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March 31, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-31

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.J~ f f Cof? upon a lasting basis, and their men.- ,i brh it r en osat A F
iheIaiy(stayexet)duigadded to. There is no ntore effec- , WE WILL FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS sa
thgetg er e tv stt~ fbiniti colleges Offer five tons of paper of all kinds to be sold by thec poundC at rega
U. OF Mi. INDEPENDENT AsS@CIATION. nearer togethcer, as far as thes stit- ;ill rates. Try our Crown Intperial Linets at as cents Per
denet interests are conicerneil, aiiil lpoutnd. Itotidl Iaper, Thesis, anid Typewriter Papser at
tes DC1 e vss- seaee ey ehope that the new ssocia51tion1 (;eat Blargainis. Envelopes to match all papers
advatce. single ecr~ies 3I ccc-. ton sale asteilli .eet iiil'e at greatly reduced rates.
ad nr tdOlice taetwsastest %y 111$egie a&od 00 ~."C -M
-ting sit 6 se-loe-k. nsieeleetieett se .y is e~
blck txisat Slael axe, at Stotlets o ae a55
of5 the editars.
ICemtmusticatiosshousesild etsach-I eoffcet
70 s sM. it ty are toappetar thesmedy
Addrerssall smatter inatented foreptblictont
tlse- Maiagitng]t'ittt. All leaseass utn
catios shouecldthe set to the ix-ainsee tae-
Ann Arbor, Dich.
Ilorrisce. IDs. I.srlinib, adx thrs
-seterelav remoedelthe cultise rigl
Jawe bone froms a patlientI allthe lhos-
pital. It wsea-i ery (elifl--lt but
succesesl ii opera isis.
The ]:ngisis -tagSociety se-ill hani-
duc1t, iMaisr.
V 1 v 1 ti 1 1 J. w \ .' \. /.L . I. i y.i i 1 i V
Of the Seasotn will b lee'IId
72-- /
EDITORS.Nl-esset-lseie sesstteetes-as
A. 1'.tttks[trtt.'t, Mteana ingE itoeer. o'I etn s tecsper ieS ecs-iai rates frse er ae
C. C. SPEtr~ tat, lit, Assietst sa ltgnE dit t-r. te-,atest ra lts es f uttrnse trly sepsplyineg se
tRAtLPtSTOE, 'It', .Astist. ManaesgingEsttor. tee ets.1 sttee -
J. C. TssxVIS '921, I it esese Mtttnage. (GitteeIE. It. Hllt feet- eoatl.
it. 55. tt Ilsrr, c...,Asttet. 11ite ftsrnetttser. IsBa iths s t P.0. Barheeal s o . 7jl ,(
C. w5. Mtt Te S ta , tAssist. Butsineese segr Specsial setes feet-Seeenrs te als Dvu ,'0 .Alwl'9. Ca n oda usns t tet l. JD 1 1 , ,$ . ,~ L
11. t I .tteeitt '. Iet t.SOsUesteettse. '9:..YI LA
5. tssBt. 'ltS.'9 . 5. s ters s, sr". Ness emporetastuone iits ltesiy Ve-stinigs, J LA I-
F.5. I)I etvu t, es>_ ew. t'. PARERtt 93-~. set STAFFeORD'S. Satureday Esvetnig, 'larheli tti,lees
P.I...1 eee teII, le3. 1.1. tGt, . (et thast little 'I. sef Al. bt toeee st te Il se-a k. ll tte t el is
F l-ts-eets feurnisheineg steire-, ",? Coellege itar eeoetiltly ineeels. (roeode
aiea.. tst-ese-c. t n ietastel sa elep els t Ite asse-d.
:A lewees .ite-erlselSe evss. o
M'lle(lessest whislourseeetit'i'ie-esTeTa-lor. co)et
(IlebehIs matee ie wxitisthles telst If le -i IO sttlaes ieslees lialtter eIldse
ias ertee se r e xlcs te-- e ede x e l gio s.seets at e
l;r5 lstees senic ting-strema ts- selt heeir est Mte of goodi ll sthi 4 > - . , - t
heoss ra isest 51Ii se stlttsies-seecarcetelyet0
ses-cth111ool--isls e lylliet t -e-s.wew'l15' gu enefit.see
know ouside of Ast Ar lt. t'e- t b siegn esstteehes.Sex-i tes il-te
s-elitttteestoc.gtorttce.W urllee;cv- A
ites ts-. nlwis tt 'ofthe lsts it'titta5 .'se t-Sset
our 10c.tti ngse ecl e lel tay l th1ese yx%
evte e t -s te cl nisge s-s-s lee tee lt ' p et -eSo. eF-uthA enue.
