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March 03, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-03-03

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Vol.. XIV. ANN ARBOR, MICH., THURSDAY, MARCH a, 1904 No. 107
Board of Control Takes Action on Ml- Honored Orator to Appear at Univer-'1 Lectures on New Testament by Pro.i Board of. Control .Issues Statement
waukee A. C. Mtter-Withey's sty for the Third Time-Under fessor Shailer Mathews, D. ., of Concerning Michiganensian.
Good Work in Pole Vault. Auspices of Good Government the Univrsity of Chicago.
Club. The Daily has reeived the follow-
Trainer Fitzpatrick wishes it d is-'f"he widespread interest in the init ommniation from the Board o
intty snderstood that all track can- I America's foretttost orator, the Hon. istuy of the Bible which was shown iontrrol o the icuOastnihardiof
(idates should be out for the 'VarsityI William Jennings Bryan, will tdeliver dring antI after the series given last'!nlate co e usin eado
meet. Saturday night regartdless of the a lecture utnder the atsPices of the j year by Professr Patn antI Professor, , nttecmpnaint
fact that they may consider themsel- I tGotttt(overtttent Cub in University Craig tpttn Bute stutty is stfficient b eev1b aae n dtr
I . tf next year's Michigaensian.
ves tnabte to finish among the point Hall, Sattrd ty iight, March 12. Mr. ;ttt warrant tat the lecttres ttt be gvAn
winsners. White this meet is for Ithe!tBryan has been itt Ann Arbor tn sev-1 en tis year wil meet witht aprecia AnnAbtr, March 2, 194.
ptrpose of tpicking thue team t con-( era -tccasosandst is tott weltbtow! lion attttetthtsiasm from sttttents as "In sew of the conflicting and n-
test Against the First Regiment, it tt the Aterican puttlic atd Michigan well as tthers. Iatthorzed reports that have been cir-
will also serve the tstrpose tof valtta-1 students to neetd an introdtutctiotn. "This year Prfessor Shatter Math- net d regarding the management of
ble practice for the great ntttber of e deliveretd the Washingtttn Birth-1 ews of te niversity of Chicagts, one ext year's Mihigaeloin. it seems
track candidates who lack experience, day address twot years ago tol tne ttl of te foremtst schtlars tf this coon-ts- omk h oloigsaee
lin big meets. For this reasttn every1 the largest adiences ever assembled try, anti tne of te ablest teachers tnof "acthe tio s h ihgnn
man is expected t enter and dtt his1 in tUniversity Hal. To Michigatt stu- any thetlogica school has been se -"1Thcotlofhe iign-
share in making the meet ne of the d (ents he is still a live one," antI sev- cured. After gratduating from Colby j inhsbe- ete ytetnvri
3 ty Senate in the Ctmmitee on Nn-
most successfl of the ,year. Cattain era attempts have beit mate to in- University atd later from Newton Atteiiratstos
Kelogg says that alt entries ftr tedc r rant oetrnthe Tht1 gctlstttth tetsm "2 Te('Comittee has taken ttt ac-
meet mst be in by tonight, last twot years. It is ontly after per tinme in te University of Berit. Pts -
roe fesorMatewswasforsevralyeas itn regarting text year's Michigats-
The Board of Contrtl has reqtested sistn fot htM.Stualpre est ahw a o eea er
Hahn Hall, and Stewart to refrain idMet of the Clutbt has finally receiv- Professor tf istory ad Political: ensan.
from competing for the Milwatkee edl a tersotnal let ter froms him in Economy in Colby university std has IT. here is not ageement betweet
Athletic Cltub against Wisconsin Sat- whiceh' states that he wiltic atle made many vatable cntritttiots to the ttommittee' adt the sttdents c-
urtday night. These three men togeth- t lecturse itt ltversity Hal March the critical sty tof the New Test- garding the remtneratiot which the
er with fiSle are te Michigatt ens- 12. Mr. Bryan's sutbject till be-"Thte ment. He is notw Prfessr tf New maagig edittr anthie bttsiness
ber o te Mlwuke lubwh wreVatuetOf asIel. jTestanent hsor sndttd reaio manager tf next years Michiganen.
