Atts ter) A particular effort will e made at
ttr a stiff cottest is etery event aend Ftrry ttf Detrtit. tHe asked for timeI Ohe, shtt has asays represtntetd the this time to make 'popular the singing
Micigan's athlte(swinl ate t ex- 1ittt-tisidi-thett matter antd ysterdlay l ptrest ideals itt pianforte playing.l of "Ann Arbor," one of Michigan's
ert themselves to tt' littit t wit. Professr Trueb-tlood reeived tie ftl- She wa-thfirst piaist in te CioralI most beattiful college songs, ut one
'he relay team ofttie F' rt -egi- litie trter: Unioni Series, atd er compttaraivly which is not widely known. If the
til it hnt itn- 'rtfesii 't. . 'rtttettot.reett atpearance was a tdeligt to iractice of singing this song at the
men Athletic Asstciteionwihst- lsor' .Treiothose islii wert stifotu-nattte as 1o meets is inaugurated, it is sure to
peedite at ttwer-Begico8tet illrilay tiiisiyofiihi: hearher. She miaes nitsetsatitnal lcome into popslar use. To facilitate
racte ae orterMar teitSbtillritte I Att- toyorir:sggstonappeal.butiwins by the simplicity,' this, the Daly will distribute printed
inet Thsmetier atsitheof eoiebi tgi-enit iirea t esretititosagyetionearnestness atttuntbtrsiveness of copies of the song on the night of the
met. hsem Woiillsimttttirg.' itrelrisHmergutylteistirebtoay ilta -m'et.
wth, Harley Kity ~titntttt I ttitnttu ite iingto ifiriisliht-ttttds' h e1eto tiers int'is ttttieitse.Tme e rscrt Mchgma
del, and Rolandi BatrrettI -andtirainsi-c to establiish iwhat shallte lnoswnas adt u a ttn ttbiĀ°hiese Th( eiorscey, ihgma
and to the Brtoouliynt sliiers ini a hit-'1 atitttitt ftrtarti 1 Iutiia psssss tie nmagnetismti withou will attend in a body and lead the yel-
briigrace. The tiant eompietedit tr the- Gitier it-etatrscliii etresenttiwshielta it utsitcaniso tteet sie- lng and singing. The leadeship of
brusm f h et: nw rck 'isingyofMchgn eete o ceid.'Bol" Parker, of Glee Club fame, Is
wi the stofthesAlmaf astititit rtiiinto t fthseiCestralt itetiatingiieathe. clue Mi)fittr tie tr is wtihoi ttut stre tt make the singing of "Ann Ar-
of the a a sd oter ittatiknwn VattitThe. t-Itst t t et$t15ti r-tatiiumeatto ie tote faettIhat sie has utndiotbtedi lr" a success.
Walnesbelandgte iiti tetsreasterN-i beii'urishd h tth-if- at ut ii tlenti it theliiieit of conposition, anti Members of the several classes will
rinelGrsdelngngeacihi- ayen a-ittirsi-ilt i Itt i ltcthas iritti-tiStmetidei'igtfultnmtsic in also sit tgether to give tniy to the
tinager ar ettye cm et ti tily ois-bithtPeidntan tvuloe tias-sii mlayt-oft ther iiai- singing anti yelling.
ed the list of judigteli-ittwill foCteril(ii,- fteg-nts sty graititat i a teingt ~tiesidisplaydin herl -cinterpretations. Followig are the words of "Ani
mot ar b.utoftw isr n Eii. -itatiowedtiioishowiiiniitiis smatltay nmt'Miss eSiste Oittwilt play at five; Arbor,' which every "Michigan man
mostRar fthe e trotAhei lbitrs n orslni nttto concets ofihi-yiBistn Symphny Or-I shouldl know by heart:
dieRyn nt hett't utAttit-IIt Ciliii iriat iiyor sit-iitti 15 itittiici-estra, andtillsthalsot teheart wit Ann Arbor.
