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March 13, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-13

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i--f. f 21]W'1I~ci~ icontrihutors thanis allowed 1n ithe 1 CAT A Ia2 V7~ bR
abei ui si-xixcexrxoxixi tinll l lii-iitont, WE \VILL li-OGETHlE NEXT FOM VER ~
cli-C-ti-- yir )yiC it (Itifer l i tns of i-aper ofall k iniis-ito lie 5soldlby the Ip-ii-ind-i--at ri-
,a'1,o . IN1DFPI.NIE NT ASSiOCIATION.rts.TysrCronImerllinn- CAl . Chang-es in Foot-Bali Rules. s-l rts Ieor(rw'hitprtl liiCat 25-Cii-iie
poundii. lBondu-Papier, Thesis, ti-i-i-i-i Ti- rriter IPaper i-t
- - A iaircct ii. 01the adisocu oral (lreat i-larigaixis. Ii- velopes to mtchit iatll pape rs
i-loll Ciii itmp pryimt-ll ilrl y ilt h t IC W tw ill ci l-c l i,ic loi 1at rettlt rei'lel '1rates.
iliiiiiC. lillep - i-i--. li -ii- ii II allss S aitll it iris dli lii to ~& O -
teeha -i el 'l)t l- ice c i-il I i ii Iil
c il li -it lti- 5 ilh-cr pi l i t t-il-I ix ri-i--e l theS ad o )l 1 t S Ia lie J1 _ =
4, %-
14 Atat t e tclicc of ti, I: tlii i - Ili- Il l vi
' it(,(,d lm's. ii- x -liii- li iii
tct u ic lo - -iix vencI Oi l i ti llli tt
;0 -i. .iftheiii i-i-il- x- i-i i-i-- i ts haut-eliiil lxx
1111 i il ili il- liilill ll- ii iinended1 ---- i-t~ ici l
THE U.atoliM. DAILY,
Ani-eArbier, Mi-cli.
C. iC. ric Ii- Mii- lh-leli il i-li it r
ta~ttiiii--i-" i--TO E , A3 ico . tIM iixgin l ii- li 111.
tc~ - l i fc h n cli ial
wl I e l-i li- ~li l e t atit be a-
In~crcdii-i-i- As()i-lei-nil li-ia-l.
[ERft IA S L E
1011 lOAN GENT,..
"i-he iTi-aara. FallsJRo-t-e-
-"ii-ii"icM Mi, uc-ii . iliiIl i 111 I I C111 r i-ii i l i-' 11Ir i- N,,111- -li
tiJ . I --c icl-i, 5i-i . i-ii i-i-g I--tiiW iiiu-it- ii_ -i 11 ile I lii l-t i Ti x H-l-l- E-ii--ii C Gix-iix l---iS l-iiii--i_
-t .li )o0 ;ii--i-i.li.A ri .. I-i-ii-I ia n I. her -i- eti-illeCoulha e- -
t I {I i-i-i-u- - 1, )ts i-i- e i-i-Yi- l ih ti i 11 ( lliatl-Tei- ir-i' ecll-u- ot le . I(a d w t Il rl~ w
:.l t l trt''.}. I -i-i- ltt , iilx t i- ii- u-ii- ixril { i-i-l t Pt) . B le t. LEARY, reslxienli~t. -i
FI. Il Ir: t':1,t..':11i-l- I I-i 1 tit"ll cr ct a t r ' T
i-i II - uxl - s:S-1. i-,-C1 It - I -l'i,_', - i I i-i-i-i 5
txiL .1. 1 1 . tW. .L. .I. liiLEAR-i-S-(,- Presii-lden-It.i
IItI I it x - I -IIII I I I ti-I. t th e - x x I I ix
- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ---- i-- i-- il - -i-i - tls il iIi l
xl~t~ i i li-till i I i-teI lsxthe i-i-i-i
i-ti-ilr i-thi-i- i-eiar \%- loJiii-" :
lxx.f i c ~ ~ lik t, I( m O im ' 11ti-- i-x-iiti-i) li-i-i-i-c l r t xian ixitn 1ii-ii a
i-i- efund-er-I i- hai-i- ni-li- ai-hcic i iri-i- ci-W il itii-li -i-iti-isto uw rallit)ii E OE L T OUC w
Ii r itt shi-uxs- i-il i-i-i-i--i-i-i-i- li-i-li-ri- si-ri i-ti j-~ T E PIC
i-I liel l i-mi-llt l---i -ll t -te risedi liiei-eii-l.tiih-ChAii---t i 7h-lr ill C O L
B S N S LO ASl'i-it 1I il-iliils>20iii i~ ticLil-i--- iiN
i-liitsl-u-isi-ili- iry IsiIuiri-tiIc soti- i-f -ei--i-
i-itiirid i-l l -ii- l n ')l- 1 t'i-i l l i-tt s l "ti S )t 1(1l- i l .~ll n tt herie /- I "\
uth-ir lxx- xxxx itii-ii-lt--t -i--i-- i-t-i- t lxi i-- -Ii, li-ri-iuii-xi- i-it i-iliti-il -i--i ixipi i-~- to ii-11 80- CT (i~i- afi. CLi
i-e i- e ;>t l i nesll ltriiii- -ii-ibtihi-pil--iy i - l-iO~t
i-iler--ilti--ii il-lI-l-ilI i i-i-i-ii- elii -- e-xi-etii ii- iiitcji .i-5-f--i
Vtix d y, i-IthelxiaIssueiii i ~ i x of- i-xi-txli its estrd y, ize9)E, REITRc7ODUED -
T eIii- llr eala e r n laecl mndaeN? Illotn) OSH O - T
oT Nci-olui- x -i-uis-dit rs i-ki.--i-. ~ ~ x& o .
