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February 28, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-02-28

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'C.of ' Cit. $rn(tu.
theohioletent to rIb~v
eveit t '. o cl ock. lihii 1' tono a~z 1
;eft t at the lieo the lt'.ti )ea l~~
blt 0 ok t . lie-i'.~ , i t' < 1i t x' . rwiho
'nitotto .lit ot'inot to l ot'echiirol. o'''. by
AnxnxArbor, Mich.
Ei t. V ItVIN. '91 l ! to ooIbcit .
IL 0!N. Itr'o:tt'iit. Asis.o- it toyoo Edioa-
A. .TiooW, t.tiAss.'Nl .Thtiogolditoi.
,; C it vs,'2, Iu to o o t3 Dla t 't' .
It, W. Itotei it t S'., Assit. lito'. otto Itottr.
f;. iW. Ittt i,rr 'Oi, AssisOt. tiot'.oo '.o tttit'o'i'
E i . ot ('t.111,'0. C1 . SiBt i in,
Soot ott itSTONit
thian to 000e'theorink, btiwe00wixsh
to .oltoi'.oo to the llotaril of iriclors
if thei'A. . tlto nulo loalility of inak-
illy Fansfur text seasonlt. okini.,I
such aisiisv tro lit011ifat0lin vol
the ca'* ' 0 0 Ii ito is l I l10 :.11 n111110 o
Ii r iii ii oil 110150' hall I '0 it .I
owncr t5 ccti 0 1ml 0,0 thebase-bal
to b'000100 o.'for 10u'ttt'0' , "n1
the 1ctilt ;s wioll ot g.reatly' exc'idoo
the ca'toftheloorinok', whlile 1010. oif
lih . 11 the100011tice0in lbattingi.,anIt
btase' ' Iitititogobltalialeo ntlyo n i a 0
ilt0 d~ooroxiIl 000c0openste' fortiho
titlolil toil 0e010e110. Weo otleavethis
I attcootrt'ith iile'tation ioif te
A. .
itfer 1fiv0 10ans otflpaper of all kintois to oe so~lox'I t te tinlat f0eA
Mill rate's. 'rvo' ur00 C'rownt I1m1etoal Linen ti il 25 '0110nt
p oundol. 1liotol iaperIToesis, andiTypewx ooriter IPiaperatt
tlraottBargains l m l eolopets t t tlthoil1lIpapeors
. ot..I to o, 0011 . ( i tl t'i ot. 'oi, +"
G I .i.oooifi'r. o 0st ite ,rnationa~l e(00110 OtIotI I P. R. CLEARYLPresident.
hn fign :'i soti lts be-all o ostorolav
0 liii. 10110 toO t oh loots heelsti oi cll i ol. ''ere issato Ii lo
.0.0.100 or ext o'lsd vil Iigllt, t in O'0' -' 0011t ooln s IIIi lls h io otft ..., '.,-.
loo cst ii'all, i « clotiot i' 0110,,o0010 00000 , Coo lhave' .00', 1""'0.
tc Oloti st'lents ' 00.ntt 0010i 0 0en . lef fltool'carc s' ic lisl. jF
lA e e oort' te're ular' . ill 1 1 -111' rig lit0.is c0' ' I' oi l
01'r iw 10 the ( I 1 'Chl aloe. ills 00 1 ii I 001100 0 ioilno ss.c4
ia eamineo iwe i let c'otertaoooooo'ooio
Io0.t'\t I'lot sol 0 nighlt wil1l oobob N t... uo.'iot t (to ii tti0
(lot l mit he(dIto v'11 ( '110. ),.' brt i toolotheot. ''I o r 1i'ofi iloli' ottf;I (Ir ot moo OaL 4
'It hot010 'tooo tts ltoe i i ottimioexi taLusetoot 00 itct', tlaloirttit
tirgaittan i'o C(1,00. t otheI)It.:oixtflicelittti ouiavi EC E 3 QITOUE
C5ltbnandtCtoo Ito ottitOrtotstra o t l- iat Ett sir t 4f rotlisl
Thegrtreuttao ti0too lo'otltthes iifee it"'rmeot ti htw tr ttoay _ -- -___ --
Biodylor boit too 1u101 tit m 0100(10.'le liovers ot' Sha~kespea1re owill be
givetn antllopportniity h(tony 001111-
l3ut this is tout toeonlyinducmnioottilinlg itte. .01r'l3O. ltoet't Manitell o~
offeretd to t ilto'stuttentts oatnl otheors o t atpte itrs otia tit ilte (Ittttitoptta " t'SA ....'.'i W%% . 5
Ilonose. lMl. 'Manltell's vctaracterizaionit N o74,aDEARBORN S. Chiea 'o.
