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November 12, 1903 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1903-11-12

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The Michigan Daily



No. 40

Yost Says Wisconsin Game Will Be Faculty Plas to Combine Engineerl Routine of the Classes-Basketball to
Fiercest Contest Ever Seen On and LiteraryStudies- Such a e a Feature-Sections in Folk
Ferry Field-Rain Interfered Course is Needed. Dances and Fencing-Cross-
With Scrimmage-Badgers In - Country Walks.
Good Shape. If things tirn otila tint'University
Facutliy desirt.,tiere wiltbe anther Ter sor: for the year n tBartotr
Michigan adherents wilt have the joint corse addetd to bhe caendioar tGymnasinnm hanopencil with large.
satisfactioin of seeing one of the great- for next year. Te plant is to cor- well-at tended classes, ani a geteral
eat. gridiron contests of the seasnt, ine the literary and engineering spirit of inerest and enthsiasnm. Es
when the Wolverineosnmeet te strong cottrss as te medicial and~ liteary erything in being don by both Dr.
Wisconsin tearn on Ferry Fienlt Sat are rtottbitnedIanti oter a sxyear Stydtr and ie assistant Mis Stuart,
urday. Despite the defeat wbtchsl th course wit a degree ttront eacht te- tt) make te wtrk ineresing an well
Badgers suffered at the hands of Chi partmeit asihelpul in aditittn tin the reular
cago' two weeks ago, the Madisino At a meetng of the liteay Facutyi class wirk plnty f imettt ani ipor-
players are reported to havt hail lie Monday evening a coimmttene was ati- futtnity is ben givei ot play
better of their opponents in ever y pintiedto conrofer ssills atimitnitee Altfitstyear girls are reqirei to
phase of the gamne except the kicking frimth ie engineering Facultly tintle take le reular gymnasium work.
department. With Eckersall out of purpelof ifortmutlating las ot'uch All gir ls whivitishtilon taint ay wirk
the Chicago line-tip, the critics assertI a coritse These tent will metne Iat i in tegymniasim must benst take a
that Wisconisiin would have wiolhandis once andilas the' sens llto eaf-s pihtstcal examiniatitin. In attitittinito
down, as their offeine was well-nigh vriattlc st-ntime-ntexpressedilfor shti h Ile regulanr class wotith le istyearl
irresistible. Coach YstIas ito est acortisi:, hitreisinlit te tdoittill.t grstntrigive-tiseeeiatwturknfotins-
tation iii sayinig that the Wironsinth iat it snill te establtsheditr tinidevlo entt t when necs-
game will be the haridest struggle 'fle wortunthe ii-last toieritns t --rv The riguise clas'aunt oe the
ever seen ont Ferry Fielid. He bases tliitaty prtsmenttissmintuatoittpt-tras lie.'iSnyder ottlineti, in as
his preidiction ott the fact tha.te thlii-bengitig sIntisin tie nt gtttt'tt Itlitti:
Wisconsint teant are ast-ditch ighters ingietart nntitt Tint jtnitortasituse liThe ftesmtianiclass is divid-iet intto
andai-e ilchjng to prove to the worild itortuyie-rs ofi -ngineering ntutrtilythrt--sttitons itch of these sectitin
that the Chicagsotdefeat didl not put involvi a tcotnsitetabletamontotti et-simneeintg thlie times a swee. The
them out of the championsitnp rutn entttheandt ethnicta wrknThe' shtot- iworkidn te is for secial deveopment,
ning. The Woverine tlayers rcaizecwittkproabyswottlt be taken in espetally desie to secure gooti
that Saturday's contest pronies to these last two ,years Many o the litluist-,situ better nerv an muscle
he 'fully as hard a struiggle as tie erat stutite nts as it istake Ics yeas ctntrtint Ruimeintary aptaratusi
Minnesota game, aindare treparcditotin mahit-intistwit yea-sr-ot orkni, dumbntbells ad Iniaitcnb
ilay the ganme of their lives man tie French andtismett iminesoh.inwintgng anti tning it marching.
