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February 06, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-02-06

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Ll c r . of
, ll. a l .
fur Sectarian School.
ph cili/clis of Grand 'Trav erse;
Intil ~eitie i heIC e;isintliri- in re-
i t n dical colleg;e. "hle
+r 5 'n" Pie'lrcd ii In cstcl iay-s
Sttill < f II -id.o tn n
'tr it/cl s <f G a d -trv rse
c dat aking fo>r tic ahilition (if
f aitaii5 Isn e17 ~il pi ntice
Gt le ;Iiv ii - of 0 lohic iiil.
f iat iiir i- nil t e Jourtl ias
The Library Lights.
.1lI thosie ((lii frcilznt the Ii-
iraron isill 1elIiiliitoi Ic riithat steps
len n tkczti reIlaee thle gas
lit-celectric Ii its.
S I iliririaiiiliiiis inifiitiieii the
l) iii t 5rI poru rtath lsilccil
thec reicunt i iiiili iit in cegarul toi
thii lights iii thicsetziuare stiltm, as
liiietl jus, I I ti lbrryautliot-
ties for soiie titehetave htaIi ittler
<osi idcatiims tte <Ipestiiiii if u-
hugtinyii electric lights izn the cliole
I >uti llisa, .and. so it is tlt>u;tiglto ie
Prof. Dewey's New Book.
~tt1. ' ainccilcss ec:licitiit<>i iip se1ts g ;as
i na1'>~ llh nilsiat-lfid the house of jets 111 tiic Sciiiin~r i )iI S Iiiii 5 as lies
ir elt i i. li te ta1ts of ticit i n 5 tli i sd iil h t tne
'thyi ndlersignled citizens and hc as liiihts in the lihrar}- )iac e
yei ev er itenia succes, iiiid (le ins
laesof the town of Wtihitewaterii
Fiuty°Grn 'T'rav-erse, hotr-las heen ex:ception cly Eliocur this
pindyl Peiinyu ooa ear. Not only 1s the lrieseiti sys-
° twihodall proratostein (f lightlinighad (Ill the eyes nf
ttg' ' witltholds ppropiati onsthe readers, hat the jcts in the hook
clarlan .*inor u c nti omnare injulrioustoSinthe hooks.
lnlIans . l Ol Pn~iTh'lose in authlority sill well deservee
c is tie thanks oif the stuldents if iltis lnt-
Sltn uttl°11l1respectfully call y-our
tetil Ito te alleged teaching of lproveenlt is madiie, as it Itllnhi-
trians ledicille in our Slate Uci- edly will.
r1Y an --d. re-
ni Id nequest your insestiga-
r£tll aeadian finid Jeffersonian Literary Society.
in01 sam,anifaysfo d
(litlinles if a CrIiical I'ev f
U thies, hi IPrufcssor I )wv h
litland l'rcss, 51 -n
Darts. I It cftrst phlet trea11 ts offu1
latnetl lIciliii ill ictilo len
diseassio o ctai's, 'ilills'
Sicner', llIa tliithoriesoi
the gind ~et-adfy~~l~ll i}
iie vtro I rir1511 .1 telixtc ((illepticuli
if thecse pLoints. Ihc secoil iDat
deals siti thctil tcal sciuli. It is
a clicsetun tii It cethitcal inature
of sunial i iistittiticoiis.
The thirdillDart is a treattsest if
the nciral life if thte incliviiltal . In
disecusses the natuIre oif consciette:
the IleeeloincieIt of ttiiral ideas andi
coides; the Ionl int hltdl natuire of
mocral liadnIess; the natultre of virtute,
etc. One (If thte Inaini feattures of
tlie~book is its diseussion of lime eth-
ical natutre iif scece and art.
Llhe hbook is intenlled as a lireliar-
atnon for the ethies (If politieal the-
orer, as swell als a treatmnent iif reli-
151 cal iestioans properIt ideals wsh~l
the min~ featitres of ethics, rater
tanl sitlm a large lilumbier of detailed
1llestiiilt. The ssork ssill lie used
P 1tIes,;?TIouss Cl-IFN-IS.
A1Nrl\i tile' e'perielle of College
I) feti selis kuo nis d111atppreciate
lie clreflil sernltilly of College Stn-
dlents, lhtming a large corps of skilled
lItesiglli'rs 11111 enelers sliecOilly
trainedtilfor badcge and other jelcelled
w ork. Ir loirlg, a5see do, directly
1151111 Pris, Liloli tl ill Alllstel-dan
totiliis, 'he aie illaa position 1to1(10'
line the finest 11l1n1 and jesrelled
S eelety' Itadges o0l' atthiniiis schiel are
Wri h , Kay Co.
