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March 02, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-02

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1nr-d v. yr
1~ic1 - cc Tanhauiiser 'March---Wa-gner-
cci lirhti Dily (SundIaexepted) lucingj
th ~e Col(evycar, ic%
( v t tgt ti o'clock. t'c itti a cal 'at
tc ccitte tla ice oftheD,%11.-, )trt s ctt c
t!c itt itt' clcc'i' ci cia' itlt' rwih a)
oft a dtors. icta i siitatsIa
a tn ti i tllsso l rec the cticttaec.
1 i. m.. a c c'ifd v a c t()apper te sc ic cay
Address''tall auttericnlt lotpihJ:: 1 t
OW MaagingcEdito. Allbuiness ~ mn
cattia s suld hecccsent ttelaBusine-sscan-
THE 1U. at M. DAILY,
Atnn Acboc, Mich.
It' M. Asasisa 'tt t. a~ac l rEdicct
..(.T AVI, '!2, Business M tiancagaer.
I. It'. tct'caect',.'S', Attrc-t.l3uicttS ltcti'gc.
tt'.'.tiaW.M Et TI ,,SiAsist. Btitt-tnes at at'ac.
E . . N cat's, !a . Wit. P.I' ccccic~tc, '!r3. 1
'icciac' cwhoc wi l'cke ltce carlsare c:
NI is kcccccincoflDletrcoct, soprit
ciss 'I if, a~cclto tccec Wcircacc,.
tenih: ccncci1i. t.'sae fD tot
Tacc. ihe ym I ni. ic
Ni(,, ccc cii kag heq iclad
ing thea abiit r te is.t t
maeilyic aethe'fu'itd 'cireadic3
c ,tc il t it r e om ite c'
attuabscions dccii lice at ccwc
week: b t, cin t lihea isc act cf
thl ereayo the cm ccctteeJ.If.
Ilinccc I cc Ir.c i t ccrepccrt icha iccetc
made Mit NI. Iinc icc cc tharaecurncedi
a aicme1tcc'il cing f te commtteile wciii
hhedin a dica' ccrItwo. 'The futntd
AtXE ll 1011R1111,MNET FOUR WE\ENsS ic
Offer fivcc Iocccof pl~a r if all kincsi to I socldi cIia the 1pcucd at I
NIiii craes. 'Iry cotr i.'rciticci Impcierial Linenci atl 25 ets5 per
Imucd. iondiPper, Thc 'esis, andclTypewiterPpIer t
Greaii tcrgiics. 1E1ccailoies io mcciat c ll11a1pera
atl4-rccliivcreducced eIclas.
"Tlhe .fiaara Falls Rsao
,. IS'ct
Se tc t 111 tacers. tBoartpith it i l
Rotsa ::.''tc:p tctwee. tCictasuo pl
_ . .c' isccttctt ccicas calrac e aic chedcc cabotiS2,s0c P. R. CLEAR YiPresident.
TicE it a aLIHIGaHOi E.lit ma"fici tatsit illi). icsA'' 6 2 &
1 tiatailli 151 ihld lle ture ccriccc .maxc
iciciit111lt Poetti, tor cc ini ilc I filc cc crc, ~ "
hasc/r c f ie c toc it nt I ocNicicra' ,'a icltocIa ne , a Iv
Nciccc a aii i(rng rie 1 f tec onet lctck tcan titt lil~t
Ic i '' itti ci I ii ia it.Itcct c han edit cicr t iooreiic'I'cii ' u.c
rncit iccofIr I cii cail-rI acca ic c c ica ccis lt'_tcc
raecn o n etialdi gt he 1 rokcslit;, as1:tte'street, oid atlicci
Maic I ticrcm ot c c ill Ills it-a'll icrvctigh
lic ,rc 1t rtisc c l l nitcc 'ai, Iticcloiccs5 Ic1ccs ifciilicersjin ict x'cc
vi ir til llo,.cimpoccclito i c ure { cciic ie ai c E CvE S 1mITRD 0
lit to pcccy isnIclassicircsce icag oute.
cclix'tcec isanlcs lit c ica i I cc chclekBUS i es aLOCan LS, s +
tMfrc Iinici navca vellflor clilla -itgf ays.NIctict s actiin thas beeIninbrouhe ct'
ci iiiptinecut'i'ntift',hisccasecictc.notir-lttngc
licen icc a Inc:ct ltdbut t iscacac c tci i ucdi, icn gi'thesei la nrsic'cwiholcilyif oti a.