Yesterdlay's-strmiitirrutediit he EFi sht hysics rteistty tic wlkiigatilruntintg art- arts tf thei
strenous Iprogrant which Ytnthail Thee siittldl te itiitlittle tleinittat tswork,
planned this week Thi' soaed ranintg for ithetprtottrstiits sthaltsThIte avancedt classes metnthiree
grounds wottldhnot alltow a scrinimae a sitent miigti sienditwots yi--rs iitithtu--a-neel 'P Ttt wot:Iofithttisec
and the men emerged Ifrom the lgtttstraight itetaryp wittkttwoinit iraigt an-ar-tla--iallsit three gnera
signal -practice coveircitwithn nntd'enginetritg tali(I twoi iterarcsty adtivtsisittns hetirhist tclasssittwork is
The 'Varsity linetp wsasanfoltiws: tnineetitrnun' sorlni-omitned.it t mittiatiothtitetif rsthtmanawork.
L. ,E., Wseeks ;I.PT(, mmmis;L ., Ter-ason for constetinun"thu foriii gedtr getitratuev loenit ant
Shue; C,regormy anti Hannmumh m i mmon;int i i of itt-hi -ajo's'e - sipisasis u t' r-ulart-e shutan wr-
ftR.. oodihng; R.T, Maddockion' i ut i th etuaniofithe stuiets ity h'it setontd class tcotnssts itt tptar-
E,, Hammond;QEmitrcios;L.I II itntht ematy iestmIient ittsireto tinuiis swuntkIanl inoorat hlti sIThe
Heston; H.HILraver;F,Laing'man helm' t'o ien'mgineer-ig autdl tntointittiworutkIfori tis class is dviediintio two
The scruibs were given lbe all nit obstac'leso nn seurngredilt. Mnnty itt arts ingter aphaatts woiInan
defense signals piacticedt by theathliienguinrig sitidni isshm loitaie "-muttsatwhih ttint meiii re toou- utuncht
smug, incluitngsingle andulnuble ine somnecohin' literary stuiesbtndertiArteu-nglte lurtiost'whnonae nucable
fomnationn&thin' presentt irctiistsis the lIn d Itit m ito en-i-pharth work anti unet- iflt
Several tadical changes mu tie line- difilemt. A cominemdl i-unitse-witlthcut apantu utwuntk ann ul ght-utann-
uip for the Wisconsimn game ant rum--seve;to ineseI thesendhu is satsytuban th Ilet's ftuthotseawhun an
moed, although none of them ear si. enuen'thirnsTheii ttitclass s tie
the stampm of trutth. Die of these pit-u- mst ptutular iof althe la sses mumthe
sitent stories in to tie effect that HAMILTON CLUB CONTESTS pgnmnasitnum Innworcusissts nof
Captain edden will .,e ilayed itt the 'Outlast ItMondiay es-iming Novc 9 ,gymnaust in acis rttytfpoli-datccs
line-sas melii tie oratrnnicals iontisl s dcnitonutthin'Thists anScandinanuvanmpean-
Madison reports say that the flai- idec hMichigan'ms reprsentsi-etine the f smithd advacedniclunit sviging Ihns
gers were given Itheir fiercest annum- fget anntlHailton IOrauticl s onunclss was sumpouila last eat that
make of the season Tueday nightttst i-mtwu lt-tn-tttmua o-sectins have bien organizeedftun
and with few exceptions, the mcmi atn-11, whinchis AlesamdtrI amiltnsmthins year. Athonugh ths advancedt
pear to be in first-class comniton.brha.mh lbdeie oaruescio et hretmsa ek n
Coach Curtis has decided o have Sco- nnoreintere'si nunaithnnnannul hecolegeswomuan whimhs madbait-ye am
field start the game at fulback,-as lives Itiese 'untilsnts uitl st-tin'thaIswitem may- inte antmake armange-
an's leg will not permit him to Ilay purpnosetutu-it s titaint the workh twicenun eses
Captain Abbott,'Wiabets antI Findlay 'Thecounstittiition'twin tututon mu-" ioncet'a wi-citiitregular clegi wrkh
were not allowedl in the scrimnmage latiettsei'contilesintspoim-isthint theimntemernstumt tie nteunance at thu
because of slight injuries. oratinsm-"shall1be relatngtotnHIannl 5pnnasiusu A class in Ien-sng will
For the first time thin week ninth-tunit contmporunun riues, ors ntuit-ts -i l)hieharrnumgedtannuldtrctent il enough~
ens with be admitted to Ferry Field, which he aul innthin Thi rtio ns 1uwomnwisthm sufficuint strengtphi andu
in order to see a tporteon of tonight's shaltntscotan more ituthaisnn, nutrevius Itrainimng sinfyitein teire-
practice.-wornd. ight ucollegsnatepe-inteon-m enrsuch -a class'There s a reg-
sented: -NorthwssttentCin-tonMihit-lu- aninennis ctutton the gymnasimm
WEDNESDAY'S SINGING MEETING. igan Ilimnos Inditana Itwa'tscoun ninerant intn tsprngn it is expec'uted
