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April 04, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-04-04

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of l. alA
\- o.. I-N _. .I>
I RxcE, lxiv-iZCENxxS.
The Most Successful Hop Ever
'lle byofx lintepe
pariations forCihe Juior Hop xillii
charge, earii resoved i lxmakeithe
110) til yiai thein ost Osuccessfl Ii
harationiixnur lbrtbteey
tzixNa s inn rexxxxc afi xix 1)111
iheretofore. IlxxIlpis x b-x
ternities. Tlix fraterxit1 ies- xre xas
follioxsCh Pi, AiixixxD1ltaxxi,
deii~l.aixixpa Epsiloxx Sigmxa Ixixi
betali, 'i up~silxo, uLa 'Tixeta
Ph, l Kx Ixappla Psi andxl Delia Taxi
1tixa I lie commxxitlee having xlie
lireparationinxxcharg;e ws cxxxix-
hosed of theo folowing: G. C.
I teoxix'genecral chiman;ixWX. 2M.
J~onxtnex . WNIIisner, G. J.
1hxxda,~ II. T. Smnixil, coxixliijee
Oi Ox itaxioixNA. 1). Rathbioixe, 11.
- Illilex 11. Ii. Statler, W. C.
h~ilixixix ix .11. Lxarrabee, CxiiiR-
Anthnyxr.,11. ,. arrdle1.r(. cor-
baiiil Ii XX N :2orrax, C. (2. War-
dell, receptxxincomitteeiic.
PI'ec coraionsxx of thelin siii r-
Iassedlxixxxiitig of xlie kindxlecer
Cttxiilxicxl iere. The xwork of
e1Coraiiio wxxxin xx charge of
i Dletroi fixm. Thie lbackgrounxd
tl the wallsivas a idark red,
relieixed bsy frcxequet groups of fra-
tnity exmbtleis, andxlflags. 'lixe
┬░ierlocad decorations were the finest,
Ylloxw and bloc being the lprevail-
g1 colxrs. Wlhile tli aesthiet i
tte displayed iii the use of soine
of the colors was not very good, the
general appearance of the room wvas
quixite pleasing. The south end was
Stapart for refreshmxent booths
andc the spectator's space occupied
apart of the east side. Potted
plalnts in different portions of the
kltxk added greatly lto the appear-
ance of the oos.
Cibson's art parlors xere used as
recption rooms and a coverexd pas-
sge admitted the guests to the
sh.nk xcegrand nmarclh started
Shorly after io o'clock and was led
by Mxir. James Van Inwagen, Jr. and
hkiss erthia Baker, of Toledo. The
iMiuiic for th evening was furnished
bSchremser's Society Orchestra,
of 1Detroit. n irchstrafur- cell C ariillciDavexxxAdionIves xxx VINGl thexx perieniie of College
niixixcl teliii xx x iic or te . Ic7 l lixixix Iicuixrii-' -xxS it.Me xra ,x xxenI el x o kxnowx axiii applrecixate
ixxcx o lx.li xiix i xivc ci x o 1 i-oxi dii Jnnie x~Ives. ElxiI- (xi-oxci ixialrxel(,rroxi'i
xxxki mprtixili slxx wex xx oxlx.directly
il',xx i -loI .chee \C xix x-lsss l''ixxxIti "ixF. ih. x xx lxxerix' fo aiIo d l n m tra
1 li.(ru-~ 11 aiv)''triii.iour iamiid-, and othierx ixxprxxcious~
lar dic esw rea flow -'isilisti-. iiiNY x lix Meoii nxi Sx ii- - th let ) ii lt e (l
xxlz___- -s iii ii xx xx xrei 11 sxio iici Badg s of .1 x i ndsxiuxix i . ar
xx xii,._.._-----i---Prxet-ty-iix I iiilxii-x i xxxii-"-__- si-i-i-i Wa nfa iri d in this ollll & '\ o
waltzk-----i- --- sai f o(Scrx e i lt- issxiMelxlni, olPorxxix x liiiilxi i'xt(NCtOiI2'IIS IC .IEVES.
xokt__- --hsh"xxxxxxaxcher Rl ch u _____arerTom so ,_AN______G JE EL RS
Walxixi-________'Gonolirsx---- xxSullxi Mesmsxlxxxc xilxxxxxagecx DIrGlxxxer, ________ -____
Poikax--------Eiquietxte -- Conxtexxirxmax Peck, Chapxlin, -ad Mxxll~xNisses htexx Chapss. Sp~neller -& (.
watxci -_....Cixrie"--__ --_ cxxxixer Nx y xxelrxeI xilx" ' "I
Schotiscixe--_Skirtnci_--v---N----lWeler, Cliaini, xiane. Nlessr-s Bill, University Outfitters,
Waxt__---"ViriexnaWxxxmaxx...'-rusxxxlexyworthx. Dexxx, VI cx txxxxxexx
Buidx- ice"i---_ ---.-- -'xMxrks Bra dley xandl l'xrily. iof Chicago. 202 So117 STAE S Trix.
