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February 17, 1891 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-02-17

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THE U. OF M. DAILY.__ as
tj ) fit course this is in a great part Rue to
the lari. iinulnher ot hoinssnecessart┬░
P'ttsiiciiDaily Ssscsisrr~pted luizipstudt Ina}' hell Inl ills\wFXrk1,011r fXCL-
thei it lii e year, , sitffersfi citons f paperof ill kiiids to he Sold b the po nd ti r itC Sc
THE . U . NDFI ,MINT A>NOCIATION, ttlo icaloIi,tim i e can otido ill rates. 'Trv iiir ('roi~sit Impierial Jutens at ' eiit' Pe
ustaiicetoellhis is weii poun. liiii Riaper, 'TRusts, indTypewrts-inter Rapera
uteitia ride ' Dcit plar ci irtvtiaby s nrteittic uri uke iiori cpiireil. (scat It irgaitis. I ivielopes tiiisiiitch allpi pies
ia~tiutus'. Stl et s .l ol . 5()italei t jt e i Siriiiciiiraies.
A fei iilss i'ss iauti -i -rii whisithe cork&i00..
55 t s itti 'yt 5 ii ci' itt-i s t ii __________________ ______ _______ _______ _ .L L____________________
blc t ls' iiii s t t '-at t s'i i t s rsu sit ti it i I ii 51li it
rlsii uatc iutcultis piie' tti'susi sto I~k i" is tThe .lldontaea Foils hast-
tc~insstiiusut it i~esl'setteI. itsiie rttaii- tCC I ~ ~CENTRAL STANDARD TM
ager. sill fi s'- i sticelw itithe qualiiiy if
THE 'U. af H. DAILY, Itls wirk.I t1 eArNl)iir iRIir a
Ann Arbor, Hich. riiii ii i''Isiei iiii i e t. . 1I..s.., 't "
II.'M. Isot-'t , ', tAsis anaingisitr.
A. W, 'iimssa.s~.'9t, Assist. Mastasing; Esisist'.I
J.C ItiiI,'9,Rsiniess tilotitgee.
It, V'. ttti t's'2, Asistiisiiess.Maititis.
C'. Wi. RIC tiSei, 'tt, Assiut. Bussinrsr stsa'se.
E. M. t Fists e,'90. E F.istit tinASt stt91i.
k.'(?. 11.tAi ass. ii+I
te ('ish i ll'to althe ititeiiivets (tai
insit v Its. tiiicithe iii rcrstilt.
tainielyiproe the iluality tiR
ussRi gives' sesaR sstisfacoti.
A Theatrical Treat.
-titager"lStwysr its 'i tretin
this Nscsi.1blitnsit iniiiE0fte ER Rlser
ini tsr its isflait \Miss M\R ingit.'
Mis Is I s i iihis nt I ilstit im Ar-
botr Ifor secersicas. r aher
ofi thuetiltitisolantd has trodthlies
sta,*e or carl haf acentII-. Re
Set rut 'it is's'itt's. Ilium buth t Inc
its '"2 per c:o s'k. IC'ircul asupn ppi
P. R. CLEARY, President.
ij af
Rat ' cl 'it an t isa trcget'ils lie s tII ct . ter I1si faittii
wteiretiheeiliIt s t isfIit huBea tractors and fad
ulitric frititis a riltei iw s i it ss'Rton e c seso rt' tei ii R r
ar tslltauisrctttt u ls ii sttt s iof lisilttieritalt ots' hea
tiri titr. ti islt ne t iiiiiee t if cenhcnuy Lfc h rd
Ri e tricstinre ip et o era at i n-te ha istrc iv.t h It lest ttratic iRgstati
S ietsasf rm IFreshininitsiR whoi t he g eveeti' crtitRicste' t erti a- tI'r stork a,
irt itititit ucito frt he i s i ii'i tis it r speior aii1sto. te __________
fund.sWiteiieIsacomittee f -- i'si st il'-- iti
' thue tutdentots' ee ''ral i-icummittteeic ciFsFiCttiRi
byite i bosii iiAnlyt i tls si sti ii u etiti dea s tirintciii steno
th cantilste rIte sittitlaRnd ttopli-. ratic and''tt pei rit er l Nlii rk icc w. ii
houis eachti's yti l I desecoii' .
ti.re cs Is. IT'hir am s wil ieCteR tWithtP' .Il en '. dams
ti _tilitst Nekll appei at t he Gritd
Rte ilact i 5 i'ntottheba'eb'lltuss_)'itrthe ure iiPr 'ss t'as:An tsi
rs'ttee-ii' t ci in ht nu i eR lt t of'e i rm nc w sthRa t <ivei t i fi ia
t~ee sIe.tes ttcsutt uu~u. Its' sleturthand'tiria' iii siu pt' company Gra Q1
't liversity es i n si sl d it e 'Rtibeu lat flighit. Msstil h' Ititttp'as itut
tistoiw csRR t L e ote ute-'ass ns iii' ii' at os dalt. l i vvt i natiijts Iitrat'ret.liii(( ~ .
ss iig~e et te'with p rh - seits. linereistetiinihutl'' itis Is. 1For St, _Wst,__ D trot,_ich
tio . I wil d prvc ertin l Isvs Ittrouch. f'IC i n tp 'lied reIregSo5feitit
gins, a fecv sogestionstnis (tauttRae Al tti nglys SlidStil '
oftel st-l la es) th -i- eIll s iuctilnto r 4th A i sn. Alil thter''lih~)15
Of siy adth~res itiefair Rte sir- sl titid roiis ttpeiostn'sstite St. F ~ k ~ e t
Rt a ig tt htAr inr ctI ss tu t ue . (iit 2 1.lsl frna.'~i A
tryiig a St~e uit iaty hors. l~f Jto (i.hs(e at1 . (1. ganhIer hop t. T O G' C ~ LT
" ^,I'. -&i 'Ageat-C icago ..--'ie"
Toledo, Ann Arbor andNot
Michigan Railway.
Tbie Table going ito seffet, sloador'
'M'an.CiOr iut' .Standard Tihou r si S
4 " i s (1 i t nntn 1 t1i1 .,,.
4 -s iG 4 i....Dun eeti .. 10 (5r
4 31 7 0. ....M ilai i11
4 5 ii 1.. i 'is tttie sits 1 >
"t . i 5 5 1 we is1 1
2t is iut0 s
11 ..... s . t. L ue..RA w ,t45
tr t.10 . 45 t ,..A..tt risn
p it . 05'1.....sit - titat.Iii .... a j
(,.5 .d... I i..sCtailtt.-..i 5
11.:,W. 6ASHLEY, A.n " jq 0 p
' ' a r o aisiad . m i e 7 J a
1'lt.:.30 i.' .Wi)O5t). . o sat..Ai i ,55

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