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January 27, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-01-27

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The ichigan
CH1ICAGO L[TT[R. door game and while noi sore tooum" EXIBI Al ST. LOUIS. FARLAND TONIGHT.
_____leagues ave yeteeo formed. almost,_____Fsrlanl, tihe-magician (of the banjo,
Preidnt arerwill Open the Newl every tilele isl has. - wlest fra Unless More Space is Allotted to the will ailieiar tnight at the Sholto tf
PrsdetHaprternities cotose the' inrlrtr'sly! Michigan Exhibit We May Not Be list' it recital tliat will bet one
Bowling Alleys in the Reynold's league. and a niumtber f ganetoi-( Represented-Many Stdents ofi liie, chief musicia events of the
Club -Base Ball Prospects ward lh hranio'nshiip hae arrarily Going. gist. HIS fame is so suniversal, ani
Good. een nlayed jiff' oneighboring alleys. he. is ssfaorably knownctoiiAnn Ar-
_____The refusalofuthle inter-fr-atisrnity lea- Fttnt prstsnicliations i sems bstr adsinctes that sat extndedi tie-
Chicago, .anuar'y 25, 904., ' gun to atmit rfessitnal fraternitie sstrbtabletts he lii nivrsitisst ofg ii\Mih.sertiostatsithis tttchivenssnt ansi
Onls rdyeeigthe Womenasts memershipt lisausetahetsse tPr- tresssill nstotsveausexhibit athet itsiitiy gis sutnnece'ssary-. ;otutterit ts
On lat Frday venig fesloial faleritiss li fttnt st litle-SiLouit xpisitiiii. 'The H tie n i 551hat as a banjoist Ite'is n a class
Athletic Astciation gave its first for- fsinlraeitstofrinhdeS'
matidinnet' tsr women students in te ;pendient ieageithliri'frales-itis t aveldcidedir ithttheliipace te seved' inilirly hgyhimslf anti as a misiian
dining hll of the Men's Commonsftom the las, antithtee froms i'tumetu-fis te h'nItisrsitg is ntsusitablsisor fis ex1'trotsrinrg gilsaheits ifit i
Four biirest and fifty wsmen and a tal schototi tiing ertolleui.:it srsdi abeeib sit- Tlle'Epsiition rios switilseii'geatsitmisdern iii-
half dozen men sat idownt at the tatles Te arywedi-osi f sthiutitisshtv'sset aatisasitoomsni22/2 lissistsasit piaists.
Thtarywedngot sfbsbal x 31 feltintilist'laseof stgI si-atii It lia sntIhusgis toisput the
the nmale students eing temporarily lcandidates has comeg areasdy. Sulse flist i usse sit theivei'rsiy A rise-ptitles'fsitsats at th isxrsmey ow
rClegote.lll tin te o fhee wenissooerittanlisisensslms' itsiteis''"sas appisinted iby lthei prs'itifigr sitfits.,g cit, sit ttisis lverr
Commns.Alt he tniersiy gnaformer years. Twet ytwitmnttotuto makeitis'g'ti'rairimmndnsusatins for it musisci tmigsitse unied thei'privi-
the wometn and wives of the faculty, lconstitute the asebslltsia,tf womsshns btst l uisi tiiwh-Iiht- h isspsits's'ege oft hearingtislIamfotusibanjist.
President Harper Professor Stagg, by far the greater number art' neonto msigt ibe lit. 'fTs' to-ittee's'rposrt 1lct'ts'inns~y bt'escreirdslas sliyers
anin eerloterfcutemneeeratlt bilonttanhateatstrst stfaculty itis s's a men. taitwiereli' i'iiis (fbit
ittited. Several fraternity men totok (y hattlyg of 'Varsity caiiber. ' he ls etstlt'''ii ittli lssartstgi.i i us ita es
revetnge for having been left off the TeBado eet addti i oeh ti oe, ht hr
listby eritingpostion aswaitro.squad practices tiilysand tnimroivs.-peesistosita scomsmttse' ittheir isati silt its'a ttri stt eis'cts' ojy this
Tis the assembled women athletes (otiudcnpge3) ntts stig sif itgentsiltlseariour, ares' tsia treat
President Harper exhibited plans for andstiCiri,foistcoitnisertioin. After-
two square blocks of hbildings which WHIS CLUB. sit soe ivstiations ts' cnomitees- [AMNAi'IONS
are to e erected expressly for the aneots' he liicosnclussionthiallt'hisar
wotmen of the University. The list of Advisability of the Oranization of a avitaits'fr tes is tls 'sv'as Ciia ie of the ColleeeYeriAp
buildings is an follows: a women's Club to Represent Michian in lists'ofisfsit fossnnitssnelis andlsi rahn RpdyMn ap
gymnasium, "as large, as beautiful, Branch of College Activity, list a larger -alltmetnts I st. iataed to Being Well Filled and Trimmed.
