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December 13, 1903 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-13

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TI-I MICHIGAN DAILY are not so fortunate wil be given an ~ CII A~
____-eqnl opportnity to help the clubs FFYCNSEC
Entered as seondclass matte at the Ann along at the concert at YysilantiArePsOfc.nxtTrsa Thswlbehe_
1IPabts hed daily IMnday exceptedaurng the initial concert of the trip and a rous - IeCiaI Limited IEdiOn&
n n o u n c em e((til e year, atti7 Washington street, Ing send-off will do mu dl scsftoward tna POPU LAR COPYRIGHTS
(hb e It at , side enrance) Phone e92-r log the others equally successfuil. Let
At. llI1l1ilW l MNAGING EIT-O: an many malts this trip of sevn miles atlPtLIht i
___ .EMOYTtsv'rIOMASON as went two hundred miles to see terie F a lr lsd. 5Ius ttonts \t'liltCarlttn
BUSIESSMANAER: game Nov. 26th, and the success ofIlar'rc. llls trcedts
iLOO~ttE 51. HUSTON this first concert as well as all the leMt ht t ltatrstc ero
The Largest and Mot -- - others is asured, and the Musical C ttt t'tttrls ln
Cosmplete Line of EIO~ Clubs will enjoy a reputation second AheranLi stsotltt Cor son.K 'litnc
Attitics. - - - ii~t~nT K. WA~rus to that of the clubs of no tiler Utt- iaris I-ed rie Its
Nw, - - - - - . . lAiE s it i hecunr.Iht (titit s Ilutrte
ASSOCIATES: vrtyi h onr.CcrtslttlyWrt
Cl1ff d S stev s, tRoy Peebes.O SP FT E'OL GE. 1 riCstttratts tGertte Atertn
A c Gaer, lenry P. Erwin GOSSIPO7-THE.OLLEGES Itterit Hettrtts tcrsdrMrran
W O O L.ENPound. A. 1. Orrnyer. Yl a 10 y~~hstA 11Stir" I ,fi . W. acob
Josepih Yerr, Stddard S. Mre. Telws otfo igeya Thte lttttt -tt EtlIt. llustraed . Zatgi
W O O L E NI. A Sre . The higest indtvfdr a slcettear at tweti ]oottttt. Ilsrated
dBI.tsrr oay-HAROLDtC. SMIH. Ylea sngle, ya wan$11h00.sets'Ltt-ohn Urs a (it ti Ltloytdl
in An Aror illbeotttednHaimuldotise orinitryeat te tItattisitf at e ooe utai
at t.H, il & Cs', 118 Ssisripis Twt iatie ee nar p onleyts $2200.50 drti i wolsousI l ene ll lah e lly
Eataahigtn Sty et11.atc. fd Andrti slews. r1,1oveo, $250e. tiltsrt'tl
pains haveestbeeniitakeneittditureAthurW.lat-i i oitastt
th eecinoEalsiids fiteort-12s35 to 135ad 6:301MT:30 ias gletcedy ttear footl$a1,000 We Te . AL h-Allso'rsOd ttdLitifa' MBe
'lit titit' Ashttt a tttries l
trotnnsrb o il e foutnde maximubetween eo oint ea rswasnn Cpaitntfis SttsrcLiata
for . id& Cos 0 bcithiisasn.Adrss wof5 D oas ptO, y iear, a - a ldlhaNov. 28,2will0itt' tic- I.s itelr~os tile l s et t i it
Eger, 331hPckardnStret.Greated ti the futi.for lie ietittiie(I
Tan a e b e a e i dotc fd qelehn fe o. 1,10$. 5 wdw0sd tp at o Iiee sl 5 C N ~ [ luse
TT-- - 1 silos. tc et treetiMoroeree
foriss e. Wash.ssSt.SCE UNAR.nes-Ma- atPhlaelhi, tov isilsedesho tte W s l1,Baddfom ie otie
agr,33 _Pcar_ Sret. vteonatotbe fas folo:rv ie6.7it 11;
Teehoe lat6iOyte . witd:8 . ow4,296;oirsanyof soliesatdSiCNS.AH
W IL Stear Edar-Whte*--t'-----etitilwllnc. T,8h1 Inieryofcesifaretiax:1,210
--a --iece tly coale,2,84 ei' dv- sii tat itisytow call J t oo S or s
i~t-e. 15 NesuttigbeIaolfolayws:cationaid, 2,27:;
THNOE000FOREST 2 eg --isseachiac tD icigyB ran Coumbiya5,352; tivestro Of C861 WeUl Town DowdfTow
A uhorof"Coyl urisHoue, 6 ec 15- ]ralUnon.Unvarssary Collegenis o ytl5a5 salt -
tae,2,d; niesiy fyeuslvn
TThonsuFOESTy ]atli.t i
_____________________ sily thans ihe Iknowlege that her el only at quarter tf a centry. Brynt
____________________g_ realness is conxfited to no one Mawr was begun in 80 Yet togeth.-
temystery snd the woder o A eg en sare noted,Wfor the cl- 3387 sent adithe stdetjofa-
the great wod. It has eet i na i t fa sccessful football sea- w mnsclee n tayear nm
