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March 24, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-24

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1 1 L I I 1.1 . N-/ L
Publshed Daity (tuodaostexeptd) urng
the Cellt e ea, by
Susrpto rice f.2, 'M e year, m ittsttoly
'etat e I offof It IttDILY to to±'
Mode, at Scebuttet.. 5 etoitt r"0 i'
of the e tct..
itl. t.ift aetoe lilb(- tae d '
Addriess'ail t u t to ittItccld r let ic ttii Itoitt
tlht S aagtog lEdtitor. All buinescmnl
THE U. of M~. DAILY,
Ann Arbor. tMich.
A.W, Tittooat~ttt.tl ,Mttttttgn it o r tt.
C. C. s0 tO.ctti,'tt, Asistt.MattagtgEdtotr.
Ii. pt It I O 3,:sit Sa aiig dt
It iii' curt o ,',, is tatiniucte ft rt
ra ise1 fotanT ls a 1t 1. It'li iletts, tile
(1a1. s~ et i ll. sit . titDAtttotlx tittts
IretitilurstoC us tha jtt isthateffre
hmare byiteiUcl the acomt teetioi
rase catidstiu og 'the tite lt, tile
stoed are 'ere artsetitouorloorstu-ht
dentilther is uttlve ittlbenlcant-
isactioteen rossethinrtgars itigate
fromacheng lctearti esth thte
haedidedltotctheir heittettnriltintoe
theetiaititesei tommitte t ti
isar tueetutitentttinalotveilit.l
t .ise -li lt- ilit. it . te-e
hi'le treiit so it tdist
ifactionepese eardin'the11'
atioioth i's' etisryliboarl nohu
stac'rporatitget dem sfiristhegnisr
theyonstintil emforialertititi
askentsrlitstilethsett whoia ave ttl
feeln interiewtIser ttontrhleesubjfec t
isrihe1blie th itht coulibeionittte
undtirithey ita eertats le. re
tse (usli. of fnanceas aad.out
sil he t strifeottysrealroa(rev
acctistoneteelook to Hlarvarti as
thte great seat of classical leartnittg.
Hlarvaird (tat in hter literary dietart-
nten ttn attetntatnce of abotutt .uoe:
tile 1'-. ofi Ml. hits ittattendlancte if
abotitit ,100. Iii the tottal tittither
it stti 'ntlStud\ MgLtatint«-eic eedt
T tirsiril bitatscotrn. lTisitof ltself
ts rathitCer ttoiisttit ', butiwhtenitie'
cosit e is w l mi k i ltits hre atit
Lu s . ire;re liiitot tells's ;t l~ttilt'
iiivm xciutsstrdl. 'lThere aie abottiI
fler fire tonts of patper of all kittts to lte soltd hy ttte pountd at reglo
:H ill rates. Try totr ('rowtn Imttperial Lintetn at 25 cenlts hter
itou ld. ition ttPaper, Thtesis, attd Typtewriter Ptaper at
Girettlargaints. Litvelopes tot ntatclt all hpaplers
at greaitly retltceth rates.
titi cii tsit-rk iere is at Ilits trild.. O - l (J I I
The result of lt ith i o t i fr i V 111hasI' R[S IS (ii VL ' ott catt fitttlza1'1u11Litif of
teeni sit 'trlrisirttg that tile I lt E AR11 I U OJIHiEIJ i11
wci i ittire try to titbliusila - - y = Mz Fine fupnishingO
tutu T Fiecmarativuesttemtett regttrtlutg the ___ s
wrk iii sitter ibranichesiereeanatit itD TS
Ilart atd. " T H E B E S T '-
_ Aler's Kidl Gloves,
ier. \'ttt ulls still delisver ttee oom 2.25 pe tuweek. (11111 tt. 1upon01 iIi. Perrini's Kid Gloves'
ecitres tin ttartcIt26, 27 atndl28,ctinI Hlif Hose at Ia j35rg0i
beftore tile ltst-(iradttates Muetdical P.R. CLEARY, President. __
Schotol of Chiicagot.
Ie1. I Itell 's tdemontstratiotn oiiiSat- g.! T- U T.L
il f e n o y s m c n t~ - 3 L . E R J A ,I e li e d ti c s , h u t pt ell dc i t o o res uatr t o slftl e l s t-A l o I t ( l l~ l
BUIESLOCALS. lfr -' i5\H QUID n A 1 j INJ1IB
Nlathcs itee d t t hi0. (aria llItt rteI .x
of sts llhttr lttioSpeil rte' g ol. 11,e'0
ttse ri ~ rlne ''lr~~ ic ) I at i a t
ilu it ttgttt i ld0
Bat ith iehtiP.I'. Batberithop it~~tlI 'fI R~~EIIl~~ ea
cl atltnds woodlilttg u sn te 2S. Ifl..f
Saew st lrt tolilfnc etn s
IttcrleerltsoatOtu I°.(1t- -
Spciltrgt'tliltit tf peilssitert O ~ O~. %~~1
gtalvoti.e Twoul rils ~Luiliy tz. l . 0 EOBRNsr-Cid~.
thltgha i ttuekitle U.of . bu stton t' T RC E ARtillDUE
21 tuS. 1Davit'ill. l AV.itt.t llt It h
duin tntshisiteek ittthit is. stior e 7 otStW sonerit mi
Iluttits i lule iirin sts.ititls
it S'u sI II 0111e1''ar
hu:' Ice ledexcuttions.hi ltfeul nhatveGR PI i,'Q
sold theflllest i'XeV'.gottslII)thiSt.
rttti ittire tuf or th tt'blln e of i s
a-tcll gtriur estes 10e55u5rante an 15ou-
ou N t ig lll illlOA ill thercai.Aprly,.191
SLLture. 1lly 27S . o rhkefttt ie
stofnwllreceitof omlutStteitltrosr
T1s.aet lrut trt.Stres oom (ONEL NIERIT
loatsetheititout tfereCouyte Goldy
hNorti(tAnleical.,ir90 sood ar ave.GLEE,12BA.TJO MNDOLI.
Profakee:"roPof1.Steesro, C1"TELUI RIY
Mtinetts taken in thte eventingiby Prices, - 35, 50 and 75 Ots.
electricity, $100 o a dozen, at Ret- Seatsocto stile t' 10 stof e erews51tIdFri-
ley's, No. 6 Herron street. day t!)tto'clocke. ,%t'
Made to Order and Safi sfat°fl
i-; j . SL AT T. ANN A1JS OJ2'
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway. ut.
Tite Tabtle going oonto et, 51onaie'lful
ItOINGNOTHllsI. , 0 1
0111 o1'ttodout. (tenl, fool.
11.0S. GtEENWOOD, Local Atget

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