and asncnveniently arranged as ~hed
tew men's gymnasium;" a womensahsits' tosiaiiiiuCfit that siar's'inthei'_
coummons, cafe, and reception-room There is a mvenentsn fottuat MicsigaitStats' Buiilig wuildiesi- Tereits itit pecuiar asmosher sit
buildig, a women's assembly room present at this University t organire s actsy.
atreeeclirrhuidghtd-a whist club-an uorganizatious n ieiT he'llsE xposiitiosis iarosusintg-,a gre tu'e apuh "uiet:'ug-headit-yourc-busiesasuitl
tog fuse fle rts anti music, new add- 1will chose a team ts reprueaent;thIIis siteat si t lstsrutostnhu'chstth is ptrt hitshe st -husuthi-u' sas whiiulh ttlls
tIoaludomitory hals ot' women. college its such a ttu'lite neuaisit'- As lustnai-tio-suitaritt'aing itui ts gu tsre pati tin tsn sis tt (hett issius'uf
President Macter further ainnounced yet nothing udefinite has been doneluist' so-tuiscacit osit shiestasuitworkthelbs(it --s tshexamsuis ntrstasliatus,
a ecmmissiuo of fifty women, consist- and so far evrgthing his bent"tak.'' uruisg thits, sosssas was 55 done5 t the iithe inusi-whalesusits'begito hisesret 5thlu
itng oitt sudents, faculiy, anti three out- IThere art'. ihowver a ftww shusssins 'itt Amertcnth extp'o ssiit, St'ses-a
ise social leaders, tos work ott the cerehy wish suns a t sugtia I'-t-ssthuItii sus t s-ssscsst''sit'ttu suwslsr
lats. At thhe announement f ithese be formedt soulfee-hasasuredsthlat it fing hus'shile apron of sitthis'uswsiter. tudiess stt itcu-cssi-ssis u estg-
buuilingsatnd ittthe inesasing scope woultd be aaues-s. Its lust'resits i's titg posiis uais u-tr euaio.Te nsa rie.'fnhishls
ofithfbi women students' stniversiy lfe 'flemMchgnntdutstlforas'stssooil'siiutteitnsdut tscotffees 'is-E st iasitlstsittheh sst- toiwhi'stt
thefemininc anquters utst info particuatrintehsrestsin this game' sitIisitist ,srus suitserjpositions5 itoit
chees anI sogs, ndtencefor ard ehale doulany trwhit hiss luistthus'likingittSusmi. Un'utdlyu'even if grocery t sstes'sis easiy coxulainsdslits
ltst' tinner was turnedl into an enthu- pleasureositroinsstg in sisnscltaiititussnoishi it' uia's-csits' uwill ti t tihits'of t< at-sttut'xams5acts
classin mass-meeting, in wshich an a- of their class-maesa hase foutIn it s'ver u-iesr'psenu tuathits'xosoition. - lti.Th li rarssuy has bcmthlus-ntatbutet-ismmesmchiuoueuhr vrlsi ms oulrpaeontecmuslb
~~~~~-of She Wosmen's Atheic Association dents roosm in liesasme houiuse Ihis to SUCCESSFUL CONFERENCE, and Mrlit. I-'ssuu astatlatins ilttendss-
adduedl mirth and gayety o the sirca- particularyty ncirablst -- auymosillbs I'hits' ins ofs thus'sstnitsru-nt' hslhu suse andsubooktssdrlawnu, hve tkens a
Stun. Miss Visa Sutton, a prominent fraternities hase tae-isuitthis-gati e-iitt-4rSi lis'u fal -i-r' t-' ll usI 'shsutcisutes ul hbooms. \hileithest"library
member of the Dramatir Club, was anti flsirindnejoyatbtseurecatit us "I'd lutsrestng.''ls' ciiesf 5 tiuu ofut mar5titus11,1it mttch tlttsd-dlonsutIsg-
htasf-nisress, white Miss Marie Ort- the ganme ot- a tew miuss afsht-srlutu-csst soas thus' hrt5isssite f latongsssu tffscsuinusiviua, hiss nots-ev-eu
mayer, the presidet fthe Asocialtuse meals. tStCo sterust NetttYotukInterna~ttiol ttIimetostit .