will act as starter. I avetheiihoniiittir ibe,
Gtoodwin rant twit latisaitthte - Tusi iio rsucfty seera titer symphonttiic trganiationsi Ann Arotr, 't is sit thee we sing,
watch last night Iti teri-martaittf tiAiiitTttN CARBAft'ili. iidiritg t-tin-rsi-nttseasot. Nit pianit Frosm tee otir choicest blessings
fattm f28s/i Seondis. Glnn'is sure r ofa iarm twecone from ( spring
fteasttmr o ~ ti ea lt Ithetilleiir ilas tticiittpaniei by a ithse wito apptrciate ran-e artistic Acceit the tribute of our song,
Stwr sii nhaciitii tt' i -tiCie ftr lo ititttiric tilayitg titn shi. Anti a- Ama Mater, wise and strong
compete Sattrday. Itt thaI caseRi-i-h1 g
er will prbiattly te snit I- 1GB-- - -- ter al thi- artist wht wits y a, We love thy classic shades and
___RICH ____AND CONVgNIENT srtitghtforard, httiapetit otri- shrines,
PROESORREECON"HWAIhaMtes mitrtlt-doittii-iestabismntt itt We litve thy mtir'riug elms and
PROESORREECON"HWAI, - stuttit mustica tastesthant the oe, pines;
Ill, nvvEngnerin buldng swhit tilying-'titiotisitsatitna meth- Whereer our futre homes shall
Professor fGeorge Rebelicsiike tbe-lisit naintig cmpltetin. Classes are tt; are rii aictnics e
fore the Ladies'Uinof ttAnntiatborn areaity tld ini smint' tiCIhr rooms; A ignttntits rfseitu ere trhpsaealwt
Wednesdlay on lesubtjiecitiCf 'Ita- atil ti--trIt-al thetidirawitig sectitti A f'nz'inwoepoesdOthatorhpsaealwt
wal," giving a delightfuli ittstripiiion tiorki onitti '3tdfltir. Th''iti'dbngi ititt atsitoiiiititer tiltappreciatiotn of I lee.
f the islands, as they ito tueti-r im itbting to tiptiii'ttfromiti the p ion i fs u'iatiintwymr
durig asta it seeulssiu'b ibte stri 1111 ii id tritty ~ttith'ie tau thtt titll 115tsmissionuthaltn t re- And when otr college course has ru,
durig asta ofsevn weksthee lw ail nd he artalradycomletd 1semt an atist of sticksiea ttaiaumeuut And life's dark vyage has begun,
andstrpsumm eer. al wa hol sclisss hat anyisuilding wicha ustttwe a i ututias Aielee Aus ter Bitt." When waves of sorrow and distress
ifrahuimths asiou ilis iutitii''itl.litg tiad Tile-trturam is as followtss: Otur weary, panting souls oppress,
noneof is ineres. Th jouney o j allsextedFthoutasheeente'of vut Itatasi,-Bachor.Bow..brightBacshall brbeamsall hyam beaconco
non ofitsintres. Tis-jittriey o taht Cxitiihthecarosittt ii' iuoen fImpromtuit ii nior, to. 142, Nut, light
the islands was describeud i-tiarty atd (ry winui s4l li.....a utin.o..it..-- - - Schubert; To guide the wandrer thro the night;
agraphic lresentatittnt sas gisenfIiioitfiietlteite ire i.- aichitss rootm Variaftist nnor.....-hBeetutven And as we catch its gleming rays
its beauty, its caractristics auth its hOishrovilet sith a coai irtoomaod Sonta B tat inior, Op. It... Chohin We'll sing again Ann Arbor's praise,
conglomeration of peoplues. 'h'e speak -mtaftuthrmawithibwsaer hydrantus. tra''ttiiuoe-ut;
or~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~~~y pi:treMtaisatihuuc' ii' tiuit Siit ni lt retiiit utieai a Stu'i-u iFinaCltueue .Futr. PRESIDENT ANGELL ASENT.
ful trip from Sant FranciscoitoliiI titu t iprlitittssors' room115,uconnetedt iii-lir-'lai s itBt 2 PeietAgl illaei a
in i whch is miursatuti it lii' P- r-ciy siu ht- tas rolins Tha- - - - - Schumatn Ie two for the University of California
clitc were givent in a wourdt aitIt i ofaret uishi iin uta ititttt't stye ithi t Ihtte RdI;N.", weehei'odlie eieY fl
ideas only conceivedt by 11111whut; high swainsuotinug itt sainrut white Iax NoEdvnLi.
could justly appreciate its "suuhltut s'Pleii utui it'e uperrtptrtitns oftiChe hairt-Nu .Ioii uttLeh ures. His class in istory of Treat-
and vastness." Hloniohulu as i tptutu-walts siventl d iinitediortther rich cti A usde 05 tswill not met until April 14.
pears to one first enterinug lihe'harbour;tin. Each tifci' is ptoviuteu with a ir.Ateh h _______________
andHoolluasitloks o heen pac ad wenc m e edwipr Noctune,'Iat teits iii Bravura i THE POISON EATERS.
raptuired tourist as he strols thrioughui senit a peclitiary rich ffec4- - - - - - - - - - '"' .Liszt The members of the Aph Sigma .