aicet ccii ccli11ccc ccianicecasstttt'i'.l Xi N 0be ap tDT R HER g RE NT RODUti C ED
to al ac u i t d i h le a e iuslci ppIlclecctce leagu le Ilt'. 11" ______TO______ SCHOOL_______________- _
crciicical priceaed igs thattic hi i i s co 17 -N. -0- _--S-.-_Friday ch
onl'csartcccliiimpt toc makei Ic facceiciut''UIESS t'iCALSc' .Ini cit
licte ri a l. Ni e xt si umme',rci to'meiliif ttlit'cc-ic
(tccc si nser'tdi ti c o''i lumtnc atchIs cccii_'
licefccclcectsicci lineiicapccial ratesicfof 'iscic
tue moccstIporttat w itnessecccillb ie xrinaeccfurnic,'le Sid1Fr I. at etat mi
Ce oasU c a cccat 2 tIccic i" gl cil lit i lcei t nlt i tilin
esa ewto tp lt ti et he i"'~~ iiini t hcJis.B." enga ve icci hall- 1
aeitrsticci thicc, eputii at ion t'lcti g cihIaide'lN.clii'
'cc~li IV.1 cI cccciiiccc tc: 1 d1 1
ctci uc'nies itcctocieeitih a cc siceic cihayec iccicictrtBSt.,liest,, yetrIiticMich
cln .IX tallcicl ra c to sir i t 1 n ati C:Nihe cxi'
letii lce ccit ee, lc'iccc'ccecce ' t SIZE l I-c, Sieticdeiral u citeo 1
Tile icctiiaralaicI t e iiciiIavl the t il alcl tr" II sicti c nttiliterest
('Iccl l i alccra, Ixciibecar itnl. 'wieol"lneld iccl o EP AI T L
ili1:ciytli N i atititc it nuc'tC: i. T 0 R
\'lctil ertlrectk 'ic .a l- triiteltr ilte nd verhck ckingc.CatI 1 Tr"e-r i-'~ -"
diesedipriccslts.afifoird , )So leinPtp. NO 12 .1I t ".
itp ofuthe wtrkAteoAttic bAchorfulls_ -
cal reat ht pofieth suclyF ancily.' Coal anwoartno'cSt ate Sun.
'-liichdo to i. 11NoItshordyco. Tuesda Evening, arch 3 ,9
4 . S e f r s . - I lr i b r - g o s Bwre nof"de -cile"dg o dsng er..o uB ah s ni a t . at rer 'S h ou aarna naltaePeta fl-1 N' -t nd
(.t'. &T. Agetnt,tlChicago. AgA
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
imae Table gon nato effet,itandac'
Gintg North. STAnTNSt. (on
its..CI'rcd.lCcadnrd hT. COre fc5P
Enic. Call. Matt Eap. /.,a"
'cc'1 It0tMnreJunt 1'1t ''tt S
4 d 7 S M lan .... il l1' g401
4 55 , 1 P itt ld il 37 2 ..
71 741 ANlN AtI3Ol";i 25cp.is
I...... c i 39 t8ttttitioe I tke ii0 at 50""'
7 19 1' . uand ... 941 3
7 cj6cc05 Duaticcict 4 51')t.a
9 a1 cii 3 .. tnnca 79 S0
. 42711 0. S atue... cc 5p'¢
10c 1311I 1 2 ~..4tPl Iictntd .,ti"4 4 1i 1
05....541 el.... t 4 60
111 Ctii..... 5 501_ ..Cpcti i t. ... ...b'9'cit j
lil4c 6I051.... Iiacccccca...., " (5 I
1 cc..... 535j ...Ic'eankotit.."""'
Saginaw Dil'iSioB'
Going North SAenTINS. Gigo7
B 6 pe ( .
P Y' .......m. Lr.] tAr.2' t
5 t07 .....7140 .Aan Arbid I 6..
7X5...... 9 4-. ....,Duanad....-. 9 48 °.' 6
74j10I0t..... Flashing-..8i
H. W. ASHLEY. A. T. PAI1".tC
8aeintende,,L c(53. ;'

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