escorted Coach Stagg tou tinner. Among thi stiudentuashusslasia e.-st eliyact Isit(~' tioutgVits' lChis- Ists nuiti . lstsbutglt lFebrury lst,
_________ many who are firs rats ien us.1ll( isttan Assoittiolst, wst-s keuslia ti thus- staos's-s-isfrnts ria, andh arte usaer
t55esdeit -tape' rceves acahe-game, anti whos inhiuge us it meeuslv 'cnoosuits situ tssinits. tDl. CopTil h'islay'ht ass o'cloick. fnit hess'follows-
Prsiet are rcivd abefor the pleasure they sisine ftsm thc 5 has 3just rclin rut-Irot ass ux(,-xIs lgSundauly tnt-ri-n-ve this' nodsult
gramn ott Wedneday, Jainuary 2, 5 asie. Wthauc si i ss ot01as itl Itshsuland ssihhits'Susl-appingilue1ttsahics attuutittha Ilut
uarst son H-ost, of thethUiversiy fac- othersirtawhs oraiain heol gsfthtr in Ilr-tuedote('ivsiyfMchga.
ully, at his ot home in Fiebug autt vsit.~suauitor tus eu-sast I lisIicretit.m Itsmettsss'flh itsthi IschedueforMinisen
deat u-a tuo sunxpeced, s fo Atall the larg cssttuegs-awshist nclbis tttmn"Ithese in stitutonmss fisttheus'llus ht rusy tutudengiee'rlng ite-patmetusi
foueat ts ewas no hueenfightingfor are maintainedh aund ejoystyhut lii' ttutt' u ofut ttsciatandriiustitia sas flmsowss:
fu es uhse.ambentu ht gforstudents. 'iht ste parth siflt- col- worsuksitstudet-s. W'erasi-lua star-ucTiwme of Exercise. Exainaion.
fi.n E oiseniertlege organizationusaansi ass'eusuort c 1thusnc-wu'rscs-16.000 menss-s e n ug -ml 1nthus Mondatiy - o . ^ l3it-u-o -i
Dr o oitcm t h nfes-as osuch. Michiganss ousthis- iyslegM-u}05ol t'hets- Btt' it'ibtr 'aeno lusl)i- Smsltt -tMna ...1usdalt-i-8-l
ty on its establishment in 192 as Ithe siitedsr-h.cu .1wn f2.tuf vtratcsm, ody1 hrdy81
head thSe deparment of history, re- M.Coe a oe ietyfot Mn v-.. 1rdy81
forced h-tm ts reire. His entire life c!insrti.Yut-o t'th us-us-ssiugio u uswor. oAtthet siil tr- Mondtay I --2 .tItuusmtuug-4-
was maclest by struggle and vics- si sit fI ansttt h-umssum.tCorned't. Iar stMondaiy t-3 Wednesathy-2-
tudes, in spite of which his eight-vsui- FRENCH LIBRARY. Iuuut. tttutnsdlotherofthest'telrsn cus- 'T'usay-8g ... bSturday-g8-1to
tims- wtor,"The Costitutiona His- As was hifo trrly uuannouced-slint hu t'usa'sIl s Cictatgo, 'iiist'ultsii. ''uu'sslyt it S...Wenesay -1
usrysit tie United Stairs,'' was car-Dily, the lirartsit thuset CcholeuFran.{1 insusu sulu, Illinosis, Stanford, Csl, hmSusr 'Tuesday--lsut his S]t shIt ~-24
riedtiotsrtmtonumena greatness. Ont cas is sopecoeach .tMnaunth t osu I iua, aslusheslits- ternttttclege., g I his Thuesday--1u ...it '1hirs u sa--
October 14 lash., exercises in Leon 06p. i. An istruictoir sitthe Fre-icsn uch -ttsuu lulsed tr t is utaist-ItiT huesda~y~ 1 ...... thias-4
ti...aStudy-cocnneteln Assembly Halpre held . in department wilt be in ails-nuasur'- sactsi-Iusev', Micianuss.'u, wschs e- c T'utsuat'I4-
conecton it fle tresntlitui utModay. This affsrdssitnexell-tent c-Iurns-mit it wesos-iIsagoufrottof uiT 'uesa -,I h' su.bitsy2
the tUniversity of a prtfrait of Profes- casis for the students Sum conssul willsfitfts- s-s- al slot reporl-tedget-i'.llter- Wdns- .Stra-01
sot vonisHost. The portrait is enow the various members osithlbs ss'tit.1 '51asulung.;collthueus in reugus-sio 1um)tto \Vis S da-9'11 ut'smh--t0-'1
hanging in Hutchinosn Hal. to this way the social sie sit tseP- 'sc-mnus'Assosciatiomsun vsuc. tS'n-tutt-suh ...rt -1?1
cle will be greatly advanceds. In regardl sumthimstse ndsitbhrtsd sit SC ......stIIf1U1
Thus'Reynolds Cub gave its seconul one of the best features o it si itfn t udergauaiutels-rigioisn tut. islstwr W -s lus-1t ... .'nay-
