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December 10, 1903 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-10

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The Largest and Most
Complete Line of
in Ann Arbor will le found
at G.5A. Wild & C's, 10
East Washington SL. Great
pains have been taken i
., the selection of all sitigs.
tresserings & overcoatings
for this season.
108 E. Wash. St.
Stewart Edward White
A-1ale sf0 nlc. Ias
$150 Nil.
A book fol of the charm and9
bbhe mystery and the wodt. oi
the geat wods. It has beetn
said of MVr. White that h."has
woods as the masters of salt wat
er fiction make you feel tbesesa"'
and in the chapters of this ook *
, this quality of his swork s moore
Sprominent than ever before.
There are stories tf experiences
Iand adventures "on the long
trail," in the wilds of I asad a
bits of awoodraft. skeths of thae
Habitants and the Nvoods ladsans
of the northern country, pan pi
tunes of the great forest in its
many and variable msoods.
I 320 So. State St. 160 Woawara Av.
The Ann Arbor Savings Bank.
Captal Stasala(. ,01,5,0. Srpls, $175.000.
Resurces, 42,00.00
OprrcEisosChaarles FR. Illso'si'l.rs.; s. I,
Hssnimsse, 'Vic Prs.; 1M.. FPilio. taser.
Office 209 S. 4th Ave. Phone 98. Resi
dence 302 S. 5th Ave. Phone 314.
Ambulance on call.