hersof te MtwauseeClul wlo svre 11)-t." iatury thtttreariSian shiall receie. All state meutst,
Invitetd to matke the trill to te city aittjtuitr Dettof the Diinity i
obrwre.The action of the btartlcholUFRENCH f hiag. therttore,-tot's, h)I ttefetItat thlt-tbus-
ofRENwereH JOURNALISM. Icstl.ttvesinttttiao ess manager is to reeive $2t0lstil
is definite and of cotrse uittle ttb- "Toset lectres prtomise tt le, very 21ie et.sfIt ttft. ht'li
served by the men. The athletic atth- Prttstr(tg .Httto e-hepfttl anti interesting atd are oten (' e- et fth pois'ta ti
ot-ilies have always frowsnedt 11110nte ttalt who are iteresttdithle sttd stems esoraeofc-ish
trgid-ur t"Freuth Jotrttals atttt bIaystdetinttur-cr~t
practicte of Michigan athletes compe- - - othIleBilt." nhm-ystrayabyno a o-tany stttdettagin dtohe a-sitysa"
ig for athletic cltus esen if the ama- ain"ysedy femota ' Prtfestr Mathews coturse will be tht'hiaaistetti iaasl
tecr standsing otthbetoigansizatitnis mclok in TlaptpantI-all lecture rtttm. itwo seis, as fotittws: ty f$2111,' ansoasotn, are wholly
ttynlttetu t- c-- prtfesstr Htmiltttt cttmparetdFrs ere.uauthotbtrizted. Te Conitee has tak-
Itititt Freitchs newsapuer aihsAmerican.eitatino hsemtes
attn frtthisapIosiltin islu thea e i st it the Frnenate The Beginnings of Christianity-A ui ttato ttteemtes
ougttotdtevoe their entire eergies a Study f Acts. -I'tlasttiestfbs'unttte
to tet'nisversity whiich is trating ftur sheet affair ad was thirty years 1. Te Plistatphy ofHitoy ccrd are it geteal tf tht' tuiinth at the
them. Blesitdes this, it is generally Itt, behindtimoe frttm a printer's potint tf ; tg to Luke-Friuay, March-l 4th.jrtper rewaart ftr lth editr atd uhs-
teeitasietrphaeattte-view. The French etittr does ntt .;s.'aat la.ness matager tf a sttdent publication
feet ttn a university's amateur stand- care so msuch for news as he dteftr 2. 'cbe Primitie t'Cturch at Jertta- is te hottr whiht atactustt the tf-
ing in ttsptuular estinmatitun. criticism, articles on new buooks, and tem-Satsurday arch Pith It. fle. If there is any remtneratiotn, it
Shatle was allotwedt to go, as 1st han n the drama. As a result of this ltmarsTapttn('atn.rtshoutf Nets-Ails
teen cettlinglitter the Milswaukee ;h crs.ohngfr'sop" t llps sTe IBegitnings of Utiveralt C'ris-I BarofCnolf o-Ah
ettr trtels ot er. news front other papers tree or fottir tiauity.-Sunday, Marchs 6ll, p. I-tic Organizsatitn."
Withe-y, ounetof teFreshmncipstle lymt~,usi ut tyaihtl- o., tUniversity Hall. - -_____________
vales mse h nor'ast'graphic sirvice. 4. Clrislatuty andl lbs West-Mo- LAW MICHIGANENSIAN ELECTION
vatttea, tushei te idor 'arsty The majority of newspapers in slyMrcs7t,7t.i,'atpn-
reerttyeas-tts lo clarng he arFrance have a small circulaiot, the Hat
at11 feet li0 inches. On his secsnd i 1 At the metetitg of the Junor Law
trust te amstacleared t1 feet. Four llargest having only frttm thirty tt '5lhe ltruggletBetueen 'Traditional class itsoottutt,3.Wetnestayeetitg,
years ags, ivurak umade asintdoor rce- ft'y htuau tttcte h -- anti tniversa Chrsistiatnity. the slasstuoiatons fttr'edito' andt
srt l f1 feet 1 2 itches which held porters tuton tpasers receive a mere Tueday, MacitStilt, 7 p. i., assisan suditors (f next .year's Mici-
uttil yesterday. Witbey's wuorkis aout- ipittance buti the ittst members stIhes 'pptsnstHall. gauensian awere nmads.
