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November 05, 1903 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1903-11-05

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The Michigan Dally



No. 34


Scrimmage This Afternoon Will be In.
teresing-Four Regulars Out of
Line-up Yesterday-Fullback
Change is Promising.
The promised scrimmage work did
not materialize at last night's prac-
tice, ht the rooers aitracel y the
open gates of erry Field were rec-
ompensed by the sight of faol signal
work through whirls Coach Yost ho-
ried te'Varsiy Te Michigan tean
was a mixed aggregation, as foiir of
the statnd-ys were as't from their
saily idofie. raver lose not y(t re-
tirni'd from Chicago, wherethe is at-
teninig Iis trother's weding, and(
IHesion. Gregory sait Godiig ook a
day's rt. The last three ar ex
pecild itimix ini toay's scrimmage
against the All-res tiaandsolGre-
ver iiay rettriiis tis.
After working witi the "squater,"
as the men have dibted the cargiig
machine, te squiai kickei goals froms
placenent anid irop kick, uniter irec
ion of Jihn Dolfy, now lrcticing
lawv in Ann Arias, who played itt
Michigan teatis a dzes years ago.
and Garret's aiiilDePrec sovedet.
peial proniseiniitiis tdepartmeit.
The 'Varsiy lined sil for signal prac-
tire as follows:
L. E., tReidei; L. T., tCrtis; L. G..
Shiulte; C., tBriggs; R. G., Eye; R.'.
Maddok; it. h(., Hammndti; 12.
James; . H-., Weeks; f. I-., Person;
F., Longman. The mii lentareu
off aiid in turn tried t hlock acti
oilier fromnsgetting downthi'fielltn
punts and kikoffs. Yost thus kptt
theminoingIlislily fashionttsfor
itearly ifteentiutities. 'T' shift
niadei' by Yost lotplang Lotgmatiat
mstolcerti to hi' termatiett. IBth
men tlay theirtii'pvittion1155well,
anidithe istftits isf the chtnge il
tie wtesdwititerest ii the O0.S.
U. gamse on Stutrday.
'Thirteent'tioutsandillttars has tes
depoited i the cfetfrs f tc Ah
ltileAssocitiot is Mfihignt's satre
of the nt(treteipts frmthelt'Mimiic-
sots game. The gross gae receiuts
were $3f0,933.501. As yet sni ieisitn
will e made i regartit toa 104 gitie
with le Gothers utiliafteThltaks-
All indiclatonspit.ilto ti recort at
tetidainc fr tieXWisonsi gatic in
Fert'y 'it Noetnber t14, asdiniior
der to accommiittate the criod the etd
hleachers will proaly bitt' pil
The . S. . game 3tn Satrtay sitl
draw a large atendanice,soul Michi
gan itvl pay special attetionto thfit
rototintg featutre, in seter to tverconie
tie iBucieyes ithis phase sf the
game, as welt as sit the gridiron.
The statistics f the O. S. J, team,
which wilt meet Michigat ln'iPerry
Field Sattrdtay, slos' that the visiors
will treset a heavy line, and hat'
hid t sucessful season thus far.
WoXt Age tgt Pos
iMayardt.15C 211 518 LE.
Lincln ....fi93 211 6-01 L.T'
Clark .... 17 1 600 L.G
Hoyer ....180 201 -Oil C
Diltz ..... 2111 21 508 R.G.
Marker . '.. 85 25 t-0 RT
Walker .. 16512 5 1 .1'.
Foss ......12; 2 150 Q. B.
Throuer . S t65 21 1519 L.
Jones .... 57 9 5.0 F.
Tola... lbl
Average 171 20 9-1 5-09314
Heekin, L. E.
Hyde, L. E
Htuntington, L. G.
Powell, C
Swan, H. I.
Hagaman, H. BS.
Wallace, Q. B.
. S. U. Record, 1903.
Ohio State.. 18 Otterein .... 0
Ohio State... 4 Pan Iandlo.. 0
Ohio State.... 28 Witteneg ...0
Ohio State... 24 Dennison ..... 5
Ohio State,.. 0 Mkingum ... 0
Ohio State... 59t Kenyon ..... 0
Total..... 192 Opponents .... 5
Ohio State,,,. 0 Case ......12
Ohio State... 4 W. V. Univ. 6