Ssaid of Mr. White that hae "has P shillbutI tswosweeksa last, shes finds tered 15,00(1 just uner one-tirdt of
jthe power to tmake you feel the a; herself cuontmlaing' an equally brit- the 50,010 suds nl tie ntaisn's
er fition make yost feel the sa' i' aul Year for her Mssical Cubs. men's colleges, sitme of whcbto ast iti1kf
0J andin1 the chapters Iftbi. book Never beore inl te history of the fondatins mre than twt enurse
" tis quality oi his cirici is it * Uiviesity ihave the clubs shtwnsusch sl-Ea.,
e rominent than eveoc bore exceptionsal abiliy so early in the-
There are stories of experiences *switser and ntihing bears stronger Ake' aut lbha tsso tIt
Id asdvetures "on the lo~n eesimouty to this than le fact thatA ganized nat the niversity ClbvriiyofNebasa
trail," in the s-lids ofiCt'ada, for liiifirst-imlne in tfur years'he adte betofteclbs s-ftr
bits sit woodcraft. sketces ofsithe :managemnta enalwdtoadteojc fth lbi oafr
Habitants and the soods Inians aaeteportunitntthasebeenulaylsiwed to
schdu esonerts at cities as far dis a potnt oiemsiyfrpts
of the sorthiern conttry, pen pile- asreal training and social interchusre.It
tsses of the great forest is its rn sCiao
┬▒many and variable moods. _ _ _
Z ___________________ Eer fllwe o hemazean teThe treasurer's reor for lhe re 1TAKE A SUIT CAS
blu w isasill te gratified to see that Wal' ceding year, 1902-3, at Corell shws HOMENITHwinVOU
ter C amps has finally condesended to a deficit of $72,000 caused chiefly by
rctgnze merit in a Western eleven the typhoid fever epidenic. The tisal We iaeth'semisnmaidtesosi Sole
0eh ii by plaing Heson sn the first All- income for the year amoneto t Lealles. S81cI1rinsss, Linen
0 Americani tean. It is a tribute which $1,41,74. Of this amout $428,603 t le Iaherillie ild 1and1 sitatiot
3ANB 3.SaetSARBOR, 0Woowaod DETROITA. f s wetl soeserved atd is otly another was received from interest ots ives:- Leathter'. issrss $3.00 o $ 12.00
*evdence sal the fact that ile East is ments. $196,00 from tuitio fees,
NN"ON NO OoONO@i *e 'grausaslyswating tup to the fact thai 047,112 from laboratry fees, andI te o d p e
--- -- -- the West is an imprtant: factor in the remainder from doations and sale of "e s ogr 17S.H n
OHOTENRA VLNE atletic world, lands owned by the University in re' ogry 17S 1i
11-W $1,488,018he otwisicx$3201011rwa
DIRECT LINE IEeresudent should feel i his d-wr 14808o hc 3000wsTLD OUBS t ohl rv htters onil paid out in salaries.
TOEOTO CLMU ity that has been put on the sol
ders o this years musical clubs hau 'VARSITY PICTURE NOT TAKEN.
P-, I.r C- on .ll T,,,m not ben misplaced, and since the On account of the nonarrival of Youtiowe~ it tt your
C. H NIAUR CO. firt requisite ofsfucc1desful trip is Coach Yost in Ann Arbor, the itting
C. t.~'AJO &t O.good asdienes, that duty is plain. .for the 'Varsity 'Football Picture, anti fac to tse Williams'
~~~~~~~~~Those wsigt aeterruspprd hoiewtse home towns the cult election of next years captain was tiiigSck
tinted, or decorated will visit during te vacation can ren postponed until Wednesday, Dec. 18.
During the Christmas Vacation tder nosgreater service than trning It is necessary ar all 'Varsity men
otstth concerts and urging the~r to e on hand then at 12:30 p. m. in
shold leave orders early. friends to ds the same. Those who Renshler's Studio.
203 E. Washington St. 'Phne, 23
]Lyma~n Abbott Monday Evening, Decemnber14

"1R4ro 1Irobeim
_______ *~~~~Wednesday I~1l1l hTTih 1T WH OOH
* 2* ~December I 16 13FRE JJI3IIU13IL DAR1111 EV1 L 1 ORO1H1
j Smigl Admission, eo. Season Tickets,- $1.00Th WE JHNYCOIE ARllN HM

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