Although the bad weather ketpt sin, and Knits tollegn-u Thisincus that tbc glus wilt have tie use iot the
manry, away fromt the singing meeting althtielug cnfntene ''cuttlges -x nutdoornentnis commas as wltiReg-
yesterday afternonon,- the enthusuiasm ct-tt Mnnuesta ntx 5lldge, a uan hbasetall eamsunwill Inc mgan-
of thse present made op for the lack snmallhtilninnucslruth-pt'kingshe-pl e.n, izeu-nhhinteach nifit-e casss IThoe
of numbero. Professor Stanley led Tinhe wining ortinsu atu teun o tutu ionomt gt a ulace onmithe regular
the singing, and each nuf the footal egs will he -utnt thum cagtne-spu fihrst lemnannu whim wi-itoInpIlay wilt have
songs was repeateel sevemal times judingogsum thoughtu antundtmposinunn.ini ppounumIituitonsdo sin H-hndbtal
Under the leadership of McAfee- cle amd finit wilthe snletetintrom tie(ins nevenr mccin very poptula tbefoe
locomotive and other Michigain yells eght. 'iTheefinitewiltthelivenruti titi1mmii but thetimetdrns are silling
were practised, together with tie "I!- orations a thtie hamuihitnn (limut on .Ta itanhi apoheIhu girls alms wish tin
Hah! RhI" of Wisconsin, in tinner nary I whieretey will hum-finaly tinly ]liei'gaint
to he able to fittingly welcome Win- graeadiltututlihttelivenry annultougt Attunng tie tpossblitis fin tee ia
cosin on Femry Field. 'hhe winn enutfirsttian-n' silt ru-ivi-mtt -tim, ewm swinnmmg tan. last year
Stirring speeches were mauls by $t00 and adimissionn tin tetaitn th ie- tanknwis in goodutshanet all ready
Yell Master McAfee and Manager Club withouuut tie aymnt mit nut ( amp uetutliit iit5umtossaible attues'
Rtoberts. Both dwelt upon the coo- fees; liescondm will rict-i- a prieccu- tInn et wae Innomput mm it. A hock-
tesy- with which the Wisconsin team of s$50. i-hut s ason a simie uf the futre
should e treated next Saturday, 'The exipense nut thtmoun-tinloanrun Anhe tian out hr. Snyie's, which
Manager Hoberts told of Michigan's testantsn wilt e pisi by the cum.sill proalyInc carriedt out in the
reputation anmong other Western Ini- These with vary accoring thtieathu (s-p-rng s tin substitute the regular
versities for clean spotmanike ath- tance tbetw-eetn Cicapgo anthe ibmffer-! tymnnsummn wor n p~tuuleaant days, typ
letics, anti showed bow necessary it ent tUniversities. Finn exanmple tie rsscunutry wals. 'lie gymnastin
was that this reputation e sustained. Ilinois representative sill receve $5 s a disareeableulace in the hot
A singimng meeting was announced while Mtichigan wilt receivm $5.Fie prng caysanti the cange sill ito
for the afternoon on Ferry Field, and dolars will asompbe given each cmiiij a very ageecable one. 'There is no
also a great song rally, as Professor testant tin cover the expensis ofiptent rason why a coss-counntry wal,un-
Stanley called it, on Friday evening ing his nuration. Copies tnt alt thusde the n-supecision nuf a directonrant
at 7 oclock. It was sugegsted that printedm uraion will ben sent funthelm eade shouul nt b anheneical as
at the game Saturday afternoon ev- cmntesting colleges. any auntrI in tie gymnasiuim.
eroewa ibncryfas ri ntecnetls.Mna vnn -some other way identify himself as ErnestP. Hali-dnay won fettplae PROF TRUEBLOOD SICK.
a follower of the Malte and Blue anti Hugto Snnenohein the seconnut Prom.IThmnas t. Tent tlood has been

Another good suggestion was that p ilace. In coimmenting upnpum the nuns-: tnable Inn attend his classes fine th'
small megaphones be uoed. Professon tions of last Mondlay, Professonr 'ruit- mas-t.lainlays, nun accunt of a severe-
St iii y is very desirous that everyone bloond sain tht some of time oratiomn ! attache of tonsilitis. He is now recov-.
learn 'The Yeitow and Blue," and were very line, amid that he in very ! ered sufficiently to resume his work,
that it be made a part of the rooting well _satislie with Michigan's pros- and hast evening expected to be able
on Satfirdity. - pects. to return to his classs today.