Total..227 Opponents ..23

Given Out At Yesterday's Class Meet-
ing-Other Business of Importance
1ransacted-P tans Made For
Big Class Banquet in the
Near Future.
The Sior Lit class meetitg alet
for5ioclonk yestrtaylot rotm C
routiloslt a ait' atenaie,tvt'r
otitoneniltienbers f tht' cats tie-
igprsenof. Aftt' a sot.itnautstgral
addrsts by 1.1. Blinittic vtriuis
cmmttitt''esere givt'n out, wit flie
exct'ption tof ts' Piire Iitnitittis,
which stilt rmaits ltieapotitt.
'Tre ienbiersoite lrass wits' til-
poitedittodecidet' oa siitbleilactss
Plats w ere asoisatic for a 10
hatittuet Itt,btieldtt'tttiOyster Say
sinititos ithIle nsr fittrti.
Theimeting it'vas tite charact eriedt
hy liie'gri-tensit'thuiisiasms; evtry
msemetr pleinig hititslftolitotistl
ui tst forthei'wlfar' of "1904."l
WiVthi silthlia ros~ig smetig at te
heginni' iing ' teyarithe's'iliti
sitdhavenitist o us o ft iti~tlingIthil
Tlihe variouis t'ommintitees folow:
Geterat Ar rangements.
M. DVeruir Cairimatn.
F. L.tHaliay
C2has. iErini.
Miss Faith testier
Miss kuthlt Hyte
Miss 11i. T'lst111111
Miss I. Stilts.
W. Dutbotis, Chatirtittn.
"i-lit hli itlis ou
Mi s5. Fitirtr.
A.11. Pirs
J. XWatksins.
f.5. lBerry.
Miss N VtsnuValetbttrg.
Mils J. tfsuire.
5. 1M. lark
Mtiss A. it. Fly.
Miss Il. Psutam.
Miiss tG. Yrkes
li. XW. IHaliday t'haitsan.
5. Sink
If. J. tHowatrd.
A. Lsciis.
D. C. Knapp.
Senior Reception.
J.1.Watling, Clairmatt.t
X. Misnell.
I. Clarke.
G. Mc~t'oy.
P. B. Parker.
Miiss (G. Eiatnr.
yiss Getrgita Stewart.
Miss Mary Stwar.
Cap and Gown,
WI. I. fRobetrsont, Ciairmn.
I. P. Sthrst'stsst.
7. K. Brinkerhoff.
Miss F. Barnes.
Miss G. 'iiggats.
Moiss IHennequtill.
It is deiitelyanusncrsedthti
''Wrinkle,'' theI'thumorospuiitctitt
gote'n tit Iby t' stidetts, which wa
moturtnedSas trai titthe teginisntg o
t' year, will e ptbitshd agaist thi
year. Ike firstiumer will atpeat
within a few ays.
Thesttident, whtt tas revivdi Wrin
kIse is Estvarli G. Pattle, a sophtmotri
engineer from Chicago. Prospects o]
te year are tright, cotsieralet
promising artistic talent having teet
o nveiledh in the freshman class.

ho the mid-aveek: game of yestecrday
at Annapolis the Naval Cadets de
fested the New York Naval Militia
hy a score of 28 to 0.

