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March 23, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-23

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. h aameait of the juiior Q J ~l 9~ ~~
~IC o i~L ~4 it~)(5.bet)Cto) strop l ty 1CAT~pP1II\4 \ w-
denitDil ned in allowintgl lt p~(rut~ rogratmsto he5AVE'WE \IL 1011lE NEXT F~t111WEEKS hcra
Take stle tat toyear,) alIt er OfliertiV e tilts of paiter of all kinds to) 1)0sold ub' the pound t re
r tM. II JFPLN'.NF A lC1AT1ON forthle purpotse of 1teinilled it1. MXii1 rates. 'I'rk-our C(,wsn'o Imiperial linen at z .nts per
El .It so Ildbe 1had)1 ii 5111 if all III-] ittlt. Hlisl Paper, iTiesis, aToo yipewsriter Pas er a
c rcat . a 1 , n. hItis elo Iest m thall >a Hers
sit 'ttiptioh r''sc ' M plr cariiis o tin1)1at ireatl}' redutedslrastes.
>11isC ti e~05 05 ., 01I 4 III~ & 00- T
ilk V ''. igets el 0.1 1:i ((ti51 .5it{' 1 c atths art.Ttr.hit
let at lit'i.' .5 t ' 111 DlIt' 555 ) l'' 511 c~t.c ls' ,' ( h r ' lw 'l i 1 l t} ' 1 "
eelo,, ats ht5 elseeb at e5 055llr's ~t rVis s i lt I'll r11i'. 1"i 11 1 l~lt' th t T
th I'lt5amtg i ds ole. AlllhisicSSe' . frill 1 - 5 . liiiill '115 15 15 5 .11I t e ( ii
seat 155)1 shossssd he5sente) to sthe Buine ss.1,11t)- te \hlh a o a t y a v tile
THE U. of M. DAILY, sami atis.It islsls ~y tssswo)
Ann Arbor, Mich. Ilate to 1° it theis s tsi tis Feair [If lii ) It1B I'UTF.S IOUIB I~
frnavoth pr-a sacara lEDITORS. ilet],ssit it is nottsoo late to enter
.5 . t . CE,'!s)], s e ii tAssist.sManaing Edtor.1I
ttoe1r'Zt S Neu:, 'C.Assist .MsitntgsisSitter. tri ani adise ''s.j to pIrevesit the
J1. C. TRItSt, '92, , usiness t stntge"r. t sststIisnext 5Fear. ofT H E B GES T .g----
,W.D rt ij v :',sistt. ttsinelt t an515'55e. CI 'Ise t's Iise tss't'stssttuo tsts etstsss.1t
C. S W. tistt 9,t .ssit . Bsss t 'hi, Tilhrsslt"l.kstE isstt iti see t te ehs. Btir(t thlsst's 5)51
F. 1. .tt1.tt .. I S. Wt . Os tttt : 'r, 1~5 55151'i 5 srsis a~sst i
.r. .ts sss .s itt.tssss. thsai tihs faicisty hIave e I'islesitosrVsP. R. CLEARY, President.
. sttl-tt'5) ..t. tsss, s, i if Pr s. ssse eils's-- - 1-1 -
1rs(e to the S-. a(' lI
ad l da' )ler1,11 s t)i t_'5 Intsuas' l 2. i:') il"'vCittl(
laistle st ()l s sssi s i l l \\ c
is is,1v' 1-ssi~ '* f f\
1a a th s <c r cl wf~ti tre ha s tt-ts ti
Isitissiil eli e(issiilslisisiis555 l. uslss atsill(,0 irttlse'.iiIsi
tlie nv(stv )c ist'5 isisl III, isP V
ts l''tll' t ~ts r I.rt i tsi si rtes til' tl't't~
55 t55 li t ltt ttt tra 1 h t tl)]'t ati
seers Ii °1 1 eeaths (tfst ose siet stli ite.s t
destiets er e V i titisiha. e(lse e e I(t=o to '' ilst itotttit ttil tttit
w iholt cceltill otl Inn 1r i ~ts l0(1 ttslitsO.ittarbteitshutsi titan
iss- o e e siti1t) si se t s ill IstifurbSsstis at ttt f iit s . s t -0OEt Ot S.C'iio o
!'Coatilisndiw odsatt XXsols, tat t tit.3
You tcatttfin stisi l 1tl 1,iue of
Fine FuiinisiniJ
Pder idn'hsedvs,
1 flt'ose at a
'I71ii7 ltii'; 5
Made to Order and SafailO fil
STTE -tii t., ,N 5ii
Toledo, Ann Arbor and N0dh
Michigan Railway! o
T.'ime Taletgsoiung it t et ac
ths hoof at.arspri~s'was
merry I liistans s isoiuch inimeal
of inss i st itiuld 5s1a tt i 'e 'lst
;hit t cii 'sil
11.1Ofth sil) h s IVa.
Itit it snc re r(grt ' l tVs
Vecor to-la Van iff i -ic i ll
moreit'r'sss' i's, lilrt's' lit repuitations
it tile' it siess ft the IUiv~ersity.
're studenstt lsunly is tisit ins tle'
slightsest rVspectesposttsie sir thes
oct'urrVencte, yes'stile I'niversitys' silli
tot sliiextsenttbletetisuiretd for it.
XWhlile te mtosr tmantt attetisontie-
whlat rashly sttntiits a imanner- stnbc-
st's''stsMY inel of''t'ttds InXthi1
ciyitt frthsetsin tiltsIs tt this
'Th is i s iiisines n t~ . e u
itolit et s ursIsit Wegurate
our 6% srins e'-ito stlly this city
iCs. ltttt silt' st 't euandsPother Aln-
thsin ess.-ststsNo it-sss sshod.n)Mrtil-'
sit susc. Theletry st strtitngs. 5StaI
its 'is. ' IosIels MlI ''ustsit,~
Alin ttWIilsey, t tole Propi.
't t t4i0i1iit'vse. AXnn Arbotr.
('ltte andtisee it is rs'isieIs'ls perfec't
! loel troutsers tiller. I le is istle
agss~et. Nttmattt at st oI t tlst
thsetmi. 6 Eiast Hu sroni.
7 1 Fert St.,West, - Detroit, Mtch.
Grand Opera I ou~e
Tltlorsday, April 2, 189 1.
,lt. itlesiit Pastsenge........
Mt. PlestttExiptess.......
Jtittit CVV i .. . .. .. . ..
t50 i'>
1} I' ttt
Coing ati piubicservatnt,let explania- Taken: IFritmiroif.Steere.'s risom, { (FOlR EL'UNIV ERISITYC
lists will extonerate Itlr. iBootlh. 'Tle latest etiiittti l otte's key tso
stiusients thussfasr tare sictedI Neeery'ures isris is tgGLEE A E AITO M PLII
wisey i -te mtte. I isan n arite of A. Peters int it. Returntsot
wielit hetiate. t s t is-Prof. Sleere, Rosen18 C7 ' TT S -
dI iiual affair atndi ote itt-Wicithtie, II inetts taken int te eventiug by
"studientts ogist fiot, Into ike .any electricity,'$son a dozen or R Tel- Ainuntemsettof Pricest an~ sale of
Diart. try's, No. 6 H urton street. seats later.

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