MAN t CA'yCIGIlI\ (a .11 'XLLLI its
DeItroit, Mtohi an.
ehas. pe]Ier & .
Champion Light Weight Boger
lu anellrticulltles inqul~ire at thle store.
crl ss o0'
-aUll AL-
Gytnlnasiunts Stupplie'cian Wlthol-
sale lPrices. Callalned Examtine.
____ .T tT' OFT
((lobS l's n~fE sin-".
L1 R1 1 t-~ti
Atgenlt for Alnn Arbor Steam Laundry,
quick deittety and best work. -
JJ5A. pCLLC1 8& qo.
hf o tlthlniOapprojnriations
In eand so far as ill yourI
ting5r ti renmove it fromt te ilstitit-
hit beiere it thle principile set
liih by a resluition passed hy the
ard of rgeints Decembher V31, S5r,
t~ teUiversity standes for science
Mid bunl eaening, andtihiat ''it
5iiie te dutyof every citizen
itac nt~re '5ate to wsatch anidguardl
1nlltinnsly and see that it Iencoii
- nuYncaans pers-ertedl, or directly
of ht recdti usedl for tile inculicationi
fiii litieai Inmedical, sir religius
(i5 andt that anymy ediecal
itis l' stlilirted lay, or tinder the
Of, tile State, sinond he
$Fnd t liberal, that iin teachlers
ofn1 txellv systems, or with see-
, ileasoutldibe supported
ttt athtat tile claimls of all
t515slinishul he fairly presen ted
the studets by noni-partisan
feredto heUniversity cm
in ahe "OfM. DAILY comes oct
0t iuh improved form with the
51 Yar, It is a very newsy and
li ersg exchange .-North Camo-
e~rsity Journal.
A ft a regiular mieetinag of the feffer- in coutrse , U thiiscexi semester.
sonian l~astLiterary Society 'Thitts- ho thoese stho have hiadi
c lay nigiht, a s-cry interesting pro- P'rofessor Ileweys cottrse ini
gramawsas renidered. etiis time hook swill needi lii re-
't'ie iehate, " Resolred, timat tin ecomnlendatioi, ias the stork is nmaim-
Sigins onf tileTinmes tndicate the iy tine sanme as that enmhracedi in tine
lDoeIvnfall of thte Reipublic,"' was outlinies amid lectttees ginven in tile
abmly- supported omn the affienniatise hy commrse in ethics hereofore. Time
,Messrs. WEiseinart ansI loyd, andi tihe ibill econtains ahout adopgs n
ilbeomi sale sonon. InIe stork isili
negative by iesses. IHanmiltom n tmd be a valnable addiitinito time text
laegeni. 'rie judges, Mtiesses. Kctmd- hooks oin ethiics, a~ndellh no doumbt
soni, orrimn andti huikcrsmn, iecidied he ssell receiv-ed.
'imn favor of time negative. The Old Cemetery.
<0mm oraiiomn entitlieii "Ceossiing time --
IRuihicomn"ssas theni (eieredt Iy A. A i queer sighti miay hetiestlesseiI at
. -Diasvis. 1115 imnow bisin the tolcemnetery omn
Aftee the eregulae peiugeamu, the '(lest iiimrin streei.
electioin of officees of the societey A:but a dhozenl tuen are at si-rk
isas held, and the falowiing serec se- thee eieninig ohi graees thmtthiave
feeted litfillitthe sariouts otneies for remained undisturediifine fennfoety'
time emsuinm omthl:tto sixty years. 'tiaiy curiomms
Pre.-C. U. Ennidsomi-" stumdents steal aeoulndi to beepi into
Vice pres-.A. J. Davis. tine graves, btit oftemn there is cot as
Fice. ee-C.W. weis. mmuchm eft of time "hmnan form ci-
Crepntnusec.-C.. ni. ier- title ,as timeInoet of moor Vorick
Coresonin sc.H. .Pir-upnon sthiclhianliet iprnoune hisi
sod. famnous speech.
Critic-Samuel Dewai. It would se'emthtat about as nmch
Treas.-R. I3. Hamilton. respect stould he 1paid to tlme dead by
Marshal-Jeremiahm Donovan. leaving their bodies where thley are
The program for next :weck will now, as by digging ump their hones,
tossing tilem into a sio-box and
be announced in titese colun~s te carrying tiem off to some other
first of tile week. cemetery.

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