-Reserved Sectioin For Mihigan'Wis' Delegates Attending From All Over
cousin Game Can Now Be Secured the Country-Reception in Bar
-Precautions For Fair Dstribu- our Gymnasium Last Evening-
tion-Badger Roters Are E- Faculty Will Entertain For
peted. Visitors,
1 Appllicauttits silt ti e-cciviii at The Homeopa'lhitthic fratenitis begans
IlMeyersNt'snStanoi, tbeginnming aty lteir cnclasveu s yste'rday l'hui' hii
r ou'locs-ts mliaornteuing, fr thue 'ficuus- AhalsGamuumaoptntu-tsl)uttihut'ganiu
siut gamestheuie ivuossuci'14. Thhi aputitur stutnventintby ii s-ecptionis
liipr ic aft al 'aseats iltlii t tuttwo olars, ateuning for teiu duliegateu-alat
excepi'tlthe buxusesuats, uhichi-ll si-i at-i rbturt GutymnauusiumuufromuSuto i1 2.
frtutu-fifty atdtuth listitdollarts, accoi-T'hits rsos weri-ui med w lithiolthi
ingv toi litat i . 'ltueu 'is aibitl e -it-- flitern uity tcolsr, atut deit t' eduuuu
mutututfofit-s-ulsiallstits-ionstuss ilieiwifIspiiimsandtutu ta'a Orchetraufur-
situtis, tutnd te iuuiiiiius ptitsuf ..i uishi thlii' tmusi. Amonug Iilie tir-
il lii a 'unittd-bIta-in atuiitendazone-atuien'uuwere Dr. tandt IMu-aItisalei,hDm'
this'gamue,'.auudt Mrs. Ange,tMrtss . .IJo trsa,
t ot ii -twit appliction safor :as .1ris. JhnsiP.hLawr'ence't, IMrs. iE.
to-''ostin ug iou teaudiy, biut liiise- siilltusik, IMrs. A. 11. XWhite,uil hatpr-
not begivenuttim-ift-ue-si-i'otser' uder-ti r lis t hree li-ii'sits-tie, liii'Kap111
I graduateapplicatis, ioru-ttcosrs. ,i- Aphka 'l' tt his'ta. tith i pa EKiaptti Gam-
ioy' t its-u, is-hoiidesire sito si-u-us' sit, tssan lud t -ePiBts'hi. 'hila is the
seas ior 'hegamesshou ldudit s ati5finlt tm' inithe'hiitoriy ofthelni-tol
15Moon as po ilt, 55aft-~yare5'su--Iiiivt-isits f ,iiuhigthaIt theassooiis
Ii i-ulirt pue-en-ut heuse'tickeiits utu'titoys rolamtsihut'f'aern-uity
su'cr rit lut in toileliihtansofspialtcit tustdeletiel5stilti t tutd itt. ii-
iaovte isaitttgt'muu'tt hus Is tf toya's ci-ttunithitsis itii honorr'y mutt-us
ptoct1'ionitss. Onue is the inunti utg iitinher ofit'frterinuit y. lIn the' tftem-
is thutu beruutiof'ii 1ik~e t sutfulsowed he uinoounteuy usiiusit Dr.i-. ut-auuil
lu' seemedi-f by sty tiiiul, t ,1u-utndI t. Suit ih',tlioits, nd thit uhis-
us catss lt-u',-fit- --iuch -- 1 - < tmt-ss atssionst-. I hut Iets' nin-guromttu
sat isfatorluuy evuien'uce- ta tu'e isbiity rue 5 his7 tir. tutu Mrs.tKiyon sirealut
theii'diii tuutl utrruh~rin gooduthfith a hie iir hintoi ht hits-falitly soul
lie[e' it-utuecitio is 5khettI s-i-u-u-i P ire I,, uu in itti-u--e-nea-ill At-
btit: illbe of i uin-i uquiuker-mandltnt- uhe-au-uty luistti -tuu i a btody
morelastinrufec-tf tiiis foundrunemi-u- Oysl t-urltay
wtary itouse i, 'ilet'A laSienarfruisuthtli 1beganu
Si-i-;iouns 11 smth I, oitheii notuIhi i uuut -u' ieutit- ult-f-eus yustrida-
bliltauchers, truth tuphrt iou rof tegoaold I tby uaveu htdulresonuse ftuituvei-
stt, have been iirusatuel fit' tine Wis tthlt-u-exci-ut.ISti ran'tucitct, adautlis
-ueusiuuu'rootlu-s, iwhuo are- ixpeucutedth.e-tiri is i ithe -e rts isarrui, Ithey
comuue fitufairltyhutrge'nubeus.hu weurau-uivtutuinto t hut- dsutrtu tthus'Fan-
lly, usetit'uet-sistluy w iltlute until
utonieht, when tIheiy sitilsteI thu,
OF [OR THE[ WE[T. FautytsIradhnst , shutreu' tulhifrttu i
- ~~~ies-s.hI isitilntrueultegatiuuns, tIelis-ci
Sec. Wade and Prof. Kelsey Leave i ig ( titu'tus, theindependen'uuut st-
Foe Extended Trip-Latter Will diltsu, tuand i the uiaculy ladieis" asill
Lecture at Varous Points- Fi- ill assembtle, itatete itbrotherly
nancial Systems to be I nesti- liiiv. TWOh'uu iiItituct-itehlut till l-
gated. aulyl hii pre'isortu. Dri. 4V. P. Itisdaltt
stwill atllaslutstmauteslr, is' ol. 5 tni iul
urofs-soru- Kelsy satca ttunoe t 'wispontoaitoautst turthits'Ahat
chatngetsait husitinetrary atruth s-iAnnuuSigmats, D. iniituyonuoth- hii' lp hat