the city were vividly descriedtpre- i ''liii- sbtoitsill he tcatiud in the - - ociety who have for som weeks pmt
senting a picture of greetery anduetuu'uirtin11 Thu rooslatsdeviteduteto SOIREE DRAMATIQUE, een feeding themselves, or rather be
enhanced by the unhhemushlu grunisthis art' trovideud with concrcete bftoos'Ing fed, upon poison, are still contin
ercor tefoiaeanftlehigte-tt tftoliagetey ueuw ntanodgIh atngten arbr'igehtngliungthcie.luttes Idviuas
ors icurd sof myriads of fbower. th i teent h auutstsin -al i laai uto i le Cen- whohavetben pcturhedeas abandon
In the review of the panorana oftank, h.aboutltwthi much has already cee1 'ancas preeteitiwot deighfuh ing themselves for the advancement
natture mentioned by Putfessor Rebee, i eu nwriii.sethstiseii'trciunittPro of science, have really been doing
he took occasion to udecrihe the auti 'hi two tmonis strikitg features of ft-str de P'onu. Thi- fhrst, "Autoutu, nothing wanderful or novel. Those
ouse craer al that place which s aix tuetbuildinimg an' ifs size, which is dun Bemoan" was givien by Miss ar-' who are supeintending the work say
proached over ground floes sntuhtult -e aterihaltits ei xterior indicates anti( et Haringtin in a most charming !that there are many other cases of
oose suphurous fumes. Tuinthen'' tteu I i-admtirale( arrangmnent for ight mane. biss tHarringtn displayed the same kind in medical history.
to the human ianornama. thue.Speakerthe Iroom11 ns alt facing tiuwardl the hal great taett anti deightedl fhe ad- The experiment is not at all danger-
dwelt on the variety oft mitnttttto is1o ruiauig fCuteattch a unioem ant I ence with hr clever interpetation bus for it would probably not be made
be found there describing it as a mit- 1 ditrableuui'light fromnttbehindu. 'i'e secontieilsce. "Boudteie", a pleas- if it were. The exact nture of the
ley mixture of everything in thuuane in' little sketch was tresentedt by poison is not known, and all the con-
of man. No better idea of this notley TSIOIL FR POESR Ms esels. M.Nlo c jecture about it that have been made

assemblage couldis be gained thant the SAGE, _ Bv a uff anti bi. Irving Long. In spite in print up to tots time nave been
picture which the spealier gave ofC a ot the art -that Ibis sktetch haul beenmeecstinofhemartnI
reception he attendued at the great At preparedt in eight, lays, the harts were is not known, says Or. Ihershoff, who
exander Toting hutiel, which tccurred j Testerduay tile stuents of the Law remarkably taken'uandigesat credit i is directing the matter, just when the
on the occasion ofisudenn.Fee iipartmtent received with mitch pleas- duieIttl i er nastltoPthees experiments will be stope.N
Chinese. halt natives., half' whites, tere the atnunuuucenment tuf the birth of sit e iePout tutr his tintimingefsfots tuo uefinite reports will be given out un-
etc., all mingling sun one siucialplaute. tu.litlehubuyhabty to Prufessor Frank ;makie thuerening a sutcce'ss. tii the whiole matter is written up by
The Jap as an inhabitanlt was dtwelt L. Sage andl his trite. A subiscripttionm the committee in charge for the var-
upon at length. The laps are the was startetdi at onmce amonug the mem-' outs medical journals of the country.
largest single elemenut ini Hawaii.lu-asot the seniutr class ftu h le pur ETREO SE,- Until then the college world will not
They are extremely unpouluar-, are !ips'(it purchiasing a silver cup ior the -; know what ksind of poison is being
imitative and appressive, uecilu-ty ihut ittliestrntgir. This-cupi is to he pee- Ttnight at 7ruo'ciick in 'Tapptan Hall eaten. At any rate the authorities
dependent and keep bytyihemiseltvus. 'sethi-toIiProufessour Sage at a coming' Prfesessour Shailer bMathewts with speak want it strictly- known that 'so far no
With regard to their coenversuiio ut class met-uIing bty a spteakierappointedtin "The Purpose and Character of one has died or become seriously ill,
American dress, the speakter sail, tug thuetresidt o f thi- class. Prufes- the Goispel." Tlhese lectures are at- amid that there is no likelihood of such
'When the Jap puts on a pair of Itutsite Sage is tins- ot the most loulmar tracting lange auiences and are of a calamity, in the immediate future,
sers he is on the way ft Americanu- niembeirs rut the Law faculty. The essential interest toi all students. Pro' They lauigh at .all the reports that
ization' Owing to rapiud intrma-- J suttus-nil hut taps-n hears the name tof fessor :Mathews is a pleasing speaker have been circulated over the country
iage,: the old Hawaiian stock is a thy-j nearly every member of the senior and sets forth clearly the many impor- and say that there is nothing at all
(Continued on page tfor.) class. tant points in Bible study. {to he said,

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