(The Daily Assumes No Responsibil.
tiy For the Sentiments Expressed
in These Communications.
T'o tie Editor of tie Michigan Daily:
I sish soin uter an emphatic protest
againstlie writing, pubishing, or
snmgingmof such compositis as that
which appeared mu the Michigan Daily
of Noembuter l, underthe tile "A
New Song." 'lie writer of it may te
andh idoubles in, a perfect gnteman,
hut his sting it it s mttended ti rep
re.sent student sen mtment generally,
stannsunsis as a st nut tun and vulgar
cads, careicss oh the courteies anti
decencies of lue anti woefully deli.
cient in a sense nut humor
I objtct uarticuliarlupmumthis or any
otlen college, Inn profanty not e-
cause it withcrrute the mrals of the-
freshmnibut humcause itusseot of
taste. hacknneyedand ununny
Finaly, I prtsto against any col--
loge sting intended to be sung at foot--
h at games hy students imP thin Cniver-
ally, suhich cannothe sung by women.
A. .
'fu thus Editorm:
Durming the last few days since the
pnrices fine the Michigan-Wisconsin
game ave booen puted, my attentin
has been called by a largm number of
students bonth menl and wmnen, to the
comparatively large anmount of money
nemcesay to see the one important
The srongnest argument I have
heardminit fasvor of tie ight prices in
that tie proumndsn can be filled just
as reaiy by flue alto wilt pay two
tdollars as by ubhose whit can pay butt
a qumaerntotntthat amnount, and -the
Atletic Association will make that
nm uchmretmonmey. tranted tht the
Athletic Association needs alt the
monney it can get fine improvnements,
ethr tint-idint's nt hclp the pouce-
book ofniltie average Michigan student.
Wity awnuldit lnctupehapsabe a little
hunten sopunsomeha. mire slwly
with mintrna gounds. stanes, etc.,
tuing tiepmices f games within the
reachtot alt oun tatudents, antifeel that
am t"e imortant gameus aet hatheey
memernofltie intttion aounmd the
gridiron paining foe our team, rather
thanmsitnin u his or hen room, hx-
telm i sappontedihicanie of his
ttter inability to spendi two dollars
tine admttance A thouand student
s a conevativit estimate nut those
sho omust of necessity, deny them-
secvs lins game. Some one says,
twinmdolars-wiy, you can get intos
ibm- Michigan-Wictnin game fume a
olismr! Tms him men can; they arts
able inn standtime awhile, anti then can
walk arounnd and get rested; but the
amumen-cant they stand or walk
aronduforiiithree houur? Again, the
womendIn'tturt nountil totthec gamesI
Dontityoutnk wise scwoulduhave four
tmies tie nunnuuce mirlu thlbsre i they
cotuldiltiny tickets tune temselvesn at a
reasonable pricttnt ithe mn coul
hump tickuets tine them at prccs which
wouuuldnti conmpelI a man to wear a
swaate finea mount to save bs latn-
they, in itmrleIntisskeunp tineit It is
a ine thump tim have a bautiful finan-
cial shomwingp at the end oleach ficat
pear smitoIfnteol1that we can putt
thousnands -into inmrovememnmts, ut
bow much eter wouldi it be, boti
fume thet future andthie present, to have
event' studment a gooud, tiya one,, a-
ing abonut lie time to e hail at them
appnroachimug gaine, and not to have
hint pessinmistically commting, for a
month before it takes place, over his
chances mof seeing it at all. The idea
nf not charging ton the opprtunity min
witnessnug collegc sports is being agi--
ated amd, like other questions of mo-
ment, will fake some- time to- solde,
limt in thein teimn, why culd not
somne system be inaugurated which
woud maie the burde nfait hevier
upon those alto can best afford to
benar it?
A Suggestion-Why not issue to
each student, when he pays his fees,
a coumpon which woud enable hint to
purchase, fume a nominal sim, a ticket
which wouuldi entite- him to a eat at
any 'anne fume which priceatther than
ordinary- are to bit chargedl? Clege

games are primmarily intemnded for the
students; bhiK was aecide.d by the
discussion in referenmc, to the pro
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