Arborus-Fruidlta oui liiihe10:;5 tain r' Cun lumtrstantilDri. Smsi hiwaill tatsthis
Chictaguo. Secrtaury XW'deulelft Salur- hItdependenitts. Friaty mouurig iiie
dayltug ut3:4(-iPronifessour- Kelsey asill Alpha iiigmast5 legilthieuir' s-a-utito
mautkue tutu -st 'utisi'lecu-sIsing ltoui sssluuus of thei'gC-ntlouncuuuil, ttutu
u-u-u-erst itt hut' Nationat-l Ar'chaeuolotu- holditheuiuruuev chater ho'' ustei:2;
gcal SueitIy, itt uhithis' isesicru--hry hiompu~son istreet.iOnItri tutty uovuenig
Sut urdaly hi- 1-i-Iuuues-inlu 'liu'tgurbe ht Iheiy-wilt houl si5uttku, t w hihthe Iti
tfoue-aimitingotruealtcherus.hFrotmrt (hut-ltPuculiy antl resiutsenut-utummbes uuilhehu
acus hut'osto hMIaudisons.S. hush. irvistedil Saturdaymorig te r- u-us'i
wherei--hut tafdre-sss thur Norma111th ioniutitcntlmtittlof thelocal hapter
Schiootl. thui suilltiectureini De its still showthliidels-l-ateius tutu visiting
Mis a t.; St. Joshuunt, Hu.; i si t ur-tunui t-u-.- trough thelniveri -usity, smith
sits City, btuor'fuu''ihe IHight Schooiul ; iniatein erutaIkut 1thmtn tutuatlly-hoi
Lawusemrt', 1us.,atntuseveratl phums ii ris- arotundil(liei-city, thu-utt hut ii.I
Coiloradout; iniSalt Lake iu't'y; ini 5iRto. S. U- gasuit, andin iithuruveningfle
at theUivsitaly- rutNuvaia;tin ad nvnt utttnlutwillci-heit a-lhuthus- anttiml
arouudt',auir rnct-iscou'au, si saAngeibanueit', thiti-l usill bei'gil's-it ufOys-
lu- a at e rau-at-tt nitte-usitis Ins (ah t'srIBfil
fiu'uia. liofsti-serKelsy 'illreuutri U'f ENG, WIN FROM '4-M EICS.
btyCity it Altiutuerueu, tatu hotututo uu hit 'li 'OG '- ites wus-it-iriuis
manes theits ripint 1to h eicoss-tanduliinti- ots ihth 01Mdc
visilt-tieaGrand hut-n'114 ttieulnots
vist tis tiusuul('unuuss li- ntI hi us tutueruuno. 'tu- Mitts pl.up111a
returnthoutesbt'hisrtutucembunlen 11. sift ight bhuticouitlit usissti'e rt te
Sec-ruetry'iWadt- his lits-utregmu'a-tdgiigi
'Sni itu''u's tutck fild.h f irutgt i g i
sytIhut' loatrduf RIegets toIs ittussi- Isit 'ofdisastrous fumbults. 'lis
gat' the is-tnncitul sittus ofithelii- gm litcledate hefr tuaf
fuer-tunithishtss. Hl it'lal tsoit: beca un-ts i'u danesuts. Thets'USOt;Sagiu-
aftr om prsnallube atim --es ail aythut-'15 Lthis Satunay
ig hituetsaiou Newa utu ttul'IMexio's rl
Hi' will ;joint Profetussoruel-sey 111itheI uy 'Oii ite, his 04 Meiclis
sill makile nmtositt hete iptlu-thuhr-ilium'
Litulacanis- - - --..... ... entt
L CROSS COUNTRY CLUB. Ihtcthu'- - - - Jump
Art itt-tiofttmnreuth ~ans rdillautuylo- L..1,
turns'ttlihe-u satudnou utce'ihuthesecRed 's-itt- - - --...... ieman
cslumns as ti5Ihe Iart anti IounduuC
tunmofitheli(CossCountutry ('tubshtsh T'uliul-----.. .......Adersni
551aturdsay hring. 1. G
sCogr P'ackard an'tdlsnu uRulIings sitre Spuaunli..........- -..Yale
fthu- Isles aundulchu thehu ndus, tenin iRI. T.
snumberu', a suery lutsteitoasecutnrmilts Cn...n- - - - - -I........ tnuley
racross count ry'lt-elarss wvire i- I. it
enthlier rinlsuuaslat- hut.l suucu~e-n- Knight (apt)..- - -C... nrick
1- lyvdidthetiy s-uttlethelm' purueruss-thrush(Q.
e the'y finished almost six minutes ti- Snom ...s..v- - - - --.......Mink
t one st'heuhouds. L. IL.
e lTis waa vect-ytpleasanaf ifair, lu lolmtlues- - - --........Vaughan
nfor Sahnmuay moruunring net a s ill I. f.
morshier' estnguevs--rth is tuing plan- (Sotsecbatll- -i.... Capt)Sturmeet-n

neil 'lula willhi- a runitsoetYpsilatui, Ih
returninigbtllyh-hou. Kennedty- - - --.........Stipot
y t is dsre([nuthdal alt memhbers of IUmptire', Day; referee, C'armichaael;
- - the clob wishing to tlur' this rumsnuo- inrsem i, teurdsl-r, Willie; time-
stify tine of flue officers, Kellogg, Htahl keiper, Lussky, Touchudown, Beech-
or Hayes as soon as possihle. lee. Time of halt, 15 minutes.

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