ty an exainptit of te grest imtrove- staff receive sighO~ as 2,100f francsi Second Series.The electisn wiltcur next Satur-
mnt Ite vaultintug squtadt has shuown u -r. inlt5' Tle tsFaewase' The Gospel Accordng to John. day noning rmtno1ts12inRotomi,
in tt' past fewv lays. eaud's vautitng ottu 1.i 77 "h aet Tt he- Purpotsesuasitut'haracttrtf tes ; tf the Laws uttiing.
aimprouvitng and as he is always slow l ase"at tlteilwl mal tupi-rdy. March t11ts, 7 p. One editr auul three assisaunt d-
in getting into shape. CachltFitztat- crua I.i. apa a osrare u to e cotsen. 'T tomina-
ric exect grat hins o hi whn Oly ecetlyhav (hre e 'n2 he Early Judueans Miusry.-Satur-!aitns seres mate ftr the editorship.
ric epecs rea tulntaof in whtunewsboitys andu eenusw only the "yet-
lt-eleant geltsut dastr. d ay, March 12h, 7 p. in., Tatpa anti setn fsrts- assistanteitoisr-
Thu. fact: t I-Hsbn, Stswart, std ts"nsasieaat ct s tys- Hall.ships.
Hal wllcopee n atrdy ss-Te0neteets(..i ous il 'lhe tSruggle tf Jesus with Pharisa-j The folowitg met were nminated:
Isha lait etwomlue sigonnaurtayesar- ''tne stsiStsueurswlts.aim-Sundtay, :March 1l1th, 7p. mi., i For Etitor: -
es t lasttac brtisng ontsts te Wednesday, March 9tutu at 5 o-
Hhbi.EKee, soulSewart wilt fus-;t'nivtrsity Halt.'T. ID. Jntes f tudaho,.
(locsti(IiTa'p'ant Ha luleicture rtomn.
ish is-ty uof excitetustlitsthe atritl r iHugou P. 'Phis-to- uill slutalt tutu14,'Tt'e.Lat Messages tf ,esss.-Moit C. J1.S111beu' (f SMiwaue, Wi.
antI 'Mother" Hall wilt have'uplenty d ay. ait-luI-tt, 7 p. usn.'l Tappantu F'r'Assctiate Editrs : -
to dItoitdetfeal t. amin te lit' ttt- \h'utuaiu''ssititutuandtItlutuence.'' Hal. (. E. Wilcox.
unit'. ~~~. '~T'IethtandsuItaurrect itus of Je-I F. J.1.Mat it-u.
'Phe drawitngs for Saturday's retay, FACULTY CONCERTS. - sts.-'uessday, Marth 15t, 7itP E. L. Frentch.
races resultetd as folutws: '14 Laws - ( im., 'lalulan Hal. 1. A. (arty.
vs. '14 il; '17 Medics vs. '07 Etg.; 'lbs uex ttlist- seriessf facuty I'CID. Sieigr
'ta Laws vs. 't6 itsl. 'The '06t ngi- cuters wilt e itsenu at ts- Schtol l PRECAUTIONS AGAINST TYPHOID . W. Evans.
ccis udrew a bye. tof Music, ''hutrsday evening at ight FEVER AT MICHIGAN. P. S. Csuineley.
_________________ tscl, aw-uciaIthe folowsitgurtgranm There areio secial tickes iu the
CHORAL UNION TRIP. will bertndetredI: It dotessut sem likely that a typhoid ifeltbst the mnen will e chosen at
Pastorale sasndt'huuricsis. Osaratt (fever eidemic uill ever trea out. largte fro tetint- cndiatstua smi-
'Ts- questionssast the-1cttri uft hu e Ic'antersin.........ttanaeaitsamluhtn hest isuenisotf Che Univrsity ated.
