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February 18, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-02-18

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~ts U. f
N EI -AY,1 BEl' I RYI '-, 1. I Vt j:, THREECENTS.
W D1
Appiebee Lecture.
Th etre go-cit lasteveini
tt Vtertty all for the lbenefit of
te a n fudvas not as succsssful
from fibasec-ilIoint ttf vjet tas iws
mih ra, islieds. 'kI t nitts
Clrb uner wshose- ausptices the lc
tor wsrgitve- still ltrolbttltlybe alt
to1 tar ert 100 ti tltetcomittee.tt
hen11elct tt atatth 1 tatsal
Clur5 tatfew* ti; s-ks a-twere. lea-iset
tttef oulttettt lectur a
lMr -Nt ee tte e111go
f~a~ tti rt t sits withu
rckera} sitalmtstit ssseisdto the
redit of D ickeins.Bti henslis-iet
Wndeprin to the matter, the
superiority of Dickens w-as seen.
hi5 keray describedl societylife, aid
characters alwvays apipear ini dress
sutsickn lit.discribed life asitit
Is hceray laughed at his clharac-
trDickens laughed with thienm.
we1 ca ee osyiupatlsyiiTlackeray,
uthrisa comp~assioni almtost
d ivin ln ickeiis. The lecturer
lthe gsaieselections from each illus-
titg the differeint points. Ilts
ar tizti of Pteggoty while good
ntot bear a very favorable
mptli swtllsthat of Posters.
sp~1loke of the fondnxess lDirkens
sQ d for describing death-bed
t1arlc, and gave ins a very effective
tnr the death of little Donmbey.
-itin Itis lie gasvc short scenes,
k'119g Out the ludicrous side of
i1 i characters, SergeanttBuzz-
-icawher, t'ecksniff, Sarah
nptheli Fat Bloy, the Wellers.
be gwere well done, the Fat Bloy
T~h nepecially wllbrouglft ot
41hepoariy of Dickens lie esti -I
toz Tisilarge 1proportiois -t
dit i the fact that Dickens cast the
~in esvery mn.
McMililan Haii.
pl illati Hall, sthichi is nost
lIt1~ 011 iState street, opposite the
the chol, still be compilletedl by
teitmdton of Apsril next. It is
Ibiconstructed under the direr-
tif1 f Of enator McMillan, of Detroit,
atls eTappain Presbyterian Assort-
11 An Arbor, and has cost,
i ate,$15,ooo. The architect
Wor, Deroit gentleman, and the
Icmen are also sent by Senator
Ilan from that city.
On iitheinstflltttr still is foundit
the recepittion roottntd liblr-trvtltp
statrs itaniitlsdiecs rtotx itth aseit-
then ass-ityo o.Te y1
whiclttr orsel wil n t be tl tt
bealmsi-llt is in, itl occill
tttt bsementrtsectitt. Stats- tstttl -
strs-etstiisttoItsetntticedl. A Bsroads
tcttister rtstitsscts tte tttt lttilit itt-s,
titus stttsrtlitsf tatttttpleite lttttttst-
aite ttetseicetteta.ti
The tall still lie fstrnishsedi,si-
undtiersltantd, ly the tisssociatittnt itnt
iwill be readly for occupantcyr) the first
of the text cotllegiate year. Itlls to
lie tot it all excluisiv-e itt its ptrivil-
eges. D~esiginetl as a chits house, it
sill be isatde attactivse as such, aiti
still offer its hospitality both to
younigmn iof Ann Arboir andtIo1
studensts of U. of Al. The training
coutrse of free lectures itost given iii
the Ptresbiyterian church still lie of-
feretd in the auience hall just mtetn-
tioned. Altogether, it still niake an
attractive andi fas-oredl place of re-
sort for yotiitgnien.
Banquet at Washington.
S The U. of A. alumni associationi
I). C., hld a banqtust at W4tiillord's
H-otel, last nightl. Dr. H~arris,
Supt. of Education, D~r. Cleveland
Abbe, of the Signal Service, I-on.
J. Sterling Alorton, of Nebraska,
Hlon. J. I-. McGowtan, Repsreseita-
livc IBoothmni, Jurdge Chtipmuan atnd
others spoke at the nseetitng. Thes
ensthusiasmt of ltenieetitng did not
prodluce ainy Gym. fund substlscript-
Commencement Address.