tuoutil. T'eIto 01110 Irto'oe s will ot'Ilaittiet is attlittim t oi' ll'ithat
got to tthelitvIlatoitno..'Iltoreoto' f(Ifoot t's ottIdWilsontiIorttts. T'e
ttoobe tweonty-fitvo Ih toolrod o p t(~le.' ahe lot' u' tttg t oiti l ot avtiing pe-
I0formedi'llilt pieofot'ootlo,
loro'oo'It,.01111 io (lot lot owill Ile if lot til 'us' Ci ix 'ol I'
01 1101 pojcc0. (oiIllsit itlpasI' ' {71 Fort St.,West, - Detroit. Mich.
I)l t er'''' h an's tot rototo t It ) Ni 1 0t'i'0tlt'oi'llt' olioti'oil
ldata are fillid i th 10 It ls 155 of00 t01 e011' ll t apply it "3I, o.( 1110 looil-Sl. E
pr s e tso f Ilit N i '" toI theo spleciatullitartills110oils ecl n II iterist
to vtl1 . The Two xiit l . 11 is Blit. 1
o igSaon l t tto l odt's ilD
It is Derv''rti tonlo afiter thie Iill ol tfford xliell ,011 1 11Grand Opr Hos
zed01t10oxatlics ttottIugloitr'lotwtnsite lt br nd oithe itars".1 toAl tnto iS'N-O(i'
ocl(10tliot .ttoxtlo loine ibultnxvarlvtState lottjtos. Gine 1110-
01000 ott tito ity ittntotoslIl ittottro'ro sihllttI'ti, lot taote attdlothrM-ie.Weaeancped nr-tols. hdy,0 tl.Mitt'
tor'. to reluattlt'opptl 11 0'giootds. lBewxarof t"stetnciled" goodstl. M.A TE.L
Bird to fottilities of training anidYto have li no nfacttirer'ogttarontee
tin suchl. life 'ery hoot strings.,S iltnl H A M L E T
ntoney ttolpendt h le candlidatos 10 oto. WILoitY's MuiS tilt~t,
are oin as oodwor as oul beAlvin Wilsey, Sole Prop.
expected withlthte poor accommnoda- oladxoi t nsno tt t
are ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~Ca donaanoodovr x olwoe ou tJ4t soA'e, aeArbo
Lions offeredi hy tlte rink. For the Go to E. B. Hall for coal. Tuesday Evening, March 3, '91
present ieason we can din no bettor Baths t4c at P. 0. Barber Shop. Seats on Sale at PoetofficeNews stand.
"The Xaigara Falls Route.
01 ° cc- .4-I4 -s
"'" c ~ '.0 0 0 r,
' . y.0 r0 o~
OW. ttIJGtLL. H. W.lHASt an ap
G.iP. & T. Agent, Chico.tAcA
Toledo, Ann Arbor andNoh
Michigan Railway"
Tiae Table going into effect, Sondl itl
Ging ~ North. STATIONS. oei
xIon.Ie C ld.IStadiotTine. Cl'e lsl
hoot. Fop. Maiil',' .''
.. it3060(0 I.4 OLEDOti ,. 10 ill 9(i
o 021 6l4na.Monoe tileIte1. 0 ol2I
.... t (70......Solon .... 1 110p ..
j4551 1 0 A ttI 01111011 113o7
.. 65o (01,,. .....Hamburgo.tO ..""10 S 9
6 o32 oo55...... Howel "l 1 i. a
0 I 4 .Durtatnd...'300;5"
7 O S o . 5. ..C r n n a "...." i
..at 0 020......O.wAio....' 40 5!1
9 1 0...,.H..thaca..lt.... 1 4 5 i'. t
A. M.9 35 tnt1-......o'lma......' 7oZ' 0515 ot
70 1 0 1 03..t.10P len...." ' 'r ' 0iG
38tto 45 1103 ..,.lnd rt...... " ' 3s30 a0
1 500 00 . . toaewell.... 4 t
........itr :otn ' S5 b
114'.... 6 2 6an ..
1 (XI,.... 75435...AFankfot...~
P M-i....AZ xEW. L os At -2

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