THE3 MICHWiAN ;DAILY aprcte by Oberlin. Ii fact, sors I[Y C[ TS [A
Entered as seecond class satser at tie Ace teams marks a disint advance n
Arbr.. .tOfi . football history, and clearly sows the Sieal imtd dion
Publishsesdssrilyil~ondayecesseda drIng the posille~goosl resiultasvhich umay fal
college year, at 555 E.0Wasigftons strret, loy from such intercallegae cla POPULAR COPYRIGHTS
bassementi flo, sdfet.ranc bnssi'flsi e Ni2 :31tisnships in slav futusre, whseall isnti-s
MANAGING EDITOR:a ttions of learninag may mat osuiscssI at POPIL AR PRICES.
S. EMORY tvTHltitAScN a reasonable and desirable basis." aes lillsids. 5 llssratns WI'll Csarleton
BUSINESS MANAGERs Sucs ass article as the abov'e nenilS l.a.'rs'. lltraieiid
Vary IHatwell Catherwod
RIOSCOiE 0.lilU'5TON little commn't. It appeased n ths . liicai'ia usiS ,Illsrated
- --wiekly pa oOberlin Colege fThe Liasa atoel Char01(lsttKing
EDITORS aOerlina Review. It shoves. tcO an 1licli'irii oaiia issd orsias
.iiiieics..aossos v I. aasoss en that while winning fanme n ah llals~eeihGs
1ers- - - - - J.S AEYPGldnHueIlutae'AOCIATES:5 letics we are also attractig the a1 Carles Diudey Wrner
estion of visiting teams tso usr gens- li i f ittscinas G(ersiloeAteronis
Ciliaii5d5'cSteve s, lRoy P lescsoe0%'liar Xci's s s Grtrde Atlsel.,as
A. '51. tGraer, lHenry s Erin's tlamnaly arnd sportsmanlkeatreatmsent 'sass -sa, I lisst iedssii'lesry iesois Merrinsaas
A. . Pun. A i r meyr, of ur ppnens.A aasiariof Crasft . " 'V. J.aosa
A. C. isand. A. II ticiaasoer of (tar l~apunealaIT'is t.li i'of Eliijahi.Illsrated J. .Zanwil
Joseph]a5Ke(rr,. Soaaddssard SMo. In this we lave cause tuha' prousd.4 ico Ise lanoisbs. Illsraed
Idas.. scaiovigg. . Wtaite Jayne. TiO wiin football gameis is nsit everyWal lsas atsici oin Ui.floyd
WithHoos o Stel.Colored Illustratonss
ticsl. A. tOsiboin. larasll .5 ch. thing. There are other things wortha - lsreueFnch elly
Hasrry IL. Andries. striving for. The retect of visitisnglar LaovoCoewns.tllusraed
________Arhsr . Maromoni
teanms gainetlabbcauslce ii.lavss an ea' c L ris ivAirsiceof aOdil i.SsdLil el
Editor lsday-J. Y. KERR. asm(il nlgaaeaa'l ssia 'iI aspain iif thesai?:tisi-tet fil aesM.Ldo
Soiieasiss ls hslis'scr jan storiao sathinsgof whlicha every MSihiganaman BO5.s tseiiosasilo.IllsnradSarals rsjd
aaeaaoIf aiieiiaaeai afir.o 12aa3. 5. 1 m0yjustly be lrouda. IFiotball gamIbeari Dics
cana be on by lbruaes but alseretaitalltc. Ater All FrankortSloae
Office Hours:--12:301to 1:30 and 6:30 to 7:3n tion for gesaltesanly condctascanoonly1 salDue. Athlo; f XSI 'ariet
J.1.Strr CbaStass
p. in. Daily. be owun ly Mchgantloossn. iOihir titile illI leoaedfScnum rlmeto time.
aaarem R-OICOR B. tIISTill,Bsiness Man- Git Mihigan las beena suceissful.
agfr, 331PakardASrlin eal rlonsuppos~rtrs caafford ta treas p- 50 CENTS -EAt.
Telephone, 461. liasing teanms witha eery cnsidra
a sas. Bsus' e may saintlie meet sdc'
u~c e foalt. iWhenishlatat.mtu coeesssit oct11
taea graten effort fats'aitainichigana to IA! hrs Book Soe
________________ - maisslainsiis sirit Cf fair I retn,'nl. H j >
CALENDAR Oasevers of Mlich5igana affairs rout
ote nivesictriesiopelly decare stal Up Town Down Town
risc. 10--German Simngisg Mbeting at wvhetn 'Michigan meets defeat ter con
Ne~berry all at 645 p. m. ducwitslechange. Is. is tle Ihopled ai0m oN Ol N A
s'. o'Lect'rry bysPatf0:45a.fiem.onthat AMicigasa imen woill raizeuthaias
I iec.litlecasn ti Prif.('aahi thesa tuest say ls toelyal ts their*
"C'ontemporsaary Frascer- thesollt i ' rsre0hse { 1{
Counitry'' in Tapplain Hall lectusse rputt~eeisl irio r nl'tec thsciout
ric 'tnsa aI. r. oisilii fi gstt'as'a v uialet.J Suitable Holiday GutIs
De.10 Facuslty cstncert in riee GOSSIP OF THE COLLEGES. fFR
ties. 10- 1906 Cass dance. A new ilustratedf literary snasagaisso LAWYER OR STUDENT 1l'aro ll tSI.m __ s
ter.10.-Lectusre by Cot.lBirmsissgham The ColumibiaAMosnthly, will lie 1p1th