co e 1 1) co flctwih nvof th Iat"I M i-li liti-i i-ililti-i-i-tili-tixuilxi
ot eri lce lca i ,b t it 1,s Itt.Ii. I -iit-ii, l- Feii ---- ii ---t I ii -- i
ti-iti--i -lilil i-- l-xi i ii-ii--it lxtili-iF-ui--io l- &i-i l t i n i nto l-i
a pri-ti-i. i-i-i-i-i-iih i-li-i-i-cmit St t se Iii-i-l i-iti-s a lsi i G r nddper l use
'11dte-ir lht t- i-li-ti-is Cai l l i-it et e Irinii- u ch sj.....
tl-e i illtIltr -t il iit ii tit --i iiiiitlCti-li-i l i-i--i tiIi- lt d l-li- F id y v, l jlarch 13.
s) sriii iii-t i- he o ic iiir l(h ' - S )le i -r111 i-, v(ISti-il ti-i-i- tt 11i-xt , Islee -i-i-
Ixeti l-r-i-e i- i-y he exel-t-t-i- ii-- t lixi i-i- ti-s. ti-i- i--ii-ii- th i-i t'-ii-- -i;l u ol-i- 1 li-Il., let ,Si-li- etSi- i M i h l
gxxil tflti'll c1cM 1I le ta_ i - iiis liiittir i-- i--iei iti-- g-ex-i L ___
I t I-ry a i i-ililii-l- I s i-i-i-iuit it etrac -t -e- . ili- l -i-~itr h eat atru llga.ti--- t--iilPii-
A good -i-c-i--ri-i-ire fri--i-i-i-oh-I i i-tii-il -htSooll h -Ie A ll l rhonticts
teric lesIe i-llltr n-s ii-t- ia-t Cal11111 woe<i-id at Jodouxa, lateK. Ladess.brtQurtt
be Gt i . . Ias for.:i0(1 it u .,-O .ti-i(U H
th ,ltes a uort---l--itd.ii i--s-l a i-i-i-i-t-lf ii P-. -Ilic5ciai eiadM rs-
ol or te iti-egi--it c) i- llarter lisi-i-silst atl--0Ash rS-lp -----iie
ten essos. (<I11on o addess,14.
O o- ii
1..& T.Al-entChiicaga. Ad-'Al"
'oledo, Ann Arbor and Nort-h
Michigan Railway.
i--Nortx . ST TON . GingS c--h
I ii-a .Sadr Iin.('e Bl c i
j ipi Mi l i--Il-l-- -iii--
P.i M ! .mix i i--xi--x i-i-i-x , i-i
3 6, b0 ..i-i- lxD0. i--
tillr-i-7-I _tsi-el- ...1
5 ' a (6 i-Sili-e i--tii-
a 2! hi-> . i-tx-si-Ite i-Ill. i-el
hI anSi-i-i- .... i-icahi-li _..., i-i-Hi-
---- --- --- --- ---- --- --t-i- Ai-a ..-i--i-- 4- i51-
2li-li ....Flarohi-a.g .14 0- id
C-- - - - - - - - - - - - h-h adgllac "-- i-i- 5 d35-..-
G 2: t V _i ) 1- i i-a l -ihii--ii

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