Prof.v Mv el es s' s est 'le. T s teitte?.U
of seei asensitr lssseesse eeetlsslt ti eineetroiuse-c
fitet es-it ss-evoge sestlaes ee n veryt in-gts Ie a ivat os e Setle -seel ge~0
hake. l ~ teecrt S t rsy It-r tele it Ita-ies tuAdetsU.
rehalte Dyetrit waslaes-etisucests. wo9cn spaatl ntl hourgIloresto dile.
steileestoxergandleti rsveihous esere to recpaeseetlse tneoPera en t hetu-
tesetayeetisttse t.tohso riegtaoteig e.,AdNes. 90
releno metan dvrissth 9,o ffatul dinase, IDetroit. Yost. T'SCI-00s'
'Tess:' editoreial itt yesterdta' -isues anvsi ~tivsely sass tees dollars on a N-0 reaN s.Cica .
of else I Ie come nteeeineg setosntiesu-stel d - ea t tthe besnefit eof the ness-
prse t~ive osrganeizaetione of a Ws-t - st ptle-s ateeltelst tst :1 Arelp-
ressett ilvseelfelse firestseittlil 'sit esn
letI iters-ses-i-its Pes Aelse rb r esery IT eesteay. IO)fice et
teonstshoeutld sot htest-satppseredt tilt Goodeseyseair sc- St. Jams'tte -D ry Goods Q-l5
teesl-da. thes articsleeo ewhicht it r-,or e. Anycommu icatsione lsftatc
es te a tels leow e o t o eel5sssteev'se thes-isre wtlesecei e t att F rtSn-
lesse. 71 F r tWest,. - Detroit, Micth.
sraler a d stee hieIs i ssue. W'e hsell __________________________ -
Yestscantsfitedta Petlt Line of
Fine .A N=D 1iA'SgS
Adler's 1(i(1Gloves,
Perrini's Kid Glovest
HalfiHose at is $.gai>i
AT YOiti(})1 11.
Made to Order and 8atisfdCto1
32 -,. STATE-Sal'., .sANAtOt
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Wt
Michigan RailwaY-
Time Table gaiangia eft ita n tae .l
G 55ING t.10 1 ali4tt
Manitee tExprecssand Staill -.,.. il
Ste. t'l-aseettPaste geree -.........
it~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a etesersal- - - ,
W.e H. BENNETT. It. S. GOBEIN N tget
Gets. Paess. Agent. oal
11h.t slmt 111.s t mt- ele ls- M ~ u gCilt t tht ilnestspprova I) ,1?f)..o.
tel thle journlisewithe stteeIt el (haees 1c> >cAGOcf.,aI
ctes51)o5ee5 dt5 and511 1 t t a aejoritylx ''
oel the s evety sill seiets ret pest-ise SIII 1iNE.LS + - i ~~t OGRA1 1i1hf1i i
ies- tee the (Chitsaeo vs tevestiesee - ifx 7 'O. 12 IV. _____ST
it Ideelse de toe olet dtlltit intt cstsits-_Con l, -elV ll -lC rn l'
'Ihe Ness.Leteesla sesoceiastietns leseitt s~et eorgitsa ldesigns ssthltest e-
li eitesesit ste-hs vots-geesasteltsswsill lee furisehsedl eestetfeetGrand opera 1)oupe
C'eest eeseemertrInvistaetionts. ('lass-Dayt
IHaervardel,e', Williast, Amhslerst, Pr-ogrameseiF raternsity Sttiattess I 'Tlhursiday, April 1891.MD
Diartmsouthl, lBrowvnsandI toeseoiss, Mettandse (uest CardlsfeesBanuests I -
and th Centrl aseoiation'nclsd s ad lDinners, IMacePreogramense, (ORN hLUNIVERSITY
IttlI~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~n eleatttlascale t5515 eslsll oiercskindlssef calls-gess-atk.
sttch cotlleges ass Princ-etons,(Uie- O(ustatinry iSs alsways noetalelfeer mr -ao~
city- of Ptensyvaneia, Swvarthmoeere, senelmoaderaete price-i. OCT
Lehsighs, lafayette, IDickinson andAesel /(",.LU .1 rcs
DAlCwaMOCLURGe&eCOEach oeso- 35,50 and-75 Cts.
these assosctatioets is estalhised CHI CA GO. Seate leat setoet e Newesesate, Fee-
eiay at to'clacS A.M.

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