'T'ie mtost interestiisg feature of
Commiiencemnent steek has aliways been
th eatddresss to tliegradluatintg classes.
Es-cry yeair the 16Uiversity authori-
ties have beets successful ini secitrinig
ablseienof itational reputtationt.
Last year Ex-Presitdent Atnirest I).
W<4hite, of Corntell, delis-ered the ad-
dress. This year President Giliian,
of Julins lHopkinis University, has
been secured to deliver the address.
P'res. Gilmnan is one of the most
prominent and able educators iin this
country, and an able address is in
store for those who will listen to
hint next June.
Russet H. Conweli.
A tnsat vosluime, esntitledI -Scali i -
the Eal' ilso I it iiof lis
sel 11 I nvel"hslaeybe
Itllls t It(. s Ioftis e il in ee t
"We Conls l Na tibt seit seirsj
if itt
crttwdetlt- lttliesucc gathuereud ittthe
}eatis ttf tfag-eti enlie wats itseftore-
itttsltorgaiizer of a t ltbtii tgsosciety
swhichi itet every)-eek inttle district
school house. "There st-ith grtownt
iteit lie held liis osntint debiate, atid
stes lislteed to wtitli surptrise ansI re-
When lie lecturesditt Salt Lal-e
City a fest years ago, its the 'Mormnt
Ttibernacle, oin "Memx tf the -Moun~-
talns," os-er tiwelve thoutsantd tickets
is-rceliurchiased. WhteniItsvisitedl
Eniglandt the seconds titme, the Lon-
slonTsmlues tabSid f tutt, "Col. Rit-us
sel It. Contwell, silo hats beets mak-
ing a journey arotitd the sworld, is
otie of the imost ntioewtorthy mnt of
NestEtnglandi. I Is has alreasty betn
in all parts of tthe-orld. I Ic is a
writer of singular brillianscy atnd
Ipower, and as a piopular lecturer his
success hits been astotnishintg, lie tax
niade a place beside such orators as
Bheechier, Phillips atnd Chtapin."
To-slay Cotnsell is Ipastor of the
largest Protestant church in the
United Stales. The audietice roonm
it capable of hohding'6,ooo; the mniat
Srnday-school roomti,ion this in-
fatitidmepartmtetnt, 2,500. Besidles
these thecre are apartmns for social
piurpioses, including a ltidies' ptarlor,
a getitlemnts parlotr, a large cuter-
taitnmicns roomt, a kitchetsatndta
dittitig rootitotie huitdrech feet lots.
Dr. Wincheli Very Low.
About ltwii seeks ago Dr. Wini-
chiell isook sick wih h eart itisease.
I-or somse litte the trouible did nsot
seettiaharusing atnd hiopes swere en-
tertaineit for his speedy recovery.
Tuesday-, toses-er,he tbegan to grow
wtorse. Tuesday inighit he grew
sweaker and weaker and by this mxorn-
lug he was very low, so'how that it
seemed imposcible for him to re-
cover. Late this afternoon he was
still liv-ing.
1VINII this experiece of College
Ndii liho kntow titdtapprieciate
lit caeu itst cirutliny-of Collesgc Stus-
itts. hasintg ahlirge cirps of silled
1t-sistiters it1s(.1 Jewelecrs specially
Itratittedsir baidgetandittherth tjewclled
is sit: I mprti ngilts, is ti-c his, sirectly
Itosit I Witais e ititihtptitionAiisct an
Ito it-i this-it slitmshndjetilhcd
Socite ~ atd-es ti ll Ikintds ixs-hi cr
tttstntultcitare-tIiniIthis u-tttstlrv.
Wright, Kay & Co.
i Ill 111I'I- 11J I11111 IIS
'it NI P IC 111 lN(C hI ViiLI :S.
Detroit, M chigan.
Chap. 'peIler & .
Univ ersity Outfitters,
20t, So t iii SiAm ,S'r.
TC1?2fI GOOD$,
LAREItittii iISTOCKdii.
Finout wud Larguuis
tuNE OF-
Agcent for Am Arbor Steam Laundry,
quick delivery audthbest wornk.
qI3A$. $P(:LL(:R & too
ANN ARBOR, - - Micile

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