monthly "oftnt" program on Saturday brary in the right the meunls tof551.st. er'uuusaltS (fa ts's c-hissearesits ~dnda-2u.lesdy-01
evening, atid fully maintained the en- the Cerce have to take the bookitus caacteristics'shtasy sit'sadtolt Sruhs ac -3 v I d 01
viable reputation it ban gained by home. 't'his is a liberty nout extendiedmanksthe Sut'neraluthscudr hints' colleges Hush-Bythy ehos er-tcrst-s remast
these informal social evenings. It is to the catrons of the gentrat ibar; osit he IU'ils-uSSatsandiusianaa. ithets'esithetunihut-Iexerei'se oish
the aim of the elit to have at least therefore the members of ts' Crcle First hut larger cu-sc si thue'wosrk. wcek-hsftsany givens curse.s
one evening every month when tue- will udosbtedly ake advautage of (Thus' Associationmsoemen is isis Sng-
ulty members and students can meet thin departure. There are titsouny er a limuitedcworsnitch fitieowhunidriedi
in a purelv social way and at the the works 'of Hugo and Dumas aS Slur, studen'ss, utas Itiernatmuioalmovet- IPORTANT NOTICE

same time to proiduce a program in- disposal of the students, lut alsos rood-me-toyIt surpassinug angy siller studenu't ismsusl '' sit'suha h
prompts ho a great extent, but novel eYokomruswete suhosc-s-s otu' ussr i ii utu.mi-itiul-. iof'Jusuiusy 11)itnusthus'Michsi-
and attractive. "Big" Maxwell, the periodicals, hesidles a Daily, "Journtial 2nd5.Thus'wouth is charactized'ubhuga g'uuuruheu-luu oiiss-istr<u. I its'tyMielul-
250 pouted guard, certainly was novel, den Debats" 'will be foundmt sn She" neveur-.sayg-die'spirit tialt sas rs'smmu- gn sini- atu --iis iwl
if not attractive, in his impersonatftss table. ed mnyobustaces andmhwilt remhove do551 s aa itisu inissues C, hi. iH.
of Bessie, the bashful maiden. Juilian The library* is in Wiest Hal, RtOMumesany momre-bemforeit ISginsauai,di. tonighut a1 7'30. fOsts repursentative
L. Brode succeeded in doing somel One. 'Time increasinug spirititt friendlsiis frosm.tam-lufratirnity,.usorority, ansi
really good hypnotic stunta,, and up- 'Ispea-sing throsugbs tecollege's, atndstasisnhtmorganizaioun i nisted to htat-
lues and cider were plenty. NOTICE., . us joining sit meii in liscommonusieoul.
Professor Wenhey wilt not hue able dworktfotheItuh ightest idelssandti hin(Signied) It'tidM IT'iEE.
President Harper wilt open the new to meet his classes today an aenusus- higheust, types si manhoomuud. eli,Time
bowling alleys in the Reynolds Club ed typgueuof colege man has actuasllg
next Wednesday night, when he leads _________ changedu in thts'lautfess yeas, till nomwI REQUEST TO SENIORS.
a team repreaenting the Reynolds es- the beal. things clsini fbi'ms-n's at- Sittings foir Michiganensian and
tate against a team composed of offi-( CONTEMPORARY eFRANCE, Sentimenstud everything tendthoward Iclass uitures are coming in ss fast
cers of the club. Dr. F. W. Shepard-' Mr. Frankt will gite the tnext lecture the highest antibss in collesgie life,.sumS the timie limit, Feb. 15, ha as short
son, Secretary to the President, Dr. in the series of lectures on 'Contemmo- Mn. tCotier sail that the stgsy of she that is will be necessasry for. us to
Thonmpso, Mr. J. Murton. and Couch n ary France to Tappan Halt lecture; high ieasasiund aniness fasughi in book. as many manning sittins as pos-
Stagg with bowl for Preoident Harper. room this afternoon at five occlock. the Diblet was respomnsible thr thinsBible.
The new bowling alleys have stimu- Mr. Frank speaks on "Primary and betterment sit the ideals of the Amen- H. RANDALL,
latest interest exceedingly in the in- Secondary Education" in France. I ican colls-ge man. J. F. StENTSCHLER.

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