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March 27, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-27

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'Ij ~tof
Al. Wlii.
Vt I.-No.16
Newberry Hal Meeting
Ia.t evnng the Chlapel was pretty
well fillel, in theiteretists ot New-
SIey hal. Ihe netig- op~eed
I h rater iiiilsong, and then
resltiingc , howasinhis1
11100(1modgaetcgnialetl ek ou
th ttesubaecit fthe eeing.l 'Next1
br inr1din1n spoke fthetltS(. A.
fianes, and PriofesorIY itgte fol
iWed with aspttnid taii lk on the
iistr and puposs ot Newbt erry-
Presidient _oigi then calited for
tudge(rant ,ot the l inli'an S-
itene Cort. Tlet judecspoke de-I
idedly caouet Anin Aror's open sa-
h~s lie sadle lebelieveed we otgit
t haw '"that there is a Coci in I-
rael aaei a law in tie land.'
bewerry Haltsou e a ery eari
fu Paetawould "entice" yotng
At lateMrlBrearley, of lie iDe-
it Journal, spoke, adotie
hPlan for getting tie $2,000 e-
tltary to conmpee the huilding. le
ided te whole tumonito six loin
og $2,000 each. (f tee lie agreeeI
ti teture the ist lot, acid assigted
t tecoindto iiir. Jennings. 'ihe
thard, -Ir. Irearley lihoght, coutid
ae btainedthlrotigha the liep of fify
netwsapers that lie could fiel
i~h lalaneelto get front the Yoncg
e e societies of liacr cries of
the State, in thitsway: Tie Boarci
of arseet are to arrange a uno-
rar0 giving a history of lihe S. C. A.
an Newerry i-al, andl otier iner-
ingicformaion. This program
istoabe given sinutianeously by lie
eg People's Socieies, and atihe
ndof i collections are tn be taken.
te ffth lio Mr. Brearley anigiedi
1tl the ladiesofAn rbtoe
lo lewberr y H-ali itself, according
tos1ite future arrangements. 'Thie
eas lt it to be raised by sending
,Innlars to or friends away front
anheall exiect aNwberry Hal tos
c ith estdesntyiceucniecieffors
U. ofoM
The Indoor Meeting.
fTelbowing umena iave entered
orth arios events in tie indoor
eetcg wihich is to be held a lie
Wil to-night. Tite iist of eents
5Pen promptiy at 8 o'clock.
\Iir.icrilc, lice D etrocit Athletic
(11ii)Iraicer, xciii e here lt ct as1
sitarter . it.'Tihbbals cciii act asj
I nniuoutcericnsteadiof F. A. I mn.y
Whco 1 isichle ito lee iresenht. 'lie
o(tilcetrs of tilt meetinig and conctest-
ancclx11lcprhcuhre ibac-es a111111-
iccs frontcciA- Ai. Ilarcevait the 1-ick.I
ciciars clash--:1. J. Sweet, 1. ll.
('a . acc n'aicc cccogcn, jr.i .
Ducffic J.lR-'ArnillT.1 'lc ixtccl
Bucr-gess, .W Q11eW '
IParker andciHit11i (octeti
igchI twecglittsrestlici"-..A. Its ccc
1: A. Giocican andciJ .R.Arincill.
Standcig hight ionp-J. 'anacaIcc
stageci, ir., aid (I.(C.iPcsch.
S8noayarcis rtun-S.lHutcinson.
Midlcdie weigitt wrestlicng-1E. AI.
440 yards rucn--V. It. Ayers, S. A.
S. Meliceny anTic. E'. Iltrgess.
Odne mtlie runi--S. Iuitchcinsocnticd
C. Wiiakefield.
Runnnga"iihd jumpa~-A..1 . Sweet,
'.sVancIlnvagenc, jr. , acid(1. (C.
Hlorizocntal bar-W. C. Tuircier,
1:. A. Crocican and P. GC. Howaer.
Relay race (16 iaps)-Las' leant,
'I. J. McKeon, C. W~. Maunger, H.
H-. Cowen aned J. 1E. Doffy. Meal-
cal teani,1E. IB. Wingard, J. R.
Arneill, T1. 12.iBorgess and V. 13.
Ayers. Literary team, S. Ifutci-
son, Wa. P. Parker, J. R. Mc~iirreca
and E. Nicholson.
Princeton Base Bail.