('hosralatso tsSt. Louis is by nut;Gavotse-- - - -tths..ucl-hrahumsof SMihigan. I a recentuhudress r. After ths-closs' of unotiniations the
menatsssettledt as ye. There are 174 f(Cstrict-eur Aast .. tluci-Saint Sans I V. C. Vaghan, eanofthet'mesdital presidetho thue class auitintet three
shut say utathy aill go, 46 say tus, AletrsLtckwotdtuh. destmnt, saltdsn hus pintcouie:-hefrt t crug ft
aind 12 ace untdecitedthle rest uPfte ! a. Recit. andu Aria, "Hear me, ye Every lti weeks sisce the water class dlance t be given is the near
chttrss hate retunetd tau answer. The ; inuds anti waves," from Op. was first put isa this town, there hs future, the secod t select. a class pin
number who decide to go will robab-s era "Scitito".......Handel been a thoriough chemical anti tater- of suiable shape and form for a class
]y reach 201, and 50 could be aided - b. "t attempttfttm Itove's sicness i ologocat examinaitn of the water. ;emblen, adt the third to arange for
fromnathe reserve outsiude of the chtorus toIt ..y....... Pucel Anti whtnlt-ere has becetay ssatt- a class stein5 and class ite
whout woulteladto stctme in asnd yc. "Pieta Signoura"..... Sralella ististhat list waer was not just rights ______________
Iractice. But it is ntot ye decided d. Vitsuia' Vittoria' .... arissimi we have examined it every dlay. On 1906 GIRLS' MEETING.
if Iis is atvisabtle. HBut it is decited 'uWiliamn Howland. tne tccasion at least we were threat-
that the chorcuss wil not gtt unless they; Sonata Op. 377....Tachaihowaky iteselwaith justl such an epitduemic asOse tf temot successul class
are absolutely sue of success, and I . Moduterae e rtisutti occurredtoit Ithica, N. Y., a year agto. jometinlugs of the girls tof til was hel

wlish 1511 or 200 people, sail Protfessutr 2. Andante mouderato Five cases otf typhtoiid fevec apparedu yestecday aftecrnoonutalt.larbotur gym-
Stanley, this is physically and msiusic- 3I. Scherzo Allegrto giocoso, amoung the I'niversity studiesnts within nasisum. Over sixty of the members
slly impossible. The chorsus wsill be- 4. Fisnale Allegro vivace t a few days. 'Phe waler was tuad. The of the class attended. 'Phe pusrpose
judged withont fear or favor sod tacht Albert Lockuwoodl water was the surce of the tcosuble. was te practice of new stungs and
wilt be worth juist what he shows for, Hungarian Folks Songs .....Kiocbay Its was at that tinme taksen fromi foure ort yells forc the buaskset ball games with
so it is imperative that the bsest cell- a. Marishka f Marishisa! i fistessprings. Immediately we buegan the Senilocs anti Junilors which ace
resentation be there. hib. Bogar Miska's Datughter. ass examisnations tf the u-ass-c from to take place in the near ftutare. The
Profesor Stanley has recently writ- c. List to me, Hosebtud! each one of these spriogs, antI founsd yellinug, which was lesd hy Miss Si~elt-
ten to the railroad authotrities sod -'ii. Mohac's Field jube 01ne'tbat furniased the haul water, 'avagons went off with a vim and a dash.
fotund ont that the special rate offered William Bsowland. I andstihe water from it was imsmeudiate-; Prioted topies of the songs were dia-
to the Choral Union is ousen to hts-' ly cutl sff. One night every hydrant trihutleud.to addition to the yell meet-
hands, wives or frienuds accomutany- The Senihor gils at Northwesterns in the city was opened and the reser- ing, there was a candy poll which was
ing the singers. enjoyed so exciting afternon recently voles were emptied; then they were heartily enjoyed by the girls.
by msaling and dressing lemon dolls. refiled and allutwed to run out again,
Illinois freshmen defeated the C~hi- A beaustiful prize was awarded so the and the wails were thorosughly cleaned. The 1. 0OM. held an informal han-
cago freshmen in their seconud dumalt young lady whose doll was juidged And there was instl anothser case suf ty- qoet at Oyster flay Monday night. El-
track meet as Chicago recently, the most artistically tressed. phoid fever." ellos of oflthrers.

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