Poxlkax-------'Vixna----.-- ixixxtrg N-xrx.(xxxmmxinigs, MNisses Doxdge, Cixixx
Gaoi -----iixiitex cmxxxi- - - 'xiegxxxx inxxgx, M~itchell, Scxtlt, exaxierxxaxxl E rNx-G3 L..I S8 -
scihottische-x-- xilePci ---"Scix rnxx It-. D xxdge', xf Toxlxedo.
Walz____xi ---Lxxv Orxxxxxxx ixxxxxi oeer i rxxdix NxxxxlMixIlcxenet. Mlxx Wxxoxd,1\V T 1Tm QTEQ
Tuie proxgramsx xxere itx.exixot xan r. NWoxxd, xf Jaxckxsxn. 1liULINIUU.LJ
uiqxupe axndltastxycxver ixedIHere. Ntsxes Haxxvey ixalnd-edith, xof_____
Thexyxwere ofxlie ciuxtoxiaryxxflrmiiiAuroraxxxi.i
xxnvixxchaxisxxixi-sinxCovxerxsx ixlixixiixI cxss lllki i-v iaidhTryxxxi of Nx-Ion- T fl V7 GOOD $
iithl ine ci ly esignedilUt of NI.I Ix xnxdxlMlx iss ixix.chf Almux.
moxxnogrxamxinxxcolege colors. rs.iindOlixsWdo Nixxrtx, xof Fort ENLS SRG
There xere prexsent aboui~t ; i Wne x, IndxiGLSHS-G
ixests andxlox o spiectatoxrxs.xxx Iarge Iiss-Brenrf NVxasilixgixxii 1). (2. - ~
a miiiercoiissth iikxxrx NxxScrxantonx.of Sxault Ste. -nixre. 00. ---N mm vN'U3-xm'N
muixch. Tlisix xas the xixyxunpleasxx -'issxesiHollixsiand Bestx, of Bositon, .. xcaiiii-
axxi featuxre iboxtitxlvhi p.ITlitla ss.
-I x xxi x~xi.ox.-it-0t x, m(- Itown xle xsdame Defe,-i' malx l;llissoes
xxas xuxnusalyIxrge. A gexntleixixn
iwho has attenided every j uxior I-op
inx thieixast texi years, renmarked that
the dancing and the costumnes were
the finest lie had ever witnessed here.
'rhe chaperones were Mirs. J. BI.
Angell, Mlrs. Janmes Van Iniwagenof
Chicago, Mrs. J. C: Rolfe, Mrs. A.
E. Warden, Mrs. J. IH. XWade, Mrs.
Miaxiwell, of Cincinnati, Mlrs. Geo.
11I. IPrentis, of D~etroit. The booth
for the chiaperoines occupied the
northwest corner of the rooxu. It
was tastefully furnished, and dheco-
rated with yellow anul blue, and wvas
the cexter of attraction throughout
the evening.
'Thie folloxwing is a list of those at-
tending from out the city:
Mesdames Chapoton, Griggs, Prenitis,
Randall, Van Sycle, Rbinscon, Me-
(Graths and Lyster; the Misses Prentis,
(lie Misses Chapaton, Misses Van-
Sycle, Garrison, Lamned, Blarnwell,
Emerson, Katherine Smith, Mackay,
Utley, Randall, Addison, Smith, Leg-
h'xiiibxxll andil Gillxxlxaxnd,if Xdri-axo.
Mrs.IBuirns, Fawcetlt, axid Dr. Wxar-
ren, of Kalamazoo.
Miss Cxrpenter, of Clevelrnxi.
Miss P-otter, of New Bedfordh, Mass.
Mr. Ackerley, of Cubxa, N. V.
Miss Grier and Mr. Spauling of
Miss Bourns, of Hudson.
Miss Harris, of Wellesley, Mass.
New Daily Board.
'The Indepeindent .ssociation nmet
in Coons A at cc o'clock, to elect
editors for the ensuing year. Sonic
time isas spent iii discussing a pro-
posetd amncdnment to the constitution
providing for the election of editors
at the endl of each senmester. The
amendnment isas lost. 'Tle election
of editors resultedh as follows:
Literary-S. NV. Cuirtiss, F. ''D.
Green, G. I.. Chiapcman, XIV. 11.
D~ellenback, J. C. 'rravis, '92; NV. P.
Parker, F. E. Jancnette, C. B. Dy-
gert, '93; C. NV. Ricketts, Charles
NWeller, '94; D. B. Chieever, 'gx.
Law-I-. D. Jewell, '9i: L. I.
Abbott, 91; Ralph Stone, '92.
Medics-Ruggles, '92; J. Arneill,

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