Many tinck Harvard cat "done
it" with a vengeance it arraiiging
Iswo ganmes witih Priciceton for May z
and 9. Pricnceton has ocie of the
strongest nines it has had for years,
and sweeping sictories over lHar-
vard acid Yale are said tn be alniost
a foregone conclusin. Pitcher
Keefe sipeaks ihighly of iiciher
Y'ong aned Catciher Blrokawv. Yale
lacks a pitcicer. Harvarcd has
strengith intshie ipitcher's position,
acid thcat is about ali. Agaicn, Prince-
ton can begin octdoor traicniccg fully
tsvo weeksternier titan H-arv-ard, yet
lice twn clubs will play togeticer
May z and g. It is very hcard Co see
whiere Harvard will conce in unuder
soda circunastances. The gances be-
tween Y'ale and Harvard ougiht to be
How a '90 Law Becam-ie Famous.
Altile ephisode awhcih ccurirretd at
jcaco I larbccirs't cinn.,ticis aweek, hats
cusedcitiheccaccanactccliin xisella,
law, ')0yo, ic to a beom cqitie aicici
a crculated thiroughoucact the ncorhliwcest.
Kxinslist cai le ~cforcpillcage
presdenc o IT1 lcihrbccrs, this
s1)i. il vs eecateci. 'After
elcticnliccci e tatfracudi1had1
(Ceciilluseidito defcatl iicland ccclsecercil
articlets wcle icublishint ccthe icaplers
b}ic liii itr elfns caerecaroiisedi
acid iatr oka re uncfortunatdce
turnfor ineliIccle, ccciSiuniday
cccrnigac obdrssedinicccalite
cac in01capsbust lpe acslcecircoomcande
took hiat oucCdcocrs, where licewsta
beatecnacid sereral shots fired, ocne
liassicl thcrauighclanhiachani, acid
aanther icnjuring;lain thumcbc. A coal
ocf tar wras ticena applied, btlice
escalped befaore the feathers coucld etc
addled a a*i. Kicnsella has canted
lice arrest of liceiierpcetratnrs of lice
outrage, andalisntewliatving hla incc-
IWhat Others Thought of Dr. Win-
The Clcalctaccdlaafoar Aicril coin
taicas a Ina"ecditorial aina lie life anac
wrorks nf Dr. tWinciceli. It is nonly
ocienaore fact Co prnre lice esteemi
andalrespect in swhich Dr. W~inchel st-as
held by ecducateci penple thcrougcouct
lice worild.'Te writer of thee article
says that fewv Americaa scholars inave
reached so mcany hnousehinlds with
their books and thnougitts as did Dr.
'incliell. Very seldonm are tine
scientific investigator and lice popu-
lar expounder to svell united in one
person as tiney' were in im. Mhany
Curts the scholar absorbed in hit;
specialty itas a feeling of contemp-
for lice popularizer, but not so with
Dr. Winchell. He Conk pride in tine
office of a teachner of lice penonle at
large, and loved to speak to,4)opular
audiencesupnincithe rast conceptins
annong wlhichnhhaltnnindcad cnnte
to be at hocce.
Tlhe article closes writh thte follnsv-
log :
"BIy those swho kcnewv hini front
his inrintedi works alocce, ice will be
rencemicered as line chtamipinn of cer-
tainideas. 5 5* iBut thosewho
knew him well, will rencencher hint
also for te gentleness, tihe modesty.
the simplicity, tial underlay hit
wealth of learning, lilt idealism of
character, and his stately forms of
iciIcbe, '1'cucn+:CO NTns.
-.'ING tlte nxicdriece fCol('cleget
b~ i N-ci stnow cansctd appclcicate
lice cirefual srcrci ('fCcllege Stu-
dacts,. iiiiig ac lcrge e-ncs of skilledh
1)-inicers acid hettaciers speecilly
trciaIiadrforcicge ahdcthear jesselled
sscrk, iciipccc-iccg, as s-awec , adiretiy
fromcari 'iis, Lcdncicaccud Amcasteramo
(ccci I tiaicciichs atd othcci Iciccac
Storien.sc-a-e arla' li cc ositiointIc prnc-
(u halt-a. tha eash li t ci ljascellted
* Sicia-yir ;esli5oflall kindcs st-ichc-li
iiicaicciactu diii hicc 1 c m i tiY.
Wright, Kay' & Ca.
Detroit, Michigan.
Chas. Speller & ( .
Uiiversity Outfitter,.
0l' SOti STATSac.
Finestattnd Largoi
L~sIE ins
Ageink for Ann Arbor Steam Launidry,
quaick delisvery andl best -wtork.
qlAA. $pE-LLR & qO.

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