toa Medical Society, 8 oiclock, ia lislsedtisa Januasay ly ala susitsaloss1f
Sarah Cassell.Angeal Hal. lie Columibia U'niversity 0 Pl't. , Maaa5el Histoysat
freshments and dancing after lee- 3 I itt 5 'tLawi lt 8 3 55
tusn,,. fBr- ai ndHmo f
Dlac. 11--Esinoringg Society. Ad ightecon snisr esanrs rom trm linh n liar V isa y
drtss by (Goo. Wiordlenosithise Solt 'oivarsil ysat Ilinoais sadasio'Itsr o sat * s.. ., .0
vay 5rocess otonsas"Drawing Room inspesctionmsthrousgha teachcieowssser o3 5lll.Cisat'olinc'l'.. '0
Practice," in Physics Lecture Roosm. plaslssatC'hicago. * 15 01ilr~ r h Ls
Dec. I"L-Germamn Social itsReowherry Warn'e huad ea
hall at 8 p. m. The1staiaingsositices f s'arilaoca' ,loo 7
lDe. it.-Condo Francas Coferience.trts hae andedf a petit in lasoathe B as ,lnt~ fIna
Address ly Professor alasPonton t'iiva'tsityIFacultay las giv"'oneso tuar Cutn pc1 .vo e..,5
-opuislar Stngs," in Saraha Cas- credit far works doeinthaas lit''ay 6va'itt5 satslis its usa'. a. 00
welf Ansgell Hall. soeies Idenmberssofathals1l'sia'aria y *0oasts' 5ii''s .15 ctastss'. 3 a0so
lDs's 12 "a'timan's Leaguea'rooteption liand areadly reeieoe aso'urasr s ' nris 515555st's V. tss'''. 1 00
isa Barbousar Gym. frunm 4 las 6p. in. it.-Ex. 5assas'.......... 35.l00
tier. 12. Rt'ta'coplii to Engineers isa ThelFre'shsma class at 'aWilliamaso * lansi ro Jrspu
Newiberry iHall at 8 p. it. nuamblers .1811.thelage saiasshelisalto-o 4alis t lntisis assj. itsrna-
ter. ia. ('ioral CUnison cosncert. rY -sof talsolleslge-x A fi 50csasciss as~st, tl
Itsndti. Issnsaltto ow Seel
\\il ',saas crsis. a ccoring t h n u l rp r-n ot'ruaiQ Iv llitli......,... a-50
eDailacre sisalocapethenscval residlentiEliot sit larsar, is'er2100 * tw oostiandtow iraries bogh
as po.ibslele. Foacurt this domrhnierasosn it is 'trg studelnsofsa that uni®riytb'tr for cash, Corespondencesolctd.
ently requestedth iat amnouncemnts isa tleico. 3 C.E.BA TH LL
of oll nmeetings he doisie its theO
Campaus suffice bfacors G p. m. Cmpurnls orsii a a saldnc alaailsiOt Snaasswad eiad lBosa Ne and
at tDartmloth.-Ex. ®*3a5. State St. Second Floor.
"'fie troat mnI: rt'ceive'dIly st' Olen-__________
lin seass.adsmaagesment a AmsnaAr- Am i ilirfralernity holasigagusiste * ***g * * *
ham' tasasalt thatlthe'm'stoexactimng has lbtaena organizdot 51Cic~aotat 55115
critic cousidt dernand. Thesowdosa greet.oceoetfr a aowlaisg tophaly. As soonsa as -
ed tiii'tlans oithlunsuaal owarmisth, the' bowliig alys ia i ' he tRynsil
amnd he sea'srat tintssrsepeaes"sl'l'Rai: l, ub111arc finisedi sisy' sill bI s d
a, rah," ftr Oberlin, addledf not a for thelaocimpelting teamas.j
little as' lb.' spiint astho Oberlin play- -Hot ilOGOs cold and
rs. Asoo the action sat the cacha and Georgo Wodno the Slvay i's-s d
trainer in caring far one of sun boys. rss Cmpany, Dtit, will adrss refreshed. 'vllass'
10ho was hurt meaca the close of the the Engineering Society'sits"tirawisng J-'jmnQni
game, anal in pruviding a harts for Roonm Prsotice," in the physics 1ec- S''1 0 g t"""
the prpiose of carrying hime from Fr- tue roona'Friday evenisng. Al. \Wor-
ry Field tto the hotel, was a highly den is a graduate of thleOaisersiy of
cotmmendable act, and one very much Michigan,

oeoeNNOeoeoeNOeoeo oe soo®®oeoeoooaoeososesoeoeo

..,......,...,..,.,,,,4.. 4 o**eoooo*ooo 4*H+


Lymtas.n Abbott
r1R r o 1Iroblem "
"0'ond oI Eveninqg, Jan. 25
ITSingle Admission,' 50c,.'SeasonlTiokets, - $1.00


,;AT HIE JO , AT RL ' ~
Tfl1~AY Ew. o SatraDec..,,12-*-
Trie Ously Getiminse W14f. A, BRADD'S.
Sweedishs Conmimiediamn BIG COfIPANY, IN
rhe man tRNP
Fromlweden 25 Peolule tn' the Cast, 2.
Mansagemnts: Mrostly Girls
BROADHSURST & CURRIE. Special Matinee at 2:30IO
Matinee Price:*
PrceChildren, 25c Adults; °96&
I Sc, 25c, 35c and SOc Evening, 25, 35, 50 .,'.

" s rs